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Ibrahim AS and His Father

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Are all the bIllahi min. Ash shaytaan Raji

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with corofin Kitabi Ibrahima in hookah and as with the can be

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if Caudalie a be here about Healy Mata Maluma Allah and smell wala you will see it all while you're in the

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ya Bertie in the hall for any ms occur either boom may not manifest Hakuna de shaytani worthy

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royal Hebrew and early hottie Ibrahim Allah Lambton Tehila Abdurrahman acaba joven name and he

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called a Salah Muna Allah in case I still feel like a rugby in

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what actors you know como methadone I mean, do you I don't rob be as

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probably shocking southern US silly Emily Nakata, Melissa, any of our colleagues, but hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah early or sacrilege Marian I'm about Santa Monica like Anna or Ricardo. So today I'm going to share with you some reflections from a passage that belongs to sort of Maryam so it My name is the 19 Surah of the Quran, it opens with conversation that builds up to the idea that a Salah Salem could not have been divine, that he was the product of a miracle from Allah azza wa jal and that the people that have used misused history to commit ship with Allah or wrong in what they have done, so by the time that that progressive argument develops, and gets to

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its conclusion, Allah azza wa jal then describes judgment a and how he's going to judge

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those that committed ship with him and right after that, Allah starts talking to us about Ibrahim rallies. And there's a connection the reason I told you about what's happening in Somalia in the beginning, by the time we get to Ibraheem Alehissalaam, which is iron number 41. It's important because there's a there's a connection being made by Allah azza wa jal, the Christian people are being implored that you have lost you are also tied to the legacy of your father, Ibrahim Al Islam, just like the Jewish people were told that they are tied to the legacy of their father Ibrahim Ali Salaam in sootel Bacara. And then again, in total Iran, now the Christian people are being invited

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to go back to the original legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salam. Anyhow, Allah azza wa jal says about Ibrahim Ali said, I'm here with goldfill Kitabi Ibrahim in who cannot sit down and make mention from in the book of Ibrahim alayhis salam, certainly he was someone who was truthful, and a prophet. So we cannot abandon the legacy that let's tie this to the Christian argument or the discourse that's happening with the Christian people. What Allah azza wa jal is saying, first of all, is you already know that he was truthful. And you already know that he was a prophet, and he never committed the shift that you have, because of Jesus is in fact, the Son of God. And Jesus is in fact, the Savior,

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for all of humanity. And this is the greatest, most important belief. This little this piece of creed is the most important belief that should ever have been given to humanity, a way to save all of humanity from hellfire. Then how can you accept Ibrahim alayhi salam, which you know, to be a prophet, which you know, to be truthful, and never said a word about any of this? And none of the previous prophets from the legacy of Ibrahim Al Islam because it starts with Ibrahim alayhi salam, none of the previous prophets ever say, you know, right now you guys are sinful, but eventually the Son of God is coming and all your sins will be cleansed. None of that ever happens. If he is in fact

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truthful, and he is in fact a prophet, then there has to be something wrong in your conclusion.

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Because either you have a connector, or you have to reject Ibrahim right?

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It was also the only choices you get. So what could fail Kitabi

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Ibrahim in Africa now so Deacon Libya is already a be here but he limita Abu Mala is now Wallah, you will see what are you manufacturing? We're going back to him talking to his father. But last time I told you he started talking to his father and his entire nation right? Now we're going to focus on is going to help us focus on what exactly transpired between him and his dad. The specifics between him and his father. So he says, My father, when he said to his father, yeah, Bertie, my beloved father data in Arabic, you can add it to the certain words, to add a dimension of love. So I thought, well, not to share a little hope. So yeah, but you my beloved father, Dad, I love you.

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You're my dad. So the Quran is capturing a way that he was talking to his father, he wasn't aggressive, even though I have already established with you before he hates Schick. Like he has this despise of it. But still, when he's going to talk to his father, he's going to talk lovingly. And this is the dichotomy we have to understand the two opposing things we have to understand. We are so hard on what we believe. We're so stern and uncompromising and what we believe as Muslims. Yet at the same time, we just because we are tough in what we believe, doesn't mean we get to talk about it in a way that is tough.

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So even to his father who manufactures the idols, he's going to speak to him gently, the his his tone will not become aggressive. You see. So he actually is a balance of both of those things, especially in certain relationships, where Allah azza wa jal says Lata Coloma often don't even express your frustration to them. So we find in Abraham, Allison, the balance of those things, how do you speak to a parent who's absolutely wrong, was absolutely wrong, and what they're doing and what they're saying, but they're still your parent. So you still have to love them. You still have to speak to them in a in a respectful tone, but you still got to tell them the truth. And you still

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have to tell them they're wrong. Right? So he's going to do his part and say, Yeah, Bertie, Lima, taboo. Malleus. Morrow, when are you? When are you clear on Cache? Or why do you worship something that doesn't? doesn't listen, melasma and something that doesn't see what I observe? And it can benefit you at all? These things can do anything for you at all? Why are you worshiping these things? And this is him questioning what his dad is doing. And there is no response from his dad so far in these ayat, that could imply a few things. That could imply that before his dad could even answer he continued talking, or that his dad is just staring at him, like what did you just say?

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Like, you know, sometimes somebody somebody's way of silencing you is not giving you an answer and just staring you down, or just ignoring you entirely. Right? That's a, a non response is also a response, right? It actually works for a lot of people. Like I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. And that's somebody's Wait, what they're trying to tell you, if you if you told somebody a legitimate criticism, or you asked a question, and they didn't respond to you, they're trying to tell you a few things, when they're telling you your question is so stupid. It's not even worthy of my response or attention. So I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear it.

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Right? Or they're trying to tell you don't push it, because you I'm going to drop this subject. I'm not going to say anything to you. And if you push it, push my buttons anymore, there's going to be trouble. So let's see, if you want to, you know, step on this minefield and you further want to click, you know, dig your heels in deeper, dig your hole even deeper. So this is a form of intimidation and dismissal at the same time. And that's what is that perhaps is done. And now from there, Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, he could just say that didn't answer that must mean that if I if I take a further step is things are going to escalate. So maybe I should back down. We know Ibrahim

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Ali Salam by now. He's not about to back down. He's about to go a step further. And that step further is way more offensive than asking the first question was Why do you worship something that can't hear can't see can't benefit you? Explain to me why do you do that? Okay, that's critical. Yeah, this father is gonna see it as disrespectful. But the next one's like the nuke. He says, Yeah, but he called the journeyman lol me Melania take. My beloved father, knowledge has definitely come to you. To me, that hasn't come to you factor barony. So you shouldn't be obeying me. You should be following me. The calcium outline. So we I am going to go when you follow me, then I'll be able to

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guide you to an even straight balanced path. You are on a crooked path dead. And I know things that knowledge has been given to me that you don't actually have you don't know and I know the sun telling father that you don't know I know. And more more importantly, it's not just that I know. You need to be following me. Therefore follow me. I will guide you

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My son telling father, I will guide you. Now around the world whether you're in, you know, a country like in the Philippines, or you're in Australia, or you're in America or anywhere, the kid comes to the dad and says, You don't know, I know. Follow me. I'll tell you what to do. You clearly don't know how to live your life. Let me guide you.

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What's going to happen next all that let me tell you, I can tell you with some degree of confidence, what would happen in Pakistan?

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Missing Persons Report, we don't have those. So I don't know what happened.

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You know, I don't know if there's a cow getting slaughtered that either a child I don't know. But you mean, that's some serious trouble. He's escalated things like exponentially by saying these words. But what is the guidance of Allah in these words, he's able to say, when it comes to matters of iman, this is not that I know, engineering, you don't, that I understand business investments. And you don't follow me that I know what real estate better than you listen to me. Know. And all of those things, shut up and be humble. When it comes to your dean as a matter of shake, then you know what, then even though he's my dad, and I love him, I'm going to have to say, knowledge has come to

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me that clearly you don't have an out of love for you. I'm telling you, you need to listen to me. And you know, these words have resonance because he doesn't do this with everything else. Please listen to what I'm saying. He's a respectful son in every other way. Right? So when a sunlight that that's always kind, obedient, respectful, in one thing, only matter of belief, he comes out and says, You need to be following me it actually has weight.

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But if you have the kind of, you're the kind of son that argues with your father over everything, right over everything. And then you want to argue about religion, too. It has no weight, because that's just your son being argumentative. Or that's just you being argumentative. That's not actually because this this thing is substantive. And it warrants me leaving my normal nature of being subservient and questioning you like that. So he's actually leaving his norm to do this. This is not his norm. And you can tell it's not his norm because it starts with the Liberty and again when he says radical Silverthorn Surya, I'll guide you then to his to an even straight path. As as

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bombshell as that was, apparently that's not enough. So he goes, Yeah, ability Dad, listen, I love you. There's more. What's he going to say next? By the way, what is the father worship, he worships those idols right, or what those idols represent. We talked about representations before. Look at what he says about it. He could have said, law, modal Islam, he could have said don't worship the idols right. He could have said that. He doesn't say that. He said law are Buddhists. Shaitan

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don't worship the devil.

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Don't worship the devil.

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You talk about escalation. He didn't just say don't worship false gods. You think these idols represent some holy deity some saint some whatever superpower let me tell you what this right what's behind this? What you think is behind this is made up the reality behind this is there's one guy behind this and that's who Shetland you worshipping these idols is you worshipping Satan?

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Latter booty shakin in a shaitana candelabra manual. So yeah, certainly the the shaitan has always been disobedient when it comes to Iran. And so beautiful that Ibrahim Ali is incorporated the word man in desire. Now the thing is, once you say don't worship shaitan, you can imagine a number of continued statements. One continued statement would be don't worship shaitan shaytaan is an enemy for you.

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In the shaytaan Allah Komodo movie in or inertia Karna laka, Bertie, I do we'll move in. You would expect that that's not what he says. He's not talking about oh, don't worship the devil. The devil is bad for you. That's not what he's saying. He's saying something else entirely. He's saying the devil is disobedient to Earth man.

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Now, there's a few pieces there that we have to think about. First of all, he said, the thing that makes the devil the devil is that he's disobedient. Don't worship the devil implies in it that Don't disobey Allah. Because that's actually the worship of shaitan is actually doing what shaitan does, and doing what shaitan wants, instead of doing what Allah wants. That's actually what becomes worship of Shavon This is why I'm suited he has seen and heard in a Camilla bunny Adama Allah turbo shaytaan. In the hula Komodo Mubin Dooney Ocelot almost again, didn't I tell you children of Adam don't worship shaitan but people didn't worship Satan. People worship gods, idols, prophets, people

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worship saints. People were people didn't worship shaitan but you know what, there's the

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In technology terms, there's the skin of the app and there's the source code. The source code was always what shaytaan. And so on that day, the skins, the facade is all removed and the source what you were actually worshipping was the devil that's been exposed on Judgement Day. Ibraheem Alehissalaam sees through and it says lateral position plan.

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He totally tells us Father, don't don't worship the devil. And the devil has been extremely obedient disobedient to who? Not to Allah, He could have said Allah in the shaitana candelilla. He I'll see you. He said initially Atlanta cannula Rahmani Arsia, he has been disobedient to Rama and the extremely loving and caring one. Even in this morning. He's telling He's telling his father, Allah azza wa jal was so loving and caring even to a bliss and despite his love and care, at least disobeyed Him and you're following doubt following the same path because the one who has provided for you and me, the one who cares for you and me is the one you are disobeying when you're putting

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these idols together.

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So he's actually calling on the Rama of Allah, not just the the Oneness of Allah, but the love and care of Allah as a reason to leave Schick? How can you do this to someone who loves you so much? You know, from a from an emotional this is this is an argument against sharing from an emotional point of view. So I want you to understand what that means, by way of example, when Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah for Allah is the highest example. But I want you to understand what it means to have shake with love. Imagine, for example, that you wanted to do something special for your your wife, guys, I know you don't. But still, just imagine that you use active imagination. You went you even

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cooked. And you clean up the house, and you said, go to your friend's house. And she doesn't know why you sent her there. She goes to a friend's house and you clean up the house, you make dinner, you set up candlelight, the whole nine yards, and you got a really beautiful president, right? And then she comes home, and she sees all of it.

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And then her friend calls at the same time some other friend. And for the next two hours, she's like, Oh, my God, I love you. Thank you so much for calling. This is the greatest day of my life, because you called. And it's not like she hasn't called her for three years. You called her yesterday.

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You did all this? For her. And her love and appreciation and admiration goes to somebody else.

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Right? And why would that make you feel like

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you'd want to like take those candles and set the house on fire or start eating the food or you know, at least stick your finger in the soup as revenge without her seeing it something. You want to do something because come on, how are you dismissing all this effort and you just ignore like, and this is a human thing, right? So human feeling. But I'm giving you this example because human beings know what it is that someone you give somebody love, you give someone care. And they respond with love and care towards somebody else entirely. How offensive that is. What a betrayal that is. Well, if you can understand I give you this example. Somebody might say a stuffed animal are you giving an

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example that connects with Allah, Allah, Allah does this for now of Allah, Allah described people's loyalty of the horses loyalty to the owner, the horses loyalty to the owner. And then when he made that argument, and he said, By the way, you also have an owner, but you're not like your horse.

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The horse goes into battle for you. He doesn't do anything you want the horse marches to his death. You don't you don't even do the simplest things for me. Right? So I'm giving you this example because when he called on our man, and then said shaitan, has been disobedient to our man. It's not like Allah was harsh with the bliss, Allah azza wa jal have given my arm to IBLEES you've given McKenna is given station to a bliss. Why is it that a bliss even has the honour of being able to address Allah directly? You all creations of Allah address Allah directly? No, he's been given a position where he can even do that. That is not a small thing to have. Is it? Is it possible for a

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jinn when Allah gives angels the command that gene has the the honor the care that Allah showed him that he gets to hear the commandment that only is meant for the angels?

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It will surely Adam, he has been given a rank. Allah has given him Rama. And despite all of that Rama, he can be disobedient to Allah. So he's actually calling on that, that sentiment, and he's turning to us and Ibrahim Robinson is turning to his father and saying, Allah is a rock man to you.

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And if you can feel what Allah does for you, if you can just be mindful of what how much love Allah gives you how much care Allah gives you, then you wouldn't be disobeying him like this. You wouldn't be redirecting this love this admiration this loyalty in any other direction.

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In the industry Atlanta can only have money I'll see I'll I'm gonna continue this passage and schottlander subsequent sessions. A young man asked me today. Well, that's me. So which profit we're doing next. I was like we're not doing any profit. We're just gonna stick with Ibrahima for the whole month. Yep. The whole been.

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You know, we have this thing about we need variety. I'm not I'm not about to offer, you know, variety. We need to dive deep into our father Ibrahim, right. So as much as we can, we need to get as much from him as possible. Because this, I feel this is actually even even this month probably won't be, but it's a service that needs to be done. We need to connect back to some of our most fundamental teachings in this deen and that starts in my opinion, one of the starting points is in fact our connection to Ibrahim Ali salaam BarakAllahu li Walakum fille Quran it Hakeem when in fact and you can build it with the cracking so I'm really caught up later I know what occurred