Observe Laylatul Qadr But Menstruating

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How Can a Menstruating Woman Observe Laylatul Qadr?

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In that case now, here's the question though what if a woman you know, can't fast? How does she get the most out of Ramadan? And you know, I've had sisters break down crying in front of me saying that it's the last 10 nights and I'm not going to be able to fast I'm not going to be able to pray, you know, later to the other right the last five nights, I'm not going to be able to fast and pray. There's one Hadeeth will lie that should give you a lot of hope. Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that whoever becomes ill and we said the US from analogy there in amount compared a woman who cannot fast to one who is temporarily ill the province license that whoever

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becomes ill, or travels and they miss out on that which they normally would have done a loss of Hannah horchata records it for them in full Howdy, dishonorable hottie Tama. Look at the locking of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, if Allah knew that you were going to stand up and praying that you really had that desire and that Nia last chance, I would write it down not by your standard by his standard. So you would have the full reward regardless, that's number one. Number two, still reading and obviously reading for and that's a long, silky issue.

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Rasulullah saw I saw him he said that to overridable. The A lot of times when he was in the state of Geneva muscle a lot he was telling me said Subhana Allah in the moment, and just the moment the believer never truly becomes impure.

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Okay, he never becomes impure. And actually, there's a long Hadith in Sahih Muslim, where the Jews, the Orthodox Jews, in particular, that the the explanation of the Hadith seems to indicate that these were some of the more conservative Jews from Venezuela, that whenever a woman would be at that time of the month, when she would be on her menses, that she would be abandoned completely, that she wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the house. Right. So how she was treated, like she was like she was doing something wrong. And Allah Subhana hoods Allah revealed facts as facts as the only side, okay to leave the women and their times of menses and the prophets license explained he said the only

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thing that means is not becoming completely intimate with them and the profit slice of them showed in the way that he used to interact with each other the allot of time and things of that sort, that that we obviously don't hold that and actually the Jews of Medina criticized the Prophet slice alone. And they said that he's differing from us, again, even on this issue. Meaning what that we don't see it that way that the woman does not become impure at that time, impure, the only thing that she's prohibited from definitely is from touching the Muslim, not because she's impure, because it requires will.

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Okay, it requires the minor form of purity to be able to touch the most happened to touch the words of the Quran, and she cannot possibly be in that face. So spiritually, she remains in a state of purity, and never becomes impure. So by all means, doing Vica doing the reading, what's holding an iPad, you know, they're intimate, they say that when you're holding an iPad, or you're holding an electronic device, it holds at that moment, it takes the ruling of almost half of the words themselves. So you know, they have ways you know, in the apps that you can turn the page without actually touching the words themselves. At that moment, it functions like a Muslim, from a

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Philippine perspective, that's to be on the safe side. Okay, at that moment, it is almost half. Okay, but still, she can hold that. And she can read from it. And she can you know, the point is not touching the words because that's what requires that's what requires the type of purity that's required just to touch something. So I mean, again, there's a difference of opinions a long discussion, but from a 50 perspective, still doing the character out reading Quran and understanding Krishna London, Allah subhana wa sallam making the drought long enough to fall into Herbalife without finally making the direct to a last panel to Allah to forgive you, in part knew all of that

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still counts. And Allah will still write down the night for you in Charlottetown and a bother because he knows that you would have done it. Yeah, sure. So I was actually in a salon and the man was asked the same question. And he said something beautiful to the sisters. And I wanted to share that here. And that was that not only can a woman not pray and do certain acts in that time. But she's prohibited to do them and her not doing them is actually an act of

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kindness towards this woman in the entire the entirety of the time that she's sleeping and awake and not doing the EVA da that she's normally supposed to do her not doing those ibadat is actually an act of constant constant for her. So that is above and beyond the fact that if she was in a healthy state, or in a pure state, a completely pure state, she would have done them so it's recorded for her anyway above and beyond that. So actually, they it's almost unfair man.