The Repenters #2 Umm Al-Baneen Bint Abdulazeez

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about a woman named K qualifies as the "sother of the beast" after being asked about a debt she owes to her mother. She refuses to explain the situation and refuses to talk about it. She refuses to talk about her actions and hopes nobody will judge her.
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Amon Kodama and Kitab Tobin, he mentioned the repentance of mill Benny in the sister of a merman Abdulaziz. And the story is, is that as they came to visit her, and as though was the famous object of affection of a poet named Crusader Crusader, and when you're the object of affection, then you know you're you're mentioned in verses of poetry and everybody's hearing about you. So when we're being asked her about one verse, that with a dimension, then he said, called La Kulu, the Danian Island to Halima, who was two months old, and one very Maha. He said that everyone who owes a debt has paid it except for as the one who she owes her debt to is yet to collect. And so she said to

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her, what does that mean? And she said, you know, as I said, I don't want to explain it. And she said, No, you have to explain it to me. And then she said to her, I had promised him a kiss. And when he came to collect, I was shy, and I avoided him. And so Melbournian said, and this is the sin. She said to her, fulfill it, and the sin is on me. And so an Albanian said that to her in that moment, she became incredibly remorseful for what she had said. And because of that statement that she made, she she freed 40 slaves, and even Kodama says that every time that she remembered that statement, she would weep until her jilbab was filled with tears. And she used to say, I wish that

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my tongue was paralyzed before I uttered that statement, and she became known for her great worship and her great generosity. May Allah God have mercy on her