Mohamad Baajour – WOW #20 Pray in Congregation before the Congregation Prays on YOU

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Janessa who talks about praying with her brother's mother and receiving a reward of 27 times more. The woman also talks about praying in the presence of the Goddamn (the Lord) and receiving rewards for it. The woman then talks about praying in the presence of the Goddamn (the Lord) and receiving a reward for it.
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You didn't make much me Aisha

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woman you tell hate mata falcoda Oh dear Hi

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Wanna go in love?

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get some 1100 allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda main file now and finally my lung tena was in manjar camera I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit us, benefit us from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, yeah, but I mean, my dear beloved, brothers and sisters, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who listen and apply. Tonight's word of wisdom is said by one of the scholars.

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As usual, I will read it in Arabic than I would translate and explain.

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He said, Salima Gemma Kamala and to suddenly alagille Gemma

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pray with the Gemma before the Gemma prey on you.

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So, the chef is saying come to the masjid and pray in congregation before the congregation one day they will prey on you. There's a lot that Janessa salata, Janaza many people come to the Nigeria Okay. Only when Subhan Allah when they are brought to the masjid. Instead of walking to the masjid on their feet, they are brought to the masjid on the shoulders of other brothers.

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So come to the masjid and pray in the masjid and Dejima with the Jamaat constantly

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before the day is the time is up and they bring you to the masjid Subhanallah

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my brothers and sisters, and especially the brothers, praying in the masjid in JAMA is extremely, extremely rewarding.

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us, the reward is 27 times more 27 times more. Imagine somebody tell you, you work at home, you get $1,000 And you come to the office you get $27,000 we will all be working in the office right? So 27 times more, and another Hadith.

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Also of loss, I sell them he said

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during the night, my lord, as Virgil came to me in the best of appearance

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and in a dream, and he said, Yeah, Mohammed.

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Do you know what the angels

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are disputing about?

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us? Allah says, I've said no, you're Allah. So as long as I said, I'm continued by saying, so Allah put his hand between my shoulders and I sensed its coolness between my breast and I felt like I know what's happened in the heavens and the earth. And then I was asked the same question again.

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Do you know what the angels are disputing about? said yes, yeah, Allah, they are disputing in the explanations and writing the rewards of the people who are remaining in the masjid from one salad and waiting to the other salad and writing the reward of the people who walk in who are walking to come to the masjid Allahu Akbar. So the angels are disputing who's going to write Oh, this reward, my brother's every step or source so many Hadith every step we take to the masjid one good deed is written one evil deed is erased.

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Praying in the masjid, especially Fisher and Aisha. If you pray Fraser in the masjid, you are under the protection of Allah azza wa jal Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us if they know about the reward of praying for treasure and Asia in congregation, people will come to it crawling if they just know the reward of praying pleasure and Asia in in congregation Subhan Allah rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam said,

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the one who goes to the masjid

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at the time of dawn or at the time of dusk, Allah prepares a hospitable abode for him in Jannah. Every time he goes and every time he comes back, Allahu Akbar. So all this reward for praying in the masjid so let's go to the massage and and pray in Jannah before they bring us in them to the masjid and the lions flat and the prey

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Your ma on us and sisters hamdulillah Allah bless you. If you come to the masjid hamdulillah that's great. No one can stop you. But Allah gave you that honor, that if you pray at home it's even better than coming to the masjid and you will get the same reward promised to the brothers. May Allah subhanaw taala mucus from the people of the masajid May Allah make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah and our last deeds are besties I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana Colombo him the national Allah Allah Allah and Mr. fuca wanted to Willick

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Kameena Shavon Enos

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in Nauvoo semi our own Eileen

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either myself or even

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a shave on either the girl over either

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