Murtaza Khan – Last Two Verses Surah Baqarah

Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala as we come to the end of SoTL Bacara the second chapter the Quran 286 verses, primarily a Medina and Surah.

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And some of the earlier Matthew mentioned that towards the end of the surah the final two is we're going to look at today and this application inside the final to a yet

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that Why does Allah subhanaw taala conclude with these verses

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and amongst the reasons or the wisdoms that have been written inside some of the works that the first sila Imam Cebu decides to say, Remember Ozzy as well, they speak about the prior to these 284 verses, you find that there was a discussion about Tucker leaf, about responsibilities, whether it be about salah as a teacher or business or Reba uponor etc, define various rules and regulation junctions are placed inside sorted Baqara. So as if Allah Allah is giving us a Shara

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the symbolic gesture that the person or the human being is going to fall short.

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There's so many of these regulations, rules and regulations as human beings we're going to fall short carrying out these regulations. Or as we mentioned last year to refine some of these regulations are difficult.

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There are some regulations that are difficult as a human being, as you mentioned, to wake up early in the morning, in the summer days to pray in the late evening prayer and to strive and struggle in a way of Allah subhanaw taala. And perhaps we may dislike something and it is good for us. And perhaps we like something that is bad for us. Well Allah Yeah, and then one two data on the moon. And Allah knows and we don't know. So as if Allah is trying to is saying that these TikiLive feces is a hidden element that Allah is prone to Allah is the One who legislates

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as they say in the modern English language say that the limitations of a human being

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Allah Subhana Allah knows what the limitations what the breaking point of the human being is. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah wants us to exert ourselves, to bring us to that so called Breaking Point, to make the best individual, the best human being. Because without these tests and these commandments, even a modern world a person doesn't know what they can bear, how much they can achieve, how much they can Excel, Excel, the more personal pages or difficulties or obstacles, or the greater the trials, the greater the competition, the more stronger and vigilant and big the person becomes. Because a person just plays a passive like this become a passive individual.

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But more adversities, more hardships, more tests, more challenges, being the better of the individual, out inside society and even prior to that, in a belief towards Allah subhanho to Anna, so we find that these taka leave these responsibilities may become burdensome upon many of us, if not all of us. That's what he's yet to conclude by mentioning urban Allah to ask him the inner sinner or partner or Lord forgive us in nesina If we forget that earlier mentioned that even the name insert the human being the title given to human being longer than linguistically some random ago to review it goes to the word and this year, cancer to this year, because a human being is full

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of excessive forgetfulness. He's been given his time to be called and insert the one full of forgetfulness, fantasy, add them. In such a pile I mentioned Adam I recently forgot and he ate from the tree. So that's our forefather. That's our father. So to add the medicine could forget Allah commanded don't eat from the Shudra from his book forbidden tree inside Paradise, and he forgot that commandment of Allah subhanaw taala so who we were from the lineage of Adam I recently began to have this cluster to Nisha and forgetfulness. Oh as partner we're going to make mistakes in a hadith intermediary find Kulu bunny, Adam Kappa, well, halal kappa in a toe bone, every single son of Adam

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will err will make mistakes. What will happen in the Best of those who make mistakes, or Toby or those who repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah even inside if you mentioned this is the sort of Bacara all about Afghan verse 222 Allah mentions in Allah you hit Bhutto webbing with a boon Mutata hearin Allah loves a toe Verben those who repent back to him Subhan Allah, Allah will Hibbard Matata he loves the people keep his hands pure, cleanse himself externally and internally and repent back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So these challenges are these responsibilities that we mentioned bring out lofty aspirations for the individual.

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And it's common practice that with these final two ayat of surah baqarah. Do you find that the Imams will recite the verse prior to the lady Murphy's seminar tomorrow on when to do Murphy and fusi come out to whom you have civil code builder for your clearly Manisha we are Dibble Masha Allah Allah coalition in Kaduna,

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As you mentioned, it's always a context about the supplications a context of the Quran, the why certain verses have certain words or places at a certain location. So Allah concludes the end of sutra Bacara Allah He Matthew somewhere tema, Tala belongs whatever exists in the heavens in the earth.

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He chooses whatever he wants to play as rules, places rules and regulations the face of this earth and if he wants for you to remain your show, you're a double Manisha

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a sign that He will punish him every once and forgive whoever he wants. Because so many times that we live in this world that we're so judgmental about other people. If we see somebody doing something haram many of us we jump the gun and say this person is going to be condemned this person could be punished, this person goes to the hellfire. We should leave that alone. Because Allah says that the Quran for a year truly Manisha we are at the moment Yeshua, Allah forgives whomever he wants, He pardons whomever he wants. Unless it's a major coup for major disbelief that a person professors and they preach and is spread inside society, there's something different when a person

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sins here or they will make some mistake here or they will do something incorrect. It's not for us to become judgmental is what these ideas are teaching us. That is Allah subhanaw taala. When to do Murphy and fusi, calm.

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Right regarding all these rules and regulations, they are visible when we do these rules and regulations. But Allah subhana takes a deeper dimension, whether you conceal it within your hearts, whatever you intend, or you reveal it. Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah who has Cebu, Combi Hila Allah to bring you to account regarding whatever these thoughts are inside your heart or inside your mind.

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And we are going to come to this point about what we think about inside our minds.

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ethical theories are little CD meant a version sort of similar to this yarn was several alpha,

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Allah's credit note that which is hidden and even the secret and even more hidden. Yeah, level secret Alpha series is secret and hidden is far deeper, covered up Allah knows that

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there is nothing that can be hidden from Allah subhanaw taala. And that some of us that we may think that that's what we tried to hide that that sin in secrecy is far more dangerous than singing in public.

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It's far more dangerous. That's what that's what Taqwa is conscious that in secrecy, a person is able to control themselves, is able to speak to their knifes speak to themselves. Remind them about that this is the point whereby Allah Allah is visualizing me as when a public domain anyone can see somebody else and that reminds them or takes them away from a sin or a virus because that is the public nature or the public domain that we live in. But Allah is probably wants us to fill him inside an element of secrecy in the beginning so that everyone has similar verse Allah mentions called in to full mafi so do we come out to do we are the moolah? What are you reveal whatever is

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inside your chest? Or you can see it yeah and um Allah. Allah has knowledge regarding that inside our hearts and our minds. While you're in a mafia summer where you were married at Walla Walla, Felicia and Kadir. Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and earth and has power over everything. That when these ayat was sent down. Now imagine this Allah is saying inside these verses, when to do Murphy and fusi come out to fool who you have supercomputer. Whatever you can see inside your hearts, and your mind and whatever you think about Allah bring you forth to account to it.

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Meaning even our thoughts, Allah bring us to accountability. That's when the Companions they heard these verses. They took it on face value. And you find a hadith that Musa Amma that we find they became distressful. If you remember when you recite this was he would weep? He would weep that is Allah going to take us to account for even what we think about? Does anyone ever sued in a race you mentioned that they mentioned a profit so we know that the things the sins that we commit openly and we do wrong, we can understand that why Allah is going to punish us for that.

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But how about this?

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How is Allah's Panther going to punish us regarding the things that we think inside our mind that Allah is going to bring us to account for this? The Prophet just responded to the to the companions will call submit and our planet just here in a bay for now.

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This is the verse has been said that just obey it now. There's going to be answered it's going to come the following verse will explain how this been abrogated. But for now you have to say, we'll call you submit now. Wattana Allah said this inside the Quran, we have to obey and follow this inside our lives. And as we find in comes the following verse Armineh Rasul V. mackynzie Lamia Moon Kulu ermine a belay women are equity we're going to be able to slowly now look for recovery in academia Rosaleen, Wakarusa, MIT and our partner Ofra Nakata burner why later Maaseiah the message has submitted

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and those with him have submitted to Allah Subhana Allah

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Wouldn't they believe in Allah and the messengers, and the books? And if someone already mentioned that this this final video speaks about the six pillars of iman inside there, the six pillars of faith, the beginning of the hadith of Gibreel and A salaam that we find what are the six pillars of faith for you to carry out inside our lives? And he shows the importance of a nursing home and so that we can't just read the Quran literally at times. There are verses which are abrogated. The reading remains inside the Quran, but the application is lifted. Just like this verse, the application is versus lifted, that whatever we conceal inside our hearts, or we reveal it, Allah

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would bring us forth to accountability, accountability for it. This verse has now been abrogated.

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Allah won't ask us what will take place inside our hearts is going to answer for the actions that we carry out. Look at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah mentions that inside a hadith as mentioned in the letter jar was early on, Omar tema had that be and Fusa Miralem tandem Oh Tamil is such a Muslim. Allah is lifted from this OMA, whatever this person may speak to their own selves, whatever they think inside their mind, as long as the person doesn't express it, or dharma doesn't carry it out. So a person thinks of a sin or a vise of seeing things or something doing something wrong. They don't speak about it. They don't carry that Allah's counter is lifted up for the

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individual. Another relevant hadith is it because he he narrates called the low either either hammer Abdi BC attain

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it My servant thinks of doing a bad deed. While I'm Tamela it doesn't carry out that bad deed is not written down as a bad deed.

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cootie Bella who has an earthen Washington is written on his one good deed. So a person thinks with a bad deed, there's an enacted Allah's panda RightStart to the angels write down a good deed for his person.

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And a person thinks of a bad deed and carries it out write down just one sin for that individual. Look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is finding avenues for us to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala even though I'm sure you started to see there's a long discussion, and every knowledgeable humbly as well about this hadith about mon Hammurabi say at the river thinks of being a bad deed, and doesn't do that bad deed. They have this long discussion that should make us really think about our lives. They said, Imagine if a person thinks about stealing something,

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they go to robots steal something. But on that day, an obstacle comes in their path. Is this person now classified is going to still something? Some of the forecasts are yes, they are. Because the obstacles that came inside their path weren't stomach obstacles. There were obstacles of this dunya that prevented them from carrying out what they wanted to they still had that intent that desire to steal.

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So maybe I should it's a little silly, to humbly speak about this person could still be held accountable in front of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Let's take it a step further. To awaken some of our youth and what the things that they may think about inside their life, man Hama, be busy now. Whoever thinks about carrying out Zina takes the steps to commit Zina. But something prevents the person on that day at that moment in time.

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So somebody earlier mentioned that same principle that if those obstacles Weren't they have to dunya that person would have carried out that even action

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so they're going to be bombing they're going to be responsible so we shouldn't take these on face value think that Allah won't bring us to accountability that possibly Allah can and will the if some things of the dunya prevented us from doing haram

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and we would still carried out doing it if those obstacles were not there. That we're still liable in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as we've already McCarthy release, sold me a hadith speaking about the virtues of these final two verses sort of Bacara mancora Binhai attainment okay sorted Bacara field 18 cafetera cafecito and Hadith inside Sahih Bukhari Muslim wherever reads the endo sutra Bacara reads these final two Ayat every single night we could relate it in Kapha Tao who would suffice the individual what does it mean by Kapha? Tell em know inside the sheriff Mr. Musa we mentioned catheter will be Magna. He doesn't do stand for PMO lane. If you read these final two

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ideas, before reclining to go to sleep, it will be it will suffice the individual they don't need to stand up in the night and offer the night prayer. That's one plausible meaning. The other meaning which seems to be more

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plausible, acceptable. cafardo be mana mean Colima, Kuru from any evil, any harm. So ever reclined when they go to sleep?

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Read it could see, read the endo SUTA Bacara all becomes a form of protection or individual. Just we mentioned the atom could see every single seller, whoever reads it could see our abdomen ifl Quran surah baqarah verse 255, you read it after every single prayer, nothing prevents you from going to Paradise, if you read it sincerely after every single salah, except for in the Lord, except for death. So if you're sincere reading it, there's only at God, you know, some people just rush through them praising remembering Allah subhanaw taala it's not about the quantity. It's about the quality. It's about the focus. It's not about making just we had 100,000 times inside the day and a person is

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talking and discussing with people not focusing on Allah Spandana that's what a dhikr of Allah is quite simple. Even on the menu and articulate Akbar, you know, decriminalized so great, so immense, that those precise moments, you choose them and do them at that precise moment. As prophesized mentioned by the prophet Elijah salaam, they will be powerful for the individual. They will be powerful for the individual, that they will protect the individual throughout the day and the evening as well. Also, we find these verses this finding is sort of Bukhara, as we know that most of the Quran, if not all of the Quran, over a period of 23 years, was brought down from the heavens.

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Except for some exceptions, free things were given to the prophet Elijah some when he made that night journey Subhanallah, the Astra BRB, Laila middle Masjid Haram, Al Masjid Aqsa, the beginning so to Israel we made that the ascension, the night journey, the ascension of marriage, that ascension to the heavens.

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When he basically he met Allah Subhana Allah, even if you didn't see Allah Subhana Allah, but he may Allah Subhana Allah and Allah gave him three things.

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Focus on these three things that were given to the Prophet I'm not on this dunya they given in the heavens, I will shake, fill Jana of his Santa. The first thing, the first gift given to the Prophet alayhi salam is a Salah.

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The first gift is a prayer. Welcome you salata the decree. So when Allah spoke to Musa they said I'm called Musa Musa went to see Allah Subhana Allah top of the mountain he didn't know he just saw the flame of fire. When he came close to the fire, he heard a voice call it in and he and Allah Allah Allah in the ANA fire Buddha nee wa Kimi salata the decree, he may Allah Subhana Allah Allah didn't see Allah Subhana Allah spoke to him. Color in nanny and Allahu La ilaha illa Anna, it is me the one and only Allah subhanaw taala

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it is me Allah subhana speak to your Musa.

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Worship no one except me Allah Subhana Allah Allah. And then Allah gave him this gift to Musa. Were asking me salata, Lee Vickery, established the salah to remember whom to remember me to remember Allah Subhana Allah, that's given to Musa inside this dunya and far beyond that is the prophet Elijah, some inside Jana, the Allah gave him this gift of his five daily prayers, that we trivialize them, we don't give importance to them. So the first thing I will mail your hand see whether your multi AMA, the first thing we're all going to be asked about no exceptions. Every single one of us, rich, poor, young, old, white, black, whatever you are. The first question is going to be a Salah

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is our prayer. Good we pray. It's not a cultural practice, that son was Muslim, that culture that we flocked to your Maluma and we think that symbolized me as being a Muslim. That's Christianity. You just come to church on a Sunday.

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We've been commanded from the heavens to pray five times a day. Juma just becomes the communal gathering of blessing on that day of coming together. So that's the first weekend you asked about the judgment. The second gift given to the prophet Elijah to set up is his final two is suited. Bacara

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so the profits are made to travel to the heavens, and are gifted in the end of Tsukuba. Baqarah and a third thing given to him is forgiveness for his Muslim Ummah. That is Muslim Ummah is not going to be destroyed like the previous nations, in its totality, is going to be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala. Now, the Hadith that you find received the good news of two nights, which have been given specifically to the profit and loss I've never given to any profit before. What are the two lights given to him and I still have to Salam is Al Fatiha. Surah Fatiha the beginning of Quran and the final two verses of Surah Al Baqarah and they will read them will great be going to great benefit

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from these if then we come to this now you can leave alone Epson Illa

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Allah doesn't burden has sold more than what it can be and as we find his

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Questions that God places all these restrictions, these hardship, these rules, these regulations, just as we began with,

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it's quite sad that in the world that we have rules and regulations, we follow them. As you began, when you find challenges dunya you, you say to your teacher, you say to someone, you say to your culture, whatever you give me a great to challenge. I want to see my ability. I want to see how far I can go. But when it comes to Islam, then we moan and groan about it. Oh, what's this, the Islam is telling us to do, to pray five times a day to give Zika to do this, to stay away from haram, to carry out these actions. That's a mentality of many verses become, but for the world will will will will embrace it will embrace the things in the world to make us a better individual. But

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spiritually, we don't want to embrace these things. Now you can leave alone often Illa MATA is a supaloc. Allah mentioned Allah does not burden the soul except for that which is prescribed for it. That Allah knows the limitations of the human being. Allah never burden us beyond whatever we cannot bear bear inside our life. Now you can live without having full cup of coffee. As automatic fussy dementia, Allah won't play something beyond expectations to carry out inside their life. Not too colorful. nevsun Illa Musa Insititute Bacara again, Allah mentioned, Allah will only tell you to do those things

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that you can carry out it will not overburden you with certain things, la casa, but you will have whatever you earn minifier

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so whatever whatever goodness you do, is written down for an individual and are quite the opposite. Where are they? MK, Tessa, but And upon your mission. Every evil they do will be written down upon every single one of us. Then come to supplication. But a burner led to ask him the n nesina. O Astana. So on these journeys, we began with carrying out these rules and regulations. We're going to fall, we're going to earn we're going to make mistakes. So we supplicate to ALLAH SubhanA. Allah Rabbana led to him in a sin our Lord, don't take us. Don't take us to blame, that if we forgot to do something that you find ruffian Acklam. And Salah, the pen has been lifted from free people, the

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person who falls into a deep sleep, the person who loses their senses and the person who forget something genuinely, there is no accountability for individual until they wake up until they wake up, then they're responsible for something that may have gone by them. That doesn't mean that for many of us that facilitate failure with his sleep straight through it,

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and think nothing of it. And when we wake up at a time that suits us and we pray Fajr Allah,

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once again, your intention could be bought for for accountability, if you've made all efforts to try to get up at the right time you don't get up that can happen to any human being. But if it's habitual, then every single one of us should question ourselves. Because if it's habitual to get late to work, if it's habitual to get late to school, if it's a bit shoot to get late to college, there's going to be repercussions. You're going to be more late in the register is going to have impact upon your following career, your job, your life, your future. But when it comes to Sarah, now she has no problem. No problem. Doesn't make a difference. It should it should worry us. That's a

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companion that came to slotland failure. If they missed the Jama and they're coming to the masjid and people are leaving the Masjid. They will hide in the crevices they will hide in the woods. So no one wouldn't see them that they missed the gemera there Mr. CONGREGATION, they didn't want to be spotted that they were not there behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam they missed him. They were upset. And for us day in day out it goes by we don't it makes no difference to us every day for Fajr not there for Fudger that's the biggest if you get this the beginning of great achievements inside life. great achievements I'd love begin. That's what the bulk of this almost placed way inside

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In the beginning of the day, the beginning of the crack of dawn is where the blessing for the Muslim ummah has been placed. There are forbidden and urgent in this era, we may even forgot to do something and obligatory action out of forgetfulness. And as we find the lowest brother may pardon and overlook that individual our partner. We made a mistake regarding carrying out a certain action, but a burner wallet Tamil Elena is surah. O Allah don't place upon us. A sippin was shudder don't place upon us hardships and difficulties. As we mentioned about the prophet Elijah, somebody you mentioned, well, you're the one who is wrong, well uglier than that he cannot claim. The provenance

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of his tasks was to remove the shackles

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of burdensome tasks that existed in the previous nation. Does it really matter for c dimension, that previously you carried out a sin? What was the Toba today to talk about is that you ask Allah to forgive us for sins that we do. But prior to to the prophet Elijah, you carried out a sin that Toba was that you had to be killed.

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That was a punishment. So there's no opportunity for forgiveness straight. That was the punishment. If a Jessa is some impurity came upon your clothing. Today we can wash it off that Cody becomes pure prior to Islam, or prior to the Prophet Eisen. What did they have to do? They have to cut out the whole patch removed that clothing. So things were difficult. Allah's kinda made it easier for the final of the prophet Elijah to Salam.

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And the reason why some things are difficult, he's individually mentioned previously, is excessive questioning and asking Allah Subhana Allah, that's why coming to this blessed day, or the 10th of Muharram, Ashura, the 10th of Muharram that we find the prophet Elijah mentioned this is the day that Musa was delivered from Quran was rescued. And so when he entered Medina, he saw that they used to fast on the 10th day.

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And he said, we have more right to Musa and something these individuals. So what did he say that if the following year comes alpha, first sua alpha is the ninth and the 10th. So the Sunnah is the coming next week, coming the first day, the ninth and Friday the 10th. To force both these days, the ninth and the 10th person find it difficult or hard and just fast, the 10th or faster, 10th and 11th, some elementary, fast, even the ninth that 10th and 11th because there's controversy about which day of the month it happens to be, but our culture at least tried to force the ninth and the 10th and a 10th How do they find a person sins are forgiven, but Allah subhanaw taala so these are

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all opportunities for us to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala so this is one of those rare occasions that the Quran that is supplication they don't stop there. There's another supplication begins to take place for the believing individual to ask Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah to him in a manner mela catalana behaviors are low don't place upon as a burden, that we're not able to be any hardship that we don't have the ability left Kurata learner ie we don't have the ability to carry out that task we had to Khalif one Bella whether it be responsibilities, or trials and tribulations that we mentioned that we shouldn't ask Allah Subhana Allah to make things

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difficult for us. The prophet Isaiah we had a choice between two things, but in something which is hard and something which is easy. This is a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what would he do inside his life, to take the easy option to never take the harder option to teach this Muslim Ummah, there's no need to make things difficult for yourself, even speaks about a hadith about performing wudu with cold water. How Islamic jurists describe that does that mean? You intentionally go and turn the tap on on a freezing cold day and perform you will deal with cold water and say I'm gonna get double reward. That's not what it means. That's not the meaning of the Hadith. It means that when there's

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no hot water available, there's no other access to water and you have to perform wudu in cold or freezing water or below zero temperature boom, you have to perform it you have no choice. You will get to rewards to perform your will do. Don't go out of your way to make something difficult. Because there are only burden yourself throughout your life. That's the problem rebuked so many different of his companions who wanted to do more fast every day every other day he rebuked him. And many of them have said to the end of their life that if only we took the advice of our beloved prophet Elijah, to Salah that's what happened to some of the young people from one extreme to the

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other extreme. For one zeal of haram to one zeal or passion of faith. That's when you find the middle worker there Lika Jana, OMA man, what's up ah, to find the middle path, the middle path of obedience, that is no sharp this time of observance towards the last Pantheon this observance of the dunya at times, but in a person returns back to remember Allah subhanaw taala. Wherever we are now before that Allah mentioned kala Luna, or indeed Allah mentioned cut for unto so inside is every time we make these da da, instead of Hadith that means every time you make this application, Allah says, cut for unto. Now I've responded to your DUA. So Allah is responding as supplication, you're

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praying to Allah, Allah Don't burden me with anything I can't be Allah forgive my sins, but overlook my mistakes. Allah says, Now I'm cutfile to have done that. A pardon you. Allah wants to hear the voice of the believer. Allah knows what our sins are. Allah knows what advices Allah knows the thoughts inside our mind, in our heart, what we think what we perceive, when we plan to do what we want to do, what we didn't do, it's all there. Allah knows.

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Allah knows that. Who does Allah want to see from us? And they turn off recognition that and Allahu Allah, that I'm the one over all, every single thing that would a person deeply inside the heart recognizes that that becomes a source of success for the individual inside their life. Work for Anna, Allah pardon us and

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Four means to just wipe away the sin, rub it out, blot it out as like you arrange you rub you write something with a pencil and you rub it out as if it doesn't exist. That's what I feel is is to totally wipe it out. That's what Allah candidates are Allah isn't saying about monk Farah forgiveness is something else. And if we totally taking it away, pardoning the individual from Allah subhanaw taala like what you find the last fundamental you know, inside of the inside that we find inside Ramadan, Allah indica, alpha one, alpha, and you're Anna, Allah, you're the one that pardons and forgives pardon and forgive our sins. wokefield Luna, Allahu fron. Allahu Fran is sutra them

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and often carries the meaning. Does he find the MC for the helmet that a person wears to cover the head, to shield themselves that comes back to Word from an affront to protect oneself. So Allah has mentioned, sift through them that Allah conceal cover our sins

00:31:03 --> 00:31:41

that we've carried out inside like what Hamner and the most important element is the Mercy of Allah. None of us will ever enter into paradise, except for by the mercy of Allah. And the Companions even ask that to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, even yourself is that even myself? So actions have a part to play, but there's no guarantee to get into paradise. It is primarily the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and tummo learner, you are a protector. When do you know when our sunnah you're a protector, about regarding all of our fears. One fun sadhana, another column McAfee and give us victory over disbelieving individuals and some of the companion make this application saying mean

00:31:42 --> 00:32:19

after every time this is concluded, Allah, Allah Allah Latif will be abandoning resuming Yeshua is that so to show the 42nd chapter Quran you find so many things, speaking about the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala what will lead the Yakubu Toba to antibody? He's the one who accepts the job of His servants well yet for a while yeah, let me alone. Allah is the one that pardons our sins, forgives them. Well, yeah, who and Cassie? Elementary we are one Cathy's many things. He pauses overlooks them. Then again, I mentioned Well, yeah, and Cassie, that He pardons for gives many things that's just a one surah that Allah speaking about the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:57

And so in conclusion, what are some of the lessons that we can learn from these final two ayat of surah baqarah. Primarily, we began by reciting them every single night before we rest. But the lessons that we can learn is keep on trying. Keep on trying inside our lives. That's what the human being is. That element if we can use it in which to do trial and error, not trial and error and trying to do haram things. By trial and error, we try to do our best inside our lives that we find. And likewise second to follow the middle path. There are many elements that are defined to the prophet as I mentioned, we're into a built in Islam or will handle fear, or somehow have been sent

00:32:57 --> 00:33:13

with a with a middle path, the path of forgiveness and pardoning of Islam that we find. And thirdly, Allah knows the limitations. If we both go back to Assad has given to the prophet Elijah, some in the heavens. How many prays were given initially 50 prayers.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:18

The prayers aren't given 50 prayers were given as he descended.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:47

And he met Musa La Silla Musa write some advise him said, listen, yo, yo, I've dealt with the OMA. I've dealt with them and they're almost not going to be able to bear this. So go and ask Allah Subhana Allah to decrease it is brought down to 40. He descends once again, again, moose and Islam says to me, they're not going to bed this, go back again comes down to 3222 10. Till eventually comes down to five, and then preferred, I said, I feel shy to go and ask for two to bring it down even further.

00:33:48 --> 00:34:17

Musa knew what this Omar would be able to bear to do. But look at the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah said that these five prayers for each prayer 10 rewards equals 50 prayers, just to pray at five moments inside the day, a few minutes 45 minutes to prayer moments inside our life, to remember Allah subhanaw taala and in conclusion to seek the forgiveness and pardoning of Allah Subhana Allah may Allah subhana pardon all of us and forgive us and guide us to the path of success and obedience to Allah subhanaw taala

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