Nouman Ali Khan – It’s Not Fair People Go to Hell for Eternity

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The conversation is about the issue of the world being viewed differently by Muslims and Christian communities. The speakers discuss the cultural and political implications of the "hasn't said" movement, which is a result of a lack of understanding of the real world and the potential consequences of doing so. They also mention the "hasn't said" movement, which is a result of a lack of clarity and a desire to avoid negative consequences.
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Now, there is another philosophical question I would like to put in front of you many people have this question, how can someone who sinned for just a few years, and this life get held forever?

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Right, because the crime was just a small time of period time period. And the punishment is endless time period.

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The crime, you're comparing item

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to animal.

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The crime was actually against the island.

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So the punishment is from Ireland, and

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the crime was about this, the rule inside of you, that travelled through the heavens to come into you. The crime was against the revelation that traveled from the heavens, that that is beyond time. So you committed a crime that is timeless in its value.

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And its seriousness. So its response is also timeless and its seriousness, the problem with this kind of logic, Muslims get trapped in this kind of thinking also, is because we think of the world more in animal Hulk, and less than less in Ireland. And so we start seeing unfairness and injustice, the the philosophical problem of eternal, it's not an eternal, it's not that problem. How come nobody has a problem, but when you say, Subhan Allah, and when you say, Alhamdulillah it's more valuable than the world and everything in it. Or to like I had Fajr are more valuable than everything in the world. Nobody has a problem with that. Why? Because they know they realize these

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are the rewards of islandwood anger because these are acts Kofi fatahna. I don't listen. So easy to Say Subhan Allah And Alhamdulillah so easy on but 13 attorney Phil visa and very heavy on the scale. Well, if it works one way it also works. The other way. You understand this is this is the relationship we have and this is the same way when you're talking about somebody and you're saying bad things about them. Allah says what taxa guna Who are you in and you think it's something like you just just came out of your mouth? Well, we're and Allah here Aleem, and with Allah is huge. With Allah is huge meaning in the unseen world. This is a massive crime. Think about another one. The

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Christians say God has a son. Every time they say God hasn't said Allah says, the skies, all seven skies are about a tear open every time they say it, all seven of them.

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So because they're just saying it, they don't think anything of it, they just make a tick tock video and post it. And yet, there are eight legions of angels across seven heavens that are shaking, because somebody said again that God has a son. Can you imagine? Right so that we because we are now not tuned into the unseen world. We are developing these questions that are more clearly indicating that we're so focused on the seen world. And we even want to think about Jana and not in the same way that we think of the scene world. That's where these problems are coming from. Anyway. So now

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there's a couple I already told you about these.

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The second one in Atlanta is battlefield fire and this is an important thing and desire.

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So when you say attend dinner, it means we prepared, we prepared but if you say in after dinner, it means we are the ones who have prepared not anyone else. This is the Quran way of doing if but Allah Halal file, which means Allah is saying, Don't worry about it. You don't have to deal with them that's on me.

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The caffeine will do what they will do. They will say what they will say. And you don't have to say how come Allah is not getting them? How come Allah is letting them get away with it? How come they're doing this? How come they relax, breathe. We're the ones that have prepared something. It fits. So nobody got away. Nobody escaped. So you don't have to get all worked up about how the kuffar getting away with everything. This is yet another trick of shaitan that people that become obsessed with this world and don't become don't no longer remain fully conscious of the next world or the unseen world lose sight of these guys are running, committing all kinds of crimes. And Allah

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is showing us they're running right into a pit. And you're like, how come Allah is letting them run because there's a pit

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but they're running so happily. Why are they running sadly because there's a pit

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let them run

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to start your problem. This is just in the in the beginning it removes my frustration with what they're doing.

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You have to do what your you have to do. You don't have to worry about them. If you were to do a the punishment fits the crime discussion.

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And that's because every time Allah mentions a punish

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But in the context it has to fit the crime. The punishment here seems to be a few things thirst, which means deprivation. And it also seems to be very close to the description of a prison.

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Why? Because chains and collars are very much about prison and restriction. The third is to sign up for begginer. TV today, and watch this deeper look of soda Allinson, plus many existing sodas and future sodas to come.

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