Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 030A Translation Al-Baqarah 221-228

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a group of people discussing various topics, including a discussion about a woman named Hope and a woman named Kendra. They also mention a woman named Hope's desire to have sex with a man named Hope and a woman named Kendra's desire to have sex with a man named Hope. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mix of small talk and some kind of serious discussion.
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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah here we'll go through

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another one on Sunday and I was really good get him on my bad for all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi r Rahman r Rahim

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what Beshara he suddenly way safely Emery, Washington octet and melissani occur who currently open and Cygnar in my lesson number 30 Surah Al Baqarah is number 221 to 228.

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Translation. Wanda, and do not thank you. You all Mary. Emotionally care. The polytheistic women

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had the until you mean they believe

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what and love surely a Mattoon a slave woman minaton Believing Hi Ron is better men than mushfiqur then a polytheistic woman wallow even if our job outcome she pleased you all wanna and do not don't care who you all give a marriage a emotionally keener to the polytheistic men hotter until you know they believe

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what and less surely I'll be done a slave me non believing Hi Ron is better men than we should he came a polytheistic man well no even if our agenda can he please do?

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Hula Iike those Yeah, they're owner they call ILA to and Mel the Hellfire will Allahu and Allah ye the rue he calls he invites either to a Jana the paradise when mafia and the forgiveness be evening he with his permission.

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Well, and you by him, he explains clearly. IoT he his versus the nursing for the people. Lila home so that they get other karoun they take a lesson.

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What end? Yes. Aluna aka they asked you I'm about an Mohib the menstruation.

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Ponce who are eight other are hurt for so you're dizzy do you all keep away and Lisa from the women fee in a Mohib demonstration Wanda and do not the caribou Hana you all go near them. Hector until year two horn they are clean for either so when double Heldman they attain purity or they purify themselves fat to Hoonah then you all come to them. Men from high school where a Moroccan he ordered you Allahu Allah

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in the indeed Allah Allah you Hibou he loves at the wellbeing. Those who always repent. What and you have healers and multiple hearing those who clean themselves those who purify themselves. Lisa accom your women helps them or a field like home for you fat too, so you all come helps the comb your field Unoh however, sheikhdom you all willed what and are dimou you all send ahead? Lee unphysical for yourselves, what the goo and you all fear Allahu Allah, what are the more and you all know? And ACOEM that in the view malaco Who are wants to meet him? What and but should you give good news? I mean, do the believers

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wanna and do not that your aloo you all make Allah Allah or button a shield? And excuse

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li a Manickam for your odds, on that double rule, you will do good with that the goal and you all fear Allah or to slay who and you all make peace. By in between a nurse the people

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who Allah Who and Allah Samira always are hearing, or Lehmann always all knowing,

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left not you are free to come he will call you to account. Allahu Allah. Beloved, with the vein with the unintentional fee

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In a man who comb your oats when I can, but you are free to come he will call you to account Bhima for what? Cassava it burned Kulu Bukom your hearts.

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Allah Who and Allah of a foreign always all forgiving halimun Always overbearing.

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Linda Vina for those who you Luna this were either this were a vow of sexual abstinence men from Nyssa him their women that are bustle waiting or ba have for a shooting months. For in then if for all they return for in then indeed Allah Allah Allah Allah foreign always all forgiving Rahim on our resolve merciful we're in and if as the Moon Bay firmly resolved upon aka the divorce for in them indeed Allah Allah Samia on all resolved hearing or Lehmann always on knowing

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what and I'll not on the court the divorced women yet or Basma they shall wait be unfussy him with themselves. The latter three Kuru in menstrual courses, whatever and not you're Hindu, it is lawful Liahona for them, and that yak tune, they hide. Ma what halacha he created? Allahu Allah. Fie in our hammy hidden their wounds. If Connor they were you mean they believe Billahi in Allah while Yomi and the day and the last one and Guru Allah to warn them their husbands? I have two or more entitled are more rightful below the Hiner with taking them back fee in their liquor that if Arado they wanted they intended his law her reformation

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when 100 and for them myth No, like similar to and muddy which are lay him against them bury my roof in the recognized manner while in the journey and for the men are they hidden upon them? The Roger Stone a degree Arranque wala who and Allah as he isn't always Almighty Hakeem isn't always always

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that's basically the recitation of these verses

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do you mean

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what I

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mean I don't call you wrong, motioning at you

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while you're fully emotionally keen I

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mean, what are the mean? motioning you

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along we

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know you're on TV is why you will be

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was alone I Garni mahi

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mahi we want to talk on

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the either talk on how to

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law in the law he or she would do it in a way or she will meet up on very

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to have

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she watched the movie

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what terrible law How

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was she remote meaning what

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law how blatantly a man a dog go

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to sleep

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alongs me on it. Lay your

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law homie love wavy a man equal Mauna Kea

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wala who have owned Halle Berry

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him on a Shmoop

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walking we're in NASM

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Lorna's me on 91 Move to Barcelona

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Oh, one

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while I

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movie Avraham?

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wobbu ruder to

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the naughty Daddy can Raju is

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101 is DJ Ariana, you

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too to log was easily thankee

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