Yaser Birjas – The real value of real estate in Jannah

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the high cost of real estate, including the sunrise and set in Jannah, the cultural significance of houses and malls, and the value of houses and malls based on location. The speakers emphasize the importance of measuring units and selling value by measuring the value of items, and the need for proper consideration when selling high deeds. They also mention the importance of safety and investment in achieving good deeds.
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Salam Alaikum talaga

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Alhamdulillah Allah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salam to Steven to theologia Mom and Dad. Where do you guys think the most expensive real estate?

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The most expensive real estate that you pay for where can you find that?

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Silver Leaf

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right. Beverly Hills is in New York. Is it Maccha riders 34 of the coverage of Madera Franco karma, the most expensive one, and the most valuable on the most valuable one will find it in Jannah. Let's hear that from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in this very short Hadid Hadith of the other 100 Number 1888 and the other Saudi Hain call on Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ocol la kavakos Coulson Phil Jana Hiramatsu Allah Hashem Soto, whatever canali

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in this hadith the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it says La Cabo Kosan Phil Jana, the space in paradise, equal to the distance between the middle and the end of a bow will be better than all that upon which the sun the sun rises and sets brotherhood Bukhari Muslim.

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If you have done archery with an archery, so you have the bow, and they have the string, right? So what is the Cabo cosine of Kabul close? When you hold when you hold the bow in your left hand, the distance between where your hand is resting, and the tip from the top or the bottom? That's called a curb? Cut will close. So how big is that? And what's the space area, the area of space that will occupy between these two points, and the string? How much space you're going to have there as your mind?

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Maybe enough space to put your foot on it? Right? Just standing on one foot, not even two feet? Just that space? So the prophets of Assam says La Cabo coastal Phil Jana, if you have this much space in Jannah. Wow. That is more valuable than anything, anything in this universe? Because when the Prophet says sunrise and sets, he doesn't mean just the earth.

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What is the sunrise? is Gemma, all this huge universe at sea around you SubhanAllah. All of us that same thing? How valuable is that to you? It's, it's a lot. It's a lot, which means you have to pay so much for that space in general. Imagine if you have more than that as a man.

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Imagine if you have much more than that. How much value you will put in that. Now in this dunya in the dunya. The value of real estate is based on what doesn't? What is your

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location? And what is the location? What do you need for that location? Basically, based on what as well, depends if you're looking for commercial, what are you looking for?

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For traffic? People, right? Do you want to open a store? Have you seen stores in Mecca? You know, maybe back in the days before they have these fancy markets and buildings and malls before that? I don't how many of you remember doing this camera in the 1990s and so on. I remember the alleys of Mecca and Medina where you find these stores. Sometimes people they don't even have there is no store listed. There's nothing they just have some sort of like a maybe one foot one foot into the wall. That all what they have is they put all their merchandise there. And when they open that tiny little door they open and just like this, and they pull that thing out and they open it

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and now they're selling whatever they sell over the next you know some gifts and souvenirs and so on. And guess what they make a lot of money on.

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And if you ask them how much rent they pay for this little tiny spot, God knows how much it was Subhanallah so the little space because there's so much traffic for us. In terms of houses. Location also matters. What are you looking for in that house? Of course you're looking forward the neighborhood you're looking for the school district, you know all these kind of valuable things that you have been close to the masjid mashallah for us over Al Hamdulillah Bananaman and I don't know how many of you guys know that especially the newcomers to the area. Their area across the masjid supposed to be actually the Indian mall they call it

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that's what they call they were supposed to the commercial area that's supposed to be it in a nice beautiful you know strip mall built over here with a lot of stores and and all that kind of stuff. But the moment we designated this land for the masjid, they immediately change the zoning and they said the Muslims gonna buy these houses.

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So they changed the zoning and they made it actually into residential. And I still remember the first house that was built in Campion hollow to have Campion Hall one actually. The first house that was built over here, I don't have the brothers still here or not

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He has at the first house in the neighborhood. Actually it was, believe it or not, for those who have bought houses recently here, the first house that was built 12 years ago, it was actually 327 or $72,000.

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That started 12 years ago. Right now the house across the street. How much Gemma

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1.2 1.32 varkala. What's the reason behind that?

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The prime location people to say you should hear us

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but seriously is the prime location because it hamdulillah people would love to come to the masjid and that location, masha Allah for them, it's worth every penny they willing to pay for it.

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And they don't mind it. Why? Because when it come to the valuable stuff, we start value them by what by the little increments and little pieces. That's why when you sell for example, steel or copper, what kind of measuring unit we use for that. Tons? You're not gonna use kilos right? Use tongs or pounds. But if you're going to start selling for example meat or grocery, what is the measuring unit we use pounds? When you want to sell cheese? What do you use? answers right? Now when it comes to something more valuable like gold, what do you how do you sell gold? grams and if you're gonna sell diamonds, what do you use? carat right? When you start using now Hassan and say, what is the unit

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that they use?

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The speck of dust.

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This is how much is valuable.

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You put you put value on a speck of a dust or as Allah subhanaw says myth kala habita McArdle the seed of mustard, very tiny little thing, you can't even if you weren't underway on the scale, there is nothing except you have to have a very special scale for that very sensitive scale, so that it would weigh every unit of that little piece. So that's how much value you have in this. Similarly when it comes to the piece of land here based on the dunya we see how we value these things right? I wouldn't mind paying this much because he is going to give me this and hundreds advantage in that location. Imagine if was Jenna Gemma.

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And Allah subhanaw was telling you this much in Jana is worth everything in this universe. Now the question for you and I do you even own that much,

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is imagine that much. They own this, this universe. They own all the thing that exists in this world in the universe. So if it's a matter of owning this, then who's going to be in Ghana?

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If you're going to pay this much to go into Ghana, who can go to Ghana Gemma then?

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How about nobody?

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Nobody's gonna go Jana. Right? And that shows you Allah subhanaw Does Rama and mercy and His generosity.

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Allah azza wa jal is not gonna compensate you based on what you do. Because it's actually deserving this Nirma that he's given you. He's given it to you out of grace, out of grace, and out of Rama from Allah subhanho wa taala. Your good deeds are only a token, a token, just you're showing ALLAH SubhanA darabi, I'm trying my best. So the more you do, it's not about working harder and working smart. With ALLAH SubhanA wa gonna do the most valuable thing that Allah is pleased with, you start with the fraud, and they will then waffle, and you do it with full sincerity from the heart, even if you couldn't do it. If you have the sensitivity for it in your heart and you couldn't do it, Allah

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will reward you and if you have done it,

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this how much Allah has opened the door for us and not just that for every say, every bad deed that you do, how much you're going to be actually compensated for that or how much you're going to be punished for, or at least count for you as single single say here. But for for every good deed that you do how much you're gonna get. The lease is 10 The lease is 10. If you do the math, no one should end up where Gemma and Johanna

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if it's just a matter of math, no one should end up in Johanna.

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But when it comes to Allah subhana wa that again we're not a maximum amount of one plus one equals two with Allah azza wa jal there's so much higher that you can do to get into and for those that Allah and you can also lose all of that if you don't pay attention to what you do. So just to conclude with this hadith and abuse Allah salaam to show us that you might be able to bring a handler our man as a prophet describe caravans to hammer like mountain range of good deeds, mountain range of good deeds, Salah fasting charities, but all these good deeds will not qualify that individual to go until Jana. Why is that? Because they all came attached. A lot of liability is

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coming with them, what kind of labels we're talking about, whatever what shatta MHADA curse this person insulted this person, you know, hurt this person and they all take on the

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Call Center and when they're done, they throw from there on there and they're gone.

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So it's not just a matter of investment for Jana, it's also safe guarding your investment. Make sure to do that. And may Allah subhana wa Taala give you the utmost reward and Jana deferred dose Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad wa ala Hara and a question Gemma.

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Subhanak Allah hammock, a shadow Allah Allah herland A star photocatalytic Smilla go work for Jana Gemma.

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