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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi goes on to discuss the pointers regarding the marriage of the Prophet ﷺ to Zainab RA and what was the importance of this event.

Zainab or Bara was a Qurayshi from the tribe of Banu Khuzayma whose mother was Umaima bint Abdul Muttalib. The Prophet ﷺ sent a proposal to her for his  'adopted son' Zaid Ibn Harithah RA who was called Zaid ibn Muhammad. But Zainab RA rejected this proposal initially claiming lack of calibre and status of the groom. But after the revelation of the verse in Surah Ahzab, she agreed.

When did the Prophet ﷺ marry Zainab? The marriage was a luxurious affair and it was the best till date. The speciality and the greatness of this marriage is illustrated in various Hadith. In Bukhari, Anas RA said "the verse of hijab were revealed regarding Zainab's marriage. And Zainab would boast to the other wives 'Allah has married me from above the seven heaven'." In another version she would say "as for you, your fathers and brothers married you off to the Prophet ﷺ, as for me Allah married me to the Prophet ﷺ".  What is the story behind this? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates further.

There are 2 main versions to the story of the marriage of the Prophet ﷺ to Zainab RA and both versions have been explicitly explained also citing the pros and cons of each. Do listen intently to fully comprehend this event .

Zainab RA was called the mother of the orphans and poor and rightly so as she never ran behind money and lived a life of piety and simplicity. She considered money to be a Fitnah. In 20 H, she became the first wife of the Prophet ﷺ to expire. Umar RA prayed her janaza.

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