A Common Misconception Between Men and Women

Ammar Alshukry


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A guy's when, when a woman is being friendly with you.

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How often would you take that as being a sign that she's interested in you?

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scale of one to 10? What would you say?

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A solid seven, right? For a woman's being friendly with you. A solid seven. That's that's, that's a 70%. Now sisters, I asked you the question. If you're being friendly with a guy on a scale of one to 10 How high does it rate that you're actually interested in them?

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A two, one or a zero or one or zero? You see that? You see the discrepancy? That's the problem. Yeah. There's there's something called

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they're a solid seven. And that's true guys are like man, she really likes me. Yeah, I mean, while Myskina sister is just, you know, trying to get her homework done or you know, she's trying to get