Muhammad Alshareef – The Prophetic Way of Dealing With Anxiety

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to anxiety and stress, including the use of weighted blankets and finding ways to define comfort. They also touch on the benefits of a restful sleep, including a bouncy sleep shirt and a cool water drink. The segment emphasizes the importance of not feeling anxiety and feeling safe and calm, and mentions a social media post about a weightless blanket.
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So I'm on a court of law that I can't do. How are you doing? That's nice slams where you're from. We will start in five minutes. And I'm thinking of something new this time and that is as soon as we hit 100 people logging in or five minutes we will begin. So if 100 people log in, then we don't care about the people that come late.

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Sometimes Where are you from?

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select lambs. Where are you from?

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Say sir lamb. Where are you from? A Cyrus tuned in welcome Saira. We've been making draw for you.

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Hello Anakin, Mr. Nam.

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So we said that as soon as we hit 100 people or five minutes we will begin. We hit 100 people before

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welcome Saira. She's ARD in Trinidad Tobago

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and all the legal Massara

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what that masala

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how there was in Canada

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you know the other thing I'm getting kind of annoyed of the Good Morning Vietnam thing. So I'm thinking of changing it to whoever whichever country is most represented in the salons in the beginning. Maryam Hamidah for the Swiss kids. Asya. Bell, please enjoy you always tuning in to Zack Callahan from Switzerland Massoud in New York. Hello protect you. I mean, Samina I'm Qatar.

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Hey, that's cool. And the answer is from Cool Runnings. Hey, sanka. You did?

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The answers of ACEs say the answer to the riddle.

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Hey, thank you. What's sanka salam from Edmonton.

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Respected sir Alec Mr. Ram Dino Alec Mr. Ram How about Nigeria Alec Mr. Toledo Alec Mr. Nam Somalia Mr. Nam haha. And we've hit 100 We've hit 100. Let's get started. Take one

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Elio sabe Manuel and my bad

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Good morning Canada

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yesterday, we had the time to thrive Summit, which was based on you know, mental health, we did that we were planning that before what had taken place with with the virus and hamdulillah we're able to turn the topics and the discussion towards things that we're dealing with such as anxiety and stress and, and isolation all of these things. So it was an amazing day shout out if you you know thumbs up if you were there yesterday, inshallah Tata attending those, those sessions. So one of the beneficial sessions was a session by Chef. Yeah, hey, Ibrahim.

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And he said something interesting. And I and I told him that you know what, I want to do a reminder based on what you said, so this is what's interesting. So the Prophet said a lot is some experienced stress, experienced anxiety

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when he received revelation. Yeah. So in the story of o'clock, when, when Gibreel Allah Islam came to the Prophet salallahu. Salam, and and gave him the first revelation, and he came down the mountain. There's many examples of ways you can deal with stress in that one incident. But the one that we're going to talk about today is the first thing that he said to Khadija sub alarmism, the first thing he said to Khadija to deal with the anxiety that he was experiencing was Zemi loonies and Maloney cover me cover me, and that's our topic for today. How about that? We got an awesome topic for you guys today. It's all based on that statement. Zem Maloney ZEM Maloney which means wrap

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me up cover me up.

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the province that Alana Salem his first response to anxiety was to be wrapped in warmth are wrapped in covered up a few months ago, actually, I think it's about a year ago, I came across something called a weighted blankets, a weighted blanket. It's a blanket that is very heavy. It's like a blanket, you can throw it onto a bed

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It's too heavy, it feels like dumbbells, feels like dumbbells, this this blanket. And, and it's meant for anxiety actually. And it's meant for maybe children with ADHD, people who have like this stress and anxiety, and I bought this blanket because

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I wanted to try it out. So the if you haven't heard of this kind of blanket, it's it's, like I said, it's a very, very heavy blanket, depending on your body size. And the purpose of the blanket is that it presses down on your body, almost like if you've ever gotten a massage, and just the therapists hands pressing on your body is a way of relief. Subhanallah and even you know, and just comes to mind a lot of times the profits of the licen if he's talking to somebody giving dollar to them, he put his hand such as that boy who came and asked about Zina and the prophesy centum put his hand on his chest, pressing onto the, onto that boy.

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So weighted blanket. So today, inshallah Tada. I'm going to share with you some examples that when you're feeling stressed, and I'm feeling anxiety, that we can follow the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah de Sena and find ways to

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define comfort from the anxiety to find rest and comfort. So the first thing is weighted blankets. The first thing is the weighted blankets.

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And being covered and understanding and appreciating that and maybe like a benefit there is if you have children, you actually we already do this for children, we want to put them to sleep or we want to comfort them, we grab them and hold them close. But maybe as adults, we also need that as adults with a weighted blanket or you have a spouse or something. Think of this moment that maybe your spouse needs a hug and needs to be like covered up and taken care when they're feeling anxious. The next thing is the next two things come from a verse in which the Companions about the low Iron Dome in the Battle of bed there. Were very anxious about the battle that was going to be taking place the

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next day. You will see all throughout the narrations about the Battle of better there the anxiety from the prophets that Allah is in the anxiety from the Companions because they weren't prepared for this battle and they didn't have you know the tools to take on this situation

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so Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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11 Shakeology if you're washing homeowners I'm gonna tell him in when he was you know eight minutes

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why you and Zeno Ana you come meet us

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where you the Hebrew communities are shining upon you all your will be called up whoa become Wally our built on opponent will be combined with him beat me up.

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I love this verse because it's how Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the stress and anxiety that the companions were feeling. And subhanAllah THIS IS A LIE helping them deal with the anxiety. Allah subhanaw taala gave them rest. If you have a shikumen nyassa iMonitor middle Allah subhanaw taala says and Ro remember when

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and no OS is like when you it's that rest where you're sitting down and you're like dozing off and no Assa iMonitor Minh, that Allah gave that drowsiness and that and then being able to sleep as a way of

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security from Allah subhanaw taala. So we see even the blessing of being able to go to sleep peacefully and restfully is a gift from Allah azza wa jal. So Allah gave up to the Companions before the Battle of better rest. The second thing that Allah subhanaw taala gave them and as the verse continues while you were in a zero alikoum in Asana in that Allah subhanaw taala sent down upon the Companions ring.

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So the interesting so we see two things, Allah subhanaw taala gave them peaceful rest, and gave them rain. For me, you know if anybody ever asks me, what's my favorite weather, what's your favorite weather? You're welcome to post in the comments. My favorite weather is rain. Maybe if you live in places where it's always raining, and you don't appreciate it as much, but for me rain is like the best and and if I have the choice of white noise or some sound on my phone, I'll always choose Rain. Rain is always my relaxation. It's my calm, it's my safe space. When it's raining outside and you're like click click, click click, click, click on the on the

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On the Windows Subhan Allah that's like amazing and you'll see here that Allah subhanaw taala brought down the Reign before the Battle of better to ease the hearts of the companions Allah subhanaw data says while the Yoruba father Kulu become that make use to make steadfast your hearts so Allah kept their hearts firm with rain and kept their hearts firm with restful sleep. So let's look at how to how to apply this as you're feeling this anxiety during this time. Think of and I was actually talking to my family before preparing you know before I got on here and I asked each each family member what's your

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what's your comfort spot? What do you do when you need to be cozy when you need to feel safe when you need to feel loved? What is your who got as they say in Denmark? I have issues with Denmark but what's your so it might be rain, it might be a cup of tea, a cup of warm tea and then when you make your cup of tea you feel like you're in control and you feel you feel blessed. And you smell that you know Earl Grey tea or whatever. What is your I like to give you guys a moment to think about this. What is your thing that makes you feel safe makes you feel calm?

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What's your thing that makes you feel safe makes you feel calm?

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Is it a restful sleep? Is it you know you don't have to go to work you get to sleep in

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Is it a heavy blanket?

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Is it the sound of rain

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some people are saying light sunshine in the spring I actually I love the the afternoon reminds me of Winnipeg being a little kid and sunshine coming through the day.

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Panthers warm water with lemon Heidi's laughing at my Heuga

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restful sleep shirt a full night's sleep with a heavy blanket Yep. What else Who else have something different? T IV you guys are all giving the examples that I gave

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burning some nice low band and Somali t so the thing with I don't know what you mean by low band but maybe you're talking about

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incense and incense.

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Incense is awesome. So a couple of people are just like we're not tea people we're coffee people incense is also something nice nice smells and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to love beautiful smells. So you could have those diffusers or incense in the house and it brings like some calm somebody else that somebody said candle

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hugging Bushra said when you reading a book for me even so Bushra reading a book? Sometimes even like for some reason if I read a young adult type of book like a kid's book, it I don't know what it is about that but it reminds me of when I was a kid and I it brings me comfort because some books are like really serious. We got hot bath. Somebody's asking what's the question? What is your thing that you do in order when you're feeling anxious that brings you comfort that brings you calm? I give examples from the Quran such as being wrapped in a blanket like the Prophet said ally said I'm in the Battle of better Allah subhanaw taala to deal with their anxiety before the Battle of better

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Allah sent them rain and Allah subhanaw taala gave them restful sleep

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talking to friends in walks

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right cool. I would like to kind of moving this along are reminders almost come to an end. advising you guys to pick one of those things that brings you comfort and calm when you feel anxiety. And that brings you comfort and calm when you go and do that. Now. I know you might be jumping to another. You know what's interesting, nobody said social media. When I feel anxious. I love to check Instagram,

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Instagram, Facebook, emails, they're kind of like the opposite of what we're talking about. It doesn't make you feel safe and calm. It actually kind of intensifies the fear and the anxiety so hot chocolate dropped some Hello marshmallows in there. What is it for you make an intention right now that as soon as you get off this Facebook Live, you will go and do that. Go and have yourself that cup of tea or get some restful sleep, or do what makes you feel safe makes you feel loved makes you feel happy.

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All right. And the answer to the riddle is for those of you who checked out the riddle tune in soon. When we go live about five minutes before the hour about 2:55pm New York time. The answer to the riddle is

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is actually what is the riddle? What question can you never answer yes to? The answer is

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sleep. Are you sleeping? The question that you can ever answer yes to is are you sleeping and that's it. If you guys want to check out the, the weighted blanket that I spoke about in the beginning in the description of this video

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I put a link for you so you can check out what I'm talking about with a weighted blanket. And if that interests you, I've tried it out. And it's kind of weird for people because it's actually really heavy. The weighted blanket is actually really heavy. And sometimes, you know, for a bigger body like myself, I have to get heavier body and then you can put kids underneath them because it's too heavy for them, and so on but so people didn't like it, but I loved it.

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Anyways, that's it for today just like MLOK Ira Subhanak long and we have negotiated Allah and stuff for NACA to relate Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody can say salam to Saira. hamdulillah she's back and she's safe. It's like a lot of fun for her and her family.

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And I will pin her comments so you can send her some thumbs up

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah were to get the word done. Short reminders community. huddles welcome every day 2:55pm New York Time

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