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A lot of us came from overseas, a lot of us, and Alhamdulillah. In Canada and North America, in general, America and Europe, we find a lot of opportunities. We're able to achieve a lot of the things which we dreamt off, back home, and we were unable to do it.

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But there is one worry. That is in the minds, the hearts the souls of every single Muslim, living in the West. And that worry or concern is the second generation that children,

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your kids,

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whether you're married, or whether you're about to get married this something that should concern you.

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It's obvious, clear by evidence that the past years, we have lost a lot of our kids.

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They drowned into the big hole.

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The culture

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and a lot of us have no control.

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I don't know.

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If we do realize that this is a responsibility upon the parents is to protect the identity and the Dean of their kids or not.

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This is a reality.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam FEMA fragile Bukhari Muslim and

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he made it crystal clear kulu Kumara wakulla Khun Massoud, all of you are custodians. And all of you will be asked in the Day of Resurrection, regarding the custody which Allah subhanaw taala placed in your hands and he named our what will arrive in Liberty after the man

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you as a husband, you as a man responsible

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and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also warned us regarding betraying that responsibility and Hadith mockery of NASA and the Muslim may or may not be done yesterday de la hora de PUE Mahmoud yo maya Yama, moo shu La Ilaha, Rama hula while Elgin,

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someone Allah subhana wa Taala places in his hands a responsibility and he betrays that responsibility. In the Day of Resurrection. Jenna is haram for the person

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for eternity serious business.

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Our children are our concern.

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A lot of times we meet in America, in Canada, in Europe, somebody whose name is ashmit, what is your name?

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And how's it going admins? Matt does not have anything that relates to admin at all, just the name he just another regular Western kids. It's a problem.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam,

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studying this phenomenon, this issue and the scholars came up with the following solution. They said for you to upbring or to bring up Muslim kids in the West

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with some success that you still maintain their identity as Muslims. You need three institutions functioning institutions, functioning working.

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The first one of course is the house, the Muslim home.

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That is why the Sharia interferes interfered with your choice of a spouse.

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A woman is asked in marriage because of four things. Beauty, lineage, money, your job, and D you should choose the one with the D Why? Because before you choosing a life for yourself in reality, you're choosing a mother for your kids.

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I will ask for the Dalai Lama. One day he called upon his children I was good to you can to accent to LA Kuma.

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I was good to you before your birth and after your work. They said we know how good you were after our birth. But how good you you were before our bodies. Start to love. Come on man. That's why I chose a wife, a mother for you that you would be proud of.

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Likewise Rasul sallallahu alayhi salam addressed the guardians, either accumen Tarragona hula hula Dena Plaza Boo.

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Boo talkin fitmin if someone comes proposing to you

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or daughters or whomever under your guardianship and Alejandra. Look for two things character and Diem. Why? Because she

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is choosing a father for the kids before a husband for herself. So this is the first one. I don't have the luxury of time to go over and over that stuff is so important. But the second institution is that building that you have here, the school,

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the Muslim school, there is no way that you're going to send your children to public schools, and you're going to end up with a Muslim child, no way you're dreaming, you are dreaming.

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Peer pressure, the culture is there is truth, everything that you could teach at home, the contrary to it is being taught in public schools. The culture is just this is the way it is in Europe, I'm sorry, in North America, they advocate for something called separation between church and state. They say religion is there, we were not going to promote any religion here. I mean, that's their policy with respect it. But now the solution is not to send my children there because it's free.

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culture there is, you know, I come from the United States, over there in public schools in adult states if you have not smoked a joint and I'm sort of used that language. By the middle school you there's something you're not a man. virginity is a sign of ugliness. In this peer pressure,

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guarding of chastity, that means you're not beautiful, no one is interested in you. That's the way it is. And right now we're listening that teaching the same gender wherever sex marriage and we're, and is never going to stop.

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The solution is to have our own Muslim schools where we can guard and protect the identity of our children and where we can teach in an environment. The third institution brothers and sisters in Islam it's actually should be the second one but I'm here for the school. That's why I should have been the masjid actually, the second institution is an issue. So functioning Muslim home msgid that's the second one which teaches the Quran and the Sunnah, doesn't teach with dad doesn't teach cultural doesn't advocate for one Metalab law teaches the Quran and the Sunnah. That is the message that the first place your children should be attached to

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a lot of our elders, somehow they entertain the idea that kids should not be in the machine.

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This is dangerous.

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If we're gonna make the kids dislike the machine, or deprive them from coming into the machine, this is a dangerous thing. They will never actually we want to attract them right now the way to go about it in the United States and in Canada and in Europe, is to build all the soccer fields, football fields, all these entertaining things around the machine. So they can come and play and when the ad n is called, let's go and play at the same time. That's actually the solution. But of course, the issue has two sides. You know, first of all, saying that kids should not be in the machine is wrong. Why? Because it's again, it's the sun. How many times we hear the Hadith that the prophet SAW Selim

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would leave the Salah, and when he would hear the crying of a baby he would hastin his Salah in order to comfort the heart of this mother, Quran Al Hadi Can you strap yourself at the Samia buka Cliff?

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How many times did we read the Hadith death row Salam used to carry his granddaughter on his hand and when he would prostrate, he would place her in front of him Khurana. But there is another end to this, that these children has to be taught how to respect the machine. As a parent, you should teach them how to respect the message not to do like these little kids sitting in a circle there and talking while I'm talking. They shouldn't be doing that. Parents should have told them that this is wrong. What they are doing is wrong right now, you should be looking at me and listening to me. Just look at me. Look, listen to me, don't talk to one another this is wrong. And I'll give you a

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lollipop. I'll give you a lollipop after the hook. I should give it to me in my office I'll give it to you. We should do that give them incentive to discipline themselves and to be behaving in the machine.

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So if we do this, you know they they if we do this, the kids are gonna come and we will divide them so they're gonna like the institution, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Even with those the institutions, we can only hope.

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Of course, Raja, Allah subhanaw taala. At the end of the day, our hope is in Allah.

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The son of no disbelieved. No had a wife, Ruth had a wife who disappeared.

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did not follow his way.

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At the end of that Adam had a son who killed the other one. But these are the means, you see, hoping without means is called wishful thinking. So we can only do our best and hope that this will work. But without doing that, and hoping you're dreaming, in the time I have, I have 10 minutes left of my book, but I just want to share with you

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a piece of a beautiful Hadith which I am certain all of you know.

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Even the kids know about it, and they're gonna listen to the Hadith, because it's a beautiful story, the boy and the king.

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And I'm really Yani narrating that piece, for a meaning that I want you to go home with. That at the end of the day. We can only try because the challenge is really high. Even so if you managed to have a functioning Muslim home, if you still managed to have a functioning machine, a functioning school, still out there, there is Facebook, there is Google, there is Yahoo there is internet. It's difficult, very the cellular phones now smartphones.

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What is the deal? The story reads, that in the nations before us, the scholars

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and the Muslim, the scholars of Hadith they said this happened right after the time prophet Alayhi Salam

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there was a king who

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managed to subdue his citizens using sorcery.

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sorcery now like media, similar to media. You know, media makes you see the truth falsehood and the folks who,

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you know,

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no, we have a commercial in

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the United States called a 15 minute I don't know if you have it here in Canada. 15 minutes or more can save you car insurance. Geico, Geico. 15

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until you just find yourself just saying it will be go lucky. netta camera takanawa

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was this man who was holding as a qumola done with a camera in his hand. Bah, bah, bah.

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Everybody passes by him the Ganga camel can look like a deed. So everybody passes by him is a nice date.

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Really nice date. Now is that at the end? He added

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he forgot.

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Well, that's the issue.

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Is you How can sorcery is like that. Media is like that. There are a lot of Muslims who were killed lately in the Muslim world. And other Muslims feel justified this because of what because of sorcery because of the media.

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But look at the sorcerer. Now. He is so much committed to his beliefs. He refused to die without passing on his skills to the next generation.

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He called upon the king Listen, I'm about to die. That means your dominion, your kingship can be jeopardized if you don't do something about it. What can I do for you? Look, send me All I want Iron Man.

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Not an old man.

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I want a young boy.

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This is the best This is where you can fashion those people see these young children filter Allah giving you a child Muslim child.

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And if you just work on them, you could maintain the fitrah and if you neglect them, you have within your salon you make the sale you get out of the photo. Send me an invoice

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the kingdom

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so halala Look at this. Mahalo mahalo lucky Liana we can only try. masala at the end of the day does his work. This little boy is walking and I'm skipping a lot of stuff in the story. Because I'm just looking for a piece here because my tie

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in his way to the sorcerer. He hears that beautiful sound. beautiful voice

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ashamed. Of course the hurry says monk but a shade schooler sitting in his secluded place and he's reciting the revelation.

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He heard the revelation being recited

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the truth

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being recited.

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You see these children are the closest to the truth than us

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because each person has Islam inside it

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Till inside Islam inside, but the culture, the education, the TV veiled a lot of the truth inside us. We're all scratch our flag up scratch, our natural state. inclination is called that scratch by a lot of things. But these children, they're still fresh.

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When they hear Allah when they hear the revelation, they love it, when they hear the heat, they love it, they just attracted to it. So he followed the voice. And he found this old man sitting by himself reciting the revelation. Immediately he asked him, Who are you? What are you doing here? He said, Listen, I'm here. I'm hiding because if that King would find out about the truth I have, he will kill me Why? Because that rule will free the people from the king slavery. Maha Listen, if you don't enslave yourself to Allah, you will become a slave to a lot of other forces in earth.

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Even your own illusions and shackles you're going to be shackled in your own self. But thou hate La ilaha illa Allah frees you you become a servant of Allah Allah.

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What are you gonna do to me? You kill me I'ma Shaheed you jail me, it's haleiwa you spill the I'm traveling. See?

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What are you gonna do to me?

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Una de la, la.

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ha. He says, I want to learn this truth from you.

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I like it, I want to learn it. He said, keep it a secret. Don't tell anybody. Now, every day, this little boy would get beaten up twice.

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Because he would stop by the shade to learn some of the truth. Before he goes to the sorcerer to learn falsehoods.

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And when he arrives at the sorcerer who is devoted and convicted and dedicated to his beliefs, he would beat him up. Why are you late? And he would give him the same amount of time to receive the lessons. He would not release him early, you're going to stay the same time. And then he would go home parents would ask him, Why are you late, they would beat him up too. So he gets beaten up twice a day,

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twice a day. But this does not drive him to give up at the end of the show giving him a solution that is not my subject. Here it is.

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This young man, this boy every single day, he is learning the truth and falsehood.

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Every day, like likewise, a lot of our children now, and this is the meaning that I really wanted to try.

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Regardless of having those three institutions, your children at one stage will fall into an area of falsehoods.

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It doesn't matter.

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But at the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah wanted this young man to make a commitment to make a commitment to the deen of Allah.

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He placed that great creature in the way of the people.

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The sorcerer called upon his students and said, Now, I want you to practice what you learned. But the young man had another goal in mind. He wanted to know which way to go.

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Yup, this shift is teaching me something so special. And this sorceress is teaching me something so weird. Where is the truth?

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Where is the truth? He grabbed the rock. He knew that Barack doesn't kill align in the wording of this, by the way

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that this great creature that was alive, no way that it will kill alive. But he made that one. Oh Allah. Oh Allah, of what the Shaykh was teaching me is the truth. And what the sorcerer is teaching me is falsehood, kill that animal.

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Kill that animal.

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And here it was.

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his truck that animal would that rock died.

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He knew

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where to go.

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I'm gonna give myself to Allah

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mmediately I'm going to commit myself to that he now.

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Let's find out what he did a poodle holy hair that was thoughtful.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Handel Hassan was Santa Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Watch the hula sharika your poodle hop cowboy, the serene Why should one no Mohammedan Abu wala Sol, at the end of the day brothers and sisters in Islam, this little boy was the reason for the whole kingdom

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to accept the hate to accept Islam.

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One book

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one book

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in the kingdom,

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the one who they wanted to take out of Islam.

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I came all the way from the United States. I am a firm believer

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in Islamic education. I do myself manage to schools, not as a principal but oversee the family law by the grace of Allah Subhana Allah I am a strong advocate for Islamic education. I was invited to come and help the community to raise some funds for Safa and Marwa because we got to have a building. I stopped by the high school and I came this morning beautiful children who have eautiful boys. I got a chance to meet them played some soccer outside with them but I enjoyed it. This is the future of the oma. If you want to contribute something to Islam, this is where your contribution should be. I hope you will be there inshallah, after the Salah, just for five minutes, if we can

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just encourage you to give some to suffer with marva and be the night owl and there is a function tomorrow. I think it's by invitation but you can all be invited in Sharla and come and join us the evening later on. Let's do something for our own. The change must happen in the next generation. This is the solution. A lot of us wanting to do something for Islam. A lot of us are concerned. What do you what do you need to do is focus on these children. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us Sophia Bellamy, Allahu McQuillan, as well as Rafi emelina. With a bit of dominance on alchemy, Catherine Allahu Akbar haka was open at the bar Ninja Warrior.

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Ernestina Allahumma Sapna Copland moto we're in the notitia head, Baba

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Allahu monsal Islam Allah is a Muslim as well as electrical machinery. He was the mother of Dr. Bellamy Allah who must Amina Amina Muhammad Allah Buddha, tenma Dean, Allahu,

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Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah.

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Please move as

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close as possible because there are brothers who would like to observe

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Alhamdulillah Nanami

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in Dino Sera,

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In the

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photo con

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love the echo

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Semyon long Lehman Hamid

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I love

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a long walk though.

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cannot he cannot stop me. He knows

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he mano mo de

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law y'all soon law

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a month