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The title "the Eliza" in Islam is important for learning the truth and avoiding questions. It is also important for individuals to focus on what they want to study and not just the title of the book. The importance of studying the Quran is discussed, as questions can be taken away by asking them, but they are not the only ones. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning the Quran to improve one's understanding of the language and offers resources for learning it.

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I'm going to be speaking with you for about 15 minutes. First of all, I'd like to express how happy I am and grateful I am to have the opportunity to be in this wonderful Masjid the Eliza will accept all of our EVA and reward those who take care of this masjid and spread paid by means of it.

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The ayat that I wanted to talk to you about today are from Surah Al Baqarah.

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And there's a particular idea that I want to get to that's is number 108.

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In which Allah azza wa jal talks to the Muslims, he says Antonio Luna and no Rasulullah comb, can sue either Muslim in covenant

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or is it that you want to question your messenger the way Musa was questioned before? So he's asking the Muslims do you want to treat your messenger the way Musa was treated but specifically, the way Musa used to be asked questions? Of course, the Sahaba used to ask also Allah salAllahu alayhi salam questions all the time. So the asking the Prophet questions is a big part of Islam. So many, a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam are a result of some Sahabi came and asked a question. And so many Ayat came from the Quran. When somebody came to the Prophet SAW Selim and asked a question and then the IR came down. But here in this ayah, Allah says, Do you want to ask or

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do you want to question your messenger, the same way Musa was questioned before? So we have to learn now that there's two different kinds of questions, the kinds of questions that are encouraged. And then there are the other kinds of questions that are being prohibited. You're not supposed to ask those kinds of questions. And this is so serious that in this ayah Allah says Romania, Tibet, co Frabill Imani falcoda Wanda salah, Sabine and whoever replaces their Iman, their faith with Cofer with disbelief. Gopher means two things, it means disbelief. And it also means being ungrateful.

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If you can, if you replace your Eman with these two things, whoever does that has gone from gone away from the straight path or the right path. So what Allah is saying here is if you ask the wrong kinds of questions, you will replace your Eman with gopher. That's what Allah is saying and desire. So this is a pretty scary thing I have to not only worry about how to protect my Iman by asking questions because I'm supposed to ask questions. I also have to protect my eemaan by not asking the wrong kinds of questions. So this is what I wanted to spend time with you trying to understand what are the wrong kinds of questions that are being warned about in this amazing Iam a couple of ions

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before this when I recited in the beginning I recited a little bit before this

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Allah azza wa jal describes something that the yahood were saying to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were basically saying, you can follow your book, we already have a book we have to write. So we don't need to follow your religion we already follow ours. And in fact, even today, there are rabbis who believe that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is the Messenger of Allah, even now, today, Jewish scholars except that slavery confirm that the messenger is in fact the Messenger of Allah, but we don't have to follow Him because we have our own revelation. His revelation is for everyone else. So they develop this idea that it's okay you can be a messenger,

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just not for us, because we already have a lot we already have the teachings of Musa Desana. And Allah responds to them and he says, Man and Solomon at No, Lucy has nothing behind him in hell with Leha. That, actually, now that this messenger has come, we don't we don't cancel any previous idea.

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Or make it forgotten, except that we bring something better or something just like it. In other words, now the Torah no longer applies. It's now been canceled. It's been replaced by something that has the same thing as the torah, or has even better than that. All right, that is the that's the Quran. That's what Allah tells bunnies Surah e man and submit it,

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man and submit it now Lucy Hannah Tbk, the minha obviously, and I'm Telemon Allah Allah conditioning, Kadeem. Now this is going to help us understand the wrong kinds of questions a little bit, because that my subject was how do you make sure you don't ask the wrong kinds of questions. The Israelites by nuestra Isla, Allah talks about them so much, because we're supposed to learn a lot from them. We're supposed to learn from their mistakes. And one of their mistakes was the way that they used to ask questions of their own prophet. Whatever came in their head, they want to ask about it. Whatever curiosity they have, they want to come and ask about it. Even in the narrations

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we find in the Quran, sometimes the you who would come to the profit sites at MWC, he would come in Medina and they will say, Oh, yeah, how come sometimes a baby boy is born? How come sometimes the baby girl is born? Then sometimes they'll come and ask. So who are these people of the cave? Who are these people? Or tell us about this? Tell us about that? Oh, yeah, give me this answer. Give me this answer. In other words, whatever question comes in their head, they said, We're gonna ask, and if you don't have the answer, you know, you have a problem. Now, let's pause for a second. I don't want to talk about Bani Israel, I want to talk about us.

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I have people come to me and say, Stan, you're, you do research, right? Like, yeah, I do research. I got a question. I asked a lot of scholars, nobody has the answer to this question. Let me ask you this question.

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This has happened to me hundreds of times, people very proud of their question, because nobody can answer their question. And you know what, even if you give them the answer, they're like, they're gonna go to the next guy and say, you know, I asked a lot of people this question, nobody got the answer to my question. Let me ask you this question.

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This obsession with one question than another question than another question. So let's take a step back. Where do questions come from?

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The real issue is, where do questions come from? Whatever you're thinking about. Wherever your mind goes, that's the direction that your questions are going to come from. If you're thinking about cars all the time, you're gonna have questions about cars. If you're thinking about money all the time, you're gonna have questions about making money. Wherever your mind is focused. That's where questions arise from. Now, the issue is what Allah gave us in His revelation, what he gave us in the Quran, he gave us a book, it's not a book of answers for your questions. It didn't come to address it's not Google. It's not the ALLAH has revealed Google for you. Whatever question I have, I'm just

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going to ask and Allah will have the answer for me, because my mind goes in every direction, which means I'm going to keep asking questions that are going in every direction. And the problem with that is there is no straight forward direction. So what I want you to do now in these few minutes, I want you to understand the right way of asking questions by way of an example. I'm going to try to give you an example. Stay with me try to focus on this example, Inshallah, the concept will become clearer. I want you to pretend that I am your mathematics teacher.

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And you are 10 years old in school, and I'm your mathematics teacher. And I'm teaching you multiplication today. And I still teaching you multiplication, and then you raise your hand. And you say, which color is better blue or orange?

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You're a math teacher, right? You should tell me. I say can you focus on what I'm teaching? Then another student raises their hand and says, I want to know about addition? No, no, we're still

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The multiplication right now, no, but I want to know about addition, can you tell me about addition? Then another one raises their hand and says, Hey, so I have a question about calculus. No, no, you're in third grade. Why are you asking about calculus? Can we focus on what we're doing here? What happens? The teacher's job is to take the minds of his students and get them away from the colors and from addition and from calculus, bring them back to this lesson right now, which is what multiplication, focus on this, focus on this. So this was a children's example, let me take you to an adult example. Imagine you're in a university.

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Your parents pay a lot of money so you can get into the school. And finally, you're sitting in the class. And this is also maybe it's an accounting class or a math class. And after you sit in this class, is very hard to get into school. Everybody comes with their notebook, they want to write everything down everything, the professor says they want to focus on it, and pay attention to it. You raise your hand in your accounting class, and you say, so blue or orange, which color is better?

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And the professor looks at you like why did you come here? This is not what we do here. Why are you insulting this education? Go ask your friend this question. This is you didn't come to me for this purpose. You understand? You're not only insulting your teacher, you're insulting the other students, you're insulting the education and you're insulting your parents who paid for your education, you understand this issue? Now watch this. Allah gave us a Quran. He gave us a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam, yes or no, he gave us these things. And he says about his Surahs Lea de baru iOttie. So they think deeply about His ayat that Allah can tap, you know, so you can think when

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you when he says, so you can think he is focused making us focus on the things that he's talking about? Yes. So what we what do we do, and we come to this, so what does the Quran say about this? And what does the Quran say about that? I have a question about this. I have a question about that. And you have all these other questions. And Allah is telling you and me, let go, focus on what I'm giving you. Here's a surah. Here's an idea. Here's revelation. Think about this. And when you think about this, then you will ask the right kinds of questions, because now your thoughts have a direction. But what's happened with a lot of Muslims is now you will notice Muslims are starting to

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have doubt in Islam. And you will notice one thing that is in common among all of them. Their questions never come from studying the Quran. Their questions always come from outside from some YouTube video here some Tik Tok over there, some article over here, something they heard over here, some they were watching the news, they were watching the movie, they have these questions, questions, questions, and then they say Islam better give me an answer to all of my questions. It better answer curiosity, ABCD and E. And if it doesn't have my answers, then this is not the right religion for me.

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Because now it's supposed to be like Google, when you ask Google something, it answers you immediately no matter what you ask. It has some answer for you. So Islam should be able to answer every question I have this what does it do? Obviously Allah will not waste time answering your useless questions. Because you're not respecting what Allah is giving you. You're not giving time to that. You're not focusing on that. And so as a result now I only have two minutes left. So I'll tell you what Allah shows us.

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He says when you keep asking these kinds of questions, it doesn't it starts taking away your iman with every question, your iman is being taken away. And slowly 1% of women got replaced with I guess Islam doesn't have this answer. Then the next one, Islam is not that impressive. And you're becoming ungrateful for Islam. One of the words for being ungrateful is gopher. Gopher is not just disbelief go for is also confront and Nima it means to be ungrateful. So Allah says Romania, Tibet Donnell co Frabill Imani vaca Bala Sawa sob. Are you going to ask questions like Musa was asked before? Because whoever replaces gopher with Eman meaning they took their image and got rid of it put gopher there

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instead. Then they've gone off on the wrong path. That's why they're asking these wrong kinds of questions. This is a crisis because now because of the devices that we have Snapchat, tick tock Instagram, Facebook, YouTube shorts, new idea, new idea, new idea, new idea constantly being bombed with new ideas and with every new idea you have different kinds of questions, and then use

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A Islam doesn't have the answer. There's so many different ideas. And Assad has no no direction. No answer. Now, this is the last thing I'll share with you. I'd like you to take this as the lesson.

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We all have questions. We're human beings, you can't help it.

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There's no There's no way you can stop your mind from having questions. But try this for me. Take all of your questions. And you take a shelf in your brain and you put them in the shelf and you lock the shelf, close it.

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Hold your questions. Don't think about them all that and let them go. And then start studying the Quran. Study the Fatiha study Baqarah study earlier. Take time, even if it little 30 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day but study Allah's book and think about what Allah is saying. Think about what Allah don't don't think about it from the point of view of your question. I'm looking for the answer to my question. Let me see if I find it. No, no, no, no, no, your questions are on pause. They're in the fridge, let them be let them get cold. Your focus is on what Allah is saying. And you know what's going to happen? So many of your questions will start disappearing.

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Because you'll realize those questions were pointless. There was no purpose to them. When they when Musa Alehissalaam was asked what color cow? There was no point to that question. When he was asked, Is it a young cow or a you know, an old cow? There was no point to that question. There was no reason to ask that question. When the Quran said the Prophet says, Isn't he a poet? Isn't he a magician? Isn't he that they asked all these questions? Allah didn't answer any of those questions. They say this, leave them alone. They say this leave them alone. There are so many places in the Quran where people ask a question, Allah doesn't even answer it. Either Hakuna in Lima Peru, fatten

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analemma una caja de vida. When we are both broken, our bones are broken in the grave and we turn into dust and decay. We're going to be made a new new creation all over again. I'm going to be brought back to life how this is a question they asked. Allah said cool Kunal. Hey, Jonathan, how Hidalgo turn into metal? Go turn into a stone, I'll bring you that's not an answer. That's like, this is a stupid question. It doesn't deserve an answer.

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So what does Allah do when you study the Quran, He guides your questions.

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guidance does not come from answers. guidance comes from asking the right questions. And that's the lesson that's being taught in this aisle. So in this short time, my hope is that as you put those questions on the side, and you start asking Allah directly what he's talking about focus on the lesson and end, you will find that eventually you will open that shelf and they will be empty inside. There won't be anything left. All those questions will either disappear or Allah will answer them in a way that no human being could answer them. That is the gift that Allah has given us in the Quran. That's why he keeps telling us not a fella that Allah moon, why don't you know why don't you

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know, Allah says, fly attack Elon, why don't you then think? Don't you think that luck on tapping? And so you can think because questions are related directly to thought. What you think about is what you will ask about what I think about is what I will ask about. I pray that Allah makes us people that think about the Quran, they think about the word of Allah, because that will guide our thoughts. And once our thoughts are guided, our questions are also going to be guided and will be saved from making the mistake that Allah is warning about to the Muslims here in this remarkable Ayah BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran is akin when a finding were Iago mill, it was chemos Salam or

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa taala.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves, and we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna tv.com Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a tv.com