Nouman Ali Khan – Money Matters – Surah al-Israa

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the matters of money with the help of the Surah Al Isra in the Noble Qur’an. These ayahs show us how Allah gives us guidance on how we should think about shopping and spending our money.

Allah is exceedingly forgiving. Inside the word, ‘awwaab ‘ is the idea that we are never going to stop making mistakes. There is always going to be something we could have done better and we have to recognize that in ourselves and then we have to keep making Istaghfar to Allah for the shortcomings that we have. we have to be constantly aware of our own flaws instead of waiting for somebody else to point out what is wrong with us. We should be the first one to point out what is wrong with ourselves and constantly keep coming back to Allah. So we recognize our mistakes and that we ask Allah to cover our mistakes.

Miskeen is a deeper concept which means that when someone who is not able to help themselves when they are in an economic or political turmoil. Allah has said for us not to spend our money wastefully. By adopting this ideology, we will have achieved the incredible Hikmah of the Qur’an.