Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2021 – Qur’anic Expression #06

Nouman Ali Khan
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Okay, we are alive. The screen is shared with our slideshow somewhere else, so don't worry that it was rain. So Michael again

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listen to Arabic study. But now we're going back to Dr. Samuels book and continuing our, our translation of his introduction. Today, it's actually pretty fun. He's gonna raise some questions I want you both to pay attention on the kinds of things that he's going to talk about yesterday he talked about stress or emphasis, how some things are stressed and less stress over that, right. Today, he's gonna raise other questions about the Koran and how the Quran speaks. We'll call Mr. radica annalistic ham and use the saints things like that are mythological on Instagram, you'll say things like that. Also about the way the Quran asks questions for who are called your stuff hemo

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mama tambien Hamza or marmorata we heard he may ask a question some using

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a Hamza and Brad told you you have for example, who are Muslim on like a simple sentence irregular. So, mostly what it means in Arabic, he is a Muslim, right? And you can turn this into our Muslim one

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is he is he Muslim? And you can also make it * who was the morning?

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And that would be his he was also right. So so to turn this into a question you can either use up or you can use how, but there is a difference between them a very delicate difference. So what does he say? Allah might ask sometimes a question using up a thumbs up or murrah behind or sometimes using highly another time for whoever not and you're also one time he says all * no never be a combi shall remain danika Muthu veteran and Allah

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tells them shall Shall I inform you? Shall I inform you of something worse than that? recompense that comes from Allah, our compensation from Allah as a context of this, I will we will dive into that. But look at this first part, how would that be from Shall I inform you, right? And then this is the sort of matter. And several years ago when you reveal SoTL Hodge before my, my, those were the last was revealed, if not the last, alpha monotonic, alpha will not be okay. So he is the then So shall I inform you of something worse than that? So it's the it's the same phrase, but it's changed a little bit, right?

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Well, Mr. Ratan your stuff humblebee. Ma, Ma means watch.

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And one more rotten be Mother Mother actually means what?

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So ma is what and mother is a stronger word. Okay. Like if you were sending sending somebody a text message, and you said what that would be Ma, but if you're sending somebody a text message with all caps, what and it was blinking, that would be mother. So it can be like that. But there are some other changes to for the Apollo murottal fee, Ibrahima already set up so one time talking about Ibrahim already said and he said is already a B he will call me you know what color means.

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It means when Oh, when he when he said Li ob

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ob his father, right? Yeah. So me. He just helped me with lead to to

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when he said

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to his father Hmm, well call me

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and Oh, hold on.

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Like people good. So

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when he said

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to his father, his father and his people yeah. Now what what?

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Dad will do?

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So what you all Yeah, what y'all be doing? What don't you Yeah, can I redo

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so now I'm gonna do these work.

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Y'all is correct about that. Oh, yeah. Oh, y'all worship? Yeah. What are your worship? Oh, y'all. When he said to his good job when he said to his father and his nation, what do you people worship?

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And then again, it's gonna

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when he said to his father, his father and his people

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what y'all be worshipping? Well, and this is again, Ibrahim Ali said I'm talking so he said this the Quran quotes him saying this twice but one time with Mata balloon another time with my dad in so to suffer, what will you do danika, Ohio and other examples and others etc, etc. Where does it go who is etc etc. One of the speakers made it look era.

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It's what are you

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lou comes from actually properly pronounced Arabic And we we take the Arabic word and we lay down on the street we run a car over it and we run a couple of donkeys over it and then we make the Voodoo version of it so we said okay yeah it's what are you who

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yeah well call Mifflin radica v me what the * you could say that kind of a variation is about the mental health you remember what the pivotal period

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was that

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early are right but them and then late so team bringing earlier that the pushing later so we've done like looked at that what are her you know, love Ruby him or her or mocha DOM and you know move too far, you know, put on that will fit in mocha. We've done things like that right? So he's gonna go further than that. So we've done it from the from the grammar point of view, but he's doing it from a literary point of view. So we'll see this again. For who I've got you buddy. mukalla 10 FEMA cannon Will you Okay, we'll have FEMA cannon and he might do make a word macadam he might make a word bring it earlier in someplace and later on, put it in further down the road making water Okay.

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Oh, you could do more about attend FEMA camp where you actually will have him accounting for what you could do so I couldn't take an entire phrase and put it earlier or take that same phrase and put it later in other places for what you put

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out Laura so he could be one time he says sky first he made the sky most of them and then he mentioned the earth you know he says he's created the sky in the earth. So what was what condemned the sky was macadam and the earth was water right so the sky came first well what about them you called the will or the other some in some other place he might take the earth and put it first and put the sky second right

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one monitor your body will insulin gene in sometimes you could take the human being and mentioned him first we can look at them and then mentioned the gym. Well more often you can do gender and in other places. He could take the gym and make them up at them and then make the human being making mentioned that the human being second or monitor will continue Roku either so Judy cammarata Nakajima sudo the algo Cory and it could be sometimes you mentioned Roku or first the half hour and the prosthetic says the second or it could be that he mentioned the size the first and the second for whoever rotten yeppoon yeah you Hello Dina Manu Carew was to work with Dora backhoe this isn't

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so for those of you who believe me cuckoo aircraft is the command form it go no matter who you are. Remember? So this is the guy who wants to do and make sense that and worship your master. So who are first so June 2, one Morocco. Maria Maria plutella bkv subservient to your master was Judy worker a member sukoon. Who was sacralized. Or the East for one female, IANA. So the is here for Medea. So what's up or curry? So make sense the and make rikuo. So in this IRA, when you talk to all of us, he said Roku and so when he talked about having said such that end, Roku do such a cool theory. So he can change the sequence.

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So, you know, in other books in general reading you say Oh, it's just different.

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He's saying why is it different? Why is this guy here first? Why don't you in here first why we're the leader in this? How come Roku is first here? How can we who was last over there? What happened here? What happened there? How come this is perfect over here and that was perfect over there.

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It's like such microscopic detail on how perfect everywhere it is and where it's supposed to be. Well Yahoo numerator nyfd rule. I mean, Microsoft will actually I love this one. The one place in Quran Allah says they have no control now Yup, leader when you see the UI, Luna right, they have no control over whatever they earned in any way. They have to do not mean Microsoft move from over what they earned Microsoft what they earned, unless she at all, okay, so they don't have any control over anything that they earned. Okay. And then like, so if you do this little bit, right. You have the Yaki Runa, Farah, Mubarak and then the min number of minutes I have job. Min Mikasa, who is the job

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module? It's a big geometry. So it's about I left when

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it's all done multilevel here. And I know shade is another button that will fail.

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So there's two metallic midfielders for you if they don't.

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So I have Luna maka, who is number one. And min mushy is Allah she is number two. What does he do this other iron? Lie up the Runa Allah shape mimaki. So

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what did he do? He took one methodical period and he put that earlier and the other one time

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We'll finish this later. And so Tim Brahim, they were mill, maka, Sabu, and Akshay. And in this one I shade member because, you know, it's going to be wild that the English translations of these are going to be identical. Like if you pick up a typical translation of the from the, if you look at Ibrahim 18 and bacara to this is 264, you're going to find that they're they're translating them pretty much identical, or they're not really talking about this change in sequence because they're not, that's not their concern. It's not because the translation is is flawed, because they're not focused on this dimension of the problem. But and again, Rahim revealed in Makkah, bacala revealed

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in Medina. So these are the Prophet these words originally came out of the prophets mouth years apart. So the long run, they were revealed to him years apart. And here, the Mikasa Allah shape, and here are the shaman Microsoft. And there'll be a study in this book about why is this one otherwise this one? It's fascinating stuff. Well, whoever the guru came at an hour about a 10pm open in life guru happy motoring. Yep, yep, do shabby and biggie. And he could also sometimes mentioned a word or a phrase in one place. And another place he'll say something similar without mentioning that same phrase, or it will take something out of it, but they will look similar to each other. So methylene

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Fie Moulton. For example. In one context, he says multi means context. What are you currently Mohamed Allahu yo myopia Mati. Allah will not talk to them on the Day of Resurrection, while I use a key him and Allah will not purify them well,

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and they have painful punishment. Okay, so he won't talk to them on the day of judgment and purify them one of the two things you won't do.

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Which one was first? Oh, talk to them and then purify them right? That's insulting bacala then in the next little alien run, we have Wolfie Moulton alpha well are you can evohome Allah, Allah will not talk to them.

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When I am going to relay Him and He will look at them your multi Amati on the Day of Resurrection, and he won't Allah is a key Him and He will purify them while I leave. And they have painful punishment is something added

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no first time he said he won't talk to them. And he won't clarify. The second time he's saying well, he won't talk to them and he won't even look at them and he won't verify three things were said instead of two things being said right so it's very similar but he took one phrase out or added a phrase in another context.

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But yes, he did. He bought a ton when a young guru lay him well he was adequate.

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We'll get

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we'll do that because

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well the Infineon fi Riot authority will demand every one of these he has placed in an artistic way with which demonstrates the height of Marvel and beauty. Well who I admire have been a little bit cold in mustard if it were you only four and a half he hustled in hushed Infineon RGB ly and liquid RFP, shaving osika illa. And yesterday, so I think we have the good I mean,

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I read a lot of everything.

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And he said,

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cuz I'm like, Islamic, really humble like,

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Me. Let me look with 100

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you will read like this in a year or less. You better believe it?

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That's what I can actually be proud of. Yeah, I did.

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You know, like,

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YouTube video, don't give me the silence statutory. You will read like what I just read, and you will translate it. Yeah.

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Okay, well, who I met Robaina a little bit of clinical study. I read this already. So he he combines different styles of speech.

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That and he fuses them together in a way in a concentrated way that is so artistic and so strange and so unique, that a person who knows even a little bit about linguistics should be allowed FPGA immunocytochemical someone who knows even a little bit about grammar and how things are put together in language, someone who studied a little bit of literature, when they pay attention to these things, they have no clue they can't even help themselves. Now to lick a person who knows a little bit of that language can even help themselves except and yesterday I decided to be having a collab that they should fall in such that to the one who made the speech. They said when someone who

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studies literature and studies language, starts paying attention to the center crime, they can help themselves but fall into such that injured Ireland Oh, for sure and out of the glory for the one who spoke and out of being overwhelmed and all Allah who knows is an accidental heavy, thick Italian look at the words of Allah. He said Allah is the one he sent down the most beautiful of all speech Kitab and Mater shabby hand metalia a written word. That is that has

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similarities with a shabbiha meaning mercy, sky and earth and sky. Live tonight in Microsoft mulethi running Microsoft Word there's similarities in Dhaka there's the Shabbat and Opera masani that are highly praised duck share a room in who Judah Nadine al shannara home. Those the skins of those who are truly fearful of their master the hair on their skin rises as they read it. their skins shiver. So mottolino Judo Hama, coloboma tequila, then their hearts become their skins become soft and their hearts become soft to inclining towards remembering Allah danika hold on llahi that is the guidance of Allah. Yeah, he may have shot where he guides by means of it whoever he wants, but my YouTube

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live in LA who and whoever Allah was allowed to be misled for my level minhag he can't have anybody to guide local judicial Tribunal for irony. This is the last little bit read local duty Saturday rule for an EU there are certain muster feeder or stuffy that time will only I mean unlawfully, melamine, as soon as soon as often.

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So he says the Quran style of expression has been studied so exhaustively. And it's been focused on with a kind of lens that no other text has been looked at so carefully and so exhaustively in the world. But But Buddhism in high school does really feel funny.

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And it's been looked at from the point of view of how artistic Allah paints a depiction like Allah will describe somebody walking in the middle of the night, and it's cloudy at his thunder and it's storming and he'll paint an entire picture. right this is this really offend me, Fergana edge. mallotus really well Abra who know how to kind of judgmental Sweden? Well Abra I know had insomnia so it could be the most beautiful depiction like it's like literally like you're imagining a painting in front in front of you. And just this this canvas that's been drawn, but so artistic, well duty, someone who loves me he almost Yahoo, and it can be studied from the point of view of how

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it comes together, how solar comes together, and how his rhythm comes together for Ghana or well, then man boom in our kind of our our women boom in our what are the dockatot infinity mo sepia, and it's so marvelous how it's all tied together in such an organized way. You know, one of the most common criticisms of the Quran is its unorganized advisor repeating itself. Why are the stories all over the place? Those of you that follow my deeper study series, like what we did for, you know, I looked at another geologic paper on the organization of sort of use of mind blowing stuff, how is it organized like this? So he's looking at expressions in Dhokla. But he goes, That's not all this

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stuff that he's not even gonna touch in this book, like artists dream booklet on

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the pictures that are painted in Prague, by Allah's words, or the organization of the Quran. Mahalia Xu Hama thenocman ii hanawa t masipa, who are Luba to see who has the theory and Falvey with Jamali. workready iottie Oh my god, can anyone even doubt in the grand power of how its organized the weight of its organization, and the sweetness of its own music, and the and the, the beautiful taste of its and the joy of it and the sweetness of its tone, and its rhythm, and a beautiful choice of its words, and the gorgeous way in which each I has been pleased with duty set and also musou at the National Swati Surah Surah. And it's what also has been studied in the Quran is how one surah the

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whole surah is connected to the next surah to the next one, how sutras are tied to each other. What are not, which is amazing because they weren't revealed in this order, right Fatiha is one of the earliest was revealed bacara was given to the prophesised when he moved into the net, and even then it took a decade. Like it didn't come all at once there are parts of Qatar that were towards the end of Revelation. Right? So other suitors were coming down while belcarra was coming down. Right? So you've got a very spread out revelation. But now we have it in the form of the Quran that is definitely not chronological. It's not in the Quran, we have read that we read now is not in the

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order in which it was received.

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It is the order in which Allah commanded it to be placed by the instruction Allah gave the province to them. So this is in the order that it was meant to be. And I've taught a course on this just the order of the quad. It's called heavenly order. It's all it's all been on TV, I put it up there just on this subject just so we can appreciate a get an idea of how they'll put on is organized. Right? So he's saying Yeah, and the correlation of sutas one surah at a time has also been studied, and the correlation of one IR connected to the IR to the IR, but then also it is an IR what the nasugbu for what it has, sorry, what am I supposed to call it this one, he will call it Neha. And what's really

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cool is that it's called dovetailing. So you have bacara 286 miles, right. So there's a study of the first part of Baccarat, the very beginning statements and how they are connected to the very last statements. So the beginning is tied to the end. Right. So

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If you think of a like a necklace medium that has like different color beads and pearls and jewelry you notice like some of them are small some of them are big and there's like designs in the middle or whatever right? But if it started with a like a white pearl at the very beginning what will you see on the other end at the very beginning also a white pearl so it's like that you see the this pearl mentioned in the beginning of Baccarat and you see something that goes with it at the end of sort of Baccarat right then what he says is done with said he is the the end of Baccarat and the very beginning of an Iran are connected pearls. And in this beginning is tied to the next ending and

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the ending is tied to the next beginning in fact Dr. Samuel Ryan wrote an article about dovetailing where he basically wrote from

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the beginning ending beginning ending beginning ending Connections is rooted in one article is pretty cool.

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But that's that's in modern literature studies they call this dovetailing and there's it's it's quite a study. It's actually one of the really cool studies of the Saqqara pit at Infineon. wahiduddin Wakata rapti. Fatmata nasty mechanic Come on call and first of all, was he in loco? Anca? Su Ratan wahida. With this Ali Baba, he'll be back. Well, where can I fly? He says this connection of Solar's is beginnings and endings. It is as if it is one chunk, one artistic chunk that is woven together that is so beautifully, in essence, actually is tapestry. You know, like tapestry, like when grandma's make like a blanket. And there's a design or a pattern in the blanket. It's like he's

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saying that it's so beautiful, the pattern in it. It says it just like phospho Dena Razi said bukovina. Laci is one of the great commentators of the frog. He wrote,

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fatty Hawaii is a people call it of see if can be the big tafsir. And he didn't finish his commentary. Some parts of it were written by a different author. He passed away before he could, and myself and shift so heavily media man, was he alive, and we read about

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others, but he's one of the most amazing commentators on the amazing, amazing commentators. So he's quoting him and he says something like that he said about Oprah. So remember for dinner last, he said, in the inner core anaka su tilaka, is it's as if the whole Koran is like a single sutra, let the asylee barber he divided the way that it connects every part to itself by the work and I fly that actually no, it's like, it's one single item.

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It's like one single item. So that's, these are just some dimensions of the beauty of the font that he wanted to take note of in his introduction. We are going to finish up I think his introduction.

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No, or no? Yeah, yeah, I think we can finish our introduction tomorrow.

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And then we can do the examples, but uh, Kalani welcome. Again when apparently with you

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guys, you guys. Remember water and rubber do your best No. And Allah will do the rest.

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And you guys have a test? Oh, yeah. Right.

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here tomorrow you have a homework right? in football. Yeah. We thought find all the find out the daughter and Maddie and also the, the irregular. Okay.

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Here's the thing. You have to find them all people love it. Here's my rule for two of you today. You can't help each other today.

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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