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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have philam Gaver mousseline Muhammad Rasul right so Naga Holly he right it was I will send them just even within

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a manga for Cara data by the Islam or even was a or Oh worry when for too little horror

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humor how another mother is a very when was a Oh Do worry when Komaba for the variable for too little or

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Oh c'mon Clara is to set up. The alarm reported that also Lysol sallam said Islam began as something strange and it will return to being strange. It will return to being strange. So Blessed are the strangers give glad tidings to the strangers give glad tidings of the toolbar which is the name of a tree in Jana, to the trade to the strangers.

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This is an imminent mother, my jacket our fitted

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now who are strangers.

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In a world based on oppression, courage is strange. In a world based on amassing personal wealth, charity is strange. We live in a world today where they expect that in the next 12 to 18 months the world will have its first trillion yet, next 12 to 18 months the world will have its first trillionaire which means that one person will have more wealth than many countries.

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In some cases, many countries put together one person and this is expected to happen in the next 12 to 18 months, irrespective of whatever else is happening in the world.

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But for poverty to be eradicated this is where it is likely to take another 270 years.

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So Allah

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so in a world that is based on oppression, courage is strange in a world based on amassing personal wealth,

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at any cost charity is strange in a world where net worth means dollars net worth meaning character is strange.

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In a world ruled by merchants of debts saving lives is strange. In a world where making money is the goal, the means be damned, virtuous, strange. Therefore, Blessed are the strangers because the struggle for a world where charity, character, courage, virtue, unkindness, will be the standard.

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And that is the world who Islam

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our biggest problem is that we have reduced Islam which came as a complete way of life, a deen to a bunch of rituals to be practiced at will.

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We have learned to live with dichotomy of thought and belief. To hold two opposing ideas in your mind simultaneously is a sign of intelligence. To hold two opposing ideas in your mind simultaneously

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is a sign of intelligence. To hold two opposing beliefs in your heart simultaneously, is a sign of hypocrisy. Let us ask ourselves, what is the condition? We find nothing strange in memorizing the Quran reciting it beautifully, but dealing in interest based banking at the same time,

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we seem to believe collectively that Islam is outdated and needs to change. Muslim countries where interest based banking is permitted are examples. our own lives and how much we practice Islam in them are examples. Islam is a matter of convenience for us. We do it if it is convenient. If not, we try to twist it to make it convenient. If not, we leave that aspect of Islam. But we will not change our desire to suit the rule in Islam. We like to ask what would realize Arsalan do if he were here? The real question is not what a sorcerer salaam would do. But what we would do if he were here. If resources were here, we will run from Him and hide that is the truth. He will be more devoid of

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support in today's world than he was in Makkah. In a day he went

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to great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he

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that he caused us to be born when we were born.

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We blame our rulers, justifiably but we are no different.

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As how many Muslims would like to live in a country where the law of the land was the Sharia of Islam and you will have the answer

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Before you ask any other Muslims, ask yourself

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How would like? How would you like to live in a land

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in which

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the rule the law was the Sharia of Islam.

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My brothers sisters

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were, whether it is Islam,

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or whether it's anything else.

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Hypocrisy does not work.

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Lying does not work.

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Saying something doing something else doesn't work. Not walking, our talk doesn't work anywhere. In any field.

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There is value in saying and doing the same thing. There is value and congruence between thoughts, and speech, and action.

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And where this congruence is fractured, where a person thinks something says something else, and does something else. This is a sign of hypocrisy. And that is one of the biggest problems that we have today.

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A lot of either I mentioned this and said, Yeah, you were uh, you know, I'm on no limit, to follow up with them often in the light and the whole monitor.

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And also said, Oh, you will believe why do you say something that you don't do.

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And with Allah subhanaw taala, this is a great crime, this is very serious, that you see something that you that you don't do.

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The word of the believer is his bond.

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If a person if a Muslim says something that is written in stone,

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this is our honor, this is our face office, to say, I will come here I will meet you, I will do this, I will send you this I will, you know I will I will whatever you say, we will take you to small shops far. When I say I will do something, this is me, my character, my face my signature, my honor, which I'm putting on the line for you, no matter how small it is. This is a big fantasy that we play with, where we think that something is small and something is big. It's not fun. If I say I will meet you at nine o'clock, that is my honor on the line that I will meet you at 9am rpm. And if I'm not going to do that, for whatever reason, then it is my responsibility to tell you before that

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time that I'm sorry, I told you, I will meet you at this time, but I'm not able to do it. If I don't do that, if I just don't show up.

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And then later on to make matters worse, the next day when I asked you what happened, I was waiting for you. And you told me this long story of this happen that happened. This is you have just insulted yourself. You have just slapped yourself in the face. Because you have gone and destroyed your own honor. You don't realize it but these small things are what build our greatest asset and that is reliability, reliability, credibility. The word of the Muslim is his honor, Ohana.

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When we don't do these things, when we think they are small, and we ignore them, and we play games with this, we are destroying our credibility, we are destroying the greatest asset we have. And remember, it is it takes a lifetime to build credibility. It takes a lifetime to build reliability. But it takes one incident to destroy that Lifetime's work. Maybe the person you deal with is more merciful and has more.

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Maybe they like punishment.

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So maybe they forgive you of the one time we do that, after the after that. So please understand this.

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If you are a stranger if I was stranger,

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they have to be strangers in this beautiful goodwill.

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And that is

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by respecting the law of Allah's mountain.

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And instead of that if we are strangers in a way

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or other if we fall in line, and we go with the flow and remember that we live in a world where hypocrisy has been has been elevated to a fine art.

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We see it happening all around us. Hypocrisy seems to be almost like a

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prerequisite for success in this world.

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Because if you are swimming in a cesspit, then floating on the drop will be the biggest lumps. That's where we are. If you want to clean yourself you have to get out of the cesspit here it means not free.

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signee but figuratively, move yourself out of this world. Connect with Allah subhanaw taala clean ours purify our hearts bit of our actions, purify the company we keep this very important. purify the company we keep, stay away from negative people purify what we listen to what we read,

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make sure it is positive stuff.

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And third of Marla turn towards a lot smarter.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and our to be displeased or Salah Ravi Karim Allah He was surveyed member autogyro