Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 11

Riad Ouarzazi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. As he was coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day 11 we still talking about the name of Allah and Mooji but

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the one who loves to answer the call of the needy the answers of the call, we talked about the the the profits, you know, like you know and zekeriya an au within known is the hoverboard leave for Vaughn Allen naka de la de manera de la mer et al, either

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in the, to me, nobody Me gusta Giovanna,

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the new newness, you know, when he when he was in the, in the belly of the of that of the fish in the ocean, and then he called upon his Lord, Allah says customership nella so what are the requirements? lizer comes back in the same in the same you know, on the next verse, he says what the NBA? And he says, in whom? Can you sell the Rona Phil higher art? All these profits and others in the home? Can you set it on a hierarchy? Where the ruler Nah, how about whether or not

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they used to Russia used to haston in in doing you know, righteousness they used to haston in doing good deeds, and

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and they used to call upon us at all times. So these are some of the requirements you know as to how you want to answer your call. In fact, you know what, let me give you an example. Sometimes you have, you know, your son may may ask for something. He's a little kid and he may be crying asking for ice cream, let's say, you know, and he's two years old and he's crying. I want ice cream and I want to ask you, man, I don't want to give you my ice cream, you know, because you know he's gonna hurt him. So you don't want to give it to him. And then he may even accuse you that you don't you don't you don't like him. You don't love him. You don't you know, you don't want to give me asking

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me you don't love me. But you don't want to give it to him because he just loved the right time.

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It is not the right time what he doesn't matter either. You know, sometimes we make those calls and we invoke Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you know what, Allah has pulled himself and Mooji just because he loves to answer the call of the need is handed over to Adam, otherwise he would not be calling himself and he he calls himself a machine because he loves to answer he loves to call, you know, and in fact, in the many in Hawaii, which is in Bukhari Muslim yet

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whoever does not call upon Allah, Allah would become furious and that person would become angry. So which means Allah loves to be cold, so I know what data but there are certain again, there's certain etiquettes which I'd like to share with you on how to make the half an hour so I'd like to share with you

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some beautiful stories of people you know who made the highs and and a lot change their lives and also a plan a plan on how to live with this beautiful name of Allah and Mooji you can share you know with me share your thoughts, share your stories with me on my you know Facebook or send them to info at Roc training.com or on my Facebook as well.

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Another episode of rocket Armada 2017 as he said on Monday

Daily Reminder Day 11 – Allah Loves To Be Called Upon,
Never under estimate the power of Dua, Allah knows what’s in our hearts even before our tongues try speaking words.

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