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AI: Summary © The 18th Jews' Subhanian coverage will feature over-the- None dramas on the 19-year cycle, with the focus on finding comfort in the world and finding their "weAKier state" as it can lead to life. Social media and the Internet are important drivers of the digital world, and the potential impact of the coronavirus on the economy and oil and gas industry is discussed. The speakers emphasize the need for clear rules and strong social interactions to create "weAKier state" and "weAKier life."
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to adjust the day. Today we are covering the 18th Jews Subhanallah I have to check to make sure we're in the right just because these days are going by passing us by hamdulillah in a nice manner. Were hoping last public steps for us we're praying that are like steps from us our good deeds, and that he continues to make our worship of him easy. And

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and fruitful, Amina Balala mean we are going to get started today with a the 18 years which has three surahs in it. It has Surah Al mo me known swirl me known is the 23rd surah. It has surah two nor which is the 24th surah and has Surah Al Furqan, which is the 25th surah. The surah Furqan is actually not entirely in this in the Jews, sort of for foreigners actually only partially, in fact, only a very small part of sort of clan is in the in this just so we will actually delay the study of sort of upon to tomorrow when we cover the 19 years. So our focus today will be on surah Menon and surah two nor 23rd and 24th surah of the Quran. Let us look at these two beautiful Surah alumi known

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the word means the believers and the believers here is of course,

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in plural, the singular of that is mu min, which is the term that Allah gives to those who believe in him. And in His revelation. That is

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what he says. That's what the surah is named after. Because in the very beginning of the surah Allah says,

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Allah has me known, the believers for sure are successful, the believers are truly successful and that is where the name comes from. And that is actually the theme of this surah that the believers are actually the ones who are going to be successful in this life. And in the next life those who believe in Allah and do the good works that he has prescribed. Let's take a look at the surah the first ayah begins as follows for a while moon successful indeed are the believers alladhina homefree Salatu him Hoshi rune, those who are humble in their prayer I am number one to nine is going to be a description of these believers are those who are humble in their prayer when Medina Khomeini level

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we more or the alone, those who turn away from all that is frivolous, one levena homeless catify loon those who gives the cat ballerina home the Fuji him half alone, those who are protected or those who

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safeguard their chastity Illa Allah as watching him Obama look at a maloom except with their wives and what their right hands possess this is a terminology or expression for for the slaves that were owned back in the day.

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In the home late omalu mean for them. They are free from blame. And whoever seeks to go beyond that they are transgressors, Avenida de la hora de Nicola como la lune, ballerina homely Emma Nottingham, barra de him are all those who are faithful to their trust and promises. Those who will Edina whom Allah follower to him you have Elune those who attend to their prayers will echo whom will very soon these are truly the heirs of Paradise alladhina urethra and and for those of you who are Holly Dune, they shall inherit alfetta those they shall inherit a fair those which is

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at the highest level of Paradise, and they will be in it forever. This is the description of the believers and the reward of the believers is mentioned as well. The description of them is is actually really beautiful. I'll point out a couple of things about it two things number one is all of this, this description and let me know in harsh your own morality alone very alone have your lawn

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allow you to Malou mean Allah Dune,

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Aurora rune, these are all words

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that are actually nouns in Arabic They are nouns. And the reason why Allah is describing them a lot. One of the reasons that could be behind this, to use a noun to describe this is to describe the idea that this is the permanent state of this person, or the believer. This is like their mindset. their mindset is my success. My identity is that I

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I believe in Allah and His messenger and all the messengers and the last day, that's the identity. And that's what they, you know, that's what they adhere to. That's what they're proud of. And that's like a permanent thing. Then establish, be humble in the prayer is permanent. Turning away from things that are frivolous, that are a level that are distractions distracts from the bigger purpose that is a permanent, you know, that's how that's the that's how they are giving the guard, that's their lifestyle, protecting their chastity, safeguarding their chastity, that's their lifestyle.

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being faithful to their trust, and promises, that's their lifestyle. All of these words are beautifully it's all this idea, is that not it's not just like a one time occurrence that they did once and now boom, this is that no, no, in fact, this is who they are. And that is what their life is about. That's what the believers lifes are about. And the one who has this, that is the one who has attained success. But after a while moving on.

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I said two things, but I'll make three points. Sorry, the second point is Senado. The word used here is in the verbal form. Number nine, well arena wa Salatu him you have your own.

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This is an interesting little twist. Because here the

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rent from speaking from a rhetorical point of view, this could be implied that Salawat is actually the plural, okay, compared to solid, which is a singular here, right? This is, you know, in the prayer the person is, how are they, they're humble. And that's how they always prep themselves, and always try to be humble in their prayer. But prayers are many during the day, right? There's five of them Hamdulillah, and every day, there's five prayers. So there's a lot of them and there's a lot of praying. So the

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repetitive nature of praying, and the amount of prayers is captured by the present tense, fair, in the present tense verb, you have your own here. So it's actually a beautiful contrast that their permanence or their lifestyle is like a permanent lifestyle, or it's a lifestyle of excellence. That's who they are. And that's, you know, what defines them. It's a stable lifestyle,

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described by a noun. And their approach towards Allah is you have your loan, they're trying to always keeping up with their prayer. And that's a, you know, that's the the thing that the believer is occupied with more than anything else, and they are keeping up with their prayers. So it's actually a really nice contrast in how the believer is described, one from a lifestyle perspective and one from like, what are the things that like day to day keep him busy? Well, you know, what else about him You have to do And the third thing here is the believer here is anonymous, this could be anybody. This could be us inshallah, that it is us. It could be anybody who lived at any part of

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lives in any part of the world at any time. It is, as long as you fit the description, you are it and we ask a lot to make us fit this description. I mean, you're a banana mean. So this is the description of the believers and the reward of the believers. As mentioned earlier, the theme of the surah is the believers are successful. signs for believers are mentioned in the creation sign number one is the origin of human beings we created man from an essence of clay, that's Adam, then Jana who not photography, Horace McKean placed him in a safe, place him as a drop of fluid in a safe place. That's the rest of us were conceived by our parents in that way. Then the process of creation, how

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the, the drop of sperm as it fertilizes the egg in the ovary, develops into a clinging form, and then into a lump of flesh, and then the lump develops has bones and then the bones are clothed with flesh. And then took a lump of flesh is like the the embryology of it was very fascinating and very precise, out there it formed as a fetus, then the bones are formed, then the, the this, the flesh around the bones is formed, the man shall now hold on to and then the baby that as a fetus, that's really tiny features that expands in size. And that's what happens for you know, if I, if I'm not mistaken, trimester two and trimester three, or you know, some of those months, or most of those

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months, the baby is formation is formed first and then boom, he grows or she grows, and then the baby is more so panelist

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At the bottom below us on the Holocene, how amazing is God the best of creators how incredible how incredible it is how the way we are born, the way we are conceived. And what an amazing sign that is for us to remember our humble origins to remember the magnificence and dominance of a law and how he's able to bring life. Right, he has to break he has the ability to bring us into existence, to give us life has the ability then to take our lives in a radical in a radical tune. And then he has the ability, of course, just like he made it as the first time creation, second time resurrection, you will be raised up again on the Day of Resurrection, like I mentioned to you, very frequently,

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the Koran talks about creation. And then the point of studying and learning about the creation is so that you can be certain that there is going to be a resurrection. And this life is not going to be forever.

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Science for the believers are all over the place. They are in the sky. So panela beautiful sky. We spoke about that yesterday, how the water is amazing how the water kicks off the water cycle here Allah describes how the water is gonna who fill out how it lodges in the earth and how that creates water tracks, and wells and irrigation systems. And unless as that is a loss plan, that's his creation. That's the system he wants to he can take it away. Well, in regards to having the helipad on again, the idea that this life isn't permanent, there is going to be an end to this and prepare for that and get ready for it. The the water produces beautiful vegetation of all types of abundant

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fruits. And as a special type of tree. Specifically here shall gelatin, the human body say now that grows on Mount Sinai produces oil and a condiment for those who eat it. And this is of course what this is the olive tree, right? Dini was a tune. And, and we'll have another mention of the olive tree soon today as well and sort of know when a lot talks about the light, how the Islam is a light, how Allah is in light, he again references the oil of olives.

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And of course, the wall is quite delicious 100 law, a lot of us are close to far. So now we can think of these nice, they are dressings that have olive oil in it.

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And in he mentioned livestock, and they're looking for an army law is an amazing thing for us to learn is something for us to stop and you know, consider consider the power and majesty of a loss pantalla a sign for the believer, no Speaker Murphy boltonia we provide you with a drink from what is in their bellies.

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This is something that Allah has allowed us to benefit from, or we take it for granted. But this is a sign of Allah's magnificence, that it's in their bellies and the other surah Solana how many first and Adam Bane between dung and blood, it's, you know, it comes out to the other end we have, it's one of the most nutritious meals a person can have. And you have other benefits from them as well, clothing, etc. And you eat them, and you ride them as well. The camels are written not cows don't you don't write cows with camels etc, are written. And also ships you write on ships. And that as I mentioned, that is one of the most amazing thing that Allah has allowed us because that is what

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allows economies around the world to flourish, saving of the ship. So Allah is pointing out all these beautiful signs for the believers. And he points out more signs. Those are the signs that are outside the book, A again, always notice the signs outside the book, the signs inside the book, signs outside the book a lot points to and he's like, look and think use your brain. Think about it. Think about the majesty of the Creator. Think about that. It's going to end think about what's going to happen when it ends. Okay. Then he points about science inside the book, similar theme, consider the history, learn a lesson from history. And look at the end of those who denied the prophets and

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how their end was there. So be afraid of something similar if you were to reject a prophet as well. We said no waters, people know how Islam is mentioned. And he said his people, my people worship God, you have no data but him Will you not fear him this time. This is an interesting rebuttal that they give off him. Right. The subtle difference here is he is only a human being like yourselves. You read to me at a footballer. Aleykum This is not mentioned in other parts of the Quran. They're trying to say that he is seeking superiority is trying to get

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authority and a upper hand using his belief.

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That is the pointed criticism and no hairless lamb here. And it's pertinent for the sutra because the surah says, the believers are successful. But the success of the believers isn't because they have authority in this world or something or their secret authority. And as we will see, this is what was a criticism of the prophets of Salaam, they would say, Well, the problem is just seeking power. But a law says all prophets will come and say, I'm not asking you for money, and not my local Maliki ajilon. So the intent there is no like, nefarious intent and the upside at the point, or at the end of the profit or any profit of a lot.

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It's really just conveying the message that Allah has chosen this prophet to convey. So here this criticism that they say, or the criticize, no one is somewhere mentioned here, and has this beautiful, you know, relationship to what the surah is talking about. And this is one of the things we should think about stories of Quran repeat. But when they come in different parts, they bring something different, and what the thing that they bring different, has something to do with like the point that Ally's making in that surah or a point that is going to make later on in that surah. And it's a beautiful, harmonious, you know,

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composition that Allah has, you know, revealed. They of course, said he is just a crazy person. So just wait until he his his matter is finished. Know how to ceramics do either Oh Lama people rejected me. Allah says, you create you now build the ark under our watchful eye. And when the new when the waters are gushing out of the earth, then take every pair and your family except the ones who are not believers on the ship. And, you know, wait for the others to drown. And when you have been saved, say Praise be to God who has delivered us from the wicked people and say, My Lord land me in your, with your blessing in a blessed landing place you can alone, you alone can provide the

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best of landings on the hydro moons in in. The idea here is you get through the adversity that you're willing to face through the law, and that is the believers. You know, that is the thing that the believer leans on. This is the source of comfort for the believer, the believers

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put the place, the happy place for the believer, the place where they find their solace is there. And that is a beautiful lesson that we learn from this. This version of the story of new Elisa Lam was instructing him to make this law and that is a sign for people, Surely there's a sign for people. Okay, now then after that Allah mentions an anonymous prophet. And this is a unique thing. This is not in other students like this, so much about the environment after the other generation was raised after them. And a messenger was sent to them, who was this messenger not mentioned? Okay, an anonymous prophet. And this is fascinating because to show that the prophets were sent through

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all times, to all peoples, to believers around the world, and in that is a sign for all believers today, that we are united throughout history, by our belief with other people who believed in Allah and the messenger that Allah sent to them. Here is an anonymous Prophet saying the same thing worship Allah alone, you have no data other than Him, will you not fear God? You know, this, the Brotherhood of the believers is this large family that extends over over time that transcends times. And here we are learning about another of our brethren, our prophets who we follow, but this one is I mentioned my name, alright. The people said the same thing, the people but not the people, in

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fact, the leaders of the people, mela, they denied the truth, denied the meeting in the haftar. And one of the reasons why they were not so concerned about the next life was because what I thought of now, after we had granted them plenty of ease, and plenty in their worldly life. Again, the Quran mentions this point, time and time again, people have reasons to reject faith. Some of it is because they don't want to lose influence. And that's al-mulla that was for our own, why would I lose influence? That was Quraysh didn't want to lose their influence to the profits as a lump, but also an underlying thread that many people are one the reason why many people suppress their inner

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desire, their inner disposition to worship Allah is because there's plenty of ease and enjoyment in this world. And why would I trade that for all these like, all these sacrifices, why would I do that? Right? So that is Subhanallah often on

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And the reason and they a lot highlights the reason and they come up with a plan to reject the Prophet. This is just a human being like you. He eats what you eat and drinks, what you drink? How is he any different? Right? And if you were to follow a human being like yourselves, then surely you are lost now in that is actually not really logical, like, so what is a human being like you, as long as he has some like he is what he's saying is correct. And he has evidence to back himself up a Prophet would come with like a clear sign from Allah that He is a prophet. As long as he has that, as he as long as he has that he can make that claim he has that the prerogative is there for him to

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say that, right? Why does a prophet? Why does he have to be superhuman where he doesn't need to eat or drink? That's not very logical. That doesn't have any, like, it's a fallacy doesn't make any sense. Why would you? Why would that be the thing that convinces you that this is a person who is receiving revelation from God or speaking to God, right? And in fact, in a way, it will become like irrelevant? Oh, yeah, this is a prophet who doesn't even need to eat? What can I learn from him, I need to eat and survive. But the profits were exactly humans like us, they suffered, they went through difficulties, they have emotions, so we can learn from their emotions. So this is actually a

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very flawed argument. And this is the point when a person's desires right after have now been higher to dunya, because of ease. That's the underlying motivation. So now you have to mask that with something that sounds reasonable sounds logical reality isn't. And if you were to get down to brass tacks, you would say, well, this actually doesn't make any sense this argument at all. So this is exactly what they're doing. The saying something sounds logical, isn't very logical, but it could be easily parroted and trumpeted. And it's kind of hard to break apart. Because it's a convoluted logic, it takes a while for it to like, break apart, it takes nuance to unpack it. So it's easy to

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proclaim, difficult to unpack. And that is what these people do. And that is what people today and throughout history have done. They would make these like statements, and

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that just, you know, are easy to proclaim, and to discussing them and to unpack them his work. But most people are interested in that because they're just happy with what they have in life a lot like he had to he had to live up to I don't what your promises in the Farfetch. Of course, they say that this life is all that we have, we're gonna die and live. That's it. You know, life is worlds all we know are flora and fauna at the end of the day, and this is a person who is made up lies about God, and we're not going to believe him. Of course, the prophet made Dora and then the Prophet was helped shortly thereafter, a blast struck them and we reduce them to rebel. So away with these wrongdoing,

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people volley mean Allah calls them oppressors who did their press, their press themselves, the oppressed, the inner desire, the inner disposition to worship Allah. And Allah says, then another generations were raised after. And every generation every people has an appointed time, meaning as a community who has received a profit, they all have an appointed time you gotta believe otherwise it's over. And the rest of us who are not now you know, once musala salaam has come, this is not how Allah Allah deals with people anymore. Now, he deals he gives people opportunity, if they can make mistakes, their accountability now is deferred to the next to the day of judgment and that cannot be

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postponed when the time to go comes you are going that's it right. So that is

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what this is, is that Allah mentions how he sends Of course, he talks about

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messengers that are sent in succession, okay, messenger after messenger after messenger, okay? And that is how Allah says, Well, every time the messenger will come to people, they will reject Him, so we destroyed them one after the other and let them become mirrored. Here's what ahaadeeth they're just part of history, but burger lipoma like we know. But the thing changed. when Moosa came musala sam came, Pharaoh was destroyed. Now it's accountability that's deferred to the Day of Judgment. We said Moses and his brother Aaron with our science and clear authority to the Pharaoh and his and his leaders, but they were an arrogant people, people who wanted to, you know, key hold on to their

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power. They said, should we believe in these two humans like ourselves, you know, normally by Shalini Messina. This is a new twist to the tale that hasn't been mentioned before. And you interesting you notice how it relates to all what the previous stories

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They're saying, should we believe in these two people, these two men? They're just like us, how are they special, and we'll call the woman and I'll be doing their people are our servants. We're gonna believe them. Their people are like slaves to us. So that

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that, again, doesn't have anything. That's one thing, mutually exclusive from that is the idea of, he's a prophet, and he is receiving revelation from God, and what he's proclaiming is true. Both of those things can be true at the same time. Yes, he's a human. Yes, he's a profit. Yes, he is about profit, and his people are enslaved. It doesn't it's not one is not dependent on the other. But this is an easy way to reject an easy, you know, statement of parent. And that's because they wanted to again, something else was driving that bus. That was the they wanted to hold on to their power, forget that boohooman they rejected them and they were destroyed as well. Then a lot of talks about,

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of course, Madame la sala and Isa the last of the profits of bunnies that are in the last prophet, excuse me, bunny, sorry. Allah gave him a shelter on a peaceful hillside watered by a fresh spring. Now he says about the profits, addressing them all that old profits, eat from what is wholesome and do good deeds. I am well aware of what you do. And this one nation in the medical marijuana, I your religion is one religion, you are all believers, all of you from throughout time, from time, all the prophets, you are all one large family. You're one large family of believers. We are all believers in Allah subhana wa Tada, followers of the prophets that he has sent, and the prophets that you sent

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to wherever whichever time and place we were living in, if you were living in a certain time and place and that was our Prophet, he believed in him. We were living in today's time and place and our problem is our Prophet, then we believe in him and everybody before him as well. Well, hon common Allah is our Lord one and only for the horn. So for me, it's a beautiful, it's such an amazing, you know, it makes you feel, or it should make you feel

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like there's a sense of belonging that transcends our current, you know, our current state, our current time and place, and you know, there's nothing more

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there's nothing more

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blessed than that, to feel that feeling the connection with the people of the past, a sense of belonging in this world. And in the next like the Quran says, oh, like home will very soon though inheriting paradise, right? So we all enter Paradise together. So how can we ask Allah to make us these believers and to be in paradise with all the prophets and their followers Ameerpet anime. However, as beautiful as that sounds, the nation is still divided

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Ruidoso reality right afterwards, but the Kotaku amerihome by Nomura is number 53. Yet they divided among themselves into factions. Right? This is people, people are people last month I mentioned this is how the profits word This is the message people are people people gonna do people things. And that is what they ended up doing breaking apart into groups, and each group who has been divided in him for the home rejoicing in what they have, every group is happy with what they have. This is the sad reality of how people are at the Quran. As you see so amazing. It, it digs deep into like, what it's been bothering a person. Right, you are part of one nation, you are part of the nation of

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believers throughout from beginning of time, okay? But people are people, people will do these things. Don't become disappointed by people. Thus, projecting your disappointing upon a lost power.

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Don't do that. That is just how people are and we have to, you know,

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do whatever best we can in this world to become a believer of that large member of that family of believers. Okay? And that's what allows us for that home, leave them Don't worry about it right now. You can do anything in these differences are resolved until the day of judgment. Now. There's more description of believers and less describes believers. Another really nice passage this time, you know, like, perhaps you're feeling sad because this beautiful message has not been lived up to by the people who should have lived up to it. Right? It's a tough it's a sad thing feeling what can you do, right? But a lot of describes the believers and that's like an uplifting feeling in the living

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in America.

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machete, Robbie machico those who tremble with fear of their Lord, and those who believe in his messages, those who do not associate partners with a love those who when they give to others, what they have been blessed with, right, their hearts are trembling at the thought that they must return to Allah, ie, they're not giving money thinking here for a guy. Enjoy. You know, I look how awesome I am. And look how much I've helped you. No, no, they are like, this guy that I'm giving is helping this is actually me helping myself, I'm helping this person, because obviously this person is in need of help, but the person who really got helped, was me, the person who really want help was me.

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And that is what their hearts I guess their hearts are trembling with that thought that will a lot actually accept this as a offering that's bringing me closer to him or not. So panela and this is, you know, like, it shows that

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it that that's a sign of a sincere individual, someone who wants to do something to please Allah subhanaw taala that thought that this is I'm doing this right now, it doesn't get to their head, it actually keeps them humble. In fact, it drives them to do more, that's a beautiful sign of that individual una eco usati orona Phil, hi rod, those are the people that strive to do good. And they are the ones who are the foremost and because they're always thinking, this is going to be you know, this is my offering to get closer to Allah, it's me helping myself the Prophet, someone's had a, a sheep, or, you know, sheep or a goat, I forgot which one, and there was sacrifice and there was

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meat, and the person gave the shoulder of meat to somebody else, and the other juicy parts of somebody else. And then he asked his wife, Aisha, what's left, she said, Well,

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you know, this little piece of meat is left is like Actually, she she's like this little piece of meat is left by the shoulder and you know, other juicy parts are gone, is like actually the children the juicy parts are left and the little pieces gone, meaning what you have given away for, you know, the the help of someone that is actually what remains, because the edge of it is written, and that adger will be there for you waiting in the next life. So how the law so that truly, truly remains for for eternity. Whereas what you've consumed, it's actually going to be shortly it will finish shortly and there'll be gone. So it's actually a really amazing mindset. And that's the mindset the

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possum is to happen. That's what he was teaching us through that Hadith as well. Now, description of believers, the prophets are some is referenced because he is the Prophet of the believers. You know, the people will say, is he possessed? Like he's saying these things he wasn't he never used to say these things before. But the truth is, he has Javon will have has brought the truth, or a thorough home than happy carry hoon. The reality is their criticism of the prophets. Islam is not because they doubt the prophets character, or there's something wrong with the message. They don't want the message. That's why the easiest target is to shoot the messenger. And that's what they're doing

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here. A lot. Pop law says, you know, if that was the case, if you know, things were to adjust, if truth was to conform to people's desires and whims and base, you know, instincts, then the heavens and the earth, and everything that lives in them would be brought to ruin it. Allah does not let things operate that way. He keeps an order and people will find a way to convince themselves whether, you know, like they will they will mask their desire for the pleasure of this world and luxury by these kind of things, saying that he is possessed and making excuses that are not true about the faith. Also, Allah says, Well, are you asking them for any money? Are you asking for like

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something that will make them poor or something that will, you know, put them in a, in a worse situation than they are right now? No, the prophet was not asking for that. He never asked for that. The rasa was a fairly wealthy man when he, you know, got a revelation. And slowly but surely, he kept losing his wealth. When he got wealth in Medina, in the form of lands that was acquired after a battle and victory and those lands were supposed to the problem. The promise of never lived in those lands. He gave it away to the people who needed it. He gave it away to the homeless, who came from Makkah to Medina. That was who he was awesome.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:55

If he was after money, why would the shadowbanned interest? Why would it band like river all of these things a lot smarter says, What's the reason why would he do this?

00:34:56 --> 00:35:00

Right. Why would a prophet do this when there is no financial incentive?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

For him, in that facade, you will have bigger fail because the reward of your Lord is the best is the best providers. So it's part of law that is one of the evidences that Allah provides. So the Prophet Solomon is a real profit, then the law speaks about the attitudes of the disbelievers in it number 80. He says that, who will levy you he will you meet? Well, after after lady on the house of Allah de Lune is one who gives life and causes that he controls the alternation on the night and day, will you then not understand, but they say the same things that the ancients said. They say, if when we have died and become dust, and bones, will we be raised up again, I number 82. We have been

00:35:41 --> 00:36:20

promised this. Our forefathers were promised this as well. This is just intial of fables of the ancient. Now Allah will respond to this, we'd like some rhetorical questions and answers, who does the earth belong to? Right? Who created it? They will say Allah created it, so long as they want you to pay heed, if Allah created it, don't you think he can resurrect the people who are on it, who is the Lord of the seven skies, and the Lord of the glorious Heaven, who is in charge of all of this incredible cosmos, most of you can even explore, they would say, well it is going to do is in charge of that. That was actually the belief of the Meccans that they acknowledged that there is a God, a

00:36:20 --> 00:36:33

lot is still in charge. But we don't want to worship Allah, Lord, we want to worship this idol, or this rock or this stone. And that's our way to get closer to God. And that's our special God. So if you want to worship him, he pays money. Okay? So that was,

00:36:34 --> 00:36:53

you know, allows us, you know, asking them the real like, deep down reason, and you can ask that of like, people who are monotheistic, but have, you know, tendencies of polytheism in their theology as well. Like who's in control? Allah, right? Allah is the Muslim control, Allah is the Creator, then why would you

00:36:54 --> 00:37:38

put someone else in the place of Allah? Okay. Mumba de Maluku to summon watty, man via the mallacoota cliche, in whose hands lies the sovereignty of all things is protecting all while none can seek protection against him? And that is a loss pantalla so how is it that you're deluded? So these are a rhetorical questions, but somebody who has a bit of a basis and a understanding of who the reality of God is or what the reality of God is. So unless until that removes the possibility that if you have that acknowledgement, how could you then put anybody in the place of God, whether a human being a prophet, or any other thing, okay? And that's the truth that we have revealed to them.

00:37:38 --> 00:38:19

And the ones who don't accept it after having gone through this rhetorical, this this, this reason process in the home look at the one then they are certainly lying definitely to themselves. Okay, then a lot talks about the disbelievers and their end. Again, the surah starts with the believers kind of circles back to talk about the opposite of the believers, which would be the disbelievers. And number 99. A love begins by saying, haha, Elijah, Muhammad, you want to see what it's like? That is when that comes to one of them. When he will say My Lord, send me back, right? This is a person. By the way, this believer here is not someone who was born in a family of non Muslims. This is a

00:38:19 --> 00:38:58

person who's rejected the faith. They are like, I don't want this faith. They have suppressed the inner desire to worship Allah because of access and luxury. They have put others in the place of Allah even though they in their mind and deep down recognize Allah is the one who is in charge, and he's the one who's made everything. Now this person, when that comes to them, they will say, Oh, my Lord, send me back. I Li Armando saleha. So I can do some good works in the world that I have left behind. Can I just get a second chance please? God Allah. Allah said no, never in the hackaday Martin who will call it what it is a meaningless word that you have said, this is a meaningless

00:38:58 --> 00:39:07

statement. You don't mean this? Because if you had meant it, you would have done something in the long life that you hadn't met. Right? And now there is a barrier between you

00:39:09 --> 00:39:51

don't even Buzz off on it. I am you by phone. Now. There is no going back now. It's your in this life of the buzzer. And the life of the buzzer is the waiting period before the Day of Resurrection. I know some of us I mean, Well, hello feet, nice to see you. For either no fear of his soul. Now when the Trumpet is blown, everybody is brought to life. But I am sababa infinite and sababa home then all ties, family ties, relationships, all are done. No one would care about anybody else. No one will ask about anybody else. Well, let us that alone is number 102 of social movement on those whose scales are heavy, their life they lead member the beginning the Quran, describe the lifestyle

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

of the believers. What is it that they're committed to? What is it that they're doing their prayer, their beliefs, their prayer, not indulging in frivolous

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

Activities giving Zakat, keeping their promises in their word. The one who does that their skills are heavy because they've done the work that that was their life that was the the life that they built through their actions. And that is a person whose deeds are heavy on the scale and thus they will be entered into paradise and the one whose deeds of good deeds is light because of a lack of email for a lack of action over that a man then that is a person who see the world for some they have ruined their souls, and then * would be there aboard Delta who would you will have dinner the fire will scorch their faces and they will abide they're in with their faces distorted we asked

00:40:43 --> 00:40:58

a lot of protection from that Allah mentions a scary scene at the end of the sutra was we're not messing my messages. We're not my messages recited to you and did you not reject them? This will be asked of them in the next life in the in hellfire. Did you not hear about this?

00:40:59 --> 00:41:40

The answer is yes. Robin Allah Bataan inertia Katana Yeah, we heard about it Our Lord but our misfortune overcame us and we were a people who were wrong. Look at this even in Hellfire they make excuses all I was just a bad luck. I got I got dealt a bad hand, Lola but Allina shekhawati. Right. Notice they didn't deny that they never heard the message. Right? When he says, you know, didn't you hear the messages that they didn't say? No, we never heard of this. Because no one goes to hellfire. Who never has heard of the message that can't happen a lot doesn't punish people until they have received the message. So they're now looking at the miserable state, even in hellfire. They're like,

00:41:40 --> 00:41:44

Well, you know, it just it's bad luck. We're in a bad time, bad place.

00:41:46 --> 00:41:47

Cortana now they say,

00:41:48 --> 00:42:27

oh, Lord, please deliver us. And you know, and if we go back to doing our bad stuff, then we will definitely be wrong doors. That's a ridiculous. That's a nonsensical excuse. So that says so if you have a lot to cut the moon, stay there. Be quiet. Don't speak to me. Okay? Because you had your chance. And even now you're still blaming, how you were in the world? How do you think you're gonna go back and change it? And then last as in sort of number six. And if Allah returns them, to the man who won, they will go back to being the way they were because their life record is who they are. Right? And that's the reality that cannot be, you know, cannot be changed cannot be altered. And

00:42:27 --> 00:42:29

that is even if they go back a second time.

00:42:31 --> 00:42:40

And then Allah speaks about how they were believers who preached this message, will live this message and prayed and you made them a laughingstock.

00:42:41 --> 00:42:48

You laughed at their sacrifices, you thought that they were wasting their time, not you know, they're wasting their lives.

00:42:49 --> 00:43:14

Today, they're gonna get their reward. But in the home alpha is doing in his day who have tried a beautiful circle back to the beginning of the surah. The believers have been successful now on the Day of Judgment a lot *'s the disbelievers. They're the ones who have triumphed. Allahu Akbar. So it's a very beautiful surah we asked a lot of makers of the believers and allow us to enter his paradise and deliverance from his fire, I mean,

00:43:16 --> 00:43:30

the next door is worth more than syrup nor is a very heavy surah This is a heavy surah with a capital H and it is revealed in Medina and it was revealed with a very interesting backdrop.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:37

It has actually a very unique beginning very, very few students begin the way surah Noor begins.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:39


00:43:40 --> 00:43:45

it actually has a background which is the end one of the battles one of the expeditions.

00:43:46 --> 00:43:49

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

00:43:50 --> 00:44:14

had, the wife of the Muslim had actually lost her way in the as the caravan had stopped, if and the caravan of the Prophet and the companions as they were coming back from the expedition moved on without recognizing that Ayesha is not in her in her camel buggy you know, because I had a buggy on top of a camel so they didn't realize she wasn't there.

00:44:16 --> 00:44:59

And they just left and she had actually gone to use the I use the restroom in fact sorry gone to excuse me look for something that she had lost after using the restroom. So she's now deserted in like the middle of nowhere but you know she was calm and whatnot. And then one of the one of the lobby who was trailing the caravan approach recognize that this is Ayesha recognize that you know how she has been left behind by mistake and quickly offered her a right on is Campbell disembark from his Campbell Ayesha rode the camel and he was holding the camels, you know, rope as they walked into Medina. Now as he entered Medina that

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

Scene caused the people or incited the people who were hypocrites, those who were living a lie. Those who were saying that were Muslims were they were not Muslims. They were like, Oh, this is a juicy opportunity to really stick it to the prophets of Allah. How so they accuse I shall have the larhonda of the unfathomable, which is the accused her of having an affair with another person while she is the wife of the porcelain. And she's the daughter of workers to do it. She is the purest of the pure, okay. And Subhanallah this was an accusation, you would think that people would just rubbish it, but people talked about it. People were like, when did you hear this? Whoa, right. And

00:45:43 --> 00:45:45

that was something that

00:45:47 --> 00:46:05

the province of them was at a loss to like, like, what do you say in this situation right? As people talking, and these are your people talking, and it was a very, very difficult time for the prophets of Salaam and his family. And this surah the beginning of it is revealed by Allah as a

00:46:06 --> 00:46:50

as a lot clearing the name of Isaiah forever and in the most amazing manner as if it needed to be cleared, but because of the circumstances that she like, there was nobody who could speak for her definitively. So Allah spoke for her definitively. Okay, at ending this matter, and what so let's, let's look at the introduction here the introduction says sudo nandana, ha, ha ha, ha, he hired me to the Caruso chapter, which We have revealed, and we made obligatory for us, it has ruins are uncertain that he is we have revealed in it clear signs, so that you may take heed the unlock una de karoun, so that you can maybe understand what's going on.

00:46:51 --> 00:47:36

The idea of this surah is that a laws law is a light, sort of new means light, new, it comes the word comes from this is number 35. And a law describes himself as the light of the skies of the earth. That's where the name of the surah comes from. And that's the theme of the surah that Allah law is in light. Now, what is the thing here that Allah is going to speak about? He's going to speak about the ruling of adultery. What happens if a unmarried couple engage in adultery? What happens when a husband catches his wife in the act of adultery? Right, all of those rulings are mentioned here. Again, I won't be able to go into the details of explaining them to you, but the first 10 is

00:47:36 --> 00:48:23

explained that Okay, now, the next 11 to 26 goes back to the backdrop against the acquisition of Chateau de la ronda. And that is when Alice patola puts the a D like he deals with everybody. Let's put it that way. He deals with the hypocrites first, those who brought up the sand the slander were a band from amongst you, okay? This is not like a foreign. No, this is not from polish. Okay, this is from within the people of Medina. All right. And these are the hypocrites of the people in Medina. But unless as and that's a really amazing point. Last of all, Sharon Lacombe who hydrolock don't think that this is some witch misfortune. One thing that this is like a bad thing, this is

00:48:23 --> 00:49:04

actually a good thing. And this is how we are taught to look at life there is good at every turn, just have to be patient to see it. You have to just be patient enough to recognize the wisdom in what Allah has done to you. We don't believe a lot of mysterious things. We actually believe Allah does the things with the most wisdom, we are the ones who can see his wisdom at all times. So we take a break, and wait until that wisdom becomes apparent. And this was the last time the Prophet don't think this is a bad thing, because there's some good that's coming. And here's the good that's coming. Number one, everybody who spoke who participated shall be like they are going to have their

00:49:04 --> 00:49:51

accumulated sin and they are going to be held accountable for their sin. So no one's going to get away scot free All right, the one who were lucky but ah who mean who knows other one I've been the one who took the greater part the Abdullah bin away even salute the hypocrite leader who started this this gossip and stoke the the fan the flames, this one Allah says has a terrible punishment in the author so that Allah says no one's gonna get away scot free. Then he first addresses the believers because it's disappointing what they had done. How is it or believing men and women that when you heard this, you didn't say that if this is a manifest lender, not all of them like the some

00:49:51 --> 00:49:59

of those habits said that okay, but there were enough even like there was few, but one is more than enough in this case.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:09

who participated in the slander one believer participating in a slander against the wife of the robbers alum, the daughter of a workers D as one to many. But there were there was a few of them.

00:50:10 --> 00:50:52

Others who didn't say anything, others, of course, openly publicly rejected it. But Allah is addressing them all because it's a disappointing lead down. Why didn't everybody say this is a manifest lender? It's completely false. Why didn't they ask for due process, Joe and he automatically Shahada that's the due process in Islam for establishing the validity of such claims. If Allah wasn't for a lot of grace and mercy, there will be a terrible punishment and store waiting for what you have just done. And then Allah goes back, you were spreading it with your tongues, and seeing with your mouth, that which you had no knowledge thinking is nothing, no big deal. That's a

00:50:52 --> 00:51:16

Buddha, who hyena and while we're in the law, your lien, but in the sight of a law, it was a very serious matter. The honor of a Muslim woman, any Muslim woman is a serious matter. And to to, to to break down her honor or to attack her honor is one of the major sins of Islam, by the way.

00:51:17 --> 00:51:25

And this particular situation was not just any Muslim woman, this is the mother of the believers, arguably the most influential woman,

00:51:27 --> 00:51:29

a woman in our history, I should have the law on her.

00:51:30 --> 00:51:35

Arguably the most influential scholar of our history. I shall have the lowdown. Okay.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:59

And here you are talking about her in this way. All right. Well, I would love it Samir, to move to my akuna Why didn't you even just say it's not right for us to speak about this. If you didn't have the courage to say this is wrong? Where's the process? Why didn't you even just see at the bare minimum? This is not right. Who are you speaking about her? So baja naka de Wooten nothing This is a monster slander.

00:52:01 --> 00:52:20

A lot of this is the believers and these are stern words. As as mentioned to you. When Allah when there is criticism warranted a level criticize, when there is praise warranted, he will praise. So this is Allah says Yakumo low and thorough do limit the evidence. Don't ever go back doing that again, in contempt, meaning

00:52:22 --> 00:52:47

speaks about the hypocrites, they are going to have a severe punishment. Don't you worry about it, or profit will take care of them. You don't have to worry about that. Okay? He addresses that believers. How did this happen? Root Cause you were following the footsteps of the devil. That's why it happened. Don't do that. Don't get into these like whimsical desires. But it'll purify yourselves, Watch your tongue. Be careful what you say.

00:52:50 --> 00:53:15

This ayah is the one that says the one who accuses chase to believe in women who are unaware that their their honor has been attacked. This is a person who's cursed in the world and the next, okay, I eat this is like a major sin and Allah will take them to task for it because the honor of a Muslim woman is in many ways, in fact, in many ways, the honor of the Muslim and is a sacred thing, and cannot be

00:53:16 --> 00:54:04

attacked willy nilly, or the RF any, you know, honor of a person is a sight as has sanctity, the honor of a believer, man or woman is even more sacred, but the believing woman is even more than that. And that is what this ayah and the surah is highlighting. So hon Allah and then Allah clears Of course, as if there was any clarification needed. That corrupt moment occur for corrupt men, okay, the ones we're, we're coming together to cause this ruckus. They're all corrupt and they belong to each other, and righteous women will die Eva to the Libyan righteous women. I shall, on the one hand, are for the righteous, pure men, the prophet Sunnah, that he went on to talk about and

00:54:04 --> 00:54:42

the righteous men the pure men are for the pure women in the Prophet for Ayesha hula ECOMOG, para una Maya Kowloon, they are absolved from anything that the others may say. And for them is a forgiveness and an honorable provision for the patience that they had to endure this difficulty with. So, this is the acquisition I shot the if that is mentioned here. The next passages speak about the rules about social interaction, how do you enter someone else's house? Do you just like open the door and walk in? In fact, no, you should knock the door and should ask their permission, okay. And when you have asked permission, you should greet them by saying Salaam these are important

00:54:42 --> 00:55:00

things because this relates to what happened here. These things, you know, happen when you know there is a lack of clear protocol on how genders will interact. And when there's a lack of clear protocol. It creates these kinds of problems. It creates gossip, it creates situation

00:55:00 --> 00:55:11

membership one can come in and Stoke, you know the fire of fitna. So Allah addresses that point he addresses about of course, like you know, if you own the house, you know, like

00:55:12 --> 00:55:51

or you have something valuable in the house and nobody knows go get it. But the I had, you know, like this detail rulings that are mentioned here in this sort of that isn't actually mentioned in other parts of the Quran in this kind of format. Because these are important considerations. And this is a sutra that talks about these interactions talks about lowering degrees you know, don't check out women or men don't check out women the aluminum sorry him when I follow Fujifilm laurio gaze IE Don't stare and you know, check out how they look and whatnot, your whole domain of sight of him I follow Fuji home and protect your your privates you remain chaste. Then the eye of hijab

00:55:51 --> 00:56:14

begins by telling the believing women to do the same thing. You also believe in women don't check out men who are not like your husband and whatnot don't like look at them in that way. And your father for Jehovah remain chaste, stay away from circumstances of influences that can cause you to become the you know unchaste and then I had talked about a what is a jab,

00:56:15 --> 00:56:21

you know, the the eye of hijab is mentioned with quite a lot of detail. There is a

00:56:22 --> 00:57:11

parallel to this in it number 58 where Allah talks about how we should you know, entering homes and then entering rooms, how we should treat train our children to not enter our private homes or private rooms, excuse me, when a couple is you know, either intimate or they would have been like post intimacy, right. So, there is some etiquette there children need to learn those etiquettes and that is mentioned here because all of these things add up. This is like a system that when it's in its, in its aggregate, protects. Everyone keeps the the the sanctity of what needs to be sanctified in its place, and honorably allows people to go about their business

00:57:12 --> 00:57:57

speaks about hijab for older women and number 60 hijab for older women of color luminesce allottee layer do Monica Han Felisa Allah in the united and Yolanda Thea Bona, lay it on with a buddy Jonathan buzina elderly women, there's no blame on them if they take off their hijab, because they are beyond the age of marriage, the fifth law of why a girl wears hijab which is, you know, her beauty and her charm that is, you know, very easily visible and the very apparent and self explanatory, really, that hijab, it's a protector, it's a barrier, it's a protection from that for her and for others. Whereas now, once a woman has reached a stage that it's no longer the case, then

00:57:57 --> 00:58:36

the hijab is no longer necessary. However, if they were to do it, that is better, again, shows you the reason for why a job is worn. And that is mentioned here, rulings about how do you hang out with friends and family? And how do you eat with them? Whether you are in their house alone, or you're with them, you know, together, there is etiquette and these etiquettes all of them are coming together talks about social interaction together. And that's what makes a you know, a that's like a part of our identity. These ideas are mentioned in there and also talks about this beautiful ayah Allah who knows somehow what the will of Allah is.

00:58:38 --> 00:59:24

A law is the light of the heavens and the earth. His light may be compared to a niche containing a lamp, and the lamp inside a crystal of starlight brilliance, lit from a blessed olive tree, neither of the East nor of the West. This is actually describing that Allah is the light of the sky of the earth. It is that a lot himself is light. And he is the source of light. He is like like metaphorically as well like His revelation is light. His laws are light, his religion that he has sent His light illuminates from darkness. And here methyl, nudie he is like the example of the believer was following the light of Allah is like that of a lamp. That is so brilliant. It's

00:59:24 --> 00:59:59

brilliant from the inside the lamp itself is brilliant like a star and so amazing that without even being ignited, it is bright without even maybe being at its best the believer is illuminating and radiant. And then this brilliant light is contained in a a lamp that is like crystal and then the lamp is in the niche. So this light is not just it's it's a beautified it has its boundaries. It's beautified as many layers to this beautiful example that describes it the believer is neuron. Allah knows

01:00:00 --> 01:00:48

He is or she is light upon light, the light of a laws revelation following that the light of being a believer in the in a follower of the Prophet Salaam, the light of being part of this large family of believers that extends and transcends time. neuron la Noria de la who dinorah. He Manisha la guys to his light whoever he wants, you know there's people who accept this them out of nowhere there's people who are born into a Muslim family and the Muslim family is barely Muslim. But then Allah guides one of them to his light and in ways change. And that is the example I gives. It is a lot drawing people into his guidance, while it will love them equally shine on him. It's a beautiful

01:00:48 --> 01:00:56

parable. It describes how the believers exude a lot of light. feeble you did it in a low end and for fire.

01:00:57 --> 01:01:43

houses where a loss and remembrance is raised right? The houses of the believers were Allah His name is mentioned the believing men and women too but here particularly men because it's true for varying what a few Sahaba who are not distracted by business or trade or worldly occupations. They're not distracted by that from the remnants of Allah. That is the sign the person who is illuminated by the light of a lost path Allah, they established a prayer to give them a cat. They're afraid that they're going to stand in front of a lost part Donna, right that is all of that together. So Pamela is the believer exuding the light of Allah, Allah, the rejecter of Allah is a like Allah says, oh,

01:01:43 --> 01:02:30

Guru mountain Fie Buhari logy darkness upon darkness, and a deep ocean covered by waves blowing, blowing over eight waves and overcast with clouds. Right deep ocean that's dark above that is more waves, more darkness above that is overcast, with clouds, more darkness Luma tune bow will have to come out. So Panama so dark in Africa, the whole American era. If he stretches his hand out, he can scarcely see it. And that's the parable of the one who rejects the light of the last popular. There's also a passage about the hypocrites, who as mentioned before were big troublemakers. But they were there the projectors of the profits are solid inside enemies, and they are in a darkness

01:02:30 --> 01:03:11

as well. Then Allah mentions how their state is, concludes the surah concludes by saying following the messengers also limb is a light is a source of blessing and light that Ajani Dora are Sunni by the conquered, oh, combined, I do not treat being called by the messenger, like being called by one another. God knows those of you who slip away on some pretext that those who go against his order, be were less than a fiction before them, or they receive a painful punishment. Like the Prophet sins command is unlike the other person's command, you know, being cautious and adhering to his Sunnah is the way is the light as a beautiful ending to the surah because this war began again, talking about

01:03:11 --> 01:03:46

those who strayed very far away and hurt the Prophet Salah. And here it talks about the believers that they are following the porcelain adhering to his way and that's the way I like to handle that somehow that's the end of the sutra sort of reply as I mentioned a very small amount of it is in this juice. We will talk about it tomorrow be the night Allah does not knock everybody for sticking around to the end. inshallah see you all tomorrow, same time, same place. The Sahara online mentions Mashallah that these verses are really scary. Absolutely. People are always, you know, doing character assassinations of each other. That is very, very inappropriate and very unbecoming

01:03:46 --> 01:03:59

behavior. For a believer We ask Allah for good manners that are enlightened by his light. I mean Yella. palominos Aquila. Hi, everybody. I'll see you all tomorrow. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

A Juz A Day (18th): Believers are Successful, Allah’s Law is the Light

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This juz includes Surah Al-Mo’minoon (23), Al-Nur (24) and Surah Al-Furqan (25).

Surah Al-Mo’minoon – Believers Are Successful
Surah Al-Nur – Allah’s Law is A Light

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