Hasan Ali – Surah 20 Ta Ha Verse 132

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not giving too much worship to Allah, as he is providing everything for everyone, including family and the world. The speaker believes that Islam is not about getting people to leave, but rather about being conscious of his presence. The goal is to make everyone aware of Allah's presence and help them achieve their spiritual goals.
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command your family to do prayers and be someone who is consistent on this, these prayers, and be someone who bears whatever comes your way in making sure that these prayers are intact. learnis elegant is all this is something Allah says, which is beautiful. He says, I'm not asking you to provide me something. nano narrow coke. Rather, I'm the one who's providing you, meaning that Allah azza wa jal is giving us consistently whatever he's giving us to keep our lives going. And he hasn't asked us that our worship is something which is in exchange of the provisions he's given. No, it's because he deserves that worship. He deserves it for who he is. It's not because we're making a

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making a bar to within that we give him worship and he gives us provisions. There's no such thing. Allah is providing anyway to the whole world, whether they're worshiping or whether they're not worshiping him. He's providing. He's saying that don't worry, you're not you're not giving me anything. I'm the one who's consistently giving you anyway but it's for your benefit, why

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people to leave.

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Because the end matter of those people who will be successful right at the end. That will be for those who used to be conscious of Allah from the unseen. So while you're in this world, if you're conscious of Allah azza wa jal and you've been doing it for him when you haven't even seen him, the final world and all it success will be for those people. So behind him and it's all about our salah and being consistent on that Salah.

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