Nouman Ali Khan – Quran Week Surah At-Talaq Reflections

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © A person is sharing their experience of visiting a study on the Quran and how it has been eye opening. They mention that they are unsure of the exact details but hope to see more participants soon. They also mention that they are currently traveling to Maryland to attend a study and encourage listeners to consider the Quran.
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Well, I'm

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pretty exhausted right now just finished day five of Quran week here in Union City, New Jersey. I've been covering suits of the loc. And today we reached eight ayat. And what's been now about 15 hours of lecture. And it's been really eye opening. I mean, every time I do a fun week, it's eye opening, but this one's just been on a different scale, even the kinds of question and discussions that people are having around the junctions of divorce in the Quran, and how will that talks about meeting what kind of instructions he gets. It's been really, really eye opening. So I mean, I'm in the thick of it. Now, I can't even think beyond that. But I'm hoping that the coming are on weeks

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that are coming across the United States, I think I'm going to be leaving the country in summer. So there's a few that are lined up. and Maryland is I think the one that's coming up next. I hope you guys join in because I'm really trying to inspire a deeper approach to the study and appreciation of the Quran. So it's not just the week that you're attending. Hopefully it becomes a part of your life that you're engaging in more deeply and both in terms of seed unto the Lord so I hope I'll see you then I'm article

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