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Antabuse Karim Allah hi he was having at 9am.

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In today's recitation, we will be looking at the second half of Surah Al majda. And the first half of Surah An arm, and Surah majda. Towards the end of the surah is a series of verses that we find is Islamic beliefs regarding is it sort of Jesus peace be upon him. And the surah ends on a very interesting thought, a conversation between a loss of a handle and Allah and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him on the Day of Judgment. I feel at the end of the surah we have this conversation taking place in which a lot of a handler will ask Jesus, did you ask people to worship? And Jesus would reply, No, I did not ask people to worship, right? And he will then allow us to these are the salon.

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You know, what do you want me to do with it? Meaning what should I do with the people who worship you. And easily salami is a very interesting guy. He says, If you punish them, do yourself, you can do with it as you want. But if you forgive them, then you are most forgiving, Most Merciful. Interestingly, this surah leaves it as that there for those people who sincerely went down the wrong path. It's left on this note that easily sometimes Allah subhanaw taala, that you are the creator, if you punish them that you are right. But if you forgive them, that's your nature, you have a food over here. So the sooner I can do with it, and the next ruler, is all about the wonderful flesh in

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my hand. So it's interesting that all the students before this, we're about divorce. And the last rule about divorce ends talking about the oneness of Allah. And after this, the next few sutras are all about the wonderful logic behind our data. So now you will want to the consumer as soon as that will reveal in markup, and this is Surah An arm and

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it needs to summarize that we are going to recite over the next two or three nights, they will reveal in the early adopter period. And about who Allah subhana wa Tao that is, and they talk about the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and the stories of the prophets and the afterlife. And all of these are themes of early market revelation. Now, it's interesting to note that the early mark, consumers don't cover many laws. The only words you'll find in the surah are very basic laws like don't steal. No be good to your parents, for the family ties, very basic laws, the detailed laws, like how to fast and pray salah and you know how to perform Hajj revealed in

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Medina, the focus in Makkah was on our beliefs. Now the end of this note, why did the market fool and focus on our beliefs, there is a narration from IKEA. I heard that she said that had the early revelation told us to stay away from her arm, people wouldn't have this. But the early revelation focus entirely on who is a love about gender, about gender, about the Day of Judgment. And when these beliefs were formed in the hearts of people, then Allah revealed the halaal and the hollow. Now, this Hadees and this methodology in the Quran teaches us how to do power, how to call people to what Allah may recall them first to believe in Allah to believe in the afterlife to have a purpose

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in their life, to know Allah to love as well. All of this should come first. And in all of this comes first, the laws will naturally follow our problem today. We want to enforce the law with these no human and we wonder why people run away. So a young lady is battling with the tone of Islam the true religion or not. And we are fighting with her about why she doesn't have a job, or a young man is battling with the thoughts of whether God is real or not. And we are shouting him why he's not bringing our priorities upside down. Start with the aqeedah start with the beliefs. If someone's beliefs come right in, they get in the hearts conviction that Allah is the Creator and Islam is the

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true religion and he has a purpose in life and we have to prepare for the afterlife, they will naturally follow the law. And this is the methodology of the Quran and this is why the next few sutras focus entirely on what we should be focusing on Alicia Hannah was another year in tonight's presentation of water versus containing many different needs and attributes. Allah subhanho wa Taala because that is our foundation. That is our primary belief and that is strong, everything else will fall. So behind the robots Emma seafood or Salaam

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