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AI: Summary © The concept of Islam is not about being in a certain position or time, but rather in a certain position in regards to personal life. The shutdown is designed to prevent people from going crazy and becoming angry, and is used to avoid physical altercations and social interactions. The shutdown is designed to prevent people from going crazy and becoming angry, and is used to avoid physical altercations and social interactions.
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100 Lila Hello Bill alameen Salatu was Salam ala

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l mursaleen. Wa early he was stuck in a bad for call Allahu Allah phylloquinone Majeed

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Xena no to Hulu fish kill me kill

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me oh two Tish on in Abu

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Dhabi in praise be to Allah

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we praise Allah Lord of the worlds we send peace and blessings on his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the above the system as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Peace and mercy of Allah be with you all.

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Here we are. Just a couple of weeks away from completing Ramadan Praise be to Allah and we thank him.

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Brother, sisters, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says in the Quran

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are you who believe, enter into Islam completely, and do not follow the footsteps of shavonne for surely he is for you an open or clear enemy.

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my reminder, from the eye of the Quran here is firstly Allah saying to believers, entering into Islam completely. And here we need to understand about Islam. We've just come out of a period of Ramadan,

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the most blessing of months, but it's a special period,

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a period for recharging

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the very batteries of Eman and Islam, through extra ibaadat through daily bear that have extra on top of the Salah, which is spread out in the day, but through daily by that of fasting and then praying in the night and next to Koran reading, etc.

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So this is no doubt a special time and not to be continued in the same vein for the rest of the year. Because

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the idea for life is not that we are isolating ourselves in the mosque or at home, just in the bed that ritual worship. That's not what Islam is about. And that's not Islam is only about of course it is about that as well. But not only about that, there are these things Allah smart Allah has ordained Medford or recommended for us to increase Imam so that we're able to carry out live as human beings with some values, principles, knowing that Allah smart was watching us so to recharge A man has a purpose

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has a purpose, and really the purpose of life.

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When Allah smartbuy says enter into Islam completely.

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Firstly, Islam isn't just about about that. We need to understand that. And what is Islam Islam Of course, people define often as being,

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submission, submission and peace. Actually, it is submission. Islam is fundamentally made submission to the Creator, Allah while submitting to him, obeying Him, following his guidance, praying to Him, He's the better of course all all that is there

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with a view that it will give not only peace to the soul, and contentment, but also it means Islam means security, peace for others actually. peace and security for others. This is part and parcel of the meaning of Islam and being Muslim. locata civili Salalah salon if you had this, Allah de la who nusseibeh tirmidhi on call Allah Muslim men Sally Manaslu melissani he will Yeti

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Muslim. The Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands human beings feel safe in other places.

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It mentions from whose tongue and hands Muslims feel safe but the real meaning idea is human beings Solomon ness as is the report in the site is saying that includes all of humanity, not just Muslims. So from whose tongue and hands people feel safe is a Muslim. So that's part and parcel of the meaning and the publicizing use the very same root word

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that is in Muslim to say, men solemnise.

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Under Hadith chisenhall main man Amina Han nurse who Allah Dima mo Amalia him and the Mothman. The real believer is the one from

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is the one who human other human beings, they entrust their lives and their wealth, with that person with the movement, that is a movement. A real believer is one who can be in other words, trusted by other human beings in regards to their life and their properties. Subhana Allah knows that these have deep meanings about of character, the essence of being mean and and Muslim.

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As a prophesized that this is that's why they publicize them.

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For example, he's saying, what la de la la la, la isla, you mean, three times it is reported, as you mentioned Buhari Muslim Hadith, the prophet SAW said by Allah he or she does not believe by Allah he or she does not believe by Allah he or she does not believe cleal many other Salalah Sahaba are asking it was sector him who a messenger of Allah you talking about? Allah some of the life limb, Allah v min La la la mano Jr. who Baba Oh,

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he said, the one from who, whose harm or insult his or her neighbor isn't safe. The one who's from whose harm insult that a neighbor isn't safe a neighbor here is used in the widest sense brothers and sisters. Neighbor doesn't literally mean the one living next door here neighbor here can be neighbor, a person you're traveling with them. A neighbor here can be a colleague at work or at school or university, neighbor, he is people in your neighborhood, people in your community, people in your mosque and people in your work all that is the idea of neighbor here.

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companion and families including of course, in that so

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policy has been very strong about saying this person doesn't really believe was basically causing any kind of harm or

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bad or evil to another person

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in their vicinity.

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So he again,

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stressing on the real essence of Islam is what we're going to go beyond the bad debt is our behavior is our character. That's why the publicized said in number in the novel is to Leo Toma, Makati Mila olio, Tamim. utami ma solly Hola Hola. I've only been sent to perfect, perfect, the good behavior, the good morals, and to perfect Solihull as luck. The best of morals and character

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said I've only been sent for that, in the in the end, beyond the ballot is our deed and character. And now comes has come the time for after recharging the batteries of of a test of what we carried from Ramadan from the bar dot with us in regards to our tongue and our limbs and how we behave with others and what we are doing in our with our time is included in our bubble sisters.

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this issue of Firstly, what is Islam is this is the very essence of Islam. When Allah smart Allah says enter into Sam completely. What does that mean? Often people misunderstand this as well. Kapha here reality is it doesn't mean that we again lock ourselves in a mosque or that we're just doing a burger after a burger ritual worship then I guess that's not what the prophet SAW some himself did, who is the best of examples and best of characters Salallahu alaihe salam.

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So entering to Islam completely means

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accepting all of the guidance of Allah swappa submitting to Allah subhana wa Taala not picking and choosing what we believe and what we disbelieve in what we want to follow what we don't want to follow.

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But it includes the fact as I said,

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people who do that people who do that, as I taught me know, and I'll be back we'll keep talking about textual, don't be bad. For images that will mean Jeff Lusaka Illa his unifil hayati, dunya, Yom Okayama euro una Isla de la de Palma la will be whorfin in America maloom Allah smarter saying Do you then believe in part of the book and reject part of it? In other words, you take bits of guidance which which you like and you accept and then you reject and ignore, including ignoring other parts of it, because it doesn't suit you. What is the last model says format design? Oh man, yeah, Ferrari, the one who does this kind of picking and choosing because they make the made

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themselves Gods so Allah says, Whoever does something like that pick his picks and choose in religion what they want and what they don't want, based on their own whims and desires, that the the day these people who do that, from amongst you

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that their reward will be humiliation in this world. humiliation and this world so religious people behaving like this without humiliation despite the so called belief, the humiliation in this world on the Day of Resurrection there will be thrown in the into the severest of punishments ala Shatila.

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So, entering is some completely means, means that we accept

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the complete guidance of law smart law not according to our whims and desires but what Allah smart Allah and His Messenger has, has shown us. But also it doesn't mean that we will be become complete and complete Muslims ever. Because in the end, we as human beings will be full of flaws. So Kapha doesn't mean that we are, it means we strive, but we will never achieve that perfection for sure. But we do our best. Yeah, we do our best with all our weaknesses, human failings. And of course, that's why Toba is so important to Allah subhanho wa Taala always turn to Allah smart Allah because of our failings and and ascending by day and by night. So Allah smart, Allah, Allah Stata Tom, so be

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in all on fear and conscious and aware of Allah, as much as you're able to, as much as you're able to which is not perfection, which is doing our best and that's what matters is doing our best as the prophesized room setting in line with that.

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So let's say that America can be shaped In fact, to men who must adatom if I order you to do something to publicize that, then do do it as much as you're able to. Yeah, much as you're able to your ability. Why than I hate to come on who Fanta who are if I stop you and prevent you and forbid you from doing something then stay away from it. Some Allahu alayhi wa sallam and prophesy Islam also said are you Hannah's reporting in the Hadith in Abu Dhabi or people in the complaint to T qu Outland De Luca Lama amor to come o kulana or matambi or people you will not you will never be able to bear and do everything that I tell you in order to do what I can simply do whatever shiru however

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however little by little carry on doing keep filling the gaps Yeah, as though the wall with holes in it and you keep plugging little by little and received blood tidings so do continue little by little in the same direction alongside almost stalking. So unless father's saying and this is our journey brothers and sisters This is our journey a journey of Islam journey we slum is about good morals and character doing the best we can and knowing that we don't reach the heights of perfection but Allah spotlight in this ayah carries on but I started with a lotta w hood wa t shirt on and do not follow the footsteps of shape on do not follow the footsteps of shaitan for surely he is for you an open

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enemy. Now button sisters shutdowns were restrained and change in Ramadan. That is no longer the case and that we're talking about believers who are fasting. Yeah, that is no longer the case. We must be weary about shaytan don't follow the footsteps of shaitan Satan's footsteps

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What are they he's not going to appear in front of us and then we're following

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Literally seeing his footsteps it means don't follow the way of shaytaan surely he is a clear open enemy to you shaytan has taken a vow all for bear Exotica la we are no majima in by your honor or your permission he said when he was given

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a relief to the dear gentlemen I will misguided lead astray all of them he said check on

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it will be bent on doing that to your Mei Li Babu, Eliza buka, Minho, mocha seen except the sincere servants of yours. So May Allah make us of those. But nevertheless this shaitan this enemy is always at work.

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Allah does is in the shape on Allah Kumar do. Surely shaitan surely shaitan for you is an is an enemy clear for Turkey, Zhu Hua Toba, sir, take him on as an enemy. So unless Martha's warning is often you know, brother, sister, this issue of Shakedown.

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Sometimes people ask me for advice, you know, with things that they're dealing with in life, or in regards to relationships or behavior, etc. And when I point out that this is coming from shutdown, people are starting to sometimes take them back. And sometimes people don't believe now that's not, that's not shut down. But actually, all of us need a self assessment, self assessment.

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You know, when they say, we should look at our strengths and weaknesses, we're here included in that from a spiritual sense, from a moral sense, we need to when we look at weakness, we need to look at what are the things, I think that shutdown is going to try and trip me out with

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it, whether it's from the tongue man, my speech, losing my

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becoming angry, losing patience, or with what I do, or because shaytaan that's where shutdown is laying. If we don't do that self analysis, we'll never realize that shutdown is at work, and we're just ignoring such a fundamental thing.

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So shutdown works in various ways, just briefly, one is that he put doubts, doubts in Dean and that is prevalent more than ever before in the kind of world that we live in a world that is pulling towards atheism, and just materialism and denying the existence of God. So putting sowing doubts, because if he destroys the very foundation of your being, which is belief in God, then he's fully succeeded doesn't need to do anything more after that, because you'll be done wandering around in the dark, doing everything but shaitaan wants you in the Maja moto can be so evil fasher, he only shaitaan orders that which is bad, evil and indecency. When you have no amount, not no

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reality, check with God where we were heading towards, then you will get up to all kinds of indecency. So he's done his job. So sowing the seeds of doubt. But the remedy for that facility and the victory income to LA tala moon be sincere first, don't let it be your desires that drive you towards those

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doubts. Yeah, if you're sincere, ask people what confusing and closes doubts. People have knowledge. And when they give you an answer, then accept the answer. I find sometimes people ask the same question. And some time period goes on. They ask the same question again.

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Even though they had no answer to they were satisfied with the answer, but it was because of it's because of lack of sincerity. There's other things that work of desires, etc. Not the actual question which was the problem so received the answers sincerely accept the answer sincerely. And then part of the remedy is to follow the Jew to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, worshiping Allah smart Allah will remove will we can shut down will make chitown run away. We are done. The Quran makes shaytaan run away with meaning and understanding when sincerity brothers and sisters. So through that other way shaitaan attacks is by

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filling our insides with desire, desire to have a girlfriend, boyfriend drives desire to have relationship desire to take drugs or alcohol, then we say well, you know,

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how is it I can't have that girlfriend? How is that about? I can't relationship with this girl or this boy? Yeah, so. So the whole of Islam becomes shaky. These are all ways of you. And other ways of shutdown actually, when you're praying is to interfere in your prayer as well.

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Otherwise, so shutdown is again to do with

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at making you get angry and say bad things and behave badly with other people, etc. So this is all shutdowns where this is all shut. So we need to do a self check analysis that we are not being taken in by OSHA data is following the footsteps of shutdown button sisters if we want to know what is falling apart, and here, we need to realize that this is real enmity from shaitaan. And we have to take shape on on we have to take shape on on filling ourselves with demand and sovereign patience to counter that brothers and sisters. But the first is analysis, knowing full well actually not getting carried away with the idea that shutdown has real power over us. As Alessandra mentioned, the speech

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of shaitaan and the Quran

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Omar Karna Aliyah la commensal, born in Illa, and the ultra confessed agenda totally and I had no power over you except that I called you and you answered my call. This is what shaitan will say that you have judgment and that is our reality. Be aware, take the steps, but don't think that Satan's got ahold of you. Yeah, Eman Koran Islam these are powerful and a badass that we just in Ramadan are powerful tools that can shape on button sisters. So here to finish off with as I don't want it to be too long. The reminder for Juma we need to take a self analysis of what are we doing with our life? How are we spending our time as we come out of Ramadan?

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Are we involved in good works? Are we involved in good behavior interaction low the brother and sister we need to live in the real world there are so many people living in the world living in the virtual world

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and that is more likely especially in lockdown situation. But don't let don't fall to it brothers and sisters people sitting constantly on their phones. Yeah, young and old. Yeah, so neglecting other duties to do with the family and neglecting interaction in the real world of good works. Yes, you can do good things as well. on your phone, I realized that but we need to analyze our time. How is it being spent? Yeah. Is it just on social media on YouTube videos? Or is it that we just spending time watching series after series on Netflix etc? These are this is daunting as swallowing up brothers and sisters. Yeah, this is dunya if that's what we're doing this is dunya This is part

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of dounia swallowing, swallowing as of when Allah smart Allah says la taco Rhonda como la jolla to dunya Villa you would run knocking Billa healer or do not let the life of this world deceive you.

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And do not be deceived by the deceiver about Allah which is shut down again. So Allah subhanaw taala may guidance may make us a better human beings masala after being charged with Eman make us good in our tongue good in our speech return bad with good in speech and in behavior. malice want to give us some smart Allah help us to control what we do and what we say and be real Muslims, real Muslims and help us to understand the essence of being Muslim and Islam. mellifera keep us constant in his ibadah and forgive us for all our failings and sins. Coulibaly has a was the federal law he welcome in the whole world of Rahim. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah