How We Lose Our Iman

Nouman Ali Khan


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So now the people of Jannah are going to describe how these people who used to have light. They used to have light they used to have faith. How did they lose it? How did they end up bankrupt on Judgement Day? And this is particularly profound, because then it will give us an insight into how does someone lose their Iman? How does someone end up taking the most priceless treasure that they can have in this life, our faith and end up squandering it and losing it. There's a it doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't just you don't just lose your iman. It's a process. And that process has been described in these timeless words, Bala, of course, you used to be with us. While I can

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knock on Phantom and full circle. However you put yourselves I'll do a rough translation first. And I'll explain. Number one, you put yourselves in fitna, you put yourselves in trial.

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fattener in Arabic actually means to put something to the test. Fontana is also used when you when you test the purity of gold, and you melt it. And impurities come out like gold doesn't go through an easy test. It goes through a painful burning test, the idea of return to man forsaken, there are many lessons associated with it for the purposes of this code, but I'll highlight one of them. You kept putting yourselves in situations where your faith gets tested. Try to understand what that means. You kept putting yourself in environments where you knew it was bad for you. But you said no, I can handle it. I got this, I got this. You kept surrounding yourselves with friends that will do

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bad things, say bad things, see bad things go to bad places. But you said I'm not like them. I'm just trying to help them. And you kept going back into those environments. You kept getting into gatherings and places and situations you put you kept putting yourselves in those places, assuming that it will not have any effect on you. It'll affect everyone else. So they won't, it won't affect you. You know, the first step wasn't that these people just became disbelievers. It was actually bad company. They put themselves in questionable circumstances. And they assume that it's not going to have an effect. You know, when you are, we know I'll give you a silly example. But it will get the

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point across if people do a lot of cooking at home, especially if you're this household, you do a lot of cooking at home, the home smells like a lot of masala

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but if you live there, you don't smell it on somebody else walks in, especially if an Arab walks into your house. They feel like they're in some contaminated zone. It hits them really hard. But a couple of hours later, they're like, it's just oxygen. Now you understand? When you first put yourself in a bad environment, you might feel it. You might feel this isn't good. This is just gonna mess me up. I don't think I should be here. Your heart will feel uncomfortable. But if you keep putting yourself in that situation over and over and over and over again, guess what? It doesn't bother you anymore. Somebody who smells you know stands next to a smoker for the first time is

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coughing, and their eyes are burning. But if they started smoking themselves a year later, that just becomes their oxygen. They can't even breathe normally without smoking. It changes them altogether. The first problem was you put yourselves you surrounded yourselves in a bad environment but then to emphasize

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what was the second problem