Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Wake Up To The Reality Part Ii

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of seeing in reality, rather than just the physical appearance of things. They emphasize the importance of knowing that seeing is not happening from a source, but from the physical reality of something. The legal framework for finding a car in a room is discussed, along with the need to find a way to prevent future problems and finding a way to prevent slavery.
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Alhamdulillah alameen wa salatu salam ala Salud. While I leave you as heavy as rain for about less rhondella and suitable Hajj, Allah as Rhonda said about the people who did Allah La dama love sir, well, I can tamela kulula TV pseudo law said they are not blind, because the eyes are blind, they are blind, because the eyes, the sight in their heart has is not there

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they are blind with their hearts,

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thermal thermal colluvial latifi pseudo The color is blind, the heart is blind, not because the eyes are blind, they cannot see not because the eyes are blind, but because the heart is blind.

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We understand from this

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that seeing is not nearly the mechanical recognition of a shape or a color or a form.

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But seeing is to get to the actual reality of that thing which we are seeing.

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Like you know, although couplets, the word said when other guys are shaky. He

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said What is this what is the sides which cannot reach the reality of a thing.

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And the only way that we can see the reality of something is

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is when we see that thing with the mother or with the eyes or with the sight of a man

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and that is the whole point of La ilaha illa Allah

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because Allah Allah, Allah Allah, we also mean la noche de la

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Oui c'est la ilaha illa Allah there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, there is no one who can cause any harm or cause any benefit other than Allah, there is no one who fulfilled any of our needs or desires other than Allah.

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And unless we have the man, unless we understand that, under the reality of that coming into our hearts, then though he does not come into acts,

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because the site is forever beguiled and deceived by the shapes and by the apparent force and by the apparent action of the thing.

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For example, to see something happening from a source

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but know that it is not happening from that source, but by the reason of Allah subhanaw taala This is the man

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for example, we see that our livelihood and our

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financial welfare is related to our business. So it's alright so if the business is doing well, then I'm doing well if the business is not doing well and not doing well.

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But to understand that actual financial well being the actual risk has been written by a loss manager and the business will only give that much as has been written,

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it cannot be more and it cannot give less

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to understand this as human.

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I would say if it is already written then why should I do anything? The typical argument

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and the

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the legal for this in the Quran and the Sunnah. There is for this in the Quran is Allah subhanaw taala Varanasi, manifestations of the Jamaat

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Allah subhanaw taala said fun, Giroux will be up doublemint Padilla

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and that's it go and spread out to the land and seek for the fall of Allah outside.

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Now if I two things to remember in this to understand first of all if somebody is telling if I tell you for example,

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in this room

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look for a massage look for a foreign go and search for opera. Is that a reasonable statement? Yes because we know there are children here and keep in mind but the one thing I did do instead is look for

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what is the meaning of that there is no car

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find a car that was ready go and find somebody I didn't know going by no point buying a car what what do you understand from me?

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Don't go look go look for a car there's long bolo forgot what what do you think? What do you assume from that?

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That there is a car somewhere I mean, maybe it's a toy car or something? I would I would have hidden it somewhere we are having some fun some game we are playing right. So your assumption is that if I am telling you go and look for a car in this room, that there is a car

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Otherwise Otherwise it would be senseless. senseless statement. I mean if I'm, if I'm just saying Go Go look for gas

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And you come back and say our there is no character Why are you wasting our time right? So Allah subhanaw taala does not make a template statement. If Allah said go look for your father, look for my father, it means the father is there.

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But it also means the father will not come and volunteer a lap by itself Allah said go look for it one does you fill out.

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So, we will say why should you work?

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So, this is the beautiful

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details of both the lessons number one, that you have to go look for it and number two, it is already there, you didn't make it.

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So, it is not going to increase or decrease because of what you are doing. immutable data centers, the beauty beauty of one zero Villa the villa.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala said and then a vicar of Allah de la Sierra while you are searching for a bottle of Allah continuously remember Allah subhanaw taala

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that's why the head is always Allah Zilla where is it there are lots of mountains that feed the bird it leaves its nest hungry and goes out and comes back with its belly full

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and that's why I always jealous man that defeats the word but not in the nest.

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But as the world

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walked over the land, that is the whole point the whole point of saying when we say laptimer upset well I can dabble kuruvilla tip is to do as I said the the beauty of a man the beauty of the beauty of this Deen is that it helps you to see the reality of the thing.

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So, we see that there is a disease and we see that there is a medicine and we take the medicine but we know that the cure comes from Allah not from the medicine,

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we open our job and we do our business, but we know that this business is a means for me to Anjana not for me to fill my belly.

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So therefore in that business, if there is anything which is haram I will not touch it and of course I thought in the end the agents of Japan will come and say no no, but you know our little bit Our 15% is all right 10% is all you

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know ironic How can

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the agent of Japan was no but if you don't do this you will starve Santa

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comes at Listen to me

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I will not stop because my rap fiddling with this other than not when the business shuts down I will delete

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it which is written for me it has to come

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can handle a large drop does not go into my body I cannot die

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It will not written for me all the business in the world cannot feed me

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why you're doing business to engender

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not to eat food that is actually not the Happy Cat is that why would a business longin

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not with food less water feeds This is a very one source one some other source some other source and inshallah May Allah make it possible for us to for him to feed us and to show us his father up by feeding us without a source and

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then we see the direct

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Hong Kong Allah Subhana Allah which is Amazon with mbsr manual is visiting and bring in a room

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and there is out of season fruit. Where was the source? What source? Unless and

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unless Rhonda said and she knew where it was coming from this is a very rare is it? Yeah Maria Rhonda kihavah

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jisa Rahman de la Zola, Donna

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and the the way I always reflect on the combination of Oprah say the way this little girl is telling her uncle without she is not even surprised.

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Can you just imagine that she is not even surprised and imagine supposing something happens will fall down reflect unconscious will be so strongly that will lose consciousness or that

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she is not which is why you are doing this.

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And record Allah Allah never another question. He never was the organisers or whatnot things. She knows what he is asking. She knows the answer. When she gives the answers. He knows what she's saying.

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Neither is She surprised knowledge is a waste.

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And the moment is is that what does he do? He was a standard in the era. He was done there is and he may have gotten as far as deliver what he wanted.

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Because people these are the people

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the people who, whose

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sight was true

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or not bigger than deceived by the skull and by the forms and shapes of the Zuni

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Daniel behind this thing is what?

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So we ask Allah Subhana Allah is acting as one that is the last one that I will decide on.

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He's not worried about what is my condition What is my wife's condition?

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Allah you are the one who gives. So Give.

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Give because you can give, not give because you can give.

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We don't need a reason for you to give, give because you can give, give because only you can give. We ask you because only you can give. Nobody else can you

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and that is the essence of ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to the reality of this beautiful Deen which will free us from the slavery to everything on the face of the earth and bring us into the slavery of Allah subhanho wa Taala was the only one worthy that we should be a slave. For Salah Allah Allah. Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was

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