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Islam was founded

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by a man who

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was It was founded in a context

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Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and data center to enhance the Norwegian dour if you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam so click the link and donate now and share the video for extra room assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? Now many of you already know that the opposing views episode I done with one ion McGann who refers to herself as ion Hirsi Ali because she is a liar. And she has been lying to the Dutch parliament and she's been lying to the public about Islam and what it entails. And she is an ignoramus and academic charlatan

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obsequious women, a right wing Apple polisher. That individual has now quite frankly been exposed. If you go and watch that video you I think you will agree with me. Not many people, even from the other side, let's let's say can disagree with that. But I wanted to just point on some of the things because obviously in that opposing views format, I couldn't, I didn't have access to to her responses, and she did not have access to my responses. So there are some things I wanted to bring

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to respond to. And not that she deserves a response because I think for all intents and purposes, anyone with a shred of integrity and maybe an iota of sincerity, will know that her academic career, if she ever had won in the first place is over now with all due respect or non due to her.

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This individual actually, by the way, I couldn't read this out in the opposing views for much will give you a taste of what kind of individual she is. This is something that she mentioned in one of her books.

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She mentions, and I quote, she was talking about Christian churches, she says, but I think Christian Church begin dour Look how she has a hill in anger Subhanallah resentment towards the dour, the propagation of Islam and the Muslim people. She goes by I think Christian churches begin dour, exactly as Islam does. You need to compete because you can be as powerful. You can be a powerful tool to reverse islamization. She states. Yeah, you should start with Muslim neighborhoods in Rome. She's talking to a priest here. And she says, Europe is sleepwalking into disaster culture, ideological and political disaster because the authorities of the church have neglected the

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immigrant ghettos. She states, the churches could go into Muslim communities provide services just as the radical Muslims do build new Catholic schools, hospitals, community community centers, just like the ones that was such a civilizing force under colonialism in Africa. This person is not just an apostate from Islam, this person is the equivalent of the the monster Uncle Tom my Aunt Jemima. Well, the equivalent Uncle Tommy is the monstrous, you know, Uncle Tom, that she is a colony of colonialism in Africa. She's an apostate from African identity itself, not just Islam. But not just that, and I've mentioned this and alluded to it, but I wanted to give you clarity and proof because

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I did mention it in the discussion, but I wanted to mention it once more. Look what she says about Islam in her book, one of her main books, this is printed, this is printed, she cites a key problem for Islam today can be summarized in three simplifying sentences. Christians worship a man made divine Jews worship a book and Muslims worship both.

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She doesn't know the basics of Islam. Look at what she says here. And her book infidel, I've read her books, rubbish, rubbish books there. She goes on her tour. So she's talking about particular film that was released on her toes is written, the opening verse of the Quran, the Surah Fatiha. So she refers to an entire chapter as a verse. She doesn't know the basics, and she continues by the way, there's other things like this, where she talks about Hadith, like for example, agenda for them and ohm or the gender is under the feet of the mother. She says this verse of the Quran she does not know how to differentiate a verse from a chapter at verse of the Quran. And they this person is

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meant to be the scrub that's telling us and teaching us about Islam. This is meant to be the scholar Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson these individuals they're putting her on. I want to show you the extent of her ignorance by just letting her answer a simple, GCSE or re type question that she stutters I thought that this was in many ways the most telling part of the entire

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opposing views segment. Let's look, let's take a look at how she answers a very simple question. What the difference is of Islam Christianity? Let's take a look. What do you think the primary differences are that you've seen between Islam and Christianity? The primary differences?

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primary differences? Yeah.

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Well, I think that the primary and probably the most well known differences is Islam was founded

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by a man who

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was It was founded in a context

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that was tribal, very parochial, very small.

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And the man who founded Islam, turned it into an empire. So I'm really sorry to say this. But this academic charlatan, in addition to sing, should not knowing the basics, clearly identified by printed works, and her public

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display or presentations. She, in addition to that continuous lying to the public, and telling people or insinuating that Islam has a force, oblique or force convert narrative that we force people to become Muslims. Let's take a look at what she states trying to get non Muslim societies to adopt Islam, either through persuasion, or through force, or through both of those means. Now this she keeps mentioning this. It's as if she has not mentioned or she has not read as she clearly has, actually, because I've seen it in one of our books. You mentioned the verse Let it cry for Dean, there is no compulsion in religion. Even Arnold walkup who wrote the book, The proselytizing, oh,

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sorry, the preaching of Islam, and Orientalist doesn't take this view that Islam was spread by the sword in the sense that people were forced to become Muslims on mass in where Islam conquered land. And even if there were times in places in the Islamic history where that did takes place, it clearly goes against the verse which is to 256 and sort of Bacara like Rafa Dean, there's no compulsion in religion. So she keeps mentioning this point, and to make Islam look like a monstrous religion, but she, in fact, is a monstrous liar. And I will say something else, that she and I've mentioned this before, and I'll emphasize the point again, was the same individual, that Anders Brevik. The

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individual who responsible was responsible for killing 77 individuals, majority of them are non Muslims in Norway, in one of the most prolific crimes in the last 100 years.

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That individual dedicated an entire chapter to iron McGann iron Hirsi McGann an entire chapter he dedicated, praising her saying that she should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and that she that her views are quite commensurate with his and you know, saying good words about her clearly inspired and influenced by her right wing fascistic narratives. This is an individual who killed white liberal people to put it crudely, white liberal people. You can see the extent to which her drivel can lead to actual impact on the ground. She's talking about Islam, scapegoating it me projecting her own kind of maliciousness onto it malignancy and malevolence. The individual that is that is a and

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McGann really has no credentials to talk about these things, as we mentioned in the first place.

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And then McGann she makes a series of claims about women's rights, most of which are nonsense claims. Now this is something she did mention in some of her books. But she keeps saying it's almost impossible for a Muslim woman to get a divorce, compared to what into what system like for example, talking about other religions, whose system is easier for it to be to get a divorce? Is it easier for a Muslim man or woman to get a divorce? Or is it easier for an Orthodox Jewish woman who has to get the get the fact that system is much more difficult for a woman to get a divorce they get in some circles you cannot even get a woman can't even get a divorce without the husband's consent.

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Well about Catholicism for the longest of time, divorce was prohibited completely. And she was singing the praises of Christianity. Whereas in clearly in Islam, there is such a thing as firsthand hula, where a woman can get a divorce even without the consent of her husband. Hadith in Mohali Lola Murphy for two levels, but Sophie YG and then follow Habana Houma. You know if it wasn't for a woman came to the province that had it not been for the fear of Allah would have spat in his face and then he got them separated, meaning without his permission. So this kind of thing is clearly in Islam. So once again, how exaggerated comically exaggerated claims which are, in fact, not factual. I intended

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for the sole purpose

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maligning Islam, and she has not quoted a single source. Throughout the whole video. I don't think in the entire video that she's quoted a single source nor even one from the primary texts of Islam, let alone academic Russo's and so on. So she's absolutely lost.

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And then she mentions that women are confined to the house. Of course that's not true at all. And the only verse that can be used let me help her out a little bit is the loose we're calling our corner for beauty corner, which which talks to the prophets wives and says, and stay in your homes. And it can also be your advocate Nafi booty corner, by the way, which means from the Arabic word Waqar, which means have Sakina have tranquility in your homes even with them, because we know that the prophets wives, they left the homes, they left the homes they went and done things I mean, the lead was in the case of Aisha not to say that all of that was in her own interest according to her

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own testimonies, but they definitely say that the house but you've got all kinds of pro commandments. So in Islam, for example, let them now message me, Allah masajid Allah is a Hadith do not prevent the woman slaves of Allah from going to the masjid. What if a woman wants to go see her parents? The vast majority of Islam says, No one can stop her from doing that. And in fact, the husband must facilitate such a thing. What if she has to go for another reason, there's nothing to say a woman must stay in the house in this house, and be trapped like a prisoner in Islam. There's no such thing. And so that's something else which she exaggerates, and lies about but there's a

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series of claims that I'm looking at right here, which to be honest with you too numerous to mention. But I will and to be honest, too comical in the first place, something that even the most basic student of knowledge will be able to dismiss. So instead of doing all of that, I will just leave you with one thought this person has been exposed, exposed and if you have a shred an iota of academic integrity, or sincerity, in your heart, in your mind, especially if you are no Muslim watching this, you cannot you cannot take this kind of narrative seriously especially coming from this kind of person. And if you really want to know about Islam, then you have to go to the sources

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directly read the face of the Quran has been trying the meanings of translations of the Quran have been have been translated many places for free you can go quran.com You will find a translation of the Quran just go to the sources yourself go to non Muslim communities high time we saw educating people about the religion of Islam and enough is enough was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here when Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and our center to enhance the Norwegian Dawa. If you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards. 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam so click the link and donate now and share the

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video for extra rules.