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Natur Hunter hemella hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala see then all of you know her mother Allah and he also read by the salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah with regard to sorry about the last connection the connection was was really bad. So I started this over again inshallah. So, what we're going to discuss today is we're going to discuss about seven ways to go to Jannah. And we will know is that everything that we know of Jana, whatever we know of gender, no person has ever heard of no person has ever seen, no person would have ever known what is actually in Ghana. Now, a person can continue to try and you know, get description. I've done that, but you never know what's

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actually in there. So again, I'm giving an example of let's say, for example, you have a grape in this world. When you look at a grape, you kind of say to yourself, okay, there's a grape here. I know what a grape is, like, I want to go to Geneva, I'm going to see that I'm going to see a grape in Geneva just as I've seen a grape in this world because allows describe that the which grapes in Jannah. Or like, for example, the water that we know in this world, you think that the water is going to be the same as the water that's there in Jannah? The answer is actually know the things in Jana, what Allah azza wa jal, how we would have given everyone is going to be very, very different

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from what we know in this world, even men, women, the way we are, the way we see each other that our function turns on, everything's going to be different in Jannah. Allah azza wa jal has created such a place that nobody's ever seen only Rasulullah sallallahu myrcene when he went to gentlemen himself on the on the night of Mirage, he's the only human being sallallahu Sallam that went into gymnasts soldier not experienced and heard it and came back to this world. Nobody else

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has actually gone, you know, gone into Jana, nobody else has ever experienced Jana. Now, there are many, many ways to go to Jana, one of the common things that you need to know is that Rasulullah sallallahu has given a description of the type of people that are going to go to Ghana. So he's spoken you know about common people who have got a common heart like a desert, normal heart. You know, these are like people who are looked down upon these are people who people don't give credit to they don't give any kind of dignity anything to these are people who are you know, the type of people who, when you go, let's say, for example, you went to a wedding or you went to a went to the

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masjid. And you see certain types of people and you look at them, you think, well, that's the average Joe. That's the average Joe, that that is that. Those are the actually the real people who will be in JAMA, the journal will be actually full of people who would have had a just a normal heart that just a normal heart.

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The kind of heart that

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is forgiving heart, the kind of heart that is easygoing. That's where Jana people are. Now, do you know that the prompts a little awesome, actually stood at the doors of Jana? And he said, when I stood at the door to journal, this is a vision that he got of the afterworld when he went to on the night and Murad, Allah made him stand at the doorway of Jannah and approximate lessons. So the kind of people that are going to go into debt now, he said most of those that I saw going into Jannah are the poor people. So you know, a lot of us that are that are thinking that well, why didn't I get the monies and why did not make me rich and so on? Well, the reason why you're probably not rich is

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because you're probably going to get to Jana before others, the people who are who have actually a lot of a

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lot of money that they were actually kept behind because they couldn't, they couldn't

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you know, they still have to give a lot of the accountability to allies.

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Now, we have a we have many opportunities to get into Jana, and I'm going to mention to you seven different ways of getting to Jana. Right. So the first one that I'm going to start off with a way to get into Jana is that allows which Allah has has said to us his message plasma said to us, many men young man Lee McBain Allahu alayhi wa muy bien fo Jae Hee appmon Jana, the prophets, Allah Allah has told us that whoever can guarantee for me, whatever that which is between the Jawbones and that which is between their thighs, if you can guarantee to safeguard that, then I will guarantee for you gentlemen. Okay, so what does that mean? That means to guard the tongue and to guard the private

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part. So it's so hard, you know, this, this really goes down to self control, and we're doing that in Sharla Bismillah in Ramadan, we're doing that now. To God, what's between the jewels? What does that mean? That means you stay away from backbiting. Look, backbiting. Let me tell you something about backbiting.

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I 100 to my best, I do my best not to be in a gathering of backbiting. If there's backbiting going on, I like to just say, Look, guys, this is backbiting, I'm not part of this. That's what you're supposed to do when you're in a garden, you're not as active said, that if you're in a gathering where backpacking or something, some number, just back when but something happens, which is of sin. And if you stay in that gambling, and you stay quiet, and you listen to everything, then you're part of it. That's the thing, you're part of it, what you're supposed to do is you're supposed to get up, you're supposed to first tell them to change the subject, if they don't change the subject, and then

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you get up, and you just leave. That's, that's what I believe you should do. Now. thing is I in my gatherings, when I've gotten into, okay, I'm going to do my best not to have any backbiting there. And that's, that's one of the ways of securing that between the jewels. Another one is to no false rumors, and spreading false information. A lot of people need to get a grasp of this, because when you get something straightaway on your WhatsApp, and you want to just forward it to others. Be careful, please. Because if it's not verified information, and you're part of spreading rumors to others, then you're responsible for that, and you're going to be held now, just because I want to

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tell you one thing, right, just because something's on the phone, doesn't mean that it doesn't have the same degree of Sharia applying to it as it applies to your tongue. Right? A lot of people think that, okay, in my real life, I can't lie like this, I can't hide the truth like this, I can't do things like this in real life. But when it comes to the phone, you're behind a screen and a keyboard. And you kind of think that it's okay for me to say or zilka, for me to spread this message without verifying that you wouldn't do that same thing in your own house. So I do it on the phone. And the same thing applies. If you actually know, press those those

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things, let's say the keyboard and then you send a message. And it was a message that's going to harm people outside it and you're responsible as well for that. So all the things that the tongue whether is to do with any of the false mustering Another one is massive on stern between people, people get jealous. And then with the tongue, they want to stay they want to say one thing here, they want to say no, because they've got jealousy, the real problem is the jealousy. Now jealousy is jealousy is one of those things or lawsuits has given to you has given to me to every human being to deal with when the time comes. arrogance is another word, you're going to deal with it don't bring

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racism onto your tongue, because you kind of feel you're above others, right? That's this is a whole test. Now the person has been said, Whosoever can guarantee. Now what's what what's between the jaw bones now. So I'd like you know, one really easy way of controlling this is, before you say something, put a process in that you think of it before you say it. So look, I'm going to give you a way of trying to practically control the time, whatever you're going to say, think about it.

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Think what I'm about to say, think about the consequences, I'm about to say think about what might happen, once you've set it and what the effects of it are going to be the ripples of it are going to be so you think a weight in your mind. All right. So the next process is to wait him away the whole thing of how heavy how this is going to be how people will receive it, how this person's gonna receive it. Alright, so first is think about it, then is waiting your mind properly. And then you say it, I have three processes to saying something. Now, if we're able to put that thinking process in, it really helps you, I'll tell you another one that will help you a lot, right? This is one that

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I do as well. And you might find this a little bit funny, but it's gonna help you Right. You know, if you have it, you know, normally in the daytime, what about now and again, might happen any day? All right, that you kind of want to let some wind out right? If you have a thinking process to say, should I let it out? Or not? Do I need to keep I will do or not? It actually helps you to keep you will do you have actually helps you to keep you know your will do for the right time when you need it. All right. So if you have a process in your mind, or what's coming out of my mouth, you kind of think Well, let me think about it. Should I say let me Wait, how what kind of effects is going to

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have? And then you said that will do a lot? Do you know certain? So how about the Allahabad nine when they heard how much the props and Lawson spoke about the ills of the tongue? And what it's going to bring in the accurate Do you know what a lot of Sahaba quite a few Sahaba did from one Joomla to another Joomla they actually counted how many words they uttered. That is significance for how long they knew from one domain to another Joomla how many words they had uttered, the rest of the time they spend in liquid and this is one of the ways of controlling the time, which is you spend your time in remembering Allah azza wa jal and the more you do that, the more you've got now

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an alternative way of trying to

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you know trying to say your

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Your vehicle. And it's an alternative thing to distract you from using a tablet about when saying bad things. The second part of that I had interproximal spoke about is to protect what is between one's thighs. And that is something which if a person is able to do now the thing is with that, look, if you can control your eyes, then you control the next there's a whole Hadith in Muslim that talks about the whole thing, okay, that leads you down to the actual Act, which is the Haram act a person can do with the private part. So the progress has told us that first you control your eyes, if you're able to do that, then you move to the next thing, which is you're able to then control

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your your tongue, you're able to control your ears, because the person wants to listen to that person or talk to that person, once I've seen that person, right. So it moves in stages. And then the person who talks about the hands talks or the feet and then talks about the heart, but the heart can accept during the act or not. So the first and foremost part of actually controlling that which which is between the size is the eyes, if you can control the eyes, then you've controlled all of it. So if you don't even look at her arm, if you don't even give yourself an opportunity to look at a harem, then you saved all the other parts that come after that. So anyway, that's that's the first

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way to get to Jelena whosoever, the person says, Whoever can guarantee me that to protect what is between the Jawbones. And between the thighs, I will guarantee for them Jenna.

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The second one I want to cover for you of the ways to Jannah and it's a very beautiful one, which is that a lot of us end up getting daughters Alhamdulillah. And each and every one of those voters is actually a tip to go to the prophets of Allah, Allah has said, and this is for both men and women don't think this is just for the fathers. This is also for the mothers, right? So you end up with a daughter, you end up with a few daughters or even less than that. So what happened is once a person has been said in one of these gatherings, he said, Whoever has three daughters, and brings them up with a good Islam and good therapy, a good way of nurturing that, whoever does that, then they would

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enter Jannah so what happened is one to Harvey said estavela What about if somebody has two daughters and brothers allowance? Was it okay? Even if you have two daughters, and you give them good?

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And you bring them up? The good good mon slam that allows me to then a woman said, Michelle, what about if a person has one doctor only, and the personal Some said Whoever has one daughter, and they bring them up to the good slab and allows the other will then enter them into Janice. So here we've clearly got

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you know, if you've got two daughters, or if you got more than one daughter is a way of getting to Jenna. So what are you going to do is give them a good Islam? Because the reason why is because between the time crops land older, and so on, you know, it's going to happen it's

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and that he's going to take the opportunities that

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people sort of, they shouldn't do this, okay, they shouldn't do that. But they'll sort of saying I'd rather have a son or daughter out there who love daughters, I love my daughter as well. And, you know, I'm really you know, I love my sons and my daughter. And we're supposed to be very equal between terms of love. But unfortunately, there are people who don't have that equality. And for that reason, rationalism till the day Jasmine has said that whoever will have three daughters or even two daughters, or even one, then Allah azza wa jal will will actually enough to bring them up with Islam and the goodtherapy. Allah put them into Jana. So that's the second one are coaching. The

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third one is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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has spoken about the 99 Names of Allah. And he said to us that Allah has 100, but one names, which means 99 names, and whosoever will, will memorize them, okay? Now there's two meanings of this one is if you actually memorize the 99 names, and the other one is that you try to live by the names which means that you know what the names are, and you try and then you try and then live by the qualities of those good names. So when you have like a rock man or hangs on, you try and bring mercy into yourself right into your life. When you listen to something like Allahu Allah forgiven. You try and bring forgiveness into your life. So some have said that, but others have said merely just to

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memorize the 99 names.

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That is a way of getting into Jana. So I'll give you a challenge. All right, this is a month of Ramadan. We're in the we're in lockdown. It's a beautiful time to actually sit down and start to memorize the 99 names.

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Now, some say that a heartbeat is weak, even nobody has looked at the chains of this dead. It's, it definitely lives up to huson, which is or even hasn't it deletes it levels up to a good chain. Right. So some might have said that, but that that is the case and there's been various Rola even after him I'm no Ramallah, who have actually said that there's no there's no you don't have to reject that Hadith with the matter names anyway. So one good practice you can do is that you can start saying the 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal, and you can make a draw and I want to share with you a beautiful guide that you can you can add to the nighttime name so I'm going to say to you that

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look, you can be Allah said in 100 Cloud he said what he has found, for the role will be Allah has the Beautiful Names, so caught on to him through those beautiful names. So you can call on to Allah azza wa jal by saying Nine times out you just have to say in the beginning, yeah, man who Allahu let the

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do Salam Mohammed Aziz was about to get the two Harlequin bedrooms on offer for her photography

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go all the way up to his name or symbol. So I've even got a series of these are the 99 names on the internet in YouTube, you can see them one by one, I think that about 28 videos, about one hour each, and so on. So you're going to use those videos to learn them you can otherwise sit down and just look at the mantle names and few by few you can learn and each day we might be locked down for another 99 days, you know, who knows. So you could actually use these this opportunity to look at 910 names start with a few and then add every single day. If you can memorize the 99 names and then you can say this dog is a beautiful dog I'm going to give you which is from a man who had his other

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elephant Okay, he's got another book called The beautiful garden what is that dog? That is when Rasulullah sallallahu call it once and he asked me to come and she took a little bit of time to come when she actually came across as in quiet and he said why is it that you took a little bit of time to come? And he said because I was engaged in drama. So the professor Lawson then said Why didn't you say this drama which would encompass and which would have all of what you've just said right and much more what is that dog beautiful dog Now listen to this guy if you can add this guy even if you don't know the names you can add this dog to your category of dogs every day even especially if that

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time so analyze a wonderful dog it is it is a comprehensive DHA which is being delivered to a succinctly by the provincial Alliance manager say the DHA you can get so much within that what is that process and say Dr. Abdullah and I say this Allahumma inni as a Luca masala come in who are duker wannabe utan Mohammed sallallahu wasallam so all I'm asking you that all the things that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Your servant and your Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu the Prophet that you said need to also make all those glass to you. I'm making the same glass to you. And whatever he whatever you asked for I'm asking for the same thing. What are all ludovica mina Sheree could

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as a source also allow many me as a Luca masala camino abduch on Amiga Marcella la hora de la wow Lupita min Matt our weather min who are Luca wannabe Yuka Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and I'm seeking your protection from all those things which you seven and the Prophet we which you send to us that Prophet has sought protection from I'm seeking from seeking all the same protections. I'm asking you for the same protections.

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And then to add this on Bama Tabata Li Ming avadh in federa Allah Aki better who Russa whatever you have decreed for me make the end matters something which is going to be very you know very on the straight very much like something that I would would want it to be or would be the best thing for me make that be that so so whatever thing that you've actually predicted everything you've written my fate, I want that to be the best thing for me to happen to me right and make that happen. So what you've done is in this guy, you've included all the great guys which is approximal awesome has said you've included included in it all the thing that he saw protection, right and all of that is given

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to you within this one too. And all your fate to us and allows you as well to make it the best fate you can. So

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best he can. So now the 99 names if you can add you can say those names and then you can add the draw at the end it becomes a beautiful sort of combination together. Anyway, that's that's the third thing.

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So whoever has memorized the nighttime names, they will go to Jana. So I've covered for you about

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the first one, I said to whoever can guarantee whatever is between the between the jaws and the second one in between the thighs, if they can guarantee that the peroxisome guarantees Jana. The second one is the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has has told us about the girls and the daughters that we have, if you can bring them up with Islam and theravadan, Allah azzawajal will give you you know, who will enter into Jannah. The third one I've told you is about the 99 names, right, and to memorize the 99 names, and so on and so forth. The fourth one I'm going to say to you is that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has spoken to us and he's told us about looking after looking after a

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Yeti or an orphan right now, people think that if you just support an orphan once, then that's to do justice, not what the hell it actually meant. Right? So the process was actually said, Whoever will look, whoever will take care of an orphan, then he and I, she and I will be in general like this. And why did his show these two fingers with a slight gap in between me that we're going to be next to each other in general. Now, some people think that if you support a an orphan one, so here there and that doesn't, that's not the case. The thing is, if you're going to be supporting an orphan, you have to support them from the moment they've lost their father, let's say Charles does the father or

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the moment that they've lost and from that time, until they become old enough to look after themselves until they get to, you know, the 1718 1920, whatever your age, where they can work themselves under, they can look after themselves, until that that age, you look after them. So if you can find an actual orphan, I know a lot of people get excited. And that kind of thing. Well, I'm just going to get my money's here and just just do it here. Now look, I'm gonna tell you a very good way of looking out for an offer, which a lot of people miss out on. Most of us have got connections with people, and orphanages, or even people, families, and so on back home and villages, and so on,

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okay, you need to then ask around and actually find the real often you can visit, you know, you know the name of you know that you know who he is, or she is, and then that family, you can direct contact with them, this is the best way of doing it, because that is direct help. Look, don't ignore the people who we've got back in our villages, the villages our parents came from our grandparents came from, we still got connection with those, even if it's not that even if we lost contact with that, what you can do is you can find around you you can find real orphans, if you were to actually visit a an orphanage near your place, or even in you know, when you travel, let's say you traveled

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to to Africa, you traveled to India, you traveled to Bangladesh, Pakistan, anyway, different countries, Afghanistan, just go around, ask for you'll often find a family noting down, get the number down, you know, get the address down, and then every single month without delay, you know, you send your support to that often, that's the best way of doing it, then you really know where your money's going, and that you're actually supporting them. I do have to say that this why I'm stressing on this is because I want people to have the heart in this other time. You know, you can give some time in case and we do encourage that but you want to try and you know, once in your life,

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you can just do this find real often, you know, if you find a real of a real person to support which you know, it makes a massive difference. Anyway, this was the fourth one, which is to find an orphan and that will be your way of getting into dementia. The fifth one

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the Russell has told us that the five daily prayers, okay.

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And in fact, he's told us specifically out of the five daily prayers, he's told us about the prayers that are done in the his court His goal is to cool prayers. Whoever does the two cool prayers, they will go into Jana. What is that? Well, they a lot of them have said that this is further an answer because in the daytime if you look at the day, the father is early in the day and it's cool at that time and asked about the time the day gets cooled. So there's a father and acid and some of them have said it's further and it's a shock because Asia is the coolest out of the 24 hours. So if you look at it from 24 hours a shot and further the two coolest ones if you look at it from the daytime,

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that is awesome. And it's fun. So whichever one it is these two prayers Okay, don't forget forget as we mentioned in both of them, if you can keep on getting these prayers to be done, of course we're going to do the other prayers as well but just hang on to these because these are the times when people don't want to probably pray because they shy is too late or father is too early. Promise Alaska has guaranteed Jana in return of that. So how to lay out the clay this is the this was the fifth one. The sixth one is the proposition LogMeIn said Subhana. Allah allow them the profit and loss most told us that whoever can do

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Good revenue, where does a good Voodoo and you know, they they really do they will do well and then they come to the private and then they will pray a Salah where their heart neither their heart nor their eyes will will drift to anywhere else except for laughter which means that I've got full concentration of thinking about allies with other allies there and allies watching me and I'm doing this press, whoever can do a beautiful prayer like that tech bit when they've said a lot but to the salami that said the Salah between those times they did not think about anything except what loss of a job. That person has gone to Jana, according to a scientist, so the Hanalei allowed him so that's

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a another way of getting to Jana. Right? So getting the getting his tuna cuts, I mean, to think about it right? To rockets, how many two rockets we've we've done, a challenge for you during this month of Ramadan is, can I get my first two records? Or can I get my next set of three records? Where I don't think about anything except for lasagna? Because that is your ticket to Janice Mahalla? Okay, another one, I'm going to say to you the last one, which is the seventh one,

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and the seventh one. And the last one I'll give you is the Bravo soldiers must give it a certain words, and I've heard the alarm he races from the proximal asthma insane Buhari, whoever is going to say these next words with a man from the heart. They mean these words. If you say these words after Madrid, and you die that night, you're gonna say to Jana, and if you say this After further and you die that day, you've gone to Jana, and this isn't Sahih Bukhari. What's that? What are those words? Those words are Allah mantra de la la la, la nine at the Halekulani. Well Anna Abdul abductor and I had the karateka Mr. Doc are moving out becoming shettima Serato Abou lacob genetic Allah abou

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beaten be fulfilled if I know who I flew by lanta. So these words, which is saying to the stuffer if you go to the internet, you can find either you say the supreme words of forgiveness, put that into Google and come up with it or say you do the SFR or you can go into YouTube and you can find one of my old

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videos on YouTube I think is named 15 seconds to general something. And these are the words that will come up and what are the what are the meanings of this the meaning of this is Allah anthropy Allah you are my Lord, Laila Highlander. There is no other God besides you. Hello, Tony. You created me one on one I'm took. And I'm your servant, one Allah adekola Radhika Mustapha, and I will do my best to, to fulfill the promise that I've got between me and you. The promise is the promise of Shahada that I've accepted you as the number one in my life. And I've accepted Muhammad Sallallahu as the number two in my life. So I will do my best to do that and I will be coming Shalimar Sinatra

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I seek your pattern and I seek protection from the evil that I've done all the things that I've done, I will come in aromatic Allah, I totally admit to all the gifts that you've given me and all the blessings you've given me what I like about them. Yeah, and I'm also admitting to my sin for fiddly my sins that I've done thoughtfully and so forgive me, if I know what I have to do the novella enter for there is nobody else to forgive me except for you. You say that sincerely from the heart. After moderate if you die within a day you're going to decide after further you die within that day you go to journalism, Hanalei lousy. Now just before I make a glass these are seven ways of

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getting to Jenna tomorrow The topic is going to be the seven people under the shade inshallah we're going to discuss the seven people under the shade on the Day of Judgment there is no other shade except for that one shade we're going to discuss that inshallah tomorrow just just before I make the draw today, I'm going to ask you please you put a link in the in the bottom of this YouTube video that is that is there is for helping you today a charity which I'm looking over this please click that button before you go and do anything else inshallah make a donation. This is for many different helps that were given throughout the whole of the world in Sharla. So you click that inshallah and

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the help will go out there in various things Zac Lohan for watching and we'll make a dynamic challenge and we'll conclude alongside Ella signal Maulana Muhammad Allah and he was talking about insulin. Allah we ask you for all the good things which Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has asked you for your service and the Prophet you sent whenever you asked for we asked him the same thing we asked you to protect us from all the things which was all US Allah and Islam has also sought to protection from during his lifetime and anything good of anything fate that you've written for us. We want you to make that good for us and the end matter however, it is something that would be most

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suitable for us. Also Allah tala 30 for King Muhammad Ali, he was happy at 9am in the era hanging jacquela Hi, brother sisters, before you do anything after I'm going to stop this video now, please go to the

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link at the bottom of this YouTube the description will find a link there make your donation shot inshallah May Allah bless you bless your whole family, protect all of you protect everyone that you that you love Allah azza wa jal make this a blessing Ramadan for all of us. I'm Innsbruck mahalo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.