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know that that's real and you should be cared maybe you should watch out before you go back in your car. Or Michigan maybe you should be you know, take whatever precaution because that's real

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last one, you waved your hands I'll give you. Yes.

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You still have your hand up good. So as soon as something negative happens, people tend to blame it on Nazar all the evil eye. So my question is, what is the meaning of the evil eye in the Quran? Compared to the knowledge we have from our culture's?

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You're not going to like it.

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I'll tell you now, I am not convinced that we have interpreted the common the common interpretation of the Hadith involving the evil eye is interpreted properly. I know help, in my opinion, Allahu dadada. And I know help is referring to jealousy can have really bad consequences. But not that if I stare at someone with enough laser focus, they will fall down the stairs or, you know used to you developed. I developed really bad allergies yesterday, because the first day somebody didn't say mashallah, when they saw this on my PowerPoint presentation, no, because if I was really that powerful, then every time a country elects a President that the country doesn't like, everybody

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should just get together for iron party, and just

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and that they should just

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start melting as they speak.

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And though nobody gave, like nobody received more ain than the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right?

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The thing with the idea of, you know, our you, you were you were you dressed up for a wedding, and then you look really nice, but you didn't say mashallah, or somebody else didn't say mashallah, you will worse okay, you said you like mashallah Baraka Allah and sha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will help you.

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But when you got to the wedding, somebody in a corner was like, Oh, she looks nice, some old lady. And she didn't say Mashallah. And somebody else pulled her the other direction. And now all of a sudden, God has changed and now you know, you're just going to develop the skin rash that's going to make like, boils on your forehead and you're like, that old lady. I got it. I got it. No, that's in my opinion, that is superstition. This is this is this is the kind of religion that people before Islam followed superstitions, and then they have to find ways of ending the curse. Right, then they have to go to someone who can end the curse for them. And the end the curse was kind of a spiritual

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pharmacy, where the guy will say, Oh, yes, I must contact the spirits and you have this demon on you, you'll have this evil eye on you, you have this you know, magic spell on you and I will give you this you know, mixed, drink this and then go around the circle three times and then do the hokey pokey and then it will go away, but it will charge you $50 or something, you know, this this whole nonsense. This was the way that people used to buy religion. Right and Islam came were in the Quran is this design

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where is it and then people extrapolated from high up like Wayne got into the NACA formula use the Kona cabbie I'm sorry him lemma semi with dhikr that believer the disbelievers would they they stare at you so hard that if they could they would make you fall off your slip steps from the way they look at you when they hear the Quran, meaning Allah is describing the hatred inside their eyes, and actually having it has it ever happened to you that you walk into a classroom and office and lobby, a restaurant, whatever. And you can see the hatred in somebody's eyes. You could see that's the new hub, meaning watch out for people like that. Don't just assume, Oh, they must just be having a bad

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Know that that's real, and you should be cared maybe you should watch out before you go back in your car. Or Michigan, maybe you should be you know, take whatever precaution because that's real, you know, facial expressions are a giveaway. That's what that would be my read of, of that phenomenon. But I don't believe that just because somebody has hazard of you that the risk Allah has written for you is taken away because of their hazard. Because no one has more hazard on you than shaitan.

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And you still have it as

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an if Assad got rid of this, then I think all of us would be starving.

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Either we're killing someone or somebody's killing us.

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You understand? So it's addiction. It's an exaggerated extreme that has gone too far and we've turned on religion to the superstitious stuff. And it's just not something's true to the spirit of the Quran. For my opinion.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them

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being a