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AI: Summary © The historical account of the Day of Judgment is a crucial part of arcada, leading to the death of the Earth and the Day of Jgment. The event is a crucial part of arcada, with loggers such as the Alaysha, Hodge, and New Jordan of Islam discussing their positions and the importance of the Day of Judgment. People denying afterlife and negative behavior can lead to negative behavior, and the Day of Judgment is a crucial part of arcada, bringing people to relief and feeling like they are in control.
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TV, Mohammed Allah Allah

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could use number 17 starts with Surah ambia. And he also has sort of had inside the two suitors. Now Surah ambia starts with a very

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specific example in the prophets Allah Allah has was like where the, where the non believers have surrounded the practice a lot and and they're making mockery of the mandate denying the day of judgment and they make a mockery of the day of judgment and so on. And Allah azza wa jal, he brings certain delight, and he brings certain evidences for the Day of Judgment. And what he does is that he says, and before the day of judgment, he brings evidences for his own existence as one God. And for that, he says, look at the fact that people on the earth, they want power, if there were two gods or more than one God, then many of them would have fought with one another to try and get the

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eventual power. This is in number 2122 23, and so on. And what you find is that allows me by opening up the senior scenario with Mohammed, Salah Harrison and having a lot of difficulty with these people, what these people are doing is that they're throwing one argument again, after another argument, Allah throws back the arguments. So they are saying, you know, things that that that show the, the,

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that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is a person who is lying, and what what Allah shows is that there is truthful in this, and he says, one crucial thing that, look at the water itself, that that is your life, and I gave you that look at the earth is now number 2931. Look at the earth and have made the earth and the skies that are above you, and the night and day that are created. And all of these that are created is for one purpose, which is that I'm going to give you goodness, and I'm going to give you evil on this earth and through goodness, and evil, I'm going to test you, which is I'm number 35. And then he says that they still mock you, when they look at you they mock these verses

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of the Quran. And when they will come on the Day of Judgment, that's when they will have regrets of the punishment that they will face. And they will not be able to remove the punishment from themselves. This is number 40 and 41. And then he challenges them says that when you when you're traveling, who is the one that protects you, because when you're traveling, you're actually vulnerable. And that's when you see the true side of a man of who he actually has as his protector. So after all of this erupted, it erupted down to the day of judgment and says on the Day of Judgment, all these actions will be weighed This is item number 47. And that's when we'll find out

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what the truth is. Now this all can be shown in the defense of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and to for him to actually see the power of Allah within that eventually he will get the help of Allah, no matter how many enemies he has. Then Allah mentioned the MBL Alhamdulillah Salaam stories. So from number 51, you see the story of Brian. And he is arguing with people about the one turn turn on the door. And when they don't believe he actually smashes the idols and when that happens, they tried to burn him. And when they tried to burn him, Allah says to the fire or fire you become cool and safe for everyone. So now I am number 69. So Allah showed how he saved a rhinoceros around from his

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enemies. Then he shows

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how he saved Luther Lancelot from his enemies.

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Salute Ahmed Salaam, his his say, Allah saving him is in number 7370 or 75. Then he shows my new holla Hassan again he was with the enemies and he had no way out on the last showdown he drowned all his enemies. Same thing, then about Gouda, no Suleiman and I said I'm 7879 how Allah gave them power of the earth or raining on the earth, then about a UVA laser line number 83 how he was completely left without family and anyone you know, around him, Allah gave him his family back. And then about Eunice la Salam in number 87 how he was in the belly of the whale, and he had no way to know you get people that are mocking him and people that are not believing in him and then Allah saved him. And

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then about Zachary alley, Sam, who's left without any offspring, and he's asking ALLAH and then about Miriam, allow Hannah, how about her and about her fate. And each one of these examples of logins to the progress of the law allows him to give him strength within himself. And he says to us, that no matter what is happening by the end of it, all the signs of the last hour will come and then the day of judgment will occur. So yeah, you might do that again mentioned in number 96. and thereafter, Allah azza wa jal mentions about the about the actual day of judgment and how it will occur, number 104105, and so on, and it all boils down again, right down to the fact that Ally's

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recording everything and he says in ooyala manjaro minako.

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whether whether you actually hide something, whether it's like in the open wherever you actually uttered your mouth, I know what that is. And even even the province of London doesn't know about the specifics of the of the Day of Judgement. But only Allah is the one that holds the specific knowledge and without the surah ends. Now surah * begins in Surah Hodge is a surah that starts straightaway with the catastrophe of the dead now, Lord soon as you will see, one by one, slowly starting to talk more about the dead government, because the Day of Judgment is a crucial part of arcada. If you have got, the more fear you have the Day of Judgment, the more you will actually fear

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Allah. So on the day about the Day of Judgment, Allah opens up in the Surah Surah. Hi. And it talks about people being drunk on the dead, but they're not really drunk during punishment. And then he talks about these people who actually denying the actual afterlife and he says, Well, if you're denying the afterlife, why don't we look at the actual cycle that are creating from yourself that I created you from? Nothing really from from actually dust, dust, and then from, from *, and so on? So if you've been created from nothing to something, and why are you denying again, that nothing can come to something even if you did, and you're nothing, something can come out of it. And it

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gives us the example in line number five, about the about the greenness on the earth, and once it dies is no rains, it becomes a drought and after that Allah brings renewed rain again, and a new form of life after the earth was cracked and dry. And it says that this human being is one that fails to recognize his true load. And each time the human being starts to when he has something good. When he has something good. He knows how to just forget a lot of money has something bad, he then comes back to Allah, this is it number 11. Allah says in the end, not nothing will be of his avail, because when he comes on to the Day of Judgment, he's gonna have to face the consequences,

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whether it's going to be the the Jews, the savarez, or the sabians, the Christians, the fire worshippers, those who Polish associate partners with Allah dissolved in it, number 17. Allah says in Allah hi of silibinin, Yama, Yama, all of them, Allah will judge judge them on the Day of Judgment. And the judging will lead to either some of them being in the fire and trying to crawl out or asking Allah to come out of the fire, in boiling water and so on. And they will not be able to come up with a number 22 but they will also lead to certain people who've done the right thing and then believed and then good actions and they will have clothes of silk in general. And they will

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have many you know, forms of gold and many pearls and so on in general. This is number 24 then allows origin moves on to a great sacrifice that we can make for let's say from the earth, which is Hutch and the IRS about Hodge are mentioned. Brian Melissa Rossum starts off by building a house in Iowa number 26. And he makes the call and all people who are able to make it to this house house that will come and Allah says the purpose again is for people to actually concentrate and to know that there are many signs here, where the where the signs are there in the actual harem itself and around the huddle. And this is number 28. And the sacrifices that we make Allah says that these

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sacrifices, none of it will come to me but what will come to me is the taqwa and the God consciousness you have in your heart. And that that's what what all is doing is about that anything that we do whatever is in is in our hearts of the fear of Allah, that is what's going to emerge for us on the Day of Judgment. If you look at it, number 37, you'll see that then Allah says to us that from all these different nations that have come before you, one replaced another, another replace to another. And these basically what I like to say is that these Mexican people are going to be gone, and there's going to be another nation that will that will come after them and they will replace

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them. And this is Allah's way of dealing with people and those who strive towards towards evil, nothing will happen except that they will come to Hellfire and 51 and those who will come towards good, Allah will give them forgiveness and He will give them a good,

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a very noble

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sustenances number 50. Eventually, Allah azza wa jal talks about the very true things that will bring us closer to him. And he says that each and every one of us needs to believe in these things that those people who are striving because we will be striving to try and get closer to our lives than those of us who will be striving even whether we die or whether we are slaved in the path of Allah, Allah will look after us in the end, and 58 those of us who want to find a way and want to find a way to try and find relief in a hospital for what's going on around us. Allah says, Well, he's the only one that will give us that relief. And if you look at the next verses, it will tell us

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that Allah is in control of everything. So he's in control of the of the shifts on the on the seeds, he's in control of the actual resurrection is itself. He's in control of all the arguments on the day of judgment and number 69. So what have you got to worry about? So by mentioning all of this, what the suitor does is that it starts off

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With the day of judgment and people who are denying their judgment, it tells us about hugs and tells about true essence of faith. And by saying to us that look, if you if you continue to have the true essence of faith, eventually Allah azza wa jal will become our molar and that's one of the last verses of this of the surah. He'll become our master or guardian, our close one and what better Guardian approach something you have than Allah himself and what better help Can you have that aligns of nierman Lola

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and hermina cases

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