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The upcoming Day of Judgment is a symbol of a "hasn't been met" option in the US, where people will be rewarded with "hasn't been met" options. The "hasn't been met" option is a sign of a "beauty and presence" in a culture, and the " handyman" event is a celebrity event that encourages people to give back to their openness to change. Visitors are encouraged to donate to charity and make a donation.

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This will lead recommender hemella hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala See, you know when Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine first of all my brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In today's session, we're going to look at the Day of Judgment is going to be a very, very special place. And that place is going to be the only shade that allows law has created and there's no other shade besides that shade. So Allah azza wa jal has, you know, on the day of judgment, no human being no jeans, no animals, no one will have any shade whatsoever our allies have agenda will do is that he will have, he will make one shade that is always strong now

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his throne is is beyond what we can even imagine to measure. And now that throne under underneath, what will happen is that in the beginning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam when he comes up from his grave, he will see moose Allosaurus lamb clinging onto the onto one of the pillars of the of the throne.

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And then he you know, Rasulullah sallallahu will be the the second to have. So, he will see Yes, he will see musala Salama will continue on. And he says is most likely because musasa already had had the you know, when he was on the mountain he said, I'll be at any angle probably angry like Allah show me you know yourself and then allows you jelly he revealed something very, very small to the mountain which the mountain couldn't take and most of us have dropped to the ground. So it could be because of the fact that moose has already had that one experience that on the day just when he'll be the first to wake up. So Mohammed Salah has an Australian way when he gets up what does he see he

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sees that most of us have already cling on to that and the mountain Alaska, Australia under the under the under the under the one and only shade and all Gambia alaikum Salaam Salaam will also follow on with it as however the Allahabad mind the ones that were close to those who are some Allah, Allah salam, many of them will be will be there. And this will be a moment when the whole of the creation of Allah azza wa jal will all want to get under that throne. Now imagine when we get to that position, every one of us is going to be coming out of our grades, and we don't know where we're going to be, we don't know how far we're going to be from this thing. Now. One good news is

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that believers inshallah will be closer to this place, okay? Especially those people who will be allowed to get inside, hopefully, they'll be closer otherwise, some way or another, Allah will give them a way of getting insight and adoption. As for the people who are not practicing slam properly, and as for the people who denies of the message that allows consent, then those people will be far away, or they won't be allowed to enter under this distro. Now, those of them who who reach the hold will be there. Now, what is the How does a pool a massive pool and every sink now this is this is one massive pool, which Rasulullah sallallahu has, but there will be other tools that every single

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Nabhi and every single prophet will have. And every prophet will honor their oma when they come to them under that so So first is the thing of will you get under the will you get under the throne of Allah or not. And the second is want to get inside there, then you go to your profit and then your profit gives you the green fruit from from their fountain, our fountain that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will have will be the fountain of agriculture. Now this is a very, very, very special thing that allowed us to delegate the parts of the lesson. Whenever they they made fun of the props of the lesson whenever they hurt the process. Allah gave them something greater in return. So when one of

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his enemies started to make mockery of the prompts that allows him that he's got no children, sons that are living or no sons that are living on and all his sons are dying young. That's when you know that enemy makes so much so much sarcasm advantages and he said Oh, you're just like avatar, you're like a like an animal that has got his tail cut off right? You don't have an offspring that will last you know your lineage will last through a son on this on this earth. And the promise of the last and obviously he was deeply hurt by this and in return of this allows as we just said in the hollow parameter in our tiny MCE

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we have already declared that we're going to give to you that the pool the fountain of cosa now Rasulullah sallallahu has described this fountain and this fountain is described as a drink that will be there that will be whiter than milk sweeter than honey and whosoever drinks from it once he will never or she will never become thirsty ever again. Ever. Not even if they were to pass by Hellfire or Oh

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We all if they were to come under the sun look now that the rest of the day of judgment apart from this arch apart from his throne, and when you've got this, this shade Allah has created the rest of the day gentlemen has got no shade. So even if you were to pop out there after this and you've had the drink, then you cannot become thirsty because you've had the drink some Hanalei, darling. So now, the progress that allows me is there at the pool and is waiting for his oma to come now one by one, they start coming and he himself Salalah has some serves serves the oma, it will have 120 different stations around it for people to drink. And you know, each one in the cups and so on, have

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been described as silver sort of cups. And this is the nourishing drink as a welcome on the day of judgment because all the people who have made it under that now you've got to make you're going to make it under there. If we can't make it on the day, then you're out there. May Allah protect all of us. So so there's lots and lots was given us His told us how to get there. Now one of the things he said let me tell you this in a separate Hadees before he passed away, you know, he said those people who basically don't fight one another, those people who have you ever had the opportunity to fight but they don't fight one another, especially from this almost so the Madison fight part of this oma,

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they're the people who as long as you said he said you can meet you will meet me at the house. Right? He said this specifically this habit of the alarm at nine. And this goat comes across to all of us as well. So those of us who are not in any, you know, no, we're not we're not causing fights within the oma, you know, you can become part of this, especially when it comes to killing and so on those people who are killing in a part of the oma wants to kill part of dogma, that they're not getting a chance of getting inside you know, this, this place. So this is a this is a significant thing, which he said because he knew that the you know, he may he had made draws while he was alive.

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And one of the draws he made was that he didn't want his own map to fight one another. And Alaska didn't accept that the US which means that they will be fights in this oma about what allows whatever he wants is he wants us to refrain from this. Now in a in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam let you know that there are many people who have spoken about who might get under this arch in separate separate Hadith. So there will be those who have given the other and and those of the other other acts who will get under this. But in what I had is the Rasul Allah Allah to them, he speaks about seven category categories of people that will come under this app. And these are seven

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specific categories. Now, don't forget on the Day of Judgment, whichever, whichever category of people you belong to, you know mela, as will put us in the right category. But whichever category people belong to, they will come up with them. So the person loves him said that every person will have in every person who's deceived, who's lied, who's done something bad, they will have a flag that will come up from dead behind it will be placed in the behind an account. And the one was the greatest of all that group of people who believe in all of them. So for example, our being who was the murderer, the son of Adam, who was the admin Islam, his son was a murderer, and he's the first

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murderer, he will have the he will have the leadership of all the murderers in this world, every single murderer will be in his category. Those people who didn't do their Salah, they'll be in one category, those people who did, who who lied, there'll be another category, those people who said the truth, there'll be another category, the Shahada are those who are martyrs will be another one. So each and every one of these groups allows gel will raise and they'll be just, they'll just just find one another next to one another, and they won't be able to move from that place. If Alaska as a region doesn't give any permission for a person to move there can't move from that place. This is

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not like this world where you can just, you know, go where you want Alaska as we are, we'll bring people forward. And when you bring them forward, every single person will see this, you know, this, this, this thing in the middle. Most likely it will be the opposite of Allah Most likely will be that shade where everybody wants to get inside. And as we said in the hologram, what's the matter with them today? What's our matter with them today?

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They're coming from the right they come from the left and they want to get to you they want to everyone wants to be next to the parks. The lesson on this day everyone wants to be next Gambia and the prophets on this day but only the lucky ones and only those who have actually got a you know, God got the privilege to be in India inshallah they will be there. So, the Brompton was mentioned seven different categories that will be under this Arsenal, don't forget this is them, the best place you can be. And the day of judgment will stretch for different different people. So depending on the sins of different people, they will find it either 1000 years, according to Surah, filomeno

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sajida, the 32nd surah or 50,000 years, according to the Alma bridge, which is the 69 pseudocode. Now, there's no contradiction between these is because what it is it's relative to different people, depending on the sin, that's how depending on how much sin there is, that's that's how long allows

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We will make the Day of Judgment, those who are true believers, they will have, they will feel the moment they have actually passed away to the moment they reach the doors of jamna. They will feel according to society they're missing, they'll feel that it is it is only been two records, two records of the Father sooner press prayer. And how long does that take for us to do two to three minutes, four minutes max, you're going to do it. And that's how long they feel that entire journey has been. That's because of the level of faith. So depending on how long they how deep the faith is, that's how quick alone make a person feel, or how, you know, depending on how much sin a person

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might have. That's how long allows them to make people feel that the Day of Judgment is. So anyway, of the seven categories. The profit, profit and loss one says the first one is a member. And the first one is that that leader who was a just leader, now, there are many leaders on this man, this couldn't be any any type of leader, this, this will definitely be a leader who has got a large congregation behind him. But any type of great leader who's got the ability to judge between people, or to stay between falsehood and the truth. And and the leader decides to stay on the side of justice. There's the leaders not because once you're a leader, it's not easy to be in that position

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where everyone will, will love you. You can't have everyone loving you, he should know the nature of being in leadership is that you're always going to get people who are going to be frustrated by you who will disagree with you, who will be against you who will probably even do things to knock you off from your position of leadership leadership. And this is I want you to think of all fractions of life where people are no great leaders. And when especially when you're entrusted with people and trying to do justice between them, then what happens is often you don't find the truth with the people that you love. Please remember this. Often you do not find the truth, the people that you

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love, the people that you're close to the people that you love, the people that have been maybe most loyal to you might not always be on the truth underside of the truth. Your family members, my family members, the people who are my blood, they might not be on the side of justice. And that's where the real real test begins is that what will this individual to because this individual has power, this individual can sway the truth to the falsehood of or sway false or to the truth? What will this individual do? Will the individual give preference to their blood to their families to their close ones, to the people that they get on with? Or will the person give a preference to justice? And if

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they can do that what's going to happen automatically and you and me We both know this, that the person will lose popularity on this earth the person person will have a lot of people against him because they made that decision. I mean, look at Rasulullah sallallahu there was a woman named Fatima interproximal last time, and this she was a rich woman and she committed theft, which is a noble woman, she committed theft and then the professionalism said okay, according to the law that they had at that time, the Rosa Lawson said, according to the Medina law that they had 1400 years ago, he said that she's going to have to have her hand amputated, because she's committed that that

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was the law at the time, the whole of Medina agreed that they will stay under that law. Okay, so that's the law at the time. And then a group of people came to the professionalism and he said he had this and they tried to approach approximate lots of them in different ways. But they but they got a close one, a beloved one who sat out on the alarm and they said to him, good to go, now go to the process and say, Look, she's from a very wealthy, noble background, you don't let her off. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he heard that he grew angry, and he said, You know, this is the reason why the people before you have been have actually been destroyed, because they, whenever a

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poor person amongst them would commit a crime like this, they would apply the ruling, but whenever a rich person did it, they let them off. And that's the that's the source of corruption. So you can imagine straight away the person did this he would have lost popularity among those people. But you know what he was he was on the side of justice and so was the lead so the lead is after him. I worked with them on Alma de la Roseman Alia Bella and they were for this side of justice. Anyway, let's go to the second one. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the shabu National Authority by the Tila personalism has praised those young people who who nurture who stopped the life of him but by

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worshipping Allah by being in the service of the deen. Now, all of you young guys that are out there, you've got to understand that look, you got hot blood inside you. You've got Laurentiis, he has a lot of agility you've got you know, you think that now you think that people are behind you, you're ahead of everyone because you're you're bouncing with ideas with things that you can do. And it's true. A lot of young people can make, you know, a lot of change on the earth. But what you got to understand is that Hanalei allowed him all that young blood what he does also is it makes you want to go towards fitness towards tribulation, to sin to things that are wrong as well. So you have

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to be

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You can either go towards you know the right path or you can go towards the left path. But as a young person, it's very difficult to choose the right path or the wrong path. Especially when you go your friends that are on drugs or friends that are having nice time friends or girlfriends, friends, or boyfriends, friends that are you know, out there just enjoying their life during their youth, you know, being out in the glamorous world and do whatever they want. And to go against that tide and to be a young person what did young mean a lot of them I have said before the age of 2525 or below that said, if you've if you're a practicing Muslim, and you become a practicing Muslim, and and you stay

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in that pathway, until you know you're an ally, Israel has got a special place for you under the harsh under his throne the day the process man said, yo, mala Good luck. Now look, there is no other shade, except for that shade on that day now in Angola. So, look, being young, he has many challenges. And and if you can get into that hamdulillah you know, you've made it right, you've made it in there. So all to all of you young guys, this is your way to make it under the option Sharla. And just be fun, because what's gonna happen look after another 10 years, you're going to lose, you're going to start you know, that enthusiasm inside you is going to slowly start building after

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20 years, it's going to be a lot of is going to be gone. Right? All the hot blood hot energy, you can do this, you can do that, you know, you're not going to go out and be with the main system and get up to funny stuff and do pranks and god knows what else right? All those and the challenges that you guys have every single year? Well, the biggest challenge me that you as a young man can you know, tell your friends? Can you become that person who's going to get under the option of love by being a practicing person while you're young? Well, this is the big challenge to you right now. And you need to think Well, you know what, I've got my station the other day, I want to be with the

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martial arts. And I want to be with these people. So this is my challenge to myself. So when you go against all of that it really hurts you really hurts a lot of people. So anyway, that's the second thing that the person was talking about. Another one he spoke about is a man he said he said in the Hadith, he said, Roger Don't tell me whom Allah says it is a man who's actually whose heart is attached to the muscle every time he goes to the masjid and it comes out he wants to go back to the masjid. Okay, that's his that's his place. Now Subhanallah we I know that right now, we can't do that in many places of the world until the lockdown is over. But if you been in I want to give you

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some good news. All those Muslims who have been doing the previous Ramadan in the masjid and they've been praying inside the masjid and they've been doing the trolleys and the Margarita dishes and fathers and why why why would you be doing but there's three salons in the masjid two salons once a lot five salons, whatever it is, guess what? The good news. The good news is that Rasulullah sallallahu was told us that when a person is traveling or person is

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ill, and he or she they can't do the same actions they were doing while they were in the local area not traveling or while they were healthy or not ill Allah is valuable, right? The same amount of reward for it. So all those people I'm giving you good news right now, meaning that all those people however you've done your turabian in the last few years, that's been written for you right now, that's written for you, right? How have you been doing all your other actions used to do in Ramadan before this, all of that has been written for you right now. Now, this is our deed. This is our deeds. So if you've had your heart attack to the masjid, then then and right now you really want to

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want to go back to the masjid you want the muscles to be open and go back to that then you should know that all those all the reward has been written for you right now. Even though you're reading your Salah at home, and you're not able to go to the gym and go to the masjid center, another one that was not spoken about his radula and there's two men and this extends to two women as well. To have Baffler they love each other for the sake of Allah zuta they love each other for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and what happens is every time they come together so these are two men okay? Every time they come together they come together for the sake of Allah and every time they depart they

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department say well I mean that they love one another it just faultless LASIK now this is real Eman okay a lot of Muslims who do who don't know the true you know thing the meaning of love what they'll do is that they'll make it they'll make the love of brother brotherhood depending on dependent on something else. So either you go with the same guy to the gym, or you share the same whatsapp group or you have some kind of social you know gathering that you get together with all y'all related by you know, some kind of maybe a Masjid you related through that master you see each other or maybe you know, the person's your neighbor or they're close to you or you know them from your workplace or

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something like that. Okay, that's why your primary love for one or the other is there. And then the secondary one is the fact that Oh, yeah, we were here for, for the dean for the religion. Now if we can make a primary thing which is to love one another for the sake of Allah. So you know, there's somebody that I like, I actually liked it for the sake of Well, you know what that means? That means whether the person changes tomorrow, they don't change tomorrow, whether they're tomorrow in my local area, not my local area, whether they in the masjid

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mighty men massive whether they with me at work or not with me at work whether they're there or not guess what I see love them for the sake of Allah so they could have been a rich person my my love was not tied to the richness so if even if they were to lose all their money wasn't tied to that so my love is still carries on because he was for Allah sake. Right? So you can see a lot of people that have this in even in the mercy that I've seen is a lot of times like people will say Salaam to another based on who's who all right so if there's a you know, someone who is regarded to be big and everyone will you know salon in the cinema, right? And a person who's not that famous or that that

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big in a society then we will tend to sort of be a bit more resilient. Okay, I've seen that guy so I don't need to say something and I don't need to show my respect to that person. Well this is something which those Muslims who are conditional with that with their love they will do

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as for those who have no condition, and it's only solely based with a lust for lacing you know they don't have that. I know the beauty of this is is that now as brothers and our sisters sisters we're sisters okay. As don't cross it over like sisters or brothers brothers or sisters I'm doing my brothers two brothers and sisters sisters, as an oma when we when we love each other for the sake of Allah, you know what that care is is on a high level is much more deeper than that then you would think because then what it is is that that Mahabharata love you have is a love that you know every time you you with each other you remembering a lot every time you with each other you're doing

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things because of Allah azza wa jal and you won't you won't basically be mucking around and sinning and so on. You know with such people you wouldn't do that because Allah azza wa jal in that can't be a love based on Allah stop so there's a lot that goes into this anyway on the deltas and allies will have a special announcement for these people who will say no to have Buena Vista rally we're about all those people who used to love one another for mine majestic sake, I am going to allow my window reveal literally Yo man, I would like knowing that I'm going to now today put them under the the shade of my of my throne. There is no other shade on this on this day, except for my shade. So

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there's gonna be a special announcement and Allah will call them out on the dead mammals gonna bring them under that shade. Another one, the Ross Watson speaks about his now this is a this is one that that a lot of people need to think about. Because there are a lot of illicit relationships going around. Okay, there's a lot of relationship, whether it's hidden, whether it's in the open, whether people know of it, not all of it, Allah knows of it. Okay. So what happens here is that there is a man and a woman of beauty and of dignity. So she's a woman that's got beauty, and she's got dignity, and she calls him and she says, you know, Come, let's do the act. And he says, in a half law, I fear

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Allah. And this can be reversed with a man who might have the wealth and he might have the dignity and honor and then in the woman's, the woman's, you know, the man's calling her. And then she says in your harmful, I fear Allah. So there's a call to an illicit relationship. And the person says, I fear Allah, that you know, to say that when you got everything in front of you, when you can just do it, you can go ahead and you can do what you like. But you do it only for Allah sake. Now, that takes a lot of email, a lot of guts and Subhanallah, you manage security, you manage data, if you anyone out there, who's got an illicit relationship, you need to understand that if you give up the

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relationship now either you make it a hell out so you might the person, if you can't marry them to give it up, you give it up for the sake of Allah and your station under the arch is guaranteed. Well, you can do this Ramadan, you know, you can just simply say, look, look, I'm being straight up with you. Either you make it harder, let's make it halal, halal and harmonica, or if I can't have any guy with you, Let's end the other want to talk to you again, now it's gonna hurt a lot is going to hurt a lot. And it's going to, and that's the reason why you're going to be under the arch because this is not an easy thing to do. And that's why you're going to be under the arch. But it's

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a massive one, those people have made the made the time made the place under the arch. If you've been able to do this, we're handling it. Now, another one that Brazil also speaks about the sixth one he speaks about is a person who gives sadaqa gives charity in a way that his left hand doesn't know that is given and this doesn't mean that you know your hide your left hand and your left hand doesn't know that you're given it doesn't mean that it means that you so secret about it is that nobody else knows it's a kind of metaphor. Nobody knows. One of the biggest and best ways to give such as a nobody knows you've done it and there are people like us in this oma And may Allah bless

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them. Nobody knows who they are. Do you know that there are people in the in the pie amongst the pious predecessors? One of them was Eman. phobail, the one of the teachers of mumble hottie while he was alive. Nobody knew that he used to do this but when he died to find out what was the

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people you know, or not these poor people is to wake up in the morning and they open the door. And they used to be bag of gold coins in front of the door. Somebody just dropped off a bag of gold coins in the night. Nobody knows who it is, and random people would get it. So random people wake up and people wake up in this. In this particular town, they wake up and they look at it now Is there any golden still poor people, and sometimes they found it that they're so happy that some guy in the society is doing it. And guess what night after night, after night, different people used to get it. And they used to all talk with one another? Who is this guy? Who is this guy, you know, who is this

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guy that's doing this right? And then they they don't know, they just don't know who this person is. And then they do the janazah. Like,

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once a man for that is buried. The next night, the next night, the whole week, the whole month, the whole year, nobody's dropping off any bags of gold.

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So Han Allah that Eman kept it a secret from everyone, not even his wife knew what he was doing.

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That is that is something so powerful. Right? And here are some people you know, they want to make sure the names they're doing. I mean, it's nothing wrong if your names day if you're advertising it because other people will be encouraged, you're gonna get the reward for them as well. Their reward, you get equal share of that. But if you if you think that you might not be able to be so

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you know, so faithful and sincere, then what you need to do is you need to be careful, and you just give it without people on In fact, the Sharia says okay, one of the delicate things he says is that when you're giving it to the poor person, you shouldn't feel that no, I'm waiting for this big thank you. A lot of people do that. I'm waiting for that. Thank you, I'm waiting for that big, you know, just, hello, hi, this not Oh, you're wonderful, you're this, you're that and they're gonna hug you and blah, blah, they're gonna write some wonderful message to you don't even wait for that thing that say thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you some hug because if you weren't around,

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who would I give sadaqa to, right? So the fact that Allah is giving you the opportunity to be a rich person to give that sadaqa to a poor person, thank Allah for the fact that he's giving you the opportunity to be on this side of having the upper hand and not being on the other side of having the lower hand. Okay, so so keep that in mind. And so, so far we've covered you know, six of them, either a just ruler, either a person who's a young person who started to be in the event of Allah azza wa jal in at a young age before the age of let's say, 25 or under, or a person who loves one another for sake of a lion's mouth or a person whose heart is attached to the masjid or a man or a

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woman and they call each other for for the illicit act. And they say in your heart law, you know, one of them cozier than the other one says in your heart law, I hear a lot, okay, or the person who gives other secretly that the left hand does not mean that nobody knows. And then the final one is a very, very, very sweet and Allah made this final one very easy. Roger on the Corolla, Holly and falbo by now a man who remembers a lot has been done in secrecy and his eyes shed tears or her eyes a woman who remembers a lie in secrecy and her eyes shed tears Okay, this is a very another last ones being made the easiest you might say, well, how is that easy? All you have to do look just just

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make yourself cry? And how do you do that we'll start to talk about your sins in one of our lives. And tell them tell Allah as well you know about your your sins and what you've done and what we'll do in fact, tomorrow tomorrow session will be about making Doha and will be about in how we can make

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better and better laws in your Allah so that will be tomorrow session. I want to say to you before I make that go out today, all of you who want who you watch, please don't leave. I'm going to make it dry very soon. There's going to be a link at the bottom of this of this YouTube video. Please can you make a donation we are helping people who don't actually ask for help. This is a very unique one you know what I said to you that people don't even know that the sample has been given there are people out there that don't ask but they but they're waiting for someone to give it to them. Right? And those kinds of people will help him through this charity helping you today. Normally Ramadan

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under their judgment for us to be in his company with the company of the profits for us to be amongst the seven people or others that you have actually created. And you will put under your arm, please make us of those people who will reach

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You're off and your only shade on the Day of Judgment I mean your bill alameen except our fasting our put our reading and our Amal and all the action that we're doing in this month of Ramadan. Also Allah Allah Allah, Muhammad Allah Allah He was a nine army.

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