Ramadan With The Quran – Day 12

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Surah Al-Ghashiyah

In this talk, Ustadh Nouman explains the heart of Surah Al-Ghashiyah where Allah urges disbelievers to contemplate the world around them with humility. It is as if Allah is telling us to take advantage of the journey we are still on in this world because only then can we be prepared for the life that is coming. Allah then addresses Prophet Muhammad, telling him that since Allah has given every human the capacity to arrive at the truth on his own, his sole responsibility is to keep on reminding people.

2017-06-07 – Ramadan 2017

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This is the third section of the surah you notice the first one was judgment a exhaustion and punishment. The second was the exception by the way some faces are going to be alright they're going to do pretty good. And now we come back to the what I was telling you the only Criticism The only call to action made for these people that aren't are refusing to listen to this warning, or this visualization isn't realistic enough to them a fellow young Verona illegally kafer hoodie but haven't they taken a good staring look at the camel, how it was created. How was the camel created? Now this of course is capturing the imagination of the Arab traveler whenever they have time to

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stare at a candle for a long time when they're traveling, like they're not just when they're doing their their business they don't stand there and stare at a candle for a long time. But when they're traveling there hours, days, weeks, months go by and all they look at is what the camel in front of them the one that they're writing jambu 911 and then they notice different things about the camel that otherwise you wouldn't notice. So for example how gentle the camel is how high it's right is how it can survive basically not you know on nothing. How it gives you milk it gives you a skin it gives you meat in other words, this this ship that are created perfectly designed for you to be able

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to navigate the journey of the desert, a horse wouldn't have survived and the other creature wouldn't have survived and this this creature survives. And then the things that are created inside of a camel, how rough its skin is and even if an animal if the camel dies and skin can be used to turn it into a tent like they can survive a sandstorm just from the skin of the camel. Its meat can help them survive for weeks on end. Then on top of all of that its eyes its eyelids is crazy. The when sandstorms come, the Arabs have to cover their eyes but the camel can't cover the tides it's gonna keep moving right along literally created like a like a car wiper system it actually blocks

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the sand from the eyelid of the camel, it doesn't have to blink in the middle of a sandstorm. Have you noticed this incredible mechanical design of this creature that is for your purpose. It's this, you know it is the accumulation of his ability to know. Like Allah knows exactly what this creature needs to survive in this world. Allah azzawajal knows what it requires to survive this journey. Allah is by telling by telling you to reflect on the camel by telling me to reflect especially the Arab traveler to reflect on the camel is actually teaching him humility. Look at this marvelous creature that Allah put to your service. And you refuse to put yourself in my service. You know, I

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follow your Luna image, aka Holy God, look at what Allah has made for you. And by the way that the theme of journey, don't forget that it is actually in the course of journey that you would stare at a candle for so long. Well, in a summer, he gave up on it and haven't they looked at the sky, how high it's been elevated. Again, what are they going to have time to stare at the sky when they're traveling? So you've got this image of somebody riding on their camel, appreciating the things about their camel, and then they look up at this remarkable skyscape this endless skyscape who put this beautiful roof over you where it is in a summer ek for a few 100 watt lg barlick a fantasy but and

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then as your eye comes down from the cat, the sky and the camel, you look far ahead and you see a range of mountains, you know. And so Allah says, and then they look at the mountains, how they've been pegged in they've been grounded to the ground, by the way, NASA and Lucy but it's a repeat of the same word faces are going to be exhausted on that day that the the

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arrogant one thinks that they're never going to experience that kind of exhaustion. And a lot by implication is teaching you I can even exhaust the mountains. What are you? You know, I have I have put the mountains down, or I can't put you down. So what what Giovanni came from the seabed and how he's put them down. And by the way, it's lovely to have that something put down and made prominent. That's why NASA I know who is to raise your eyes also from from below. So anyway, now we're out of the cave, so the height and then they look to the earth and how flat it's been laid out. Of course, nobody appreciates flatland more than the desert traveler among the Arabs. Right. So this is

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actually the reality all around them captured, isn't it? They're traveling, they've got their camel, they've got the sky. They've got the mountains in the distance, and they've got the flatland that Allah has made, you know, made normal now made level for them. I'm reminded actually in this ayah in these hyatts about what Allah says in Surah techweek. He there also talked about the sky being torn open in the shumsa kuvira with a new German Katana. He also talked about the mountain sailing away.

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He also talked about the she camel walking off with Alicia Rotella. It's the same items that are now repeating themselves here, as if judgment day will come in all these things will not be as they are now. But for now they are the way they are. For now. Things are normal. In other words, you still have time. You're still on a journey where you can fix things because a time will

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Come where the earth will not be the way it is, it's not going to be smooth like it is now, it's not going to be calm like it is now the sky won't be what it is right now, it's not going to be like this, the mountains are not going to be staying in place like they are. The camel is not going to be where you know, humbled to you on that day, it's going to be left alone, all of it's going to change. And so it's almost by implication, they're being told you're on this journey. But you don't have a lot of time, haven't you thought about the fact that just like you go on a journey from point A to point B, your entire life is actually a journey. Think about that. You you contemplate that.

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And so they're made to contemplate on that. Now, the address comes back to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and here's where the sutra concludes for the kids, then if they're not going to think about it, and they're not going to contemplate, I have given them enough reasons to really be lost in thought, by the way, those of you that have traveled know when you're traveling, especially by yourself, it gives you a lot of time to think, also sleep and play video games. But other than that, you're not wasting your time frying your brain cells, it gives you time to think and contemplate, right? Allah says when when you I've given you that opportunity to think you should be arriving at

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some conclusions yourself. Now, every human being is therefore responsible to arrive at the truth on their own. The ability to think for themselves and find direction in life is something Alameda is capable of, he made us capable of never. But above and beyond that is the profit slice. I'm giving them reminder. So now the profit is told for the kid in nama and Tomodachi just remind your only responsibility, what are you if not a reminder, meaning a person to give reminder, that's all you are. And that's all you need to do. You don't need to change anybody, if they're not going to think for themselves. If they're not going to look at reality around them for themselves, then your

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reminder will have no benefit. And that's okay. But that doesn't change what you're supposed to do. You just keep on giving a reminder, you notice the previous little also we self advocate in the fight in decorah. And now you have a decade innama into Medicare, it's highlighting two different realities. There it was, it doesn't matter who listens, it doesn't listen, you just remind if the reminder itself is beneficial. You just remind here again, the recipient isn't specified, and allies saying look, whether they benefit or not, whether they it's on them, if they become people of thought, your reminder will actually become a benefit to them. So now and here, by the way, the

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subject isn't specified. What should you remind them of? Should you remind them of the asset? Or should you remind them of a law? Should you remind them of how they were created? Should you remind them of the history of previous nations, it's all of its open ended. Whatever reminder you give them if they are actually people of thought all of it will converge, and it will make sense to them. Otherwise, you can't control them. And so clearly a less has less than lamb Messiah that you are not in charge, especially over them. You have no control over them say Tata is actually to safeguard someone to control someone to have complete say over somebody, the profits being told you you will

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you're not in charge. You can tell them what to do, all you can do is give a reminder, in the meantime, with a kid less than a minute later. This is the attitude of a diary. We don't control people, we don't get frustrated that they don't listen. Our job is just to give a reminder as That's it, whether people change or not, that's between them and a lot. That's between them and a lot. You know, sometimes you give a reminder to your family member, you tell them a hadith or something and they don't listen to you like I even give them proper delete and they didn't listen.

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Yeah, they didn't get over it. Profits give a lot better than you and people would listen to them. So chill out. You know, it becomes about our own pride more than it does about the reminder itself. Changing people is up to a lot. And actually a lot won't change them until had the Euro Bobby unfussy him until they change what's inside of themselves. That's the message of the solar if their view hasn't changed. If the way they look at reality hasn't changed, then none of these reminders will change anything inside of them. So the Prophet is relieved of this responsibility and finally told 11 tala waka Farah with the exception of the one who turned away, and the one who disbelieved

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for you as people who love it either, but then Allah will himself punish him the greatest punishment. Two questions arise here. What is this exception to one one way of interpreting this is you have no authority over them, meaning who don't listen to you right now. But the ones who turned away in disbelief, you will eventually In fact, will have authority over them. Makkah will be conquered, the time is coming. Just not right now. Just It's okay. Right now, no, but not only will you have authority over them, and if they still don't believe then Allah will punish them the ultimate punishment on top of that, too. That's the first thing about the exception. The other the

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other interesting note the point about the exception, others say no, this is only saying that Allah will deal with them exceptionally and the athleta, you will have no control over them. I actually prefer to think this is alluding to the fact that the profit slice of them is being kind of in between the lines told you will eventually have authority over them. You know, it is coming, that satara is coming. But still it doesn't answer the question. Why are they being given the greatest of all punishment for you and the other one?

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Why not just punishment, why the greatest punishment

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This is to me a very important consideration. The School of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the ultimate gift of Allah to humanity. And the people that rejected him after meeting with him after living with him after hearing him, after spending a life with him, they have committed a greater crime than anybody else that will ever commit a crime.

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people that come 300 years after that, and don't believe in the profit sighs I'm still criminal. But nowhere near the people who lived with him or family with him, knew him and still rejected him.

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The ones who turned their back on him and disbelieved in him, despite the two things that happened, the greatest word of Allah was given, and it was given to the greatest example ever given to humanity. The greatest opportunity to accept the truth was presented to them not just in theory, but in practice in front of their eyes. When they rejected that and became enemies against the Prophet solo saddam, there is no greater crime than that. So you have to understand when Allah says the greatest punishment, he's I would, I'm convinced here that ally is not describing everybody in humanity, whoever turns away, they may have punishment, but as Abba Akbar is actually a reference to

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you aren't giving a reminder or Sula, you're not in charge over them, but the ones who still turn away even after you become after he and remain your enemies, those are the people that deserve the greatest punishment. This makes you sensitive to how Allah talks about punishment in the Quran. Every time I was talking about punishment, he's not talking about your non Muslim neighbor, or just anybody. it's specific to a specific case. You have to be careful how you pass verdict on. What is it that Ally's referring to subhanho wa Taala