I’m Not Doing Enough Good Deeds Q&A

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I have limited fuel I can only do so much. This is an unhealthy kind of guilt. And that the one of the tricks of Shavon is that he says.

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As salam o alaikum.

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So I have an issue. Whenever I try to practice, I start with a new thing. As an example, I've started with fasting on Mondays, and Thursdays. But now I've abandoned reading the Quran. So I have an issue, I cannot start with one thing and do the other thing as well. And it's very embarrassing to me. And also, suddenly, I'm frustrated, and I don't know what to do. So what will job wise speak to young practicing Muslims. My first advice would be, there are priorities in our religion, your basic requirements, and they have to do with what you owe to Allah first, and then what you owe to your to the people in your life, right? Take care of those, and then everything else is additional.

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And the additional things you do in this religion, you should never feel guilty about them. So if you're able to do Mondays and Thursday, sometimes and not other times, there's no there's no reason for you to be angry at yourself or you're not doing enough this, this is an unhealthy kind of guilt, we should be, you should actually feel guilty when you do something less than what you're expected to do. But you shouldn't feel guilty for not doing something extra that you weren't demanded to do. You're blessed to do it good. And you know what, there's also limited fuel, I have limited fuel, I can only do so much. So for example, you're able to fast while fasting can be physically and

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mentally very draining. Right? So your brain doesn't work as much. So now you're not able to recite Quran, that's okay. Because you're fasting and then other days you're not fasting and you're able to recite some some some more Quran. And that's okay, because Allah didn't create you a terminator. He created you a human. So you have limited reserves and you can do limited good things. Right? And the one of the tricks of shaitan is that he says you're not doing enough good. So you want to do too much good. And then when you do too much good you get exhausted and completely depleted. And then you ended up doing no good because it was all too much for you so so it looks like why would Chatime

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want you to do more good. Yeah, he would because he knows this is how you will burn out. Right so don't burn yourself out how you don't moody Edwin while we're in Karla the best deeds are the ones that are constant even if they are little. Right. So take it easy on yourselves a little bit until you fulfill your Alright

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