Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 19

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of setting up prayer for Islam and connecting with others through prayer and sharing experiences. They stress the need for constant prayer and sharing experiences to connect with others and fulfill one's spiritual connection. forgiveness is key to making a positive change and is essential for making a positive change in one's life. They also mention a disturbing story involving a man who gave a plate to a cab driver and claimed to have given him money to a doctor. The story is told in a professional and meticulous manner. forgiveness is key to making a positive change in one's life.
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We'll be left with a panel with Jean

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rubbish actually so they were certainly angry at me lasagna poco de hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah sweda now the E h 9am i bad. Today I want to share with you the latter part of the dialogue we brought him on he said I'm one of the last prayers of Ibrahim Ali Salaam recorded in the Quran. This is again in his old age he makes a dog that has now become a staple part of our salon many of you know it by heart or * mocha masala tea woman Doria tea or vanilla Taco Bell officially when you add meaning to my acumen

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many of you that even have memorized the DA may not know that that's the route that goes back to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. These are his words that have become part of our prayer. You notice our Salah A lot of it is actually directly related to Ibrahim alayhis salaam when we before we finish our prayer in the world we send Salawat upon the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, just as we do upon Ibrahim on he said I'm a lot more sundiata Mohamed kemosabe Tada Ibrahim. So that's that's, you know, the the connection to Abraham and Islam is very present and very alive in every single one of our prayers. In any case, he says, he said, I'm gonna be Johnny Maki, masala tea. Master my master make me

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someone who establishes the prayer. That's a pretty easy translation of the first phrase, my master, make me someone that establishes the prayer. But there's some really remarkable things here that need our attention. The first of them is that a larger version uses or teaches us the word Java for transformation. So you know what, you only mean what a citizen that is not even another dollar he makes make me from those who inherit gender. So the word Java is used when you don't have something and you want to get it. Right. And when he uses the word here, or even the prayer which I live in La Mancha suparna sera, put for me, or, you know, please for me and authority that will that will help

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me meaning Give me the power to help me. So Jada is used not when you have something and you want to keep it but actually you don't have it and you want it. You want to get to something you want to get to that point. Ibrahim Ali Salaam is using that word as if to say he doesn't even acknowledge in himself or doesn't even claim in himself that he's someone who's already established the prayer, yada make me someone who truly does establish the prayer. And the reason that's the case, even though of course he's he's the staple for prayer itself. He's the he's the builder of the Kaaba. If he's not the one who establishes the prayer then who else but the Islam and Arabic students here

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know the Islam fight is used by biani and akima. Salah no machi Masada isn't violence use someone who constantly without fail establishes the prayer, meaning someone who never fails in this obligation. Now there's not one Salah that goes by that he doesn't establish properly. He never ever takes any single one of those prayers loosely. You know, we have good days and bad days with our Salawat. Some days you do pretty good. Everything's on time. Other days, you get a little bit lazy. I got I got I got 10 minutes, Muslims still around. We just shut my eyes for a little bit. You get a little Weaver a little bit every prayer, you're actually making draft for the next prayer. Think

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about that. Before we end the prayer. We said I'll be jolly mukhi masala. We're not even asking about that particular prayer. We're asking a lot of keep us constant for the coming prayers. We're making the call for the next slot to be part of others. That's a very profound thing that I brought him on Instagram says the other thing here is there are different phrases for the prayer, you know whether the nomada Salawat, 13 diamond people that are constant in their prayers, or other salvati who have his own people who guard their prayers. But then there's the phrase Alchemist Allah to establish the prayer or akarma salatu wa artistica you've heard the phrase many times it actually

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means more than just praying. It actually means turning the prayer into an institution and of course you've heard the term became part of our Deen when we when the karma is being given. It's literally called the karma of Salah ultimate Salah What does that mean? That karma to Salah karma is sorta the one giving the karma gets everybody to stand up and we all pray together. When he's asking Allah make me someone who establishes the prayer. He's actually saying not just that I but he himself becomes constant in the Salah. He's asking a lot of turn him into someone that other people come into contact with and they start praying to

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That he becomes a reason for other people to make Salah. He brings other people closer to Allah. And that brings us even to the literary meaning of the word Salah, make me someone who connects other people to Allah. The word Salah means connection also. So make me not just someone who establishes the prayer, but make me someone who inspires other people to pray also, just just in his presence, people just want to pray. You know, and this is $1 every head of household when we make it, you know, as the head of your household, then you're actually making this there are that the people in your household see you as an example and they pray behind you. What Amica Salatu was Salam ala, tell

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your family to pray and stay constant with it. You know, inspire your family, advise your family, counsel your family to pray, and stay with them when you're at home. And it's a third time you didn't make it to Muslim. Your children are eating with you. Okay, let's go everybody pretty much live together.

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And you say, okay, boys, comic Ooh. And your boy will go in three seconds. Come back I made will do No, you did it. Let's go do it again. No, no, I did it. I didn't lose. How you so dry? Well, I dries quick. No, not that quick. Let's go do it again. Establish the prayer properly with your kids, take time with them, and pray with them, join jamara with them. And for some of you don't recite Quran that well. So you're embarrassed to pray out loud with your children. Well, that'll force you to learn better, more, more Quran. But one of the memories your children should have of you is that you're leading the prayer for them. That's one of the memories they should have. And that should

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that makes you mocchi masala, that you fulfilling the duality of rahima de Sala or biani, Maki, masala tea. And then he adds women to reality and of my children also, not only should my children be those who pray. Secondly, they should be constant in their prayers like I'm trying, I'm asking you to be, but also of my children make make them of those who inspire other people to come closer to us than those who connect other people to Allah also give that sacajawea to my children also. So they have sadaqa jariya. In their account, this continued charity in their account, what does it mean that you have continued charity, we are we come before Allah and judgment day with our own

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deeds. But Allah gave us this beautiful bonus package, which is that if you did something that inspired somebody else's good deeds, you get a share of that too. You can you can get that also you get that reward also. And so what brought greater reward than you connecting other people to Allah, so they connect with saliva itself. And incidentally, because we're talking about Salah, you should know something as a reminder to myself and all of you. This is a month, a lot of our batteries are supercharged the machine is full Al Hamdulillah. We're making Salah, I'm reminding you of something, establishing the prayer, the mandatory prayers, the mandatory prayers is such a huge part of our

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religion. That Salah itself is actually the same as Islam is the same as a man to Allah. There's actually those two terms are the same. You know, when the Kaaba, we didn't pray towards Mecca, we used to pray towards Jerusalem. And when the Qibla was changed, some of the Jews said, Oh, all your previous prayers are wasted, like they're not going to count because you were praying towards the wrong GPS address. So they basically mocked the Muslims. And Allah said, you know, blocking Allah, Allah, you

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monokuma Allah will not waste your time on. Allah didn't say Allah will not waste your prayers, he said, he will not waste your faith. That's a lost way of seeing your faith. And your prayers to Allah are one in the same thing. You find that certain tiama Allah saying for the sadaqa what else Allah This is called upon Bian. You didn't accept the truth. He didn't pray, as if, if you accepted the truth, what's the first thing that should happen? prayer and if you're not praying, actually, that means you didn't accept the truth and the opposite of it elicits? Well, I can cut it about Allah He called it a lie. And turn this back. We'll turn this back from what from the prayer turned

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away from the prayer. So the prayer itself is our Eman is our connection to Allah is our road to that column Salim that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam wanted. So he asked Allah that we should we should constantly be connected to him every few hours we reconnect with Allah. This is our lifeline with Allah, our really our true relationship with Allah. You know, this is a gift from Allah azza wa jal that he granted Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and can you imagine someone like Ibrahim Ali Salaam who's always connected to a lot? I mean, how connected to a lot Do you have to be to be willing to do the kinds of things that he did? Or they sit on? And he's saying for me to truly have a connection with

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you? Yeah, like he'd be firm on the prayer or be Johnny mukhi masala tea. This also reminds me of what well you know, with Musa alayhis salaam it's so profound what what happened with Musa Listen, he he spoke with Allah directly on the mountain. He spoke to a law directly How is he going to ever forget that he spoke with a lot how can someone ever forget a life they spoke with a law directly and a law when he was on the mountain said to him, Well, optimist salata

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Vickery co established a prayer so you can truly remember me. As if that's not really enough remembrance. The real remembrance will be when you stand in Salah Allah, this is remembrance of Allah. This is the true connection or Eman in Allah. So he says Robbie Gianni mukhi masala tea will mingle reality, then I remind myself and you it's not an obligation that we're worried about. It's not Oh, it's followed. And if you don't do it, you're gonna get this punishment and that punishment, that's not the point we're missing the point. If the Salah is not something that truly connects you to Allah, if it's not something that softens your heart with a lot, you haven't established the law.

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So why is not these motions so that is not the ritual Salah is the act of really, truly connecting our hearts with allows the agenda and that's what we want for ourselves. That's what we want for our children. When that happens when a heart is connected to align the prayer, then you see the benefits of the prayer. What are the benefits of the prayer and not salata, tanha and in fact, he will moniker the prayer will prevent you from falling into shameless things the prayer will prevent you from all kinds of evil things, evil things that are headed your way will go away from you because you have the security, the immune system of prayer, that's what that's what Salah is going to do.

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And if those things are happening and maybe something's wrong with supply itself, something's missing in the supply itself allows origin makers those who established the prayer properly but a couple other remarkable ending of that statement will be Charlie Maki masala to Missouri at Urbana started will not be now it's not gonna Arabic students here note it started with Master make me my master it singular. And halfway through the drawing it says our master he includes himself and his children and says them please accept. Please accept my prayer. Accept my prayer. Well, everything is a prayer. And of course you're going to save except my pray but why you don't have to say that

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because every time you pray you assume you're asking a lot to accept that prayer. When he adds the phrase what

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he's actually saying of all my prayers, if there's one I really need acceptance of right away. The one I'm really desperate for for you to answer is this one. So the fact that what the company is at the end of that drive is very powerful. That of all the other players that Ibrahim Ali said I mean, he added what a couple drops over here, and then he adds later on Robin officially when he wanted the Wilhelmina yo yo COVID is a master Forgive me from our master Forgive me. Forgive both of my parents forgive the believers the day on which the the audit will be established. Forgiveness came second. It says though he understands he is in a position to ask Allah for forgiveness for himself

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and for others when prayer is in place. When Salah is in place. When Salah is in place, you can really ask Allah for things I established or I try to remind myself in you before that the most important thing we're going to ask a lie is forgiveness. That is the ultimate risk. We're going to ask Allah, now we're learning who is in a position to ask Allah for forgiveness. People of Salah people have solara the ones who truly get to ask Allah for forgiveness. This is the you know, forgiveness is the key to many things. Well, what's the key to forgiveness itself. The key to forgiveness itself is is the prayer itself. This is a month to train yourself to become regular in

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your prayers. One of the things you and I can do especially that you know the men here, but even as families, one of the things that can you can do that really transforms your life. You're waking up to eat crack of dawn anyway. You're waking up to eat in the morning anyway, if you can make it to the masjid for fudger prayer, at least in this month. The blessings of that are beyond measure. It says though you are praying the entire night. You're already here for Alicia if you can try to make it for a budget. And maybe encourage your children to come encourage your spouse to come just show up at the machine. It's just a couple of Raka then if you can try and do that even just that small

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effort. It can be extremely transformative. Allah says about the prayer fudger in the inner Quran and fidgety kannamma shuda the Quran recited at a further time in the prayer that's being witnessed by a law by the angels it is witnessed, it's special to Allah so why miss out on that especially in this month. If we can get in that habit we realize that we didn't make that it is for our entire lives and truly make us mocchi masala so I encourage all of you to do that as much as humanly possible inshallah Allah May Allah azza wa jal accept this prayer of ours and I leave you with this. What are Dr. Bonilla has often on my metabolic moon, don't you have a lot he talks to his prophet

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now in the next ayah so this is no longer than the algebra hemmati salaam, Allah talks to the pseudolus on them and says to him, don't you dare ever imagine that Allah doesn't know about what the wrongdoers do.

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They didn't get away. He just asked Forgive me, as my parents forgive the believers on the day of judgment on the day of accounting and reckoning. But what about until then, until then, all these people that are in charge of the car by now that were supposed to establish the parent they didn't establish the prayer Rasulullah saw someone was told even though they're in charge then we should Laguna variable

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are in charge right now. Doesn't mean they got away with it. Don't you ever think they got away for even one day of committing that crime on my arm and the moon, but by extension, it's also a pretty scary thing. Those who know that the Torah the legacy the inheritance of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and they still don't care about the prayer even after they were after they were told this they're considered lolly moon milaana makers from them. You know, May Allah not make us from the valley moon who know about this this beautiful gift that our father left behind, and we tossed it away like it's nothing will not make us from those people because immediately in the next day, Allah says, Don't

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you dare think people that do wrong got away with it, though Don't you dare do that in your home Leo min. Tasha, Sophie Hill, I'm sorry. I'm only giving them extra time until until the time when the eyes are gonna be wide open and they won't be able to close, meaning Judgment Day, then their eyes will truly open. We want our eyes to open to true reality before then and the only way to do that is to prayer milazzo Jamaica smokey me, Allah. May Allah azza wa jal accept all of our prayers despite their shortcomings, and forgive us for the shortcomings we've had in our prayers in the past and the ones that we are going to have in our future barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa

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rahmatullah wa Taala

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All the plate story.

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Okay, real quick.

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Fate story. It's a cool story. I love the story. Okay. So here's what I tell you about the plate. He kept it under his pillow, took it out, and he's like a proton guy. He's telling the story in the most epic protonix. I recorded it on my phone. I sat in the back making a video this guy, as he's telling the story. I'm trying to figure out how to put subtitles on it. I'll just put it on Facebook. I'll he'll be okay with it. Okay, his face isn't showing.

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But let me tell you so he says, I put the plate and we're eating food. And my mom noticed the plate. And you know, moms, they're like, they're worse than the FBI, CIA mom, like, you know, Mom, like, well, you get the plate.

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And he thinks he's smart. He goes, I bought it.

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And she goes, Oh, you bought it. So she takes the plate. She investigates the plate. She got this. This is an old plate. There's not a new plate. Where'd you get it?

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I got it at this restaurant. I really liked it. So I stole it. And she took out a stick. And she said you want this? He was no was you better go return to play.

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So he goes with the plate. He runs back to the restaurant and the guy who owns the place. These aren't fancy restaurants. You know, they're like outdoor things with a shack outside. He goes there. And the guy's busy. And he's trying to find the stack of plates and kind of quietly put it there and run away. So it doesn't get noticed. So as he's putting the plate down, the owner sees him and says come in.

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So he shows up to the guy says, What are you doing?

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stole this plate. I'm my mom found out. And she told me to bring it back. Because why'd you steal it because I really liked to play it.

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So the guy then went and he told one of his servants, give him some money. He says go buy him a new plate.

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So he got a new plate.

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We're having this conversation. First of all, this is a story about this. But it was really a conversation about honesty. And he told me something so beautiful that I want to share with you. He said you know you could make money by lying. You could make money by cheating. You could make money by fraud. You could make you could steal money, you can get away with it. Sometimes no government will find out nobody will find out you can get away with it. But let me tell you something. I learned something in life. My parents taught me he said if you make money, the crooked way in one pocket, Allah will take it out of the other pocket from you and give it to the doctor.

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So what you mean give it to the doctor. He goes you're gonna have heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, your auntie will have a problem. Your sister will go to the hospital. Somebody the son doctor will get rich because you're stealing money.

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Because I don't want doctors to get rich, they're rich enough. I'm going to

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have profound wisdom from the cab driver. So that's my little story of the plane Park alone. You

Ramadan Nightly Reminder May 19

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