Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2016 – Surat al-Baqarah – Day 28

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into Ayat 88 and describes one of the significant crimes done by the Israelites with regards to the Words of Allah.

Allah SWT describes the insolence of the Children of Israel and their rebellion, defiance, and arrogance towards the Prophets AS. They were given the Tawrat that in which they distorted its meanings and defied its commands.

A number of Prophets were sent to the Children of Israel such as Prophets Musa, Haroon, Dhul-Kifl, Ilyas, Al-Yasah, Dawood, Suleiman, Uzair, Yunus, Zakaria, Yahya and Isa AS. Isa AS was the last Prophet to be sent to the Children of Israel. He was sent with miracles such as bringing the dead back to life, form the shape of birds from clay and blow life into them, heal the sick and foretell the Unseen. Allah SWT also aided him with Jibreel AS.

Yet, the Children of Israel became more defiant and envious of him. Hence, they treated the Prophets in the worst manner, rejecting some of them and killing some of them. All of this occurred because the Prophets used to command the Jews with what differed from their desires and opinions.

In Ayat number 88, “And they say, ‘Our heart is Ghulf,” meaning they are screened, covered or there is a stamp on them that they don’t comprehend.