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Are all the learning ministry Panaji

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went out Milan Khadija to Soluna Ibrahim ebill Bushra Kalu on Oh salah, Carla Salam Weatherbys familia la vita and

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phylum Malraux idea hula Tassilo La Nina Kira who just him in whom He called Lulu Hoff in Racine comi Lu, one route who who call on him at one Felber. He had Ferber Shona Herbie is her column y mu Ra is how to call it Yahweh let le DUA and our Jews who had badly shaped her in her luxury or nije Callooh. Gob and I mean, I'm real hero metal law. He was a rocker while a little bait in Hemi Doom, maybe the Pelham harbor and Ibrahima row Elijah Bush raw Yuja de Luna Fe how will we know in Ibrahim Allah Holly Moon

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Ibrahim Ruben had in college

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Rob big are in whom tea him either will know you will not do the prohibition or your silly Emery rock that a melissani of hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah for an early he also Haight Ashbury cinema Lightoller Ricardo, my memory failed me yesterday so I misspoke I'm going to correct that first. This is the the news of the angels that are coming and telling Ibrahim Elisa is going to have a child is actually have his second child so he's nearly 100 now and this is what is Harker This is Marina Ali salam from his other wife Hydra has already been born and that's 14 years before them. So that's a different account. But this is about is how can a sternum is sort of who now goes

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into further detail and tells us whether congenital Soluna Ibrahima will Bushra This is a style of the Quran the same story will be told multiple times each time a different angle. A different perspective will be highlighted right so this time the archangels came or messengers came to Ibrahim alayhis salaam with good news called Salam and they said Salaam and we talked about that yesterday right so it's echoing what was said already? On Solomon he responded with salaam that May Allah be Tanja vigilent Hadith so he didn't take much time before he brought about fresh juicy meat of the calf fella Mara idea who Latos law he then when he saw that their hands aren't even going close

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towards the meat. Nikita home he felt alienated from them. He felt something strange. Whoa just I mean who Riverton and he's he sensed a fear from them, which is what we talked about yesterday to call the data hub. They said don't be afraid in that or Silla. Illa call me Luton, we have come to the people of Luth. So now Allah is actually highlighting a different dimension of the story. Right?

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So it's as if, in this case, when they said we have come to the people of loot, they're now expressing that that part of the story is being highlighted first. In the previous story, the part about the child was being highlighted more, right. So what happens is last time we saw that his wife was shocked because she's going to have a child and she slaps her face and all of that. She has another reaction when she hears that the nation of loot. RSM is about to be destroyed, destroyed.

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She hears she says one or two who call him a twin. And his wife stands up for what he got. She starts laughing like good. You know, and then Ferber Sharna B is Harca. And then we gave her the good news of is how women Worre E is haka. Yaqoob. And that even after his heart is born, and his child is going to be aku, meaning your son will be a prophet and your grandson will also be a prophet. So both news were given to her. But I want you to focus on her initial reaction. She was happy that the angels have come to the nation of loathe and there's about to be trouble because when angels come to a nation, then you know what's coming next. Right? And she's like, God, I'm good. You

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know, so that's that's her situation now call it. Obviously she forgot about an issue of loot. She's worried about what how is she going to be having a child? Karla try. Let Ellie do

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Well Anna Jews she said oh, what are you weigh lotta is actually weighed as a form of destruction as used in Arabic as an expression of shock also, so you know a close English equivalent nowadays would be oh my goodness, are you serious? You know like that oh my and so she she cries out and says I only do well and I use I'm gonna give birth and I'm an old woman Why have barley and this is my husband che on He's so old, like Che 100 monsoon could be you know out of out of you could say out of the Agile you could say out of hot also so you see how old he is. So she points out herself and then she points at her husband in a ha ha this is this is a really weird thing you people are saying

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Carlu Adalja Veniamin amarilla so they said Are you shocked by Allah's command Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh who is a coma elbaite the the mother loving care of Allah and His blessings and the word Barakat is translated as blessings. But then Falola Nirma are also translated as blessings. So we kind of lose track of what blessing ALLAH is talking about. Baraka the verb is used for when a camel sits down and it sinks into the ground. So this is a vertical barrier, for example, or good cattle barrier when the camel sits down and sinks in. Right? And actually it has to do with zyada. So it has to do with increase. When you have unexpected increase in something it's actually called Baraka.

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So when we ask Allah azza wa jal for a reset salaam to each other, within Salam, Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Notice we say salam, then we say Rahmatullah, then we say what? barakato This is the Sunnah of the Prophet sighs. Now look at these words, the angels came and when they came in the house, what did they say first? They said, salam, and then what are they saying now? rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who had a commercial right? You see that? So actually, we're echoing the initial conversation of Ibraheem Alehissalaam with the angels there's a somewhat of an echo of that every time we say salaam to each other. Right? And so in that Salam also, Rama Rama I told you is an

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act of loving care from Allah that your that your may you be enveloped in the loving care of Allah. Barakat means May Allah give you blessings that give you more than even expected and then more and then more and then more. That's baraka and something. So if you have baraka and food, you eat a little bit you're filled. You know, if you have baraka and money, you don't make a lot of money, but you're still all your needs are taken care of. When you would have baraka and your money, you have a lot of money and you still seem to be in debt. We're gonna have what you don't have baraka and your food, you have the most delicious organic food and you still have diarrhea every day.

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You know, you can't because there's no other kind of food, or there's no barakah in the income. Right? So the secret ingredient ingredient of Baraka is when you have it, then you get more than expected and everything. Right so he's telling them the word, Barakat. And obviously what a fitting context because they're having a child at a time that is not expected. And then they're also going to be given news of a grandchild after that Yakou which is not expected, right? So more way more than expected is being given to them as a special Lama and on top of that, about a quarter of Allah. They come on you I will wait people of the family. So this family especially blessed, obviously the

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blessings of this family extend why? Because Yakov Ali Salam has 12 sons among those tropes, his use of Friday Saddam, those 12 sons settle down in Egypt and become the new Israel among them you get Musa alayhis salam, and how old are they he Salam, and then all of the prophets of the Israelites come in that family so these Barakaat will continue. According to one narration Kula Mahela canovee Yun Hala Fabian every time a prophet of the Israelites would die, another would take his place. Every generation of them had a prophet. So they the prophet hood continues and continues and continues since this good news, these Baraka that came to the family of Ibrahim Ali Salaam in the

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Hamid Khan. Majeed Certainly Allah is worthy of praise always. And he is majestic glory, glorified, Falun Maga and Ibrahim ro. And so when Ibrahim Ali salaam got over the shock, and the shocking fear left him with Java told Bushra and the good news had already come to him about the child Yuja de Luna fee called me loot and he starts debating with us in in the matter of the nation of loot. So this this is actually one of the most remarkable things we learned about Ibrahim alayhis salam and his entire career. And his entire career we learned like this one of the most special places Ibrahim Ali Salaam in the beginning describes that he has ultimate love only for Allah Azza wa Jalla hebbal

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are feeling right. I cannot love those that that disappear. So he and he would just do what he Lilla the Fatah somehow it will out you know and then so I'm going to turn my face towards Allah. Allah the HELOC.

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I Neva did complete and utter reliance on Allah. And then so much trust in Allah that when they are throwing him in the fire, he has no problem being thrown in the fire because it's for who? It's for life. This is what Allah wants. This is what's going to happen. And in fact, by the time this story happens, right around the time of this story, another story has already happened. What's that other story? His younger son Ismail was already of age, and when he was of age where he could run around with his dad, that is, that is when Allah commanded him to slaughter that child, which is another story we're gonna read. Right? And what did Ibrahim Ali said? Did he argue with Allah about Yeah,

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Allah, is there any other way? Is there any other thing I can do instead of slaughtering my child? No, for the Muslim ummah, we will read about that, too. They both surrendered. They didn't argue back is my I didn't argue back. Ibrahim didn't argue back I didn't Salam. But now the angels have come and they're going to destroy who to nation of loot. And they're about to go destroy the nation of loot. And he starts arguing, he or he starts arguing for in the case of the nation of loot, Allison, I'll read the narration associated with this tomorrow in sha Allah. But I want you to understand the point here, Ibrahim Ali some Allah put a special love for humanity in him.

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He and his wife doesn't even have it. His wife hears that those people are gonna get destroyed. What's what is she? What is she doing?

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Slash she's doing her own tech where she's like, we'll like it. She started getting happy. Good. Those people deserve it. They should die. They should die. You know, I hope they burn. So that's her reaction. But Ibrahima Nissan has something special inside him. And what is that special thing? Ibrahim Allah halimun A WA Han, Mooney Vaughn

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Ibrahim Al Islam is making dua for and I told you yesterday that the nation of Luth is a nation Allah is more angry with them than any other nation. Allah destroyed them in ways he didn't destroy any other nation. That's evident in the Quran. There's just it's absolutely clear.

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And the disgust that our Prophet had with them is different than any other prophet is absolutely any other prophet. And yet, Ibrahim Ali salaam, is, is arguing with Allah. No, there's got to be a way they don't have to be destroyed either still hope there's some way I can, there is some way I can we can rescue them. What are we learning from that is an important dichotomy and that dichotomy I have to try and dissect with you guys and shall over the next couple of days.

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Look, Muslims are in a strange place

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as the world you know, changes and the you know, liberal concepts and progressive concepts have taken hold in the world, and issues like gender identity, LGBT, homosexuality, etc. These are ideas that are now proliferated. And these are benchmarks or whether or not you're a tolerant person, whether or not you are a

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you're accepting enough of, you know, human values, right? of equality of justice, right? Are you bigoted or not? Is your religion teaching bigotry or not? These are the situations that university students around the world are put in. This is the situation in workplaces now. Right? This is the new reality. And if this is the new reality in 2022, I can only imagine what 2042 is going to look like. Right? That's the reality we live in. What did what does the Quran teach us about first of all, our balance on our balanced approach to this issue?

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The sin of people,

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the anger for a sin of people, the anger belongs with Allah.

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So Allah has a right to be angry with humanity. For what they do are Rob Rob, or rob doesn't have to explain to you or me why he likes something or why he doesn't like something, he can declare to me what makes him angry.

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So I'll give you another example of that from a theological point of view. For a Muslim we know whenever someone says Allah has taken a sun,

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Allah says it makes him so angry, that the heavens and the earth, the heavens recognize the rage of Allah every time that people say, and the color of money whether than the goddess of Allah to get of aterna the seven skies are on the verge of tearing open, just hearing the words that Allah has taken his son. There is how angry it makes Allah when someone says Allah has taken a son.

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And this is the anger of Allah. But the anger of Allah cannot become my anger.

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Those same Christians who say Allah has taken a son came and stayed in a masjid and never we when they came to discuss with the Prophet sighs

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and they prayed to God

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Jesus in their own way, where did they pray

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in the masjid that number we, while they stayed there, there's a Christian monks, they engaged in their Christian worship inside the masjid. And the prophesy, Selim is having discussions with them either being revealed, and they're engaged with them. You know what that is? The anger of Allah is a separate issue. And the Isaan and the care and the love with which a believer speaks to someone is a step. Those are two separate issues. They're not to be mixed with each other. Let me tell you the psychological side of this. I said this many years ago, I think it's worth remembering for myself and for all of you. Imagine any of you has, you know, a couple of kids, right? And you're mad at

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your older son.

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Why did you lie? I told you not to do that. And you did it anyway. And you didn't tell me and you're angry at your older son? And your younger son comes along and says, yeah, why don't you do that?

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Hold on a second, hold on a second. Dad is angry.

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The little kid does not have the right. Well, my dad's angry. So I got passionate to know it's not your place.

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That is only for that. And then if you do get angry like that, who's that going to be angry at Next? Excuse me? Who do you think you are? We already have a parent in this household. Why do you think you can talk to your brother like that? You understand. And that's just because there's a hierarchy and there's someone in the hierarchy has a right to be angry. The people at the bottom of that IRA in the event in a family, they don't have a right to be angry.

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Allah has a right to be angry with his slaves, and he expresses that politically incorrectly. The Quran is politically incorrect. Let's be obvious about that. He's very angry with certain forms of shake. He's very angry with certain kinds of, you know, behavior. There's no hiding it.

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But at the same time, we are the religion of our Father who Ibrahim Ali Salam and Allah Allah, He lived a very long life. You guys know that right?

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And of that very long life, Allah only mentioned some small scenes, you can imagine of his life, we only get a glimpse of one day here, a little piece of a day here, a little piece of a day here a little piece of a year, which pieces of his life is Allah going to choose the pieces that will guide us until Judgment Day? There's so much of his life. Allah didn't tell us. What was it for him? I was I'm doing in his 20s What were you doing in his 30s? Oh, he's doing his 40s he's doing his 50 We don't know. Allah chose not to tell. You know, you can find biblical research or whatever else. Why did Quran speak about it? Quran only tells us things that will guide us. So he chose from his life

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highlights that are absolutely essential for us. So Allah deems it absolutely essential subhanaw taala that we know that on the one hand, Allah is extremely angry with the nation of loot. And on the other hand, Ibrahim alayhi salam is arguing for the people of loot.

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He's arguing for them, even though his wife is what is happy, she's happy that they're gonna be destroyed. We are the religion of our father, Ibrahim Ali Salam, our job is to actually be concerned for humanity. Our job is to actually not look at anybody else with spiteful eyes, or be happy that they're being destroyed or bad is coming towards them. That's not our job.

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That's not our job. But just because we are kind and merciful towards someone, we can't surrender what we believe either. I can't tell you that, that I agree with it. Because if I say I disagree with it, it'll hurt your feelings. Well, Islam hurt a lot of feelings.

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Islam hurt a lot of feelings of the coloration of them really love their idols, and hurt their feelings. So it is politically incorrect. It is socially unacceptable in some things that that Allah says, it may not be acceptable by the majority, it may not be acceptable by by, you know, large groups. That's not the point I have, I am entitled, if anyone and by the way, in this new age, if anyone is entitled to their beliefs, they're entitled to their ideas, they're entitled to their principles. There aren't that they're entitled to hold on to certain values, then if and we have this concept before anybody else like Rafi Dean, there's no compulsion in Dean. We're actually the

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it's part of our sacred doctrine to actually have freedom of thought, right? You can't force someone into the religion. But nobody can force their values on us either than you understand. I can't I can't be. I can't shape what I believe to make it palatable to somebody else. I can't. But that's even if I believe something to be utterly wrong. That does not change my attitude towards them. I still I don't their judgment is with Allah. There and the action. I can see the action. I don't agree with the person. Ibrahim at least I was worried about people to the point where he's actually debating with the angels

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about rescuing the people of Luna Elisa Yuja do not feel they're gonna get destroyed. No, no there's got to be a way and Allah we did appoint a mention that and then described and we're going to spend time on these three qualities tomorrow inshallah three qualities along with the narration, three qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salam that are mentioned in iron number 75. And why are these qualities important because again, we let her become Ebrahim. He is the We Are the religion of our father Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. So when we see people, sinners, others we from Allah's point of view, sinful behavior, nonbelievers, everyone else in the world, when we see them, we have to see them from a

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certain lens and that lens will be developed when we develop these three qualities Haleem our money. When we develop these three qualities, then we get to see the word of Allah azza wa jal play out. So may Allah azza wa jal give us clarity on his word. May Allah give us commitment and courage to stand by the word of Allah no matter what. Well okay the healthcare field no matter who hates it, but may Allah azza wa jal also not make a self righteous and think that the anger of Allah can translate into our own anger BarakAllahu li welcome for the Quran Al Hakim on a fire anywhere er can be if