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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was happy he woman Well, my back. So let's get back into our Tafseer our journey through Sudan, the hell. We are now at verse number 59, a Lhasa panel or yeah verse number 59. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues with the same conversation that we left off in the previous episode, which is all about daughters, and a despicable and shameful act that happened in pre Islam. But unfortunately, I truly believe and it still happens in different ways. And there's also a cultural problem behind what the subject of this A is, and I'll get to that in a minute in sha Allah, yet Oh, well, Amina

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told me mean Sue, Mr. Boucher, Robbie yetta Well, they are in the state of shock that they actually had a daughter. So the machinery crew and at that time, when they had a daughter, like there was like shadow all throughout Mecca, you know, they couldn't believe that this would happen. And yet Toyota is they're just absolutely devastated by it. I mean, it'll call him in so embouchure Robbie, Mabu sharabi because of what Allah bless them with, we already talked about the term bushwood Ah, glad tidings. Bushra is also the word that you use when you congratulate somebody you say that shooto comb, or bushwood Allah calm. I am sicko who Allah Hoon in EMEA de su who fit Torah here is

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the peak of this shameful act.

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I am sicko, who Arleigh honan. So now they're faced with a decision that we should have gone. Now they asked themselves, do we keep it? Do we keep this baby? A human sequel? Either? hooning? You know, it's like, man, are we stuck with this child, this was the attitude of them, we should do. And then unfortunately, even in today's world, people still do this. You know, if you're expecting a boy, you get a girl or expecting a girl, you get a boy, or the child is born with some kind of defect, some kind of problem. And you're sitting there and you're like, is this what our life is gonna be like, this is what we're gonna do. Unfortunately, some parents and I hear this all the

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time. And I'm sure a lot of you hear this as well. So as soon as the child is born, how can you look like your dad? How can we, you know, why are your toast so long?

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Allah is and you don't get to say those things. You should never say those things when you have a child because why Allah designed the child for you, He is the most solid, he's the one who fashioned the child. So the child looks you know, the fingers are long, or they look more fair skin or dark skin or what have you. You just first and foremost Hamdulillah, you were able to have a child. And if you don't know the value of that, if this is tough for you to understand or make that connection, just speak to parents who have wanted children. And or excuse me, you know, couples that have wanted children, and Allah never gave them kids never. And when they see other parents with their children,

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their hearts literally just shattered because they wish they could have just one child, you know, and they look at different options. But I mean, at the end of the day, lots of parents say this, nobody can you there is no feeling on this planet that equates to the feeling of giving birth and having your own child. And you know, mothers say this all the time. You know, adopting a child is one thing to care for another child is one thing. Sure, you know, at the end of the day, when you it's your own child, well, they let you have that is why one of the names of children in the Quran is a thammarat they're like the fruits of your life. They're the happiness of your life. So Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is calling out the attitude I am sicko, who are Allah, Who Nina, do you really sit there and example you're thinking about? Do you keep this challenge just because it's a girl. I'm yet to see who taught up or you bury this child in the dirt. You know a lot about the low one when he heard this verse, verse number 59, he would weep and he would cry. Tears have to tears that so much. So some of the scholars say that there are stories of a lot of the 11 that there were stains on his cheek just because of the amount of tears that would flow daily, all the time. And this was a contributor to that this verse, because our mode could relate to this verse pre Islam, so he could

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see he understood this very well. And there were people during his time before Islam that were doing this. ls ma kumaun Allah says how devastating how despicable it is for them to make a decision like that. The Latina Allah, you may know Nabeel hero method was so what Illa Hill methyl Allah. These are the ones that never believed in the F hero. They don't believe in a pharaoh as a result of the despicable example that they show.

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So what just happened? We were talking about having a child, particularly the daughter and the the reaction of parents back then. Then the next verse, Allah says, These people have no connection, they have no faith, they don't even believe in the afterlife. Why? Because people who are engrossed in this kind of behavior and this kind of attitude, the afterlife has nothing to do with them. You know, it's it's not a concern, there's no fear. I mean, if you were to do something like that, to human being, and especially an innocent child, like the afterlife is going to be no place for you except the place of torment and punishment. Well as a builder, may Allah protect us from that when

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he left the methadone area, and to Allah belongs all the examples, because why at the end of the day, Allah subhanho, wa Taala has all the resources, all the power, all the knowledge, to show you the best examples that you need to pay attention to, that you need to learn from. So Allah reminds us of them. So it's not that this culture or this behavior, or these people and what they were doing No, you should, at the end of the day, pay attention to what Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches you about this, that at the end of the day, Allah does, looks down at this and Allah has denounced this behavior, eradicated this, and prepared the most severe punishments for individuals who did this.

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And Allah continues well, who realizes all Hakeem and he is the all powerful and the all wise, while you ask me the love when NASA will hold me him, if when and Allah subhanho wa Taala when a lion so a gel captures people in the midst of their transgression in the midst of their shame in the midst of their sentence matado Carly Herman de Bella. So in other words, if l if Allah subhana wa Taala were to capture every individual who has transgressed and wronged in the sight of Allah, methodically him in daba, there would not be a single creature or animal left on this planet. What does that tell you? That's our nature. We just do wrong things all the time. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if he

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were to hold you accountable, and grab you, every time you did something wrong, there wouldn't be a single creature on the face of this planet, nothing would be here. So what is the lead sake and what does Allah continue with, while and key you know whom Isla edgeley moosend there, but this is all part of Allah subhanho wa Taala his plan that he allows this to continue towards a fixed time, a time that's been named an expiry date for all of us, then a look includes for either a jeweler woman, when this time appears, lie yourself here on a Sarah, they would not be able to delay an hour while you're stuck the moon so they can delay the hour and they can't forward the hour and speed

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things up. You know what this is referring to? Some scholars had said this was referring to the questioning period on the Day of Judgment. And so it's terrifying that to think that there will be people that will stand in front of Allah and wish to delay their period, their questioning period. Like No, no, I don't want to go. As a matter of fact, you go you go in front of you go in front of me and they'll look at the rest of mankind and be like you guys all go ahead. I want to be the last person. You won't even be able to do that. When Allah subhanaw taala calls you out. It's done. You are they're summoned in trial in front of the judge. And they won't be able to fast forward and

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speed up the process. So they can just speed up the questioning period either. Oh, no, I just I just want this to finish. I want this to finish as quickly as possible. None of that is an option. So that's what Alyssa Pendleton is referring to here. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength. These are some terrifying verses. But again, keep in mind, what did we just talk about? talked about how daughters were treated, or how parents who their attitudes they had then when they were blessed with a daughter, this is the context of all of these verses. So Allah just gets more and more harsh and more and more upset and angry at this attitude. And then Allah continues, why HR Luna de la he may

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Accra Hoon and they placed with Allah, what Allah Subhana what they themselves disliked as well. Well, Tulsi for elsina to homolka diba and Ella whom we're hosting and they described on the tips of their tongues, lies that they attributed and and instead made it into something that was Hostnet. So, the lies that they told about this behavior and this attitude and this, you know, this habit that they had, all of it was beautified in lies, so they basically would lie about this that this was a good thing to do. This was the right thing to do. So they beautified the lie. They made it sound like you

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Was eloquent and it was the right thing to do. led gentlemen, another woman now, what an muffle tune. Remember, we said lead gentleman came earlier on in the suta. Lead, gentlemen is also an emphasis and every time you see the word, gentlemen, gentlemen, immediately what comes after it is en la jarama. Enter. So this is an emphasis that Allah so Joel says, There is absolutely no doubt. And then a homerun now for them is the fire one and the home of Raton, and they will be forgotten and left behind. Why did these people bury those daughters because they wanted to forget about them and leave them behind. What is a love doing to those individuals who did this to the daughters. Now

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they are given the punishment they are thrown into the fire and unless that's what an homophobic tone, now you are lost and forgotten and put behind so panela only a core and can do this. So Allah literally reversed the attitudes that they had that pursued that push them to do that sin. Now it was turned the tables were turned turn, as we say Kemet to Dean today What goes around comes around. And so it came around and now they're getting the worst version of them to lucky to lucky we mentioned is one of the is one of the ways that the poor n gives an oath and this is the one of the ways that Alice panels wireless swears by something. And he does this with tala he in a manner that

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a lot is angry and upset, like it's very, very, very serious situation in the sight of Allah laquanda otter sellner illa, umami middle publica. We had sent so many prophets and messengers to nations before you as a yellow homeless shelter, but shaitan beautified them

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beautified the actions of the people that these messengers were sent to, for who were the human Leone. So the shaitan will be there will be their guardian on that day, the day of judgment, one of whom are that one element for them is a painful torment. Well, that incident is a key tab we did not send down the book in the early two begging Allah, tala foofy except that they were able to clarify, bring clarity in the things that they used to differ in what we don't want to Mattel told me You mean and guidance as well as mercy for those who had some amen for those who had the quality of faith. last verse brothers and sisters will love and Zelda Amina Semih email, and Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. Ireland had sent down from the sky mat when we said the difference there are two words to describe rain in the poor end, map one and map out one motto and a lot of people use this in language to describe rain. And that's fine in language, it's one thing but in core and matoran is the punishable. It's the punishment type rain, the rain that caused floods and it causes destruction. And it's a punishment sent from a lump. But mat one is just the rain that we benefit from. So Allah says he has sent down from the sky mat when he has been buried or melted. And led has given life to the ground after its death in the field that he killed earlier to laponia smell. And

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indeed, these are parables. And yet for those who simply listen, you know what's amazing about how this a has ended, this a ended with a smell, and it restricted to listening. Because everything prior to this, you know, you're trying to tell people don't do this, don't do this to your daughters don't act this way, etc, etc. And just keeps going and going. The first step towards receiving guidance with Allah is you just have to listen. And this is the first core lesson you teach young people, you know, and that's the thing. We You know, when people who don't understand how to relate to youngsters and young students, the first thing you have to teach them how to listen, because

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that's one of the things they struggle with the most. You know, when you go through that phase of being a teenager and a little bit older than that, you go through a time where you think you've got things figured out, you think you've got life all figured out, they may have watched a ton of movies, you may have read some books here, you may have started talking to friends, they influence you in certain ways, whatever. And to steer all of that guidance or that knowledge to the right direction. Young people have to learn how to be good listeners first and foremost. Once they do that, then you're able to encourage them and they are able to support the knowledge and the things

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that they're learning the HID they're hearing about they're asking me you're able to support that. But for them to be able to absorb

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and humbled themselves to the point well look, people that are older people that have more experience and wisdom, you should sit back and see listen to where they're coming from. Listen, because at the end of the day, most adults come from a good place. You know, if no claim Rahim Allah said that he found great benefit in just listening. You know, when people would ask him, how did he absorb so much from his teacher? Maybe it's a meal or him a hula? And of course, other teachers that he had, how did he reach such a level in terms of his knowledge? This is one of the responses that he had given is that he trained his ears to just absorb and listen. Alright, Chateau de la Mourinho

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was a master when it comes to the he the body, she understood the body inside out, she was almost like a physician. And you know, some of the companions would ask her, how did she learn so much about the human body. And her response was that she would observe and listen to others who would speak about the body who would speak about certain parts and functionality and all of these things. So just overall health, she was a good listener. So Ally's saying, the only way that the rain is going to talk to you, you know, it'll be an egg from a lump, the clouds are going to be an A from Allah, all of the transition from one season to another. So right now for us here in Toronto, we're

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slowly getting into the fall season, and the leaves are starting to discolored, they're starting to flake off and you know, everything is changing, even the temperature is changing. This transition that we're in right now, if you don't pay attention to verses like this, it's just going to look like another season is about to roll around. And for those of you who may not like the cold, you actually wouldn't even look forward to the abilities of my God, the leaves are actually falling, oh my god, I can't believe summer's already over, you wouldn't talk like that, if you were a good listener, because this a is saying these are all yet of Allah. When those leaves start dropping,

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those are as of Allah, when they start to discolor those are all a lot of Allah. When you see the transition from night and day, those are all a yet from Allah. So pay attention to that if you couldn't pay attention to anything else, at least pay attention to the signs that are around you that are obvious. And that's what this day is all about. Now, with that being said, this area here prepares us now for the next section of this sutra, which is where the suitor was named after the B. So we're going to start getting into the B, we're going to talk about how the poor n addresses this marvelous marvelous super insect, the super creature and creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm

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still trying to catch a bee. Because I have been reading a lot of just when you catch a bee, what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to handle it. And apparently they have an incredibly, incredibly short lifespan if you don't know how to handle it correctly. So that's already making me hesitate to even try to do that. However, there is a bee nest. I don't know what species of bees This is, but there is one right in front of my house. So tomorrow inshallah, what I'll do is I'll show you the nest and I'll show you some of those bees. And we're just going to try to get a closer look and I'm gonna do my best not to get attacked, okay, so stay tuned for that. So at least you can

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appreciate some of the things that are being talked about in this verse, you can actually visually see inshallah tomorrow what what it looks like. So mail line so it will continue to bless us and increase us with knowledge and understanding of his beautiful, beautiful book has beautiful perenne and all the knowledge in it may ally social shower our hearts with the love and the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and finally metalizer which will keep you safe and keep you healthy in America and wherever you are loving to me, just like Milo hydron and we will see you next time for our next episode Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh