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AI: Summary © The importance of love in Islam is discussed, as it is a core part of the Islam system. It is crucial to pursue a relationship with one who is truly love and equal, and is essential to one's identity. The study of love and love in Islam is designed to complement the book and provide more information about the topic. The importance of forgiveness and a daily practice to improve one's love is emphasized.
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in handling Nokia mobile who want to study in order stuff Euro one winner he means with all the unforeseen our silly idea and Marlena may end now for a long holding dinner when we would leave for her

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while she would often die either in the law whether or not she had he Kara what no Mohammed Abdullah who also Salama Allahu Allah you. He was so happy he was in them a lot of my in the critical we should take over his neighbor lytic Allahumma Athena dunya Hassan, Hassan our Pina other than Allah Molina Nyan fauna. One finally mount I lived in I was in a human or a big island.

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So we have deniable enemy. And this is the start of the explanation of the book, this is love.

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And the book is out. By the way, I'm just want to show this in particular, in case you have a copy with a different cover. So if you have it is just basically an updated cover is the same book, but the cover is different.

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this book is about 40 Headies, revolving around love.

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Basically, the love of Allah has eroded primarily. And then the love of Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam and then the love of creation.

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And every book has a story. Every book has a Genesis beginning that makes it possible.

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So I thought in

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trying to convey to you what the book is about, let me explain why it came into existence. And then you will understand what the book is about inshallah. So the story of the book.

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So once a sister comes and she's asking me

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I read the Quran

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and I find the most judgment there.

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I find the Day of Judgment, I find Hellfire I find discipline, I find strictness but where is the love of Allah in the Quran? That is she is saying and expressing in words and in gestures, I'm craving the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. But where do I find it in Islam?

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And in an attempt to explain all of that, and in saying that all the things that she pointed out are important in providing a balance in your relationship with the divine with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And that you can definitely find Allah's love here and here and there.

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At the conclusion of all of that, I felt that if that is a question that someone has, probably a lot of people do.

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And some people express it in ways that are slightly different meaning that I've always been taught throughout my life, that I need to pray

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and being offered the threat of what happens when I don't pray, or Allah will punish you.

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Fast or Allah will punish you gives a cow or Allah will punish you.

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And though all of these things are right, it's accurate.

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But is this the only motivation for us to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala it's definitely a motivation, right? So Hellfire is there to do what? To inspire you to stay away from the one and do what you're supposed to. But is this the only motivation for us to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. So when someone was asked or asked once, you mean that we actually can worship Allah as though just because of love? And they said, Yes, he was surprised. Because he says, I've never heard that before.

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The way that we were taught,

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and the way that our parents taught us was that don't do this, because Allah will punish you do this, otherwise Allah will punish you. But is there another way that complements this not replace it, but complement it?

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And if you take those youngsters who are growing up in non Muslim countries who are being subjected to constant criticism of Islam and constant criticism of religion altogether, meaning religion is all about hate, right?

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But we're not. And particularly a exam is about hate and discipline. That is you find Allah azza wa jal being very judgmental, very quick to punish. If you don't do Allah will take you to hell. And then they add to this look at how some Muslims interpret Islam in terms of acts of violence. You don't see any love in that way.

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So those Muslims

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When they see that it does affect them.

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So if Islam is all about

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hate speech, Islam is all about hurting the other. And this is what I found with my teachers, with my parents, then I don't want Islam anymore, especially that popular culture seems the praises of love.

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You've heard, love solves everything. And love is the answer, and love and no hate. So that is very attractive. So they say this is attractive. This is nice. But I don't locate that in Islam. What can I find that in Islam? Is it all about being judged? If I don't, and judge if I do.

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So that internally, there seems to be a need for us to discuss and understand love in Islam. And externally, as we said, you have critics of Islam, or non Muslims who will say Islam is not about love.

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It's devoid of it.

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Or they would they want to emphasize loss in Islam, they will emphasize interpretation of love within the rubric or the umbrella of Islam, that exaggerate love at the expense of Allah's revelation. So there are interpretations of love in Islam, mystical, that seek to unite with the divine.

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That is, if you really love Allah, you could love him so much that you can unite with them. And it's a very attractive idea. Because that love is all consuming. You could love everything, and everyone

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and then the law does not hold its sway anymore because once you enter the realm of love, everything becomes

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So that interpretation is actually emphasized externally and some Muslims when they hear that they think that is love in Islam, those are the proponents, the experts of loving Islam, whereas it isn't, because it contradicts the Quran. And it goes against the Sunnah of Rasulullah Hilaire salatu salam so love remains undiscovered.

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How do I love Allah subhanho? wa taala? How do I love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam? What is the basis of my relationship with other people, Muslims in particular, but also non Muslims? What is the basis of that relationship?

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So there is a need to focus on love in Islam, and to extract it, not from our not from desire, not from what people said and wrote, but basically go back to the Quran and say, Where do you find it? Go back to the Sunnah and say, where can you locate it? And what did the scholars of Islam say about love?

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So this book collects 40 Hadith.

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From verses Allahu alayhi salatu was surrounded all of them talk about love. And the primary focus in the beginning of it is the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then the love of Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam. And then we end to other notions and under undersensing of love.

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So love between the spouses, the idea of a soulmate the idea of romantic love, the idea of love and hate, can you have love without hate? The idea of love being an absolute good

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because you are living in a culture and it's a global culture at this moment, where you are supposed to do what you authentically feel is right for you.

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You would mean this right or wrong? That do whatever you feel like as long as this is your truth, as long as this is what you love. As long as it is love underlying bad then it's okay.

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So we want out understand this is love and absolute. Does it have a moral compass of its own? Or does it need to be guided can love at times be extreme and can love autonomy harmful? So the idea in sha Allah in this series is to have a holistic understanding of what love is, and to locate love in Islam. So our motivation for love is not only over motivation for a bad

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for with Allah azza wa jal is not only and simply based on do or Allah will can tell you and judging there has to be something else and in fact, there is something else. So, when it comes to the better

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I'm gonna just basically come in covering the introduction of the book.

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When it comes to Riba,

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the definition of it, right? And this is taken from the words that we know completely wrong, people love it. He's not alone in that definition. He says, What are you going to tell you I was waiting in line, it will be the Lion, The Lion King put me on hold. It says,

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Worship. If someone were to ask you define it. What makes up a burger.

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He says it has two principles are to Foundation,

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our most love with utmost humility and surrender.

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Meaning you can faith love and complete surrender.

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So that if you are to worship someone, you must have those two.

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And if you have one without the other, that is not hold worship.

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So if you have someone completely and fully, but you do not surrender and submit to them, that is not already by the

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right. You will me.

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And if you surrender and submit to someone, but you don't love them, but you're compelled to submit to that, like a tyrant, he tells you to do and you do because you're afraid and only afraid. But you don't like them, and you don't love them. He says this is not called a guy that has a history of sliding, and suddenly you love with all of your heart, and surrender with all of your hard earned money. And that is only

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so here, he's telling us we're having a lot of data,

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that you cannot worship Allah Who

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am I right?

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That what is being said, you cannot worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, without love.

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So love is essential. Hope and Healing come to complement. But essential relationship that you have with your Creator is a relationship of love.

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And enforce a surrender

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your love and love and equal, you don't want to have a spouse. That's a warm type of love. You're open as long as one who is superior to you. But nonetheless, you love him.

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And you don't love him one part of your heart.

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Yanni, there was a statement attributed to isa it said,

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below Have you put your

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love of life with all of your heart? Now live some of it.

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Because if you don't get some, then the rest of it is reserved for something else and someone else? No, he says love a lot with all of your heart.

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And that is triggered. And that is to heat. And in fact, if we take it back a step

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another statement from him no putting him over. And he says Adam Godwin was to three emoji that you might have

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guessed what I'm quoting. He says I need you to understand that this was said before. Not something that we're inventing now, is something that was said before and asserted that this is the truth about his stuff. He says, The celestial realms, and the earthly realms in this old universe was founded based on love and for it.

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Were in the Holika your ships you want to embarrass the movement of the celestial bodies, the sun and the moon, and the moon and the movement of angels and the movement of animals and the movement of every mover is because

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that is the foundation. You see how and we will talk more of a history that is good. But when he says would you have made it where he actually

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wouldn't love and for it. So and it is something that is non existent at this moment. And Allah says could he and it is Why did Allah so to move it from a point where it does not exist into a point where it exists? Because Allah is the origin loves what

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is existence?

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Otherwise when he created

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when he used to seminars where he gets to know so we feel that it wouldn't be right. So would he create a movie from non existence into existence? If he did not love it?

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You know, he would, either he loves that it be there, or he loves his consequence.

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And that has been what he actually had for him because it's gonna lead a long term to something that Allah has chosen us. Otherwise Allah will not create it along with empathy and that no one can tell us a lot to do anything. So he creates a feeling the sun is there because Allah

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loves it. And the moon, Allah loves him to be there. And he commands to eat us to do A, B and C because he loves what they are going to do when they listen to them. And Allah has a sense the ring, and Allah makes it harder. And Allah makes any call Allah who says no, because of what, because Allah loves it. Otherwise, it does not happen. Either loves it directly, as we said or lost the consequence of it. So this entire we're gonna persuade most every movement of it moves because of

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and in time to think about it. And we're going to be emphasizing these points

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so that we don't forget them. Every movement of yours is a movement based on love.

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So when you eat, why do you need

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consequently, why? He says because of this, because of this, because of that is because

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because you love yourself, you want to nourish your body. So you're feeling that's why you eat. That's why you're dreaming. That's fine work. That's why you have children, even when you run away from something, even when you hate something by doing something.

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Because it's what harms you.

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And why does that matter? Because I have the opposite, which is my benefit. So you hate either because of

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so this is a lost children. And this is his creation. And this is the movement of every living being animals, or humans.

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And we talked about that. Right? that the data is based on what again,

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you got to listen right?

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Love and life and surrender

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and surrender.

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And has anyone like when you're sometimes studying pizza up have felt it a bit dry?

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Don't be shy, is 10 All right, so it can be very dry.

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But there's another way to actually study

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and to say it okay? So, when Allah has noticed, as puts out of

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the Sharia, this is time can you tell me what Allah has had forbidden for you, that you don't associate partners with him. So then he said, as in the one that escorted him, he says to him,

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don't let anyone decide in that level,

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that reserve your most love for Me, love your wife, love your husband, love your children love yourself.

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But that extreme love that full love, get it.

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So, shift is what

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shipping love,

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ship in love. So this is again, I'm putting him on.

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And he says why we should move our environment forward slash ship is a two term types, major and minor, you know with a German mind, he says the major one, the one that ALLAH does not forgive except for the repentance. And he says and He will take a partner with a lot of soldiers that he loves as he or

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she is about that he loves us the most of Allah. And this is making him equal to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, the shift of the polytheist generally is not in terms of the thinking that a creep like Allah, and provide like Allah so that he says that's not the case. They don't really believe that. But they love their idols or love their intercessors who love them ever they are worshiping as much as they love Allah has this ship

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in loving them. And of course when you love someone that much your heart becomes a slave to it, a servant of it, attached to it.

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And that's how and why you have to watch out for what you love.

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And as you have to be careful with whom you give your love to because it can

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either a slide your heart overloaded, take it up to the upper heavens or throwing deep down into the mud.

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It will shake your heart. So the other one was Odin is the best of love. So it's saying ship is about love. And then he also says,

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he says, know that the most beneficial title we're ever had that love that a person can have is that love

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of the one whose love is in your fifth

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that is the love of Allah as the origin is embedded in your heart.

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And you are forever going to be seeking and searching for that love.

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And you will never find it unless you find Allah has the origin. And you will ever be trying to fill that vacuum with human love and material love. But none of these things can take the place of Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah azza wa jal had at hardwired to look for him

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right? That you will always be in complete.

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So you understand the idea of the soulmate? Right? What is the idea of the soulmate?

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The idea that there is one

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person, that if you find them, they will compete soon for the rest of your life, you have to search for them. And unless you find them, you will always be in conflict. That familiar?

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What are we actually talking about?

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That is a loss.

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Because there's so human being that you can fail.

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Because you yourself are incomplete. Anything that you can complete someone, you can get a good match, but you can actually be everything for that person

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is a theory.

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The only one that you need to find to be or actually fully complete and fully content is a farmer. And he put this inside you as a filter, you're always looking for him. So he says the most beneficial love

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that a person can handle is the love of Allah. Hi. So today is a tragedy that we have been taught to love everything, but not been taught to love Allah. So Jennifer missing out on the most beneficial love of all, the love that I'm going to have it and if you think those two make sense, and then you will actually again be a loving person. But when you don't have it, you're always be jumping from one block to the other and being constantly disappointed. So he said

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that this entire creation has this love in your heart. And he said the heavens and the earth are there because of it.

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This is what I want you to try out to observe how powerful this notion is. This is an hour to send one hour to all of them all the creation as you see is there because of one thing and that is the whole lawsuit.

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They are sustained because of this law and they continue to because of his love and they are there to serve you because of his money.

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So when you look at them, funeral must love behind all of them. And he said what he does civil Jihad that he learned that evil lies as this is the secret of saying that he doesn't even love

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Vietnam the words you end up either underneath the blue bubble wrap but you will need to tell the meaning who is the either

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so when you're going into with sujood to Allah as okay with requote to Allah azza wa jal when you make the

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way you're staying away from the Haram

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Yes, on the one hand, you're afraid of Allah's punishment. And yes, you don't want the harm that these things will bring to you. But when you think about it, that I'm doing this because it brings me closer to Allah and it will give me his love and I will feel His love. You will be motivated in a different way to complete and perfect that

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is not a drag is not only a threat now, but it's something that you want to do. Right?

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There is an education, they talk about an internal motivation and an external motivation.

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What is the source of motivation in education? That is do this and here's a sticker.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

Do this and here's a piece of candy. So you'll solve it solve your homework

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And you'll ask them questions because you don't want what? A sticker and a piece of candy.

00:25:06--> 00:25:08

And what happens when we start providing that

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the effort starts, right? The effort stops, because you're not receiving that external motivation. The internal motivation, on the other hand is BS, you want to do this because you want to do this. Because you love math, because you love science because you love history. So as an educator, you want to move your students from an external motivator into an internal motivator. Now you don't need the stickers and the candy now that you love the subject itself, now you want to move yourself and you want to move your children from Wake Up for federal law and bringing in hellfire into pray Fajr, because you need it. And because you need the love of Allah as is. So that you'd have to at one

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point, start telling them wake up for failure. And they stopped working for fetcher themselves.

00:25:58--> 00:26:16

And you want to do that with yourself. Stay away from the Haram not only because Allah is watching me, and Allah will burn me and that is an incredible motivator. So you never want to let go of that. But also because if I do this, do I wanted to distance myself from Allah azza wa jal, and he's everything I have.

00:26:18--> 00:26:25

I don't want to lose him, that only he is going to punish me and he sees me. It's not just like a camera that is watching you. Yeah,

00:26:26--> 00:26:30

it's affected. But do I want to lose his love?

00:26:32--> 00:26:34

And you will know when Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam.

00:26:36--> 00:27:23

And famously, Allah told him the Afghan on the kilometer put them in then big element Aha, all of your sins are forgiven past and future. And he is standing for that for such long periods until his feet at a salons was suddenly swell and they break and I had a shot of the Allahu I don't know how it looks with compassion and mercy at him and he said, Why are you tormenting yourself like this? Didn't Allah azza wa jal to tell you that I've forgiven all of your sins? You know the answer but before they get to the answer you understand what I shall the Allah who I know was telling him that is your azul Allah you are doing so much you're not afraid of sin anymore? You're not afraid of

00:27:23--> 00:27:37

hellfire anymore. So why doing so much? And what is his answer? And he says, effort a corner I've done shakoora Shall I might be thankful servant of Allah.

00:27:38--> 00:27:57

That is I'm not doing this because someone is chasing me and afraid of hellfire Hallows I'm secure. I'm done with that. But now I have a different connection with Allah azza wa jal, the Almighty Allah do the all loving that I'm doing it for him.

00:27:58--> 00:28:03

I'm doing it for him. subhanho wa taala. So

00:28:05--> 00:28:37

he says he continues, Rahim Allah and there's something here that I wanted to emphasize. He says in a bootable photo to image Buddha to Latin Maha team and they held us nada says your heart had been fashion has been created to love one who is nice and kind to anyone who's kind to you, you automatically will love him. He says for kefir, how is it then? How much love would you have? For the one whom all good things come from?

00:28:39--> 00:28:46

The all the good things that have come to you in your life had come from him subhanahu wa taala. Right.

00:28:48--> 00:29:01

So he says what would happen but as a general rule eternal and he says Love has to causes Beauty and the given that Allah azza wa jal gives and so

00:29:02--> 00:29:07

what does he mean that all the good things come to you from Allah subhanho wa taala. So

00:29:09--> 00:29:16

somebody in the street stops you gives you something for free water, and it's really a hot day.

00:29:17--> 00:29:30

Do you feel gratitude for that? Absolutely. Your parents, your spouse, your children, giving you a gift simply for the sake of what we love you. Do you feel gratitude and love? Absolutely you do.

00:29:31--> 00:29:38

You now think about it. Everything that your parents has given to you was supplied because of

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Allah as to who put in the hearts of your parents, that they should love you. That connection who created that connection was origin who created in your heart, that connection towards your children and their connection to you? The connection towards yourself and their connection to the love that you have to

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Would steeple and then loving you back? You think that if we really if people really know us

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really fully know us that they will love us as much as they love us.

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But Allah has limited, hidden the worst part of us and expose the best parts. And so people love you. And you say, what did I do to deserve that love? And what did I do to deserve that intention? And what did I do to deserve that gratitude and you did what nothing except that Allah has ordered is coming to you on loving, so he gave you all of it. So all that love that you are receiving, you receive because Allah azza wa jal in addition to all the newcomers will not be able to manipulate information Allah, every time and if you count it comes to you from Allah azza wa jal account, my parents because of Allah, my children because of Allah, the food that I eat because of Allah, if I'm

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safe because of ALLAH. So he says, The heart will love Allah as though did when you understand the damage that he had given to you. So this is one thing that would cause you to love him Subhan Allah to Allah more remembering the NEMA. But he says, This is not the only reason this is there. An easy man this is what what Allah gave you. But there is also there Hmm. That Allah in Himself is the most beautiful and the most generous, that honest all you he deserves to be loved.

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Even if he gave nothing on his own, he deserves to be loved.

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So you love Allah I certainly because of who he is, and you love Allah azza wa jal because of what he gives, and most people have access to which of the two

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the first or the second, the second, because of what I like is, most people have access and they love Allah xojo because of what he gives, and it is found that that they can climb into loving Allah because of who he is. It's

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a step. But you don't immediately discover that unless Allah holds you. To him.

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It's how does Allah fool you to him, he reminds you of his numbers. I've given you this, you find that repeated in the Quran, and the rain, and the plants and protection and and and toy Allah so did reminding of these numbers, of course, to solidify to hear so that you can call on anybody else except himself kind of with that. But also that you would graduate in love from that into loving hula as the origin for who he is. So the first level of love and the first level of Ema is weak,

00:32:48--> 00:32:53

is weak, it's not that it's insufficient, that hamdulillah it is sufficient, but that's the weakest level.

00:32:55--> 00:32:58

That's like when or when a nursing alojado

00:33:00--> 00:33:11

unit minorly Why not nasaga COVID-19 Allah, Allah which at various, there are people who will worship Allah azza wa jal on an edge on the edge, meaning not very stable.

00:33:12--> 00:33:19

He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam and explaining this, he said, a person would accept Islam and migrate to Medina.

00:33:21--> 00:33:31

And then if his wife gives birth to healthy children, and his animals give birth to healthy progeny, he says this is a good religion.

00:33:33--> 00:33:40

And if his wife miscarries, or does not give birth, and his animals die, he says this is a curse was origin.

00:33:42--> 00:34:00

That is a brother is based on what? What do we receive? Or were denied? Right? So when you find your email, and all of us are subject to this, when you find your email, that it's great when Allah gives you, but it drips when Allah does not give you that is we're still in that state of what

00:34:01--> 00:34:02

the first level

00:34:04--> 00:34:22

and we need to emphasize the thankfulness of Allah as when he gives and when he takes the gratitude and climb into a seed. When we think Allah azza wa jal regardless for who he is, and we see Allah as denial as given.

00:34:23--> 00:34:31

Allah is limited when he denies us we see it as he given us but that takes a man that takes wisdom.

00:34:32--> 00:34:36

So we ignore the prime of Allah when he said

00:34:38--> 00:34:47

this is love. He calls it when he had that Haidee Phil he'll be Arsal Allah subhanahu wa I will say the ones that are Jamie, how could you be What about

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

Russell? Men are wondering either Aetherium so I'm going to translate this piece he says, when this toe heat in love. Allah has sent all of his messengers and reveal all of it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

as books, and then all the message of the messengers of Allah azza wa jal from the first to the last are unanimous in calling to, and it is foreing that Allah had created the heavens and the earth. And he created Jana, and he greeted hellfire. So he made Jana for the people of his love. And he made Hellfire for the people who associate P others with Islam.

00:35:25--> 00:35:27

That is when you hear this,

00:35:28--> 00:35:52

that is start to convince you that love is essential and isn't that a start to convince you that one is central to Allah has the hotel's creation to Allah's message to Allah's relationship to him, and how you should relate to the Quran and how you should relate to Hamadani Salatu was Salam. And we will share our mercy and also in how to relate to other people as well.

00:35:54--> 00:36:27

So, Allah has so good when He calls you to His worship, what does he want from you just simply surrender and submission. When he wants you to stay away from the Haram What does he want from you simply surrender and submission for is that there is something else that Allah Azza did wants to build up in our hearts, that is, love me more than you love anything else, and be willing to sacrifice for me more than anything else. And that is the thing that shows how much we love Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam,

00:36:29--> 00:36:53

where is that love, that love is waiting for us how when we learn where to find it. So this series beaten in that zone, it is not intended to be simply a theoretical, a cerebral study, that you will learn it being the law surgeon, but then what happens after you learn it.

00:36:55--> 00:37:40

I don't want it to be academic. It shouldn't be academic, because you're not going to feel the love of Allah as though unless you actually start practicing these things. So when you hear a man is based on love, a goddess based on love, and you will discover how in detail, we would have to take these details and start applying them and make up the love of Allah azza wa jal, our main motivation, with the other balancers, in terms of emotions, but may Allah azza wa jal and his lung, our main motivation, so we learn it, but we need to apply it, you take it and you need to change your life based on it, or at least have an intention. And as Allah Zodac to help us make itself

00:37:41--> 00:37:53

and teach others that there is another complementary primary way of understanding Islam and also relating to ALLAH SubhanA. Who what to it?

00:37:54--> 00:37:55


00:37:56--> 00:37:58

keep these questions in mind.

00:37:59--> 00:38:04

Okay, and keep you know, other questions in mind Bucha Allah so let me

00:38:05--> 00:38:11

read some of these questions. What does it mean to love Allah azza wa jal? And how?

00:38:12--> 00:38:53

What are the contemporary understandings understandings of love because we're not only going to be discovering love in Islam, we're going to be trying to correct love in popular society, notions of love, of what to love and what not to love. What love means is love, as we said, and absolute value, or does it need to be guided by? What does it mean to be romantically involved? What does it mean? When we say love is unconditional love? Can love be unconditional? Can you love without hate? And what is hate based on? And what do we mean by hate? can love me an extreme? Can it be harmful? What examples do we have of that?

00:38:57--> 00:38:58


00:38:59--> 00:39:08

in a sense, also, we're trying to offer not only Muslims, but also the general society, and it's an understanding of what they're missing.

00:39:09--> 00:39:11

So you're living in a secular society,

00:39:12--> 00:39:17

and a secular society has God inside or banishes God?

00:39:18--> 00:39:36

Do you feel God in a secular society? No, you don't feel right. So nobody talks about God values that Allah has lived alone or not inside society. It doesn't regulate, it doesn't inspire. So the only thing that you talk about is what in a secular society, the material

00:39:37--> 00:39:40

secular society is very materialistic in motivation,

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

in assessment, and in reality, the only thing that matters is the flesh and money and worldly success, and that drives up the heart and the soul. They shrivel, because Allah azza wa jal did not create you to simply eat and drink you need

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

Something else they feed themselves. That what feeds your soul in a secular society? Nothing. So what is left, you're left with what a gaping hole, you're left with the cries of the soul and the heart. So you try to numb it.

00:40:14--> 00:40:18

How do you numb the soul and the heart in a secular society,

00:40:19--> 00:40:20

you drink.

00:40:22--> 00:40:23

And you take intoxicants.

00:40:24--> 00:40:54

And you suffer because of it. You buy, and you keep buying, you distract yourself by worldly pleasure. And he keeps moving from one to the other. Eye, you try to drown the pain of the soul and the pain of the heart. So what we're trying to say is that there is something very lacking in a secular society. And if you're in it, you must notice it and feel it. And then if they try to balance it by saying love.

00:40:56--> 00:41:32

The only thing that matters is love and love is the answer. So they sing the praises of love. But it's incomplete, incoherent and it doesn't really have answers to those who want to understand what to love and how to love it that how does this actually helped me? And how does it answer my questions? So we want to answer those questions as well. So that we be able to practice our religion the best. And we're able also by the word of Allah azza wa jal to offer a vision of religion and a vision of Islam that says to them, here is how you can love Allah azza wa jal, not in an extreme fashion

00:41:33--> 00:41:51

because they push for that, whether it's within Islam or outside of Islam, in other in an extreme fashion that undermines the transcendence of Allah or undermines the laws of Allah or undermines Heaven and Hell, no in a balanced fashion that makes you a true servant of Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:41:52--> 00:41:57

And it's a balance, but we need to understand it without exaggeration.

00:41:58--> 00:41:59


00:42:00--> 00:42:13

the series insha Allah the lectures insha Allah are going to complement the book. So the book is available, and you can purchase it. So the question we asked, what is the connection between the lecture and the book, basically, they're supposed to be complimentary.

00:42:14--> 00:42:42

So the book will have more details, but in the lecture, I'll offer a little bit more explanation of certain points of the book, examples highlights. So hopefully, if you read and listen or listen or read your band, be able insha Allah in the last budget to have the best of pictures when it comes to what this hadith is saying and what it wants from you. And if there are something missing from the book or missing from the lecture, you will find it in the other beadnell as

00:42:43--> 00:42:52

well. And a relationship also took a book Previous to this, which is heart therapy, whether you have listened to it online, or you've read it with

00:42:53--> 00:43:03

these books are supposed to again complement each other. The whole therapy is about cleansing the heart and building up your Eman to Ischia.

00:43:04--> 00:43:28

And well, why would consider the foundation before this book, but you still can listen and read this book before that one but I would still recommend if you finish this book in terms of what either Reading it or listening to this series, go back to heart therapy. Because in order to build up the love of Allah azza wa jal, we also need to cleanse the heart from its attachments.

00:43:29--> 00:43:32

The heart is an arena of competition of love.

00:43:33--> 00:43:37

So you love Allah azza wa jal, but guess what you love also what?

00:43:38--> 00:43:45

What is, by the way, the main competition to the love of Allah. If someone were to ask you, the main competitor,

00:43:48--> 00:43:52

love ourselves like you love yourself, and your self is part of what

00:43:53--> 00:43:54

you're in what

00:43:56--> 00:44:03

the Dooney because you love yourself, right? But you love yourself so you want for it, what the dunya

00:44:04--> 00:44:12

So, hope what dunya what also coolly cuddlier the love of the dunya is the root cause of all sin.

00:44:13--> 00:44:27

So when you're struggling internally with this and that understand that you're struggling with the love of Allah on the one hand, but then the love over the D on the other, which includes, as the sister said, the love of the self.

00:44:29--> 00:44:48

So unless you're able to cleanse the heart of those attachments, long attachments to sin, to shake, to be to things that we've just gotten used to unless you're able to do that. You're not going to have enough space for the love of Allah as always be minimal and miniscule and small

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

and it will be easy to disobey Allah azza wa jal for the sake of other greater loves. But if you're able to displace the love of the dunya for the love of Allah and say

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

And then you will feel the sweetness of a bladder and you will feel the motivation for it. And you'll feel like you want to do more for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and you will feel the sweetness after you do it. Because again, you're not doing it out of compulsion, you're not doing it because you have to, you're doing it also because you want to, and there's a huge difference between the two. And somebody forcing you to go somewhere, and you say, I want to be there.

00:45:32--> 00:46:12

So, being in that zone, we're gonna stop here. And I want to see if you're gonna have questions for me the plan with Ninja Zoltan is that we will do one Hadith per week. Now, I may decide later on that we could do a couple of Hadees a week depending on how things proceed. But at least the plan and maybe now if you want to follow up is that today we did the introduction with Nila Zota, then is Sofia. Next week, we'll do Hadith number one, and so on and so on. And if the plan changes, I will let you know that I want to leave few minutes at the end of that to see if you have questions

00:46:14--> 00:46:18

or things that you want to add. That's welcome, please

00:46:19--> 00:46:20

Arlequin so now

00:46:22--> 00:46:23

I'm sorry, just if you

00:46:36--> 00:46:39

animals would not be capable of loving Allah. Okay.

00:46:40--> 00:46:41

Is that your question?

00:46:44--> 00:46:45


00:46:46--> 00:46:47

one way of distinguishing.

00:46:50--> 00:47:13

So is it that way, by way of distinguishing between animals and humans, in that animals cannot love Allah, but humans can. I would say that humans have the ability to love Allah at levels that is not available to animals, right? So you see, for instance, when you are around animals for a long time that the animals do love you,

00:47:14--> 00:47:39

right? They actually have that capacity to love, they love their children, they love those who are kind to them. And sometimes they are so loyal, that they are more loyal than a lot of human beings. Right? So we know that they have that capacity. And we know that Allah azza wa jal tells us that everything praises Allah, Allah knows him.

00:47:40--> 00:48:11

We know then that the animals have their own sada and they have own dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, that in their heart, and in their minds, they know their Creator. And they understand who He is and they praise him Subhanallah data in ways that not accessible to us, so they have that knowledge and they have that type of let's call it a data but they're not required to actually do our tap of a button but let's call it let's call it Nikkor if they do that type of ticker and they have that type of knowledge, I will not deny them the basic level of love of Allah.

00:48:12--> 00:48:30

So I think that is available to them, but the humans have the ability to transcend because they have books from each panel with Allah and the ability to reason and understand that they could climb and levels of love of himself and our data that would not be available to the animals.

00:48:31--> 00:48:36

So that is my reply. And I hope that is convincing.

00:48:38--> 00:48:38


00:48:43--> 00:48:44

Like basically

00:48:47--> 00:48:47

like he likes

00:48:51--> 00:48:51


00:48:53--> 00:48:54

Fi things

00:49:00--> 00:49:20

Okay, okay. So, the question is that if Allah azza wa jal creates things because he loves them. And don't think that I did not anticipate that question, right. But I was just kind of keeping it till next sessions, but we can quickly answer it insha Allah. So if I was to recreate everything because he loves them?

00:49:21--> 00:49:59

Why is it that he created the shapefile? And also why is it that he created alcohol and drugs and then goes and prohibits them? Right? So remember, that I said that Allah azza wa jal creates everything because of love and for love, either he loves it immediately, directly, or he loves the consequences, right? So Allah azza wa jal can read things that he loves, like Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam like all the profits, all beautiful things that he sees things that he loves and they are beneficial. But he creates it lease because he loves it lease at this mall.

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

meant or last one at least leads to. He loves what he believes leads to. And what is this lead to, he becomes a test for humanity. Without the bliss, the test will not be available and we'll talk about that in Sharla But just for now, I just want to let you know, it could have because you asked me why do we need the test that's related, but for now, it please serves a function. Right? So in this whole structure that we call The Universe and the creation of Adam and Heaven and Hell and all of this and the messages of Allah xojo Please serves a function without him that function or that end will not be available. The same thing with alcohol and drugs. They serve as a test right? So

00:50:42--> 00:51:03

Allah as you can see, who loves him more than what temps who loves him more than what tempts him on this route? So if you can say no to these things, then your love for Allah gross and that is a test that solidifies and grows your love without it your love would not grow

00:51:04--> 00:51:23

so it's this test it is this ordeal it is this testing that grows your love so Allah loves it for that not Allah knows the harm that is in it and Allah wants you to say no to it because of himself. So that's right. So Karis like roughly I say question a little bit

00:51:24--> 00:51:25

because it

00:51:26--> 00:51:28

okay okay you had a question

00:51:30--> 00:51:30


00:51:36--> 00:51:38

Does Allah forgive ship if word

00:51:42--> 00:52:21

okay. So, if someone is alive and the image ship and they repent from it, then everything is forgiven. So repentance will forgive everything including ship right. So when we say that ship is not covered by Allah's forgiveness, we mean that after a person dies having not repented from it, and a major shake and there is no excuse he received Allah's message he knows it he understands it did not repent from it dies in that state we say that cannot be forgiven, but as long as the person is alive and breathing and be repentant, all of that can be forgiven Okay.

00:52:23--> 00:52:25

So let me try to see this

00:52:37--> 00:52:38

Okay, so

00:52:40--> 00:53:17

in which context or content I think context maybe you mentioned the questions like can we love unconditionally and two more questions the meaning of loving Allah is Do you mean that the answers to these questions we're going to find in these lectures Yes, that's what I mean by that is as the lectures inshallah unfold one by one, we're going to be tackling some of these questions based on the heady see will take one Hadith will understand it, and we'll see. Let's see what that hadith teaches us about some of these things that we're talking about. So hopefully, we can end up by the end of it, you have understood as much about love as as possible, or at least as you need. So all

00:53:17--> 00:53:22

these questions within that as origin as far as I know, they are still in the book, so bear with us.

00:53:28--> 00:53:31

So I think the question is here, right, this is not a question. Okay.

00:53:32--> 00:53:37

So I think we're about done anyone who has just one extra question of

00:53:40--> 00:53:40


00:53:47--> 00:53:50

concept of what I'm sorry? Mercy.

00:54:00--> 00:54:23

concept of love and concept of mercy. So, of course, you understand that Allah azza wa jal loves and he uses the word dude. So one of His Names Subhan Allah, Allah is the one that will do the old loving and that Allah is Zoda is merciful and he is a rock metal Rahim. So he's also has a name based on mercy. So these are his names and these are his successor.

00:54:24--> 00:54:33

And we understand that there is sometimes overlap between them and sometimes they don't overlap, right? So Allah Zilla Jin,

00:54:35--> 00:54:59

you can discover a lot about Allah's love through his mercy. When you find that being merciful with unbelievers, and even merciful with the non believers by delaying their punishment by sending them prophets by sending them reminder, this is all a an echo or reflection of his mercy Sultana with that, in fact, no, it's his mercy, it's his Rama. At the same time a person who is disobeying

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

Allah azza wa jal with sharing, you wouldn't say that Allah loves him at this moment. You didn't say that Allah Allah is what he's doing at this moment, but Allah is merciful.

00:55:10--> 00:55:38

Right? So Allah azza wa jal loves what he loves. Right? But he is merciful with everybody at all times. And even Subhan Allah even when Allah azza wa jal gets angry, right and at that particular moment, he is not merciful, you get still fine in his anger, signs of mercy. Because when he's angry and he punishes and he takes away the harmful things right on this earth, He removes them. That's right.

00:55:39--> 00:56:12

So Allah has xodus channel with the Allah is constantly Rahim, Allah azza wa jal, right is constantly loving over the believers. And Allah is still love can be constantly seen as well as his Rama, but they don't always overlap. So lucky to be merciful with some but not loving, of what they're doing and locked loving of what they are at that moment, although later they could change so that the law is the best that I can offer at this moment. Insha Allah but allow me to think more about it than it may be.

00:56:14--> 00:56:52

Fair Insha Allah, the Bartok along with ego, which is going along here, and we're going to continue in sha Allah at the same time, same day being in Azerbaijan Bill Alameen, you can come within that to his lectures have read, have having read everything, or at least just having read the Hadith, or maybe having nothing but what I hope insha Allah from you, that when you're present, insha Allah be as instant as you can and absorb it. And if you can go back and read, that's wonderful, but at least absorb it and then say to yourself, I've learned something new today, hopefully you've learned it, then what am I going to do with that thing. And as we accumulate knowledge within that zone, let's

00:56:52--> 00:57:18

see if our practice and our relationship with Allah as good can improve. And not only our relationship with Allah as you will go through the book, but also your human to human relationship, human and family relationship, near with neighbors, and also with animals and also with everything that is around if we're saying everything is based on love of Allah as the origin let's see the manifestation of that knowledge and our behavior,

00:57:19--> 00:57:27

satanic law behind the shadow and that you understand, they could handle it without any cinema you lie or want to get out.