Ramadan 2021 – Qur’anic Expression #10

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By Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


AI: Summary © The concept of "gers stress" in Arabic language is used to describe a person who is focused on themselves and not just for their own pleasure. The speaker explains that this concept is not just for everyone to do things for themselves, but also for others to follow after them. The theory that the devil's actions are based on a partnership between himself and the world is discussed, and that humans are conditioned to be in the dark. The potential for human evil to lead to a "brink" where people feel slipping off their path is also discussed, and learning Arabic and finding a way to live in a quiet environment is crucial to finding a way to live in a quiet environment.
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A lot of Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam O Allah so Allah and Allah he was at his reign. Once again, both of us are not required to lie. And to our audience, we're going to take another quick couple of examples from Dr. samurais book. And today I will talk to you about another kind of stressor in the Arabic language. So this this thing is called an Arabic They call it a frozen with luck. And we touched on it just a little bit, but from a duck, there's a few things in Arabic, but like, you know, in English, if I say, I, I played, let me not make it all caps, I played basketball.

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Right? But if somebody says, row, I

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And that's a horrible example. But the idea of being when people misspell on purpose, what are they trying to do? They're trying to stress that they were really good at it or they played a lot, right? So somebody says, I messed up.

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But the way they the word stress on the word, so if I say they say I messed up, okay, fine, I made a mistake. Right? But if I say, I, oh my god.

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Okay, this is actually kind of a close to a full mukluk kind of meaning. In other words, they'll add, the way the Arabs do that is they add a word to the verb. So you have for example, Allah commands the Prophet station, but

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but la he which is translated into the Muslim and it's basically focus

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or focus exclusively

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on him, meaning at night when you're praying, just drop everything else and focus exclusively on Allah. Right. So focus exclusively on him that would be the button he but if you want to say focus exclusively, like focus exclusively on him, then you would say

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he Leahy, and you would then add the mustard. You're the ultimate Allah was the master

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lumen, Tabata, la Tabata Lu. Toulon, right? So it would be tough, but to learn. So they take the infinitive, which those of you who don't know Arabic, that's okay, but this word is added. What do you guys have to know is a word is added right here, right? And when you add this word, then it becomes focus, like bold, exclusively.

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One of the implications of it is like it's really calling on that act, but the eye doesn't say that. The eye actually doesn't say that but later but to learn. It says de but

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he Lahey.

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T Lang

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Tabata Li t Lin. Now you know that there's the Dalai Lama family. You had the ultimate Alamo? I lumen sorta but too long.

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Right. And then you get under my limit element. So but tele you back to back dub dub, dub the right deal. And

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so actually, this comes from two different families. But to learn is from the Dalai Lama family that you learned, and Abdullah is the I love my family, the children that those of you have learned stuff elsewhere, morphology and Arabic, this is the firewall and this is step three. Now, the idea is the butt, which is the tandem a family. But Allah ends it with foot bringing focus, bringing attention to the act with deputies, and which is a different pattern. The expected word was the betula. And the unexpected word that I use here is Dylan, what's the difference? Well, the difference is this the word who actually means focus for yourself,

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or being focused, let's just do it like this being focused, right? And dealin is making others focused.

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There's a difference.

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So the first part of this idea

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is actually being focused himself. And the latter part of this is dealing with luck is actually taking an act of Oh my God, I don't have power, okay.

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figure this out. If it dies, it dies.

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You beat

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it, okay.

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So, this part is actually focusing inspiring others to focus by using this word What did Allah do? Allah told the prophets I so because you know the the 100 like the pmla is such a personal prayer it doesn't have to do with anybody else and it's about yourself so it's about being focused to yourself. Right a sermon a hook by is about making others focused. That was about making others focus but that worship is about you yourself being focused, but Allah combined both of them for the profit slice and I'm saying focus

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on him and it's as if saying, in a way that inspires others to be focused

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and he didn't have to say all of that he just changed the word who took the deal in the ISO it because our profits I said even the most personal things he does are actually inspirational to the entire oma. Right? So he's not he's never just doing something for his own worship. He's always leading an example that becomes an inspiration for countless people to follow after him right so and so Allah put this constant responsibility on us well, as I said, I'm that even when you're doing the most private acts of worship, the burden isn't just for you to do something good. It's actually it goes far beyond you. So this is an example of how these two are mixed together to create an outside

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effect right? But we're gonna I will show you something opposite I hope that laptop doesn't die but so about shaytaan insert insert, Allah says you read a shape on Oh, you redo he wants a shape on the devil wants what does the devil want

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to yield the love home?

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Your beloved home, he wants to misguide them. Okay. Then the master is Bala.

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Bala land by Eden.

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So, the devil or the devil

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wants sorry, wants to mislead them.

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Far away. Okay, and the mislead has been stressed. Why is it been stressed because borlodan is used. Okay. But you know how you did a slama

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you sleep Oh, what's the master? slammin? Yeah, it's lemon.

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That's the master right? That's the infinitive the idea the same way albula

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you below

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eba. Lalanne like Islamic

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Okay, this is the this is the actual Master View below. The IR uses your the loo and your Villa home. So we expect here what word in Ireland like Islam and but Allah didn't use that he used Milan. So he makes two families together again. Okay, that's not that's not a normal thing to do. So what does it mean? It

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means to misguide.

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to misguide or to make others lost.

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Okay. Now bilall

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different word in Arabic means to be lost.

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Right? So what I'm saying is the Oh

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well, this is awkward.

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I think what we'll do is shallow, we'll wait

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maybe two or three minutes.

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And if they're not back in two or three minutes, I will go ahead and end the stream. inshallah.

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Sit tight.

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And hopefully they come back.

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Okay, I'm back. Are we still in the same broadcast?

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Yes, we are. All right. Well, I was

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able to plug in the time. Okay, so what was I saying something about Islam or something? I feel a little lost. Oh, can you? You're talking about the law and the law, Ireland, Northern Ireland to be lost in love to make somebody else lost. So what I'm saying is this part of the idea where so let's look at the English translation again,

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the devil

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wants to

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make them last, let's look at it this way. Okay, I'm far away,

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make them last fall, it's terrible translation, but make them to misguide them

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far away,

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you know, far off course, you can think of it like that. Like, not only did he tell you to take the wrong turn, he wants you to be 1000s of miles away from the right road, right? That's the very that's what Verizon is doing. But here, it's about him, Miss guiding, you miss guiding me Miss guiding people, right.

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But the word bilall instead of Evelyn adds a new flavor to this meaning that wasn't there in this translation. And it's really hard to put in translation, but really beautifully placed in the Arabic of the Quran. And what is that, that is in a way that once they are on the wrong course,

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be lost on their own without his intervention.

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In other words, his job is to steer you in the wrong direction. And then he'll steer you in a way that then you'll continue to take the wrong steps on your own. He's no longer telling you take the next wrong step, take the next wrong step, take the next wrong step. He did that with you lilla. Home, you will. But then you're taking all the wrong steps yourself, you're getting yourself lost on your own with Milan. So in this eye, Allah has shown us a partnership between the one who falls into the dark path, the partnership between the devil and himself, the devil can start you off on the wrong direction. And then you're just basically messing up all on your own. You don't get to blame

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the devil past that, because it's on you. So it's really cool that in this ayah, this combination has actually done the opposite of what we talked about before. In the in the good sense. The Prophet system is focused on the prayer, and he's inspiring others to pray. Right. So it's it started with himself, and it has the effect of other people being affected, right. But in this it's the opposite. He's affecting others, the devil is affecting others and wanting to misguide them. But once he affects them, then Allah says people choose to stay in the wrong path. They choose to stay misguided, they don't get to say, the devil misled me know, the devil just got you showed you the

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wrong path, basically. And then you took all the steps on your own, you are not if this was entirely the devil's fault, then the Arabic would have been you'll de la home Ebola Ireland barreda. And it's actually showing that the devil understands that human beings have the potential darkness inside them. We're not angels on the inside, we have goodness in us and we have the potential and the capacity for evil inside us to. So when the devil is able to push us in the wrong direction, and give us a taste for evil. Give us a taste of selfishness give us a taste of you know, following whatever lust we have, etc. And once we lose the sense of you know,

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Allah is consciousness, then he's hoping that that animal side of us and that he dark side of us takes over and snuffs out the light we may have inside, and we'll keep doing the wrong thing on our own. So he believes in the potential of human evil, just like Allah inspires the potential of human goodness. Because we have both very powerful ingredients inside us. We have the ability to do amazing good inside us. And we have the ability to do amazing evil inside us and listen to this carefully you too and all of you and myself, doesn't matter how much good you do.

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The potential the ability, the fuel inside you and me that can take us down an evil path will always be there. Not the devil ourselves. I'll have Maha foodora ha ha ha Allah inspired and gave this this knifes and capacity to do amazingly good things but also amazingly sinful things too. Right? So we have that inside us we have to be aware of that. Doesn't matter how much good you do. You don't hide you memorize Quran, you studied Arabic You grew out your beard, you put three jobs on at the same time.

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Doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what good you're doing that good is, it's not automatic. It's not automatic. It's an effort every day. And you got to stay on it every day. But what's crazy is, if the devil leads you down the wrong path, then going down the wrong path actually does go on cruise control, it does go automatic. So it's like, our our tendency to do the wrong thing is effortless. But our tendency to stay on the right course takes effort. And this is an important realization from the Quran. Why? Because the moment we stop making an effort, the moment our life with Allah becomes effortless, that means we're actually slipping down a wrong path. Right? So it's, it's a constant

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daily effort to stay away from the wrong thing and to do the right thing, and to be mindful that we don't fall into this trap. Because once a person does, then they're lost all on their own. They don't even need the devil's intervention. That's what we're getting from the word button. It's so heavy and powerful that this justice muster is used this infinitive form is used, you know, because you could say you negotiate on you Lila home, the devil wants to miss guide them done. And then in English translations, the devilbiss, which guides them far off course by Eden is translated, and Valon is almost impossible to translate because it's it packs such a punch. So I had to put an

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entire in a way that once they are on the wrong course, they'll be lost on their own without his intervention.

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All that from just learning.

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You know, so translating the Quran is a real challenge and encapsulating some of its really powerful meanings is can be very challenging, but Arabic study is not challenging. Actually, some of you that are that are watching those that don't know any Arabic. It's not that hard, guys, it's really not that hard, that you don't have to give up the rest of your life to learn this stuff. You can learn it pretty quickly. And I can guarantee you if you want to learn it just to have more direct access to Allah's words, and Allah makes it easy every step of the way. You know, and just just keep refining your your motivation, your drive, that you're doing this for the right reason for yourself,

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for you and I to just have a better connection with Allah, then you will learn it and I'm not even telling you learn Arabic from me, I don't care. learn Arabic from anybody. learn Arabic from your neighbor, learn Arabic from some Moroccan teacher that you found online, learn Arabic in Egypt, learn Arabic, just learn, just learn. Learn For this reason, and it won't matter where and what resource you find, you will be able to learn it. There's that's a guarantee from Allah, like people who come to his book, he doesn't leave them abandoned. He doesn't but it will take effort. The moment you want things in our religion to be effortless, is when you're you want to head down the

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wrong path. This this religion will give you rewarding the our faith is rewarding for people who put effort in so I pray that we become people a focus. We're inspired by the focus that was initiated and inaugurated by our Prophet himself. So saddam and that we don't become people that the devil is able to mislead, and then our laziness and our complacency keeps leading us down with darker and darker path. So with that inshallah conclude today's small example from Dr. ceramidase book barakallahu li walakum said I'm ready to live. Someone guys, have a good day and remember, do your best and Allah will do the rest of you guys, and they still have a test. Yes. And my name is rabid

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as a pest

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and the rest of our lives are quiet. Okay.