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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their desire for a public circus and their belief in accepting and rejecting certain ideas. They stress the importance of being open-minded and learning the Quran, as well as the use of negative language and trust in one's personal and professional life. The conversation also touches on the difference between a conversation and a show, citing examples from the Islamic culture. They emphasize the importance of learning and being a student of the Quran.
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We no longer have I can't if somebody if I hear somebody has a disagreement with me.

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I don't mind giving them a call and having a conversation with them. But you know what they're more interested in mineral. I want to have a conversation with you. But I want to make sure it's on YouTube. Because then I want to see what the comments are like. And I want an entire public circus. That's not a conversation. That's a show. Oh, this one person that would all want me to watch this. Oh, that was so good. He got him so bad. Like, what is this?

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Over the years, had handily been inspiration to many, many people, by now that they reflect on the YouTube only go to YouTube. Seven bubble we say, don't listen to this start. Another brother will come sit down inserted this. Yeah, this institution? Yeah. What is the solution going forward? Okay. So Omar was supposed to bring everyone together, right? Divide the onma. What's your name?

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goes on. Several got asked a really nice question about you know, I watched some of your videos, but there's so many videos of you said it more more kindly. But people that tell you don't listen to this one. Don't listen to that one. There's so many videos out there, refutation material. And what's the solution to all of that?

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I'll tell you what I personally believe.

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What I personally believe is

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we should be a Muslim should be intelligent enough to accept the truth and reject, reject what is wrong. But instead of accepting people and rejecting people,

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we shouldn't be interested in accepting ideas and rejecting ideas. And we should let go of this idea of accepting people and rejecting people. I could talk to a Christian who believes that ISA is the son of Allah, Allah, I don't agree. But he could say something. That's correct. And I agree with the thing that he says that's correct. I could talk to an atheist who doesn't even believe in Allah. And he might say something that's true. And I will agree with the part that he says that's true. Anyone has a right to, for me, or for anyone else to say, hey, no, mine said this incorrectly here. And here's why I think this idea is incorrect. Right? Ideas can be debated. And they shouldn't be

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debated. And the only way knowledge moves forward, is when you debate ideas. But I don't, I don't personally believe in the idea of, you know, rejecting people. And we do a lot of that in the Muslim community. Oh, this person is wrong. This person is misguided. This person is dangerous. What's so dangerous? I don't understand. Look, how do we accept Islam to begin with? When you were when you talk to your non Muslim friend, you say, look, look, think openly, right? Be a critical thinker. Look at the evidence. So you have to be open minded to accept Islam. Once you accept Islam now now become closed minded. Does that make any sense? Their big smile? It makes no sense. This Dean is

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Dean of Aachen, it's a dean of thought it's a dean of investigation and evidence, right. So, and there are people that I disagree with so badly. Like I'm completely opposite from them in some ideas, but I love and respect them at the same time so much.

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They can I will go to their house, they'll come to my house. And we will disagree strongly. But that doesn't change anything about how I feel about them as a human being. Because our deen is not just about ideas. It's also about Adam, right? How you treat another person. Like Allah says even he told one of his slides. pullulan Nasir asta speak to people beautifully. There's, and by the way, there's another Islamic principle, if I have a problem with you, who should I talk to?

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You should talk to me.

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I should talk to you. And once I talk to you,

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should I go and tell 50 other people that I talked to him and this happened and that no no. Al Majelis Bill Amana two brothers spoke to each other. It's done. It's not. If I wanted to talk to everybody, I will talk to everybody. But if I'm talking to you, that's because I'm talking to you. You know, imagine if you're having a personal conversation with one of your friends. And they're recording it without telling you.

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And then they record it without telling you and then they put it on the internet. And then they send it to all of your family. Everybody. Look at what she said.

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You say wait, the conversation was a trust between you and me. We had a private conversation, but you're interested in what? broadcasting it? Right. So what's happened in a lot of the Islamic discourse in my opinion is we no longer have I can't if somebody if I hear somebody has a disagreement with me.

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I don't mind giving them a call and having a conversation with them. But you know

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What they're more interested in mineral, I want to have a conversation with you. But I want to make sure it's on YouTube. Because then I want to see what the comments are like, and I want an entire public circus. That's not a conversation, that's a show. There's a difference between a conversation and a show. Right? So that's what we've kind of turned our religious or our discussions into Alhamdulillah I have a lot of people in my life that I discussed with, that I debate with that I disagree with and it never comes online never comes on Sunday. Why not? Because that's an Amana to trust. That's a trust. And also what's happened online is you know, like, some guys are into UFC as

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some kind of football matches. And now Islamic speakers against each other is a new kind of entertainment. Oh, this one versus that one. Oh, I'm gonna watch this. Oh, that was so good. He got him so bad. Like, what is this? Where's where's in the one movie? Noona. Aqua? Where is you know, Allah says believers in nothing but brothers will full size Selim says that. Not at the double our wrath and Muslimeen don't pursue the private matters of your brother, you know of your of your fellow fellow Muslim brother. Allah says in the Quran and in Latin, meaning they are humble to other believers. Right? Where did that go? Well, I don't see that the I see this is the opposite of what

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Allah teaches what the messenger teaches from Allah where it was for them. So it's not just, I just find something on Islamic about that entire approach. I'm uncomfortable with it. Because I wouldn't wish that for my brother. Right? If somebody, the person who's criticizing someone else, I don't like that the person is being criticized. And I would hate that that same person would be criticized, because they also have dignity. They have a family they have, you know, why should they be talked about in this way? So I think this lack of other than lack of control of the tongue and, like, open rebar in the name of, oh, no, this is I'm gonna build my roof. And then he added one car,

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I think that's nonsense. There's nothing about roof about it. There's nothing there's nothing decent about that. You know? So anyway, that's, that's my take on, which was, and by the way, the only reason that stuff happens is because you watch it.

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That's the only reason. If they didn't get views, they stopped doing it.

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And even the people who don't like it, watch it, all the stuff and look at what they're saying. I'm gonna watch it again.

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And they get views. When they get views, they get encouraged, then they say I should do something even more scandalous, something more offensive, because it will get even more views. And then you watch it again. So who's actually supporting their cause?

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You are, you're the one doing it. Now them.

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