Why are we supposed to attend Islamic lessons frequently

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The speaker discusses the importance of remembering to not be above the need of others, and how every lesson attended to by a member of the community is a reference to a loss of Hana data. They also mention a book about the importance of remembering to not be the income of others, and how it can lead to negative emotions. The speaker also mentions a book about the benefits of attending classes and being recognized as a Muslim.

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We learn watchmen about him. And humbly Lindelof in alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah for Allah Allah He or Sofia, Mayan or prison Thanks for longstone last panel that Allah made a decent person will not be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I still follows my dear respected brothers in Islam. And before we begin with the topic, I just wanted to share with you a reminder, advise you about something first and foremost, the advices for myself, and then for my brothers that are here today.

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Let me begin by saying that

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there is not a single person, no matter how how much you advance in knowledge, no matter how much you know about the deed, no matter how much and how many years you've been righteous, and you've been attending lessons and attending and measured, there is not a single person, including myself, that is above the need of attending lessons, no one is above the need of attending lessons. This is your only connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. every lesson you attend, you learn something about a loss of Hana data, it keeps you conscious and alert of a loss of Hana data during your week. No one is above this and the greatest example that teaches us this when you look into the seal of

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Russell and Russell allamani. You know, select, you find that navy seal the love while he was selling during his life, he used to have private gatherings and he also used to have public gatherings. Private gatherings is where he used to train the Sahaba that were going to carry the dean after him like I would walk around with a loved one who man wisewoman mushroom bears these companions all the love I know that carried the dean after su masala and spirit to the entire world used to have a gathering and a private closed gathering with masala sauce and whenever you saw Selim also used to have public gatherings after salata also after selecting in were LRV ignorant one and

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the knowledgeable one and everyone was there, and you find something incredible that in the public gatherings I will book a lovely I love I would still be in there for all the love I would still be sitting there are more I have a loved one who the same companion that also Los Angeles described in said our 11 best civil Hollywood How long was that the most knowledgeable in the entire Marvel so Los Angeles concerning what's hot and what's hot, was one of the 11 you still find him sitting in the gathering Where's you bleed walks in, and he comes to me. And he says to me Hello Salalah malice lab what is Islam, but never saw Selim response booty al Islam, Allah hubzu Well, while the

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journalist was thinking this ages ago, and he's still sitting there, and we got an issue, very last mail, email, and he says to a man even or to Mira Villa yamaneika de la Katie, this is some knowledge we've taken years ago, and we're about to teach the dean after your passing away. But still, we still found them in that gathering while back and while they are luevano up until the last moment of

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his life on earth. He still attends the gathering. It doesn't matter what knowledge you know, and how many times you hear it and how many times it's repeated and pull out the entire pull out a lot of social considers and he describes it as muthoni a repetitive word and repetitive. Why because the point is the reminder itself will reminder that you're in the thick rotten foul we need the reminder is what will benefit a person will the gathering itself is not only to increase the knowledge that's not good because if that was the case, that will Sahaba will be alone, half of them that used to attend the public gatherings have also lost sighs lm already knew what he was going to say. Daniel,

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someone walks in. Hello solomo teach me how to have a coup wonder we saw Selim spends the entire lesson teaching a person out of Ecuador and the biggest Sahaba sitting in the lessons he don't dare to fall into that mistake in when you think this is a choice you have sometimes I can come sometimes I don't get into whether it's a Sunday lesson we're talking about or we speak about other lessons. In other words, you during the week have something for yourself in where you're always consistent with this is going to be your fuel in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala otherwise, it's going to be replaced by something else. Something that only Allah Allah would have very bad

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consequences on a person. Well let what were the only the circles of knowledge they are a reason for why one sins are forgiven, as mentioned in the Hadith, and they are reason for why a lost tranquility will descend upon a person with a lot of Zoysia tranquility with dissent. What does that mean? It means a person's emotion increases that's what tranquility means. What don't share him with Rama and they are covered by mercy. And if a person is covered by Mercy, that means the hatred and the enmity and the jealousy that all comes out of his heart as a Science Olympiad. He mentions in the Hadith about the benefit of the of attending the lessons rahasya. Tomorrow Rama will have fun

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tomorrow, Mala Mala aka the angels would rub shoulders with them. Yeah, and if the angels are present, that means a shell would go away from your life and what has destroyed the people's life other than a shell, please

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You don't want to go home alone with human ENDA. Another benefit is that Allah Zoysia would make mention of them to His angels that have been better in Allah meaning a lot praises them. They have many, many benefits. And this is usually the intention of a person when it comes to the lesson is so he can only gather this kind of benefit and understand that you need as much as he grows into Islam, and his knowledge grows. He's never ever above the need of attending lessons will love honor and to accept the Toba from us, and we asked him some Hana data to make us people of the people of the sunako single Muslim Ummah while he was alone, in nowhere. Do you have any questions? cosmoledo

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solomani delicado What are the LED wasapi here's mine.