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Do you know you have you have a lot of Muslim fans? Either something came from nothing or something came from something unholy boom in ye che in MooMoo Foley

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Kyrie Irving the famous basketball player, Kyrie on a personal note you have said that you are fasting for Ramadan which for those who are unaware means no food no water from sunup to sundown I say like Sharia law I say it's a Pfizer real law you know it's like we have were they created by nothing fully informing me say like I think both parties are corrupt both you know both systems are misleading people you got a lot of expert on your head Oh doubt the teenagers were singing Allah Akbar. Listen to what said they say afterwards

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you know if you want to control the minds of the masses like Malcolm X said the media does that. What do you think when you hear this we say literally we love Jesus that to your audience in any Muslim that watches you know, I'll always on my news platform give you a fair shake. I'm gonna convert to Islam right now.

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This is the

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this is with

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the deen show. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. My next guest grew up Catholic, got baptized went through the motions but his family and himself really wasn't into it. At a certain point he realized organized religion, which is fishy seemed like a scam. He he ended up taking a leap of faith and declared himself an atheist considered himself woke but eventually came back to believing that there must be a Creator to all this. He's a famous YouTuber has been watched by millions do a news analysis. We have Mr. Anomaly himself here on the D show. What's up, brother? How are you? I guess you saw that video, right? The one where I talked

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about coming back to God. That's, that's what triggered us to go ahead and invite John and have a conversation. Very cool. I'm glad I made that video that way as well. You know, I made it short. And I tried to really make it relatable. And I knew that Christians and Muslims would, would appreciate it. And I'm glad that you saw that and liked it. Cuz I almost didn't make that video because it's just like, you know, short, deep one. But it's probably one of my favorite videos. It's hard to tap out of the news sometimes when everything's going on. But I appreciate you having me really good video really good. And we'll get into that I wanted to start off with the first part that you talked

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about in the video that you talked about your family not really being into it and yourself, can you help us understand that first part that you talk about? So I grew up, I guess Catholic, my parents got divorced at a young age. And I just feel like nobody in my family really had the spirit. Right. It was it didn't seem like they were super excited about it. And as a kid, it just seemed like I was being dragged to places like I think it was called CCD like, go here, go here and I'm just kind of being dropped off places. Nobody's excited about God or or, you know, explaining in a way that made sense. So something seemed off and even with like the Catholic Church, you know, you learn about

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corruption, etc. on television. And then I picked up I think it was Richard Dawkins book where he was talking about, you know, God's not real. It's the spaghetti monster or something. And I just felt like I was rebelling against society. So that was my rebellion at a young age, like my whole family was super religious are claimed to be and then I was like, you know, it's all fake. This is BS. And I guess it wasn't until my 20s that I started to, you know, return and I guess, lived experiences, watching how wicked some parts of the world and the media has gotten. But now it's crazy. I feel like I'm the most religious person in my family. And now it's the opposite. I'm trying

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to get them back on the train. So I mean, we did a one at once as a family. You talk about a stage like when you sit you took a I call it a leap of faith, you know, you became an atheist. Right? Right. And now you consider yourself woke. What do you mean by that?

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Well, I guess, I guess I felt like I knew activism very well. When not when the atheist thing I was real cocky. I remember I would go around the kids I believed in God. I mean, I was kind of a jerk now that I look at it but I was like, it's stupid. I don't get awareness of the soul come from your dog has a soul. I would just kind of bullied kids. Now. I wasn't a bully but asking questions, I guess and just being a little rude. And then I guess college, you know, they got me with a lot of the, you know, certain activism and social justice stuff and I'm not saying social justice isn't real I just feel like the media manufactured version of it tends to be kind of fake and you know,

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they tap into the fact that a lot of kids want to change the world right? Like as a kid you're like something's not right. You see the prison system this is something's off

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So I feel like the media and certain groups know how to tap into that hunger that I had. And I think as I grew up, I started kind of seeing through the cracks more and more and being like, Okay, well, and I think that's one of the qualities that really helped me grow was I had humility, and I wasn't super stubborn, you know, which I'm grateful for. And I always try to tell people no matter, you know, how smart you are, or not, I mean, most people have, I think the capacity to lower their ego and just listen to new ideas, right, and not just write them off. So I started learning that not everything was what it was. So that's, I guess, woke used to mean, you know, I'm awake to the

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banking system, you know, it was a good thing. And now it's considered a bad thing to some. So I've seen that that brands kind of just shift. Because you the reason I asked you that is because when people think now Okay, now I'm an atheist, they go to university, many Christians and even Muslims, they'll go to university, and the whole system kind of is set up to push their agenda and to get you to become someone you know, who is like, away from religion, religion is some fairy tale, you know, so you have a lot of Christians will go in. And this is like a true story. They'll go into the philosophy class and the first day of class, they'll be like, how many of the professors like how

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many people believe in God, Everybody raised their hands to Christians and Muslims. And then at the end of the day, those who aren't really grounded, what happens is at the end of the class, now, they're pushing the whole narrative that there is no God and everything I knew, and then at the end, the semester, it's very few hands that stay up. And no, now some people attribute not believing to God, like, Oh, I'm woke, I'm cool now, right? Right. Now, that's definitely happening in culture, especially college system, they have this huge political social agenda where, you know, they act as if God is this archaic belief. But, you know, I've been telling people recently, whether you're

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white, black, Christian, Muslim, whatever you are, you know, they're trying to push this idea that all of history is evil, like your history is evil, it was only slavery, like, that's it. And you read these ancient texts, and it's so much wiser than the people nowadays. So all these like halfway professors, you know, they're almost teaching a new religion to people, they're taking the void of religion, and their religion is their activism and social justice. And now it's gotten so lopsided, like, I don't care how big or small you are, but they're almost pushing this idea that you know, being massively overweight is like amazing. And if you're working out, it's like a far right wing.

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It's getting so Looney Tunes, right? It's like they're, you know, there's nothing wrong with working out. That's not really a political angle. So I think they're really messing kids up and you know, any Muslims or Christians watching this going, going to school or sending your kids to school? Definitely try to be involved because you know, they'll screw your kids up real fast. Have you seen that documentary is called intelligence? No intelligence allowed, expelled? I haven't really good documented, it shows us where people now the professors, people who argue for creationism for a creator, they end up when they go against the system, they end up getting pretty much blacklisted,

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right. So it's a whole push that if you go against the narrative, right, then you're not invited to the party anymore. Right. But I really strongly recommend our viewers, you if you haven't watched it, it's called it's done by a Christian actually. It's called expelled no intelligence allowed. Put that on your to do list if you have a chance. Cool. I have a quick story real quick.

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I went to West Virginia University. And this was before I think the social justice push got extreme, but I guess it was still there. So I had this professor who seemed kind of gay, but he would always say I'm not gay. I'm not gay, like no one asked, but he'd always say that which made me think he was because I never asked. And he told me like 100 times, but he made us write a letter to Barack Obama at the time when he said, Write the letter. Here's your assignment, write a letter to Obama and say why you support gay marriage. And he didn't allow you to not and I was thinking at the time, even though I didn't have these huge social stances or religious stances. I always thought that was just

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weird. Just as somebody who was critically think I was like, what if somebody's religious and doesn't agree with it, I believe they should be allowed to make the case for why they don't support it, you know, even if that's not what I agree with, but he conned really everybody in forcing them to believe this, whether they did or not write it, or else they would fail. And then he took the letters and mailed it to the White House and acted as if we had done that organically and just felt that way. And I even as someone at the time that didn't have a big stance on it. I felt very duped. I was like, wow, this guy is a sneaky, you know, like Political Agent, almost just getting 1000s of

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kids to write letters that we didn't even have an option to disagree with. So that just shows how crazy it was even back then. It just kind of slipped under the radar. Do you know you have you have a lot of Muslim fans, a lot of Muslims that watch you, you know, share your material. Did you know that? I mean, I don't know the exact number but I figured over the last couple of years I've seen a lot and I appreciate it. Yeah. So I've had a lot of people also telling me to let you on the program, share a lot of your stuff and

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the community is going to be happy to that we got you on the program. I'm pumped. I saw your Jesse Lee Peterson interview and I feel like you and your brother that

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I handled it very, very well. You know, Jesse, you know, he makes some good points, definitely. But he, you know, he definitely has his mindset. And he's sticking to it where I think in the right wing, Christian, conservative, whatever you call it sphere, you know, people are very, I would say misinformed about Islam, you know, and I feel like that I'm one of the few people that gives it a super fair shake beyond fair shake, I complimented offense. So I appreciate that people see that. And, you know, I thought, that's what made me want to do the interview, I was like, You guys handled yourself super well. Thank you very much. And that's what we tried to do. We tried to, you know, go

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ahead and explain Islam in a simple way. And I feel that we have a lot in common with conservative Christians, we really, really do. You know, and you, you talk about a lot of those things, but it was just on one end, you have we feel sometimes, Islam is so misunderstood, misunderstood, misunderstood. On one side, you got groups that just want to kill us, they want to eradicate us, they don't have nothing to do with sins. But I feel like if we work together, we can accomplish much more good, like many of the things you talk about first, and you talk a lot about abortion, you know, to me, that's, that's one thing that we have in common you can work on, you know, you talk

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about so many other good things, but the division if we're divided, you're gonna be you're not going to be as efficient. What do you think on that? No, I agree. And I think that it's still slow, because I think like the Fox News ask people are, and I'm not just blaming Fox News, but they're, you know, they've been programmed for so much. But I think a lot of younger, right wingers are starting to respect to Islam in a way that they never did. Because, you know, during the Patriot Act and the Iraq War, it's almost as if they use the entire religion as a scapegoat, where, obviously, there's some bad actors. And the crazy part is when you get to really the core of it, it's not to

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take, you know, 100% responsibility in American act like we're so bad, but a lot of the really radical groups that are the minority are being funded and supported a lot of times by the West, you know, it's almost like they're egging it on purposely. So I think a lot of people are realizing now that we were promised this whole, you know, war on terror, and now they're turning inwards. And they're looking at, you know, white Christian conservatives as if they are now the new al Qaeda. I think a lot of younger conservatives are starting to realize, like, you know, they'll, they'll look at Muslim countries and say, based that's based because they realized, okay, they're putting a stop

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to the degeneracy. And in the stricter Muslim countries, they put their foot down hard, where in America, they're, it's almost like, they don't put their foot down at all. So I think there's this new respect for Islam and in even the Christian and American world where they're like, Okay, wow, they, you know, they have kind of halted leftism by taking a stricter stance than American conservatives. If we just take that example with Jessie, since you watch that, do a lot of people also sympathize, you know, with the way he or see things the way he does when he kept pushing certain points, you kept pushing this thing about takia. And your Quran teaches that for to lie,

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deceive. And then we're giving him references. We're giving him tension, textual proofs. You follow me, but he keeps on? And then I started to think about, okay, I started to feel a little bit, you know, sorry for people who've been because you also talk about that. You talked about media manipulation, how the media, you know, brainwashes the people have, but then I look at many conservative Christians that they know the term fake news, right. But then when it comes to Islam, you're gonna swallow everything, you know, bait hook sinker everything, right? Well, it's like, you gotta be consistent. You know, there's a lot of push with lies, the store should have truths. But so

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what do you think do a lot of conservative Christians also believed like some of these things that we find, like just crazy that he really believes this stuff? And he's convinced of it? I have to say what Jesse, he's He's like, he's a unique character, where it almost seems like there's nobody like him just the way he carries himself, because he's so you know, when he wants to ask a question, I'll ask it 15 times. So it's almost comical, you know, that's what makes him entertaining and interesting. And a lot of times it works, but not definitely a lot of people. I would say that number is shrinking of what's going on in America and the war on terror. I feel like people are

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starting to realize nothing that they said, like we're going for Bin Laden, but now we're in Syria and Libya, and now you have like intelligence agencies looking at Trump supporters as if they're the enemy. So I think that was a big wake up call. But definitely, you know, I hear that a lot. There's just a few talking points, like you said, the trachea or the, you know, this and that and I tried to say, you know, I mean, I don't always have like, a conversations about this, because I haven't really heard it recently. But you know, as far as the idea that everybody's violent or that that one was around for a while with that propaganda. It's like you you would know if that was true, just you

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know, logically because there's billions of people on earth that follow this religion. You know, so I think, I think definitely there still is a lot of right wingers that believe it because of that, you know, war on terror, sort of like

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15 years of just like pushing this narrative, one thing that stood out from you in that video, and I want to go ahead and share it with you. And then with your permission, I want to show you something that came to my mind and get your reaction to it. Can we do that? Absolutely. Does that really make sense? Either either something came from nothing, or something came from something, it's hard to really say that nothing coming from nothing. Oh, it's just the big bang or planets colliding or whatever? Well, then where did those planets come from? Where did it start? What came first the chicken or the egg? Okay, so that's the first part. That's the one video that triggered me. And I'm

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sure a lot of Muslims will relate to what I'm going to show you next. I just want to get your reaction with your permission. Yeah, no worries, because remember what you said. And then you're gonna, let's see if you could put it together and then just get your reaction to it. We're going to start from the number 34. But it gets into at number 35. And pay attention to to the, to the words and to what you said earlier to be heading,

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neatly gunnels law the 18th, then let them produce a statement like it if they should be truthful.

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And wholly or mean, why are they sharing in more moral folly?

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Or were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators of themselves?

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Call out those

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two, you want to

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build the

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volley comb in more URI sherry?

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I'm calling.

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You on? Let me hear I want to hear what that means to you like, exactly, you know, because I get it. It's very similar. But yeah, so. So the Verge is they created the heavens and the earth. So here, well, when you talk about when you talked about

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something, either something came from nothing, or something came from something. So here when I heard that I right away came to this. And I thought about this question that's asked are, were they created by nothing? Right? So did nothing create nothing? Right? And then your logic was that had you come back to belief in God was that? Nothing, nothing cannot produce something? Right. Right. Right. So this had me think of that. Here. So a lot of scientists, they, you know, they're like, Oh, that's so dumb to think there's a God but the big bang? It's like, Well, where did that you know? That was definitely like, where did that come from? Then it just that came from nowhere? How does

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that make any more sense? Now this do you? Have you ever heard this? Have you ever now and I'll break it down for you? But this is just for educational purposes? Did you do you know what you just listened to?

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Know, what does it sound like to you? Because you're also a musician. So you're good with musical instruments? And that what it does sound like? Rare, so I'm sorry. Yeah. So this is actually this is the, you know, you had Jesus who spoke Aramaic, I just like to frame this you just better understand

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Jesus peace be upon him. He spoke Aramaic. He didn't speak English. So if we were going to try to trace something back to him, we would go to that language, a sister language to Aramaic is the language of the Arabic languages Semitic languages. So this this is what the Quran was revealed in. And I say that just because sometimes people attribute when you say Arabic Oh, that just for the Arabs or you know what I mean? So now for a better understanding. This is actually the Quran. Yeah, I'm not I'm not really like a closed minded person. So I mean, that's kind of crazy to say Arabic certainly for Arabs. I mean, it's ancient language. I mean, definitely, you can't read or write it,

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you're out of luck, but, you know, I'm, I'm a appreciator of wisdom. And I know definitely even, you know, I'm not in I'm not like a Taoist or a Buddhist, but I do like the Tao Te Ching, you know, which is like a, you know, a lot of like, Eastern philosophy. And, you know, I like stuff like that. And I could separate it where I could, you know, a lot of even Christians get upset at that, like, Oh, what is that your religion and I'm like, you know, only and I'm like, I just, you know, I could browse it and it doesn't, you know, it doesn't make me want to make it my whole life thing. I'll give you an example. Like if you were to put something like your hats, and you have another hat

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that's on your profile, really cool. And I would say like, you got a lot of egg put on your hat. You'd be like, No, I don't. Yeah, right, right, right together, right. So but a lot of times, you'll see the news outlets they'll they'll like show people say Allahu Akbar found out the teenagers were singing Allah Akbar. Listen to what said they say afterwards.

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I have a problem helping those people out there be like, like a war cry and whatnot but Jimmy great is God is the greatest exactly you got has to say God is the Goddess. I did it and I it wasn't even like a purposeful thing. But I was thinking about what I was going to do for my branding. And I could have done a lot of stuff. But I felt it was more selfless. And even with this hat, I always like getting conversations like old ladies that are like, Oh, I like that hat. It's a real conversation starter. And I knew when I made the goddess great, because once again, a lot of right wingers are ignorant and they don't know that that's what Allah Akbar means is God is great. So I

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figured I was like, you know, this would be a great hack for Muslim as well. And, you know, I was I was joking to my friends. I was like, I should translate this in Arabic and just put it in Arabic and then and then right winger, so really freak out. But that's definitely the proper go through the roof brother. Yeah, I know, I probably should. But I guess that's, you know, a lot of a lot of brainwashing where they don't know, it means that and I guess, you know, they have identified that once when some people do stuff when it's a small minority of people that are committing acts, you know, they say that so they have been, you know, tied it where I guess that's where I see, you know,

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left wingers when like, say like a motive happens, like there was a guy in New York and he had a lot of like, racial feelings. This is not to blame everybody of his ethnicity. But that's that was his motive, you know, where the left wingers will say, Oh, we don't know his motive. And it's like, it's right on YouTube, you know? And so that's like, the both sides are very childish, the left wing or will act like we don't know the motive at all. And the right one there will be like, well, he said that or, you know, that's how he felt. But But both sides go extreme. I feel like and then like the left doesn't want to talk about it. And then the right wants to blame everybody. And it's

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frustrating when you're not. You know, when you're not like a partisan hack. You're like, Man, this is like, it feels very childish. And I'm only in my early 30s. I'm watching like 50 and 60 or 60 year olds act like kindergarteners, and I'm like this This can't be real. It's kind of like saying Hallelujah, right love but same thing. Yeah. Get let's get into you talk also about about Kyrie Irving the famous basketball player, diary on a personal note, you have said that you are fasting for Ramadan, which, for those who are unaware means no food, no water from sunup to sundown. How do you muster the energy to go out and score 34 points with very little nutrition in your body? Well,

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it's a journey with God. And I'm not alone in this I have brothers and sisters all around the world that are fast and with me, we hold our prayers and meditations very sacred. What do you think when you see someone like that? A lot. He talks about fighting for freedom, but recently also you see him somebody who the news reported on him fasting during Ramadan and being able to score at such a high level what do you think of someone who's not who's not yet Madonna Muslim, you know, when you see something like that, what are your thoughts impressions? Well, with the, you know, the injection, I'll just say, I think it was very honorable that he took a stance and you know, didn't cave when

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that's how he felt, as far as the Ramadan, the fasting and the Islam. You know, as somebody as I grew up, I really respect first of all, I'm into health and stuff, and I understand the you know, health benefits to fasting. But I respect the discipline of Muslims. And I think that Christians in America, they don't have the discipline they had 5060 years ago, and I think that's what's destroying, you know, Christian America is that the discipline compared to old Christians is like non existent. So, you know, Muslims, the, the, the discipline to fast and the health benefits of it, and also the, you know, subservience to God and the, the constant appreciation of it. I think that's

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honorable and I. Yeah, I think I think it's, it's definitely tough to play at a high level, like Kyrie because you know, you're doing sports against the best people. And he's just, he's doing great, but I think his soul and his spirits in a great place. And, you know, he feels like he won, he beat Big Pharma with the help of God and the help of, you know, I guess just not caving to the to the system, is that one of the sports that you're really more into is basketball. I like basketball. Yeah, I like all sports. But I would say I watched the NBA probably more often than others. You had a nice tweet here. And this is another thing that I wanted to ask you about. So the regime teaches

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you the prohibition was wrong. Think about that for a minute. You don't learn personal finance in school, but they are sure to let you know that banning alcohol was a grave mistake and not to be repeated. Again, that took me in a whole different world, you know, and I'm always connecting things in a certain way. Right? I don't know if you want to hear how I connected it first, or if you want to go ahead and just elaborate. Now I want to hear it but I want to say that that's Mike Cernovich I retweeted it. He's Oh, okay. So I just shared it he did that Mike is a very insightful person and I just thought that was Oh, I see. Okay, sir. His his thought process there was fascinating. So I gave

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it a retweet because I was like, That is interesting, right that they do

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teach you about prohibition but they don't teach you personal finances. That is a little odd. Who's he? Okay, I see you retweeted that okay, he actually because Cernovich vich because I'm from Bosnia so this usually is he is he's definitely a more right leaning analyst but I have to say when it comes to Islam and right wing, he definitely is a Muslim respecter. He is not. He does not disrespect Muslim. I think his wife might be Muslim. I'm not sure but out of everybody like he'll, you know, he's one of these people that is unpredictable. That's why I like him. He He doesn't just say there's some people it's copy, paste, copy, paste, right? They have no the mind. They're just

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copying what He's not like that. He's always saying wild stuff. And even when I disagree, I find I find it fascinating. So yeah, I want to hear what you think about that. It right away took me to a point in time in history where you did have the prohibition that America saw what alcohol was doing to society, humanity into the country to home so they use their logic, and they were like, hold on, this is something that is not good. We're going to try to get rid of it. But you know, that was a law, but it didn't get into the hearts of the people so the people fought against it. Now it connected me to the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And this was when the

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revelation the cross that had come down in stages, the rules and regulation didn't just come down it's not just a rulebook, you know, this is wrong this is prohibited first it connected people's hearts to their Creator to one and only one God. Oh, long, long.

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Summer, lemme only dawned on me, one a miracle.

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And then the Day of Judgment, Paradise, how far I'm trying to condense this make it real quick. And then when first is said, Don't come to prayer, intoxicated, it came in stages. But when the when the verse came and said that alcohol is totally prohibited, their faith was at a level where they it's narrated that people who were drink who had just had the alcohol in their hands, they threw it down, the ones who had just swallowed, they spit it out. And literally, they said, the people who had took a chunk and swallowed, they were regurgitating it, and the streets were filled with alcohol, people just getting rid of it. Right. And to this day, you know, the Muslim majority countries, you'll see

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you have the least amount of alcohol consumption, because of their devotion to one and only one God to the created heavens and earth, because in their hearts, so it reminds me when you try to just do something, you know, without having the people's hearts into it, they don't have you have this result. But when their hearts you know, when they have a love for their Creator, and they know who their creator is, and then when the Creator tells them to stay away from something, because he knows best, and it's harmful for you, then you end up hopefully obeying that, you know, so that's,

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that's interesting. I think that's I've watched certain documentaries, and just, I mean, experiencing as well. But, you know, a lot of people think the politicians are really guiding policy because in some ways, they're writing the laws, etc. But the media, the culture, the TV shows, the movies, you know, that's shifting the minds of the masses, and then they could take something like, say, gay marriage that was unpopular on both sides 10 years ago, and through programming on television, now it's, you know, basically the right has become the left and the left has become the further left. So the media really, you know, if you don't have God, you don't have religion in this

00:28:34--> 00:29:12

country. And all you have is like television and movies. And you know, I think that's that's what's going on here with a lot of things were in the virus lockdown they had, you know, you can't go to the gym, you can't go to the you know, you got to be also sorry to cut you off. But you know, you got you got to be careful with what words you say and whatnot, because then the videos get taken down. So, yeah, no, I won't, I won't say anything. I just know there's a lot of alcohol ads on, you know, a lot of alcohol ads on on the television and a lot of fast food ads, or I just found that fascinating that people were thinking, Well, you know, this, maybe if there was a government

00:29:12--> 00:29:53

intervention and authoritarianism allowed now, maybe mandatory workouts or maybe they you know, if they had a conscience, maybe they would take off alcohol ads, right. If you could shut down a beach, then maybe you could, but they kept the alcohol ads pumping, for sure. That's crazy. You do a brilliant job of breaking down, you know, the media manipulation and almost like putting people into a trance. And a lot of Muslims also have fallen into this trance like they'll know I'll give you an example. For instance, like when you bring up something like, you know, the, the buildings coming down, for instance, on one end, you have Islam condemns killing of innocent men, women and children.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

This is clear. This is no doubt about it, right? It's a whole different topic. I've done so many shows on this

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

But then when you see a building coming down, right and nothing hit it, you follow me. And then you see Christians coming forward and also saying, you know that

00:30:14--> 00:30:54

you know, this, this architects and engineers, etc, etc. So this Muslims, we understand that, okay, these are lies, you know, misinformation or when you talk about Palestine for instance, you know, you'll see that there's also media manipulation lies, but then when it comes to other certain things, again, They'll swallow it hook sinker, just like to talk topic that you kind of just alluded to. So can you talk talk about it? Can you elaborate, you know, on this media manipulation, how strong just how strong it is, and it's almost like magic. It's, it's crazy strong. And with the internet, it probably always was with the television. But you know, everything is kind of rigged,

00:30:54--> 00:31:29

where on Google on YouTube, if you were to search, you know, say like Donald Trump or something, you're not going to find a video of Donald Trump speaking for himself, you're gonna find, you know, the 15 news sources that they have approved news of what they're saying of him. And whether people like him or not just the idea that, you know, we're not even allowed to hear certain people speak for themselves. It's almost like they're branding everything all the time. So with Big Pharma, for instance, you know, there's heavy censorship with social code. Now, if you speak about gender in the wrong way, you could have your whole channel taken down, you know, what, regardless of your

00:31:29--> 00:32:08

religion, so it just keeps getting more and more censorship. So speaking out against these political and social narratives is becoming almost illegal. I say, like Sharia law, I say, it's a Pfizer real law. You know, it's like we have we have Pfizer Sharia law where, you know, you could question God and America but you can't question Big Pharma. It's, it's fascinating or Fauci, you know, Fauci law. So I think the social engineers and powerful people in society have always figured out in the same way that Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, I believe, maybe for the good. But, you know, if you want to control the minds of the masses, like Malcolm X said, the media does that. So they have

00:32:09--> 00:32:46

figured out through movies, television, and the social narratives are crazy. So I wanted to ask you to because I know, in America, you know, a lot of Muslims are more left wing and definitely becoming more liberal. But I, you know, I'm not I'm not an expert of the crown. But you know, similar to the Bible, it's almost like the antithesis, they're teaching the opposite views. You're right, and kids are falling for, because they're being told, if you're a bad person, if you don't do this, I mean, it's literally like inversion, you know, like, if you follow the works of God, and you follow these principles, discipline principles that are actually like, definitely better, you know, you're the

00:32:46--> 00:33:25

oppressor. So, you know, just side with us that, you know, whether it be the rainbow flag, whether it be the BLM, whether it be the environmentalism, things that people are like, well, of course, I don't support racism, I want the earth to be clean, you know, which I do, but that's how they kinda, there's all these little traps to just bring you over next thing, you know, you're, you're rejecting God. So we're kind of making history here, because that's the whole idea. You know, we want this to be something in his example, that's why I ended up doing that interview with Jesse trying to break through many of these stereotypes. And people can hopefully God willing, they can see us as an

00:33:25--> 00:33:53

example, that we are able to talk, we're able to communicate. And we're able to ask questions, and hopefully, you know, we're able to because to go back to what you're saying, why this is, what we've seen is that many Muslims are scared. They feel like on one side, literally, these people want to eradicate us, they want to kill us. They want to you know, they don't want nothing to do with us. Right here. They're inviting us, you know, they're inviting the Muslims, right? They're putting you there, you know, but they're stabbing you in the back.

00:33:54--> 00:34:04

So it's like, but definitely here we have what you have much more in common, much more in common. And you mentioned the term and I just want to for educational purposes.

00:34:05--> 00:34:46

When you mentioned the term, Sharia, this for our for the non Muslim audience is just means God's law. This is like the 10 commandments, pretty much. You have Shinya mentioned, I had a Jewish rabbi on the program, and he talked confirmed this and in the Arabic Bible, you have surely I mentioned 200 plus times, just just like you have a law mentioned in the Arabic Bible in Arabic Jews and Christians who read the Bible in Arabic. It's not to say God says Allah right. So should Yeah, same thing. It's just means God's law. That's it. And Sharia is charity prayer, how to be a good husband, the rights of the wife of the husband, many people they look at the Penal Code, which is just 1% of

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Islam from just 1%. And probably most people would agree with many of the strict because the Penal Code is there. It's very strict to to act as a deterrent. You follow me?

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

To keep criminals in check, but good human beings who are living a good righteous life, they shouldn't have to fear these things right. And I just had a, I had a, I don't know if you heard of this agitate.

00:35:12--> 00:35:22

You can watch the show that I did. And he he's traveled in many there. He's a Christian also. And he travels to he's traveled to Muslim countries. And you should check out what he has to say on this.

00:35:23--> 00:36:03

This topic that we're talking about how much respect I have for the faith of Islam, and I'm not a Muslim, so I'm an Orthodox Christian. But if I had to bet on one religion, as if I were betting on the stock market for the future, you have to balance. But anyways, let me let me just get into some of the other things that you talk that you talk about. Can you can you elaborate, what's being injected into the kids school curriculum, you had this new bill that was being passed? And you? You did some videos? You did a video on this and analyzing this. Can you bring us up to speed? Right? Yeah, so the governor of Florida passed a bill, I'm sure it was multiple pages. But the gist of it

00:36:03--> 00:36:42

was, I don't know if it was like, nine to five or if it was Elementary, but it was pretty, pretty young. And it just said, you know, don't teach kids sexual education don't don't inject sexuality into the minds of young children basically. And then the you know, the left wing in this country kind of freaked out and said, Don't say gay don't say gay, even though that's not the name of the bill. It was kind of just like a branding attempt to smear it. And that's what's kind of, I'm seeing is, you know, as far as people's identity and who they are, when you're especially, I mean, there's conversations that we had about adults, but to me, this is like crossing the line way too far.

00:36:42--> 00:37:14

You're six, seven years old, I thought I was a Power Ranger, Ninja Turtle, an athlete, a fireman, you know, I don't really you don't know what you are. Because you're so young. And really all you know, is what your parents teach you if, you know if I speak English, because my parents taught me English. It's not like I thought to speak English. You know, you're literally like a sponge being molded by your parents and your teachers. So you have a lot of these people that are trying to inject sexuality and confuse kids into thinking they're a different gender. And it's just so disingenuous at a young age because they're too young to even know anything. So I think what's going

00:37:14--> 00:37:48

on in schools is, you know, similar to why the kids and I appreciate you saying that because it is tougher Muslim in America, on one hand, the right wing is not open on the on the other hand, the left wing has kind of stabbed you in the back. So it is like a, you know, there is really a difficult decision to be made. But as a kid, it's like they're really teaching these kids you know, if you're gay, you're like, special and you know, if your skin colors this, your, your history is bad. And it's almost like a safe route to just like, say you're a different gender or something, you know, it's like safer and you'd be like, Well, I'm pretty, you know, I'm like, I can't be bullied

00:37:48--> 00:38:22

now. Maybe they'll call it hate speech. And it's, it's just way too confusing for kids. So Ron DeSantis is one of the Republicans pushing back against that and Disney and the left wing kind of freaked out and mislabeled it and it's, it's really upsetting because if you disagree with what he's saying, I'm willing to hear the debate but what they do is they kind of straw man make up a fake argument that's not had similar to like people do to you, you know, it's it's hard to have a conversation about Islam. If people are making up something that's totally false. It's, you know, that's called the straw man. It's like, here's some fake thing that I'm gonna fight with. It's not

00:38:22--> 00:39:03

even real. So yeah, that's that's that's kind of the thing they're doing with the kids pushing sexualization, you know, gay gender switching on like five year olds, six year olds. Yeah, I brought on a actually a great woman. Her name is Brenda Lipsyte, she's a Christian also. And she's, this is another great example. And she's working with Muslim Imams and Muslim community leaders. And I've had her on the program exposing them what they're doing and putting these things real suddenly, a lot of times into the curriculum and you have some you know, many parents some who are immigrants, they have no idea what's going on and and then they end up also at a certain age where like you

00:39:03--> 00:39:23

said, a child's like thinking I'm a ninja turtle this that the other they're confused. And then they say like, just take your time and we'll put you on what are those puberty blockers? Right right right. Just screw up your whole physiology and your biology and just mess you up. Totally. Yeah, it's it's really sad. And it's nice to see someone like yourself who's

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

bringing this to fruition and helping people see what's going on it's tough to talk about because the you know, the right wingers to take a hard stance it's like they're basically saying it's like a hate speech violation. To question some of this like if you if you aggressively say how if you're just questioning if you're like, it doesn't make sense scientifically. It from a biology none of it makes sense that you know, a man tomorrow a boy is boy born with certain parts with certain chromosomes, everything

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

He's a man, he's a boy. But now to convince him that he's other that a person is now a fish, or the person is now a dog. You think that's crazy? Well, coming back to the religious aspect of it too, I have to say like, I think both parties are corrupt both, you know, both systems are misleading people but the left wing it's almost as if they're creating this religion like like, that's why I joke and say Pfizer real law or Fauci law because it's like you they're literally making it illegal in certain cases to question basic reality or talk about basic humanity. And it's it's such a wicked system, because they are, they're authoritarian, they're not even like normal liberals, like maybe

00:40:42--> 00:41:19

I'm wrong, but you have the right to say it, you know, it's like I'm, they're doing wicked or and wicked or stuff. And that's how they stop people from stopping them, right? It's just saying, well, that's hate speech. Maybe that's racist, sexist, xenophobic, that's a conspiracy theory. That's a you know, they have a word for everything to kinda like put up a block. That's homophobic obviously, that's the main one that's anti semitic, that's a climate denial, they hide their agenda behind things that seem good. And then, you know, use these words to stop people from pushing back where it's like, you know, I mean, 10 years ago, homophobic meant you didn't want gay people to get

00:41:19--> 00:41:52

married, which wouldn't even be true because it doesn't homophobia, that doesn't mean you're afraid of them, like, oh, my gosh, there's one. But you know, it's that was a lie anyway. But now, it's like, they've moved to the children's stuff. And now they're like, using that word to block it. And it's like, whoa, that's, you know, the slippery slope is real. And I think that's why a lot of Christians and a lot of conservatives, I would say millions of conservatives have a more favorable view of Islam now, because they've seen the slippery slope in America. It's real. So I think they're appreciating even in some of the stricter countries like, oh, yeah, maybe that is how you stop this.

00:41:52--> 00:42:28

You know, maybe that is how you stop the degeneracy. Because every Christian pastor that warned us that this was going to lead to this. I mean, it really did happen. I didn't think it would 20 years ago, but it definitely has. I mean, you know, they have gotten that far, for sure. And this is why Muslims and Christians need to work together, right. Example? Well, I think, you know, without getting too much into it, I think it's been a purposeful, in my perspective, studying the world and stuff, when you have this sort of degeneracy, this godless, like, you can say, far left, but there's right when you're saying dishonest stuff, this really evil agenda. I think the people that are doing

00:42:28--> 00:42:58

this have understood well, in America who's voting conservative against big government, you know, it's a lot of white people. It's not to say all white people are doing but you know, there's a lot of this, well, you're bad, you're bad, because they've realized that's not their voting bloc. So if they could subvert that voting bloc get power than they could turn their backs on all the minorities that helped gain them in power, you know, same with Christians. And when you go to the Middle East, I mean, who's rejecting the wickedness harder than Islam. So I think, you know, they've turned Christians and Muslims against each other, it's not to say that you're going to agree on everything.

00:42:58--> 00:43:32

And in certain cases, it's okay, you know, my opinion, to have your own culture, have your own identity, everyone doesn't have to be everyone all the time. It's not like they forced people together, but then make them hate each other. It's like, it's okay to live in a different community. But um, you know, I think they've purposely done this because they see Christianity and Islam as the, you know, two of the biggest threats to their subversive, degenerate, you know, evil agenda of, you know, a massive, I think, government across the world where it's not based by God, it's not based by morality, it's almost the opposite. It's almost like, you know, the invert inversion of

00:43:32--> 00:44:06

what everybody in their heart and soul knows is moral, is what they're trying to do. So they've they've, they've definitely subverted Christians, in my opinion in America to really, you know, align with the group of people that really doesn't like them the most. And it's it's exactly example that you said it's and Malcolm used to say to where it's like, you know, there's the person that's gonna stab you in the front and stab you in the back, you know, there's something respectable about the one that's doing it in the front, you know, at least you know, it's there and you know, to avoid versus the one that says, You're my best friend come in my house, and they hate you. So, just a few

00:44:06--> 00:44:32

more questions before we conclude. So how do you feel because I think this is a good icebreaker, I think this is something that you can build off when we as Muslims, and again, Muslims simply means it's an Arabic word that means one who has submitted His will or her will to one and only one God and Islam is the action of submitting your will, gaining peace, getting purpose in life by submitting your will to God, that's what it simply means. So as a Muslim, how do you feel telling

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

because you be classified, you'd be classify yourself as a Christian, right? So as a Christian, one that you love dearly as Jesus so if I tell you as a Muslim, I love Jesus. It's an article of our belief to love Do Christians know this that Muslims love Jesus not as a god or a literal Son of God, metaphorically? Okay, but we love Jesus. I mean, if I said anything that we say peace be upon him, called chapter in the Quran, named after his

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

Lesson mother, Muslim woman, if you look at them, they're wearing the hijab, Mary mother Jesus, she wore the hijab, you know? So what do you think when you hear this when we say literally, we love Jesus? I mean, I know that Muslims appreciate Jesus. I don't think a lot of Christians do. But I'll bring that up. Because like when the Christian Muslim Jewish, you know, people have debates and this and that, I'll say, you know, like, and I'm not gonna say all because there are some Jews who respect Jesus, but I would say Muslims are on average respect and appreciate Jesus far more than Jewish people do. You know, that's just a fact. Because, you know, there's always like, inter

00:45:35--> 00:46:12

religious debates. I know that I think some do, but I would say most don't to be honest. Yeah, I would say most have no idea. Do you think this is important? I mean, do you think this is a good icebreaker knowing that for me, I mean, you know, when you when you love and appreciate Jesus as much as a Christian does, I think it's I think it's massive. You know, when I found that out, I was like, Oh, that's interesting. And once I started really, you know, with the degeneracy blockers where, you know, you have right wingers being like, we need to go to Palestine and make gay marriage illegal. And I'm like, that's a Christian trying to go to Palestine and make it like, I was like, we

00:46:12--> 00:46:49

have enough problems here. Why would I try? Why would I want as a Christian to go to Palestine and make them gay, or when we're having like, drag queen story hour and pride parades every month, like, that's what I that's what Christians want, like, the right wing Republican Party in this country has been so subverted It's bananas, so you know, like, literally that that's like their talking points. So between that and respect, and Jesus, these are things that made me realize like, Okay, I'm like, you know, there's, there's some, there's something not adding up about what they've said about it. But I think that's a massive, massive icebreaker. And if, like, you're speaking to a Christian who's

00:46:49--> 00:47:19

hostile, I mean, it's not your job to make them not that's on their soul and spirit. But I think that's definitely a talking point that would, you know, maybe wake some people up, but it's hard to tell, some people are so stubborn, and they never learn, and they never listen. And, you know, there's the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. But I think that's a good place to start for sure. I think Christians can start to understand now, because there's, they're seeing, you know, their way of life. They're seeing all this new religion that's pushed to their liberalism and everything. And they're like, We don't need this stuff. So you can

00:47:19--> 00:47:35

imagine, like Muslim majority countries, you try to go over from other side of the world coming over there and trying to impose your way of life on them. Right. And they're like, We don't need this over here. You follow me? We're good. So man is a man, we don't need to write mixed it.

00:47:36--> 00:48:06

I don't want to be a fish, or I don't want to write, right, or whatever else you want to call it. So I think this is gonna be set up. I know, they stop it more, but they're going to they're going to try to I mean, they already have but infiltrate Muslim countries and the slippery slope goes slower there because Muslims put up a blocker, but they're going to try to do that further and further to you know, like, just like, slowly over time, try to get Muslims to be more liberal. And, you know, as as somebody I mean, you live you live in America, correct? Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. What's

00:48:08--> 00:48:49

the slippery slope is real. Do not let the Western liberals convince you that it's not because it happens quickly. Where are you in the States? I'm in California, California. You ever traveled Chicago? I've never been okay. If you do, we can hook up have you in a studio in person? That's where we're at Chicago. All right. I'll let you know if I ever do. Okay, let last one I wanted to touch upon you. You talk about the you show a clip as discussing abortion. And that's about the I don't know what this a politician is someone he talks about after the baby's delivered there. Have a discussion, right? And many Muslims are also blind to this, this also what's going on. And you're

00:48:49--> 00:49:24

you're bringing this to the forefront, like, talk about this. So I'll start real quick without getting too wordy. Like just like with God, you know, pro life pro choice, it didn't really mean much to me growing up and I thought there was a moral discussion going on. Okay, when is it sperm egg? When is it a baby? i That's a complex discussion, right? Because it would be wild to say your sperm is a baby when it's not. So a lot of Christians think conception, whatever was the left wing, just moving it further and further. So it's like, okay, well, they're mad at the heartbeat. And then it's like 14 weeks and 16 weeks and third trimester. And I'm thinking to myself as someone who never

00:49:24--> 00:49:58

thought about I'm like, that seems a little weird. Wouldn't you know, like, that's a little. And then you have Ralph Northam. He was the governor of Virginia before a Democrat and he was on some radio show. And he said, Well resuscitate the baby, which means like, bring it back to that and then like, basically allow the mother to make a decision or something. And I guess he was saying if if the baby had some sort of illness or something, but still, I mean, you know, I don't think if something is alive, it's alive. It's not your job to murder it. So they've moved this. Once again, just like with the LGBT stuff, they moved the slippery slope so far. They're not simply trying to

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

have a moral conversation about

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

When it's alive and when it's not they are suggesting in my perspective after birth abortion which is just full blown murder I mean it's it's it's evil. Yeah, definitely this is you know, Islam stance on this also right? I'm not 100 But let me know like what the popular opinion is in Islam, the majority consensus is across the board default is that it's not allowed abortion isn't. You have up until according to the Hadith from Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him who he talks about the soul, you might have the body the heart pumping and everything but at 120 days, that's when God blows the soul into the child, the baby. So up until then, without extreme exceptions,

00:50:46--> 00:51:10

right if you know and then that's up to the will go to a qualified Islamic scholar and see what these exceptions are right? Let's say the mother she her life, she might die. You found me maybe she was right, whatever. There's exceptions, but the general rule that it's it is prohibited. Definitely. So it's a human life. And at 120 days of course, Islam it has a soul.

00:51:12--> 00:51:47

Yeah, so you have the you have the soul is taken, you know these because you where's your soul, you have to ask yourself, right. You've seen these videos, they come in and they're just removing body parts. You know what I mean? At six months. It's crazy that it's crazy. Right? That's another great talking point. Because I know a lot of Christians a lot of right wingers, it's a very passionate topic. You know, there's the pro life march in DC and it's enormous, they never covered in the media. But it is is huge. I was even shocked by how he it looked like there were a million people there. So it's a it's a popular thing that the media has kind of written off for years. But I think

00:51:47--> 00:52:24

the reason is so popular. It's not just Islam or Christianity, but it's human nature, right? Like if you have a soul, and you see body parts or after birth, like it's it's a natural human thing to protect the young. Yeah, I want to thank you for accepting the invitation to be on today's show, God willing, we can continue the conversation and other people can take from this example, learn from this benefit and to see hopefully can be a catalyst for others to take off with and have more conversations and do more good working and collaborating together between Muslims and Christians and just all good humans. Cool. Thank you so much for having me. And I have to say to your audience, and

00:52:24--> 00:52:48

any Muslim that washes you know, I'll always on my news platform give you a fair shake. And, you know, be as honest as I possibly can. Because I know a lot of people are dividing, lying, you know, spreading really just hey, bad energy, and they don't know what they're talking about. So I'll always give you guys a fair shake and be as honest as I can really, really appreciate that. And that's an anomaly, right? That's correct. Yep. Thank you, brother. I appreciate you, man. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. Peace.

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