Ibrahim Hindy – A Dua’ for the Nafs

Ibrahim Hindy
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Similar to the Los Altos cinema Hello rasulillah

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and I'm from the LA one standing over here on istockphoto on the lighter Island and Juliana fusina women see it I'm Melina no meah de la bufala Mobile Allahu

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Allah. Why should one La La hola Shari Keller, wash Atlanta Mohammed Abu Rasul Allah Salallahu Rahmatullah alameen wa Coldwater meaning Mahajan, this Saudi King who have just ended a bad Romanian and Allah who the healer of all wasabia sudo warfare to Javi are in an army and why then en su Morocco Logan olfa bulama de highrock urges eaten abhi and I no matter what I saw and what he what he said at him. Well, so the llama was robotic. It was it he was happy. Well Allah Jimmy minister Nabisco netea walked off the effort he lay on Monday in a mother advocacy come one FCB takala heater island for in the home a tepee lamp, Yahoo Maharaja Clemente through latest all praises due to Allah

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alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness, truly whom Allah Subhana Allah guides, none can mislead and whom Allah leaves to go astray, there is none who can guide and that bear with us if there is nothing worthy of worship, save Allah alone. And then Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah you are sending them is both his servant and His Messenger.

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In today's clip, inshallah we will discuss a beautiful day from the many beautiful idea yet from the many beautiful Dwyer that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited to the owner, our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah you send them would recite his dua out loud that people could hear him, because in the words of our Prophet sallallahu, Allah you will send them there is tremendous benefit for each and every one of us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this day,

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and it's narrated, as part of a larger drive, that after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asks Allah for protection from the punishment of the grave. He then asks Allah subhanaw taala for this, what he asks for in this slot, which is Allah, Allah TFC tuck lab was that he had to hide woman zeca enter Will you have on Allah, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asks Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah, Allah TFC O Allah give myself my soul My neffs tecoma it's taqwa its consciousness was a key hub and purify it and to humans. You are the best of those who purify and totally you warm Allah. You are it's Wali, and it's mela and we will discuss what all of these terms

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mean, and why it's an important to out for us to know and for us to include in our adelia in our invocations to Allah subhanho wa Taala first the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam begins this by saying Aloma ad T, O Allah give me

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it is a way to ask or to say to be given at someone who has been given, but in the Arabic language, there are many words to mean give

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oppa is another word to mean give Allah subhanaw taala. I'm now playing NEC and Kosovo, we have given you l kelco. Our pa which I am not at. But you see that these two terms are used in the Quran, our play neck and add Teaneck. Now when they're translated, they're translated to mean the same thing that you have been given, or you know, that the verb have been given. And yet they're used differently in the Quran.

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And the scholars of language when they talked about this, they say there's a reason for this. They say the word opera to be given, is correlated when when what is being given is limited in small and attr. is in relation to the thing being given being great and grand. So for instance, Allah says, Our Papa Leland will act upon

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very little he gave very little right? When Allah subhanaw taala talks about was a cat. He says X was a cat give it as a cat atta. Why without the onion why, because the cat is important, and it's significant. So it's given this terminology of atout. Now someone might say,

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well, how come Allah that also says we'll look at it next December I'm in muthoni. We'll put anilao V and we have given you the seven Graetz meanings and the great plan

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attr not are apart because the Quran is significant. So Allah says it doesn't say oppa now someone might say How about kelser Allah says our pal counselor we say seeing a counselor is not significant and this

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dollars answer this question by saying that, well, California is the least of what the profits on the long run even send them will be given on the day of judgment and agenda. Then of all the things the profit will be given on the day of judgment and then subsequently agenda of counselors of the smallest of them. So this is why when Allah tells the prophet in the RP, neck and co founder, this verb of alpha, if you were doing tough see it, he would say this is an indication that Allah is telling the Prophet, we have given you an Kalfa. And by the way, and counsel is something very small compared to everything else we're giving you. And so ad tech in general in the Quran, will come in

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relation to something that is significant and large, and our pa comes in, in relation to something that is small and limited.

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And so, when the Prophet sallallahu I need the sentences Allahumma ad TFC taqwa Allah give my neffs its taqwa. immediately before we even get into the meaning of nefs and the meaning of taqwa and the meanings of tisski. And all of these meanings immediately from the Prophet using this phrase, or this verb atta. We know that what the prophet is asking for significant and important and something that we should be mindful of, because he's asking for a tremendous ask. He's not asking for something small for something limited. For something that has little value. He's asking for something that has significant value. So what is it the Prophet sallallahu Edisons asking for at TFC

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taqwa, give my enough's. It's tough. What? What is the neffs? First and foremost, of course, we know in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about different kinds of neffs different types of souls of spirits that are within us, Allah Subhana Allah talks about enough some amount of the commanding soul, and this is the soul that commands the human to go towards evil things, right? Well, no better than NFC in the neffs in America to the soul, Allah Subhana Allah mentions and sort of abusive, died that and there's some disagreement about on the tongue of food without laying on the tongue of the wife of the law says that she says, I do not exonerate myself in the nerve center and marital bisou

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Indeed, the sole commands towards evil, the sole commands towards evil 11 Russian or be except those whom my Lord has given mercy to Allah mentions as well in the Quran and left him enough sin lawanna the blaming soul, the soul that blames itself, well open simple enough Salaam, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, I bear witness by the soul that blames itself.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah mentions and neffs al moralia are enough suitable to my inner right the content saw or the saw that hat is pleased with, right yeah, yeah, to have enough some movement in your jewelry in our in our orbicular Alia to model the Alice paradigm says, they will be sad, oh saw that is content, go back to your Lord who is pleased and you are pleased with him. And so these three different souls are mentioned. And there's a lot of discussion in the Islamic corpus about these different categorizations of neffs what it means, and most likely one person can be all three, one person one soul, one neffs could go through these three different stages, that at a moment of

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weakness, your Nemesis calling you towards evil. And after that evil has occurred, your enough's begins to blame itself, reproach itself, tell itself Why did you do this? What's wrong with you? Right, so the neffs becomes a woman's blaming its own self. And if that blaming this or that blame fulness causes the person to turn into repentance, making stuff fall over Allah subhanaw taala then it becomes ultimately what my inner ultimately has a contentment with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So our neffs ourself, or our ego, drives us to desires to evil, but also can drive us towards good. And it's what follows into the pleasure and the contentment of Allah subhanaw taala or it can cause us

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to blame ourselves in the future, that in the future, we blame ourselves for what we're doing in the present, or what we've done in the past. And so this neffs that has the capacity

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to command towards evil and the capacity to be pleased with Allah subhanaw taala and be in a state of contentment. What is this nefs require? What does it need? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Oh Allah grant my neffs what taka taka give it it's tough. What? What is tequila? tequila was a huge word used by the Arabs.

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Prior to a snam not in relation to any bands or not in relation to worship. They would call the tepee The one who was often quiets, you know the type of people

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person who's quiet, who doesn't speak very often, they would call the Arabs would call this person a tukey. Or a mutiny. Why?

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Because this is a person who is very thoughtful about what he says, in a some people, they talk a lot. They're like, you know, you turn on,

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you know, you turn open the sink or you turn open the, you know, the faucet, and it's just running with water. Some people just run with words, right? The words just flow out of them constantly. And some people are very restricted, they barely talk, right? So they would call the person who's barely talking to talk to you, because he's a person who will not speak a word until he thinks really carefully about the words he wants to say. He is so few in the words that he says that he's very conscious, very aware of the words that he speaks. And so they would call this person today as opposed to the person who speaks without thinking

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and says without, you know, thinking about what they're what they're saying. Islam comes and taqwa becomes the one who is aware, not specifically about their words, but they're aware about Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. Just like the person, you know, thinks twice before they speak. The real Mozart, he is the one who thinks before they act. And they think about what they think about Allah subhanaw taala before they act, and they think about their status with a lot. So again, and their fear of Allah and their love of Allah before they act.

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I'm going to come up with the alone one was asked by Raven cowboy, the companions, he's asked him about what is tequila, and so on one of the allawah and said to him, asked him a question. He said to him, if you were to walk a path,

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and it's full of thorns, you can envision sometimes it's hard for us to envision given the modern world that we live in. But if you go into the wilderness, if you go into a forest, and you see it, sometimes there's hiking trails, and some hiking trails are, you know, there's a lot of space and it's fine, but then there's other hiking trails that are really narrow, and there's uncut grass, and shrubs and bushes all across all around it. He said, if you're walking through this, and there's thorns all over the place, he's uh, how would you walk through it. And so obey even cam said, I would

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lift up my, my clothing, and I would, which to head I would be very, you know, aware of what I'm doing, where I'm stepping, right? Anything about, you don't want nobody wants to step into thorn. And nobody wants their clothing as you're walking a foreign to catch onto yourself and cut it, right, and nobody wants that to happen. So you're gonna he's gonna lift up my clothing, because I don't want it to get caught into these thorns. And I'm going to be very judicious about what I'm doing very, you know, conscious of where I'm walking, because I know that this is an area that I could get poked with a foreign. So I'm going to keep up with the long answer to him for that he

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could talk while he said, This is what tuck wires, which means that the person in their life is thinking similarly.

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They're avoiding the possibility of getting struck with a thorn. Just like he's lifting up his clothing, to avoid the possibility of getting struck with the thorn or his clothing being cut by the foreign, you're avoiding that possibility. Or you're avoiding anything that will bring you the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you're very careful about what you do very judicious about what you do. Because you're afraid of falling into the punishment of Allah as the legit. He said, that's what tuck was. Right? And most of our sins happen when we're not thinking twice, or not being very, very thoughtful about the things that we're doing. Right. We're being impetuous, spur of the

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moment, how many evil things occur spur of the moment? How many murders occur spur of the moment? How much then that occurs? spur of the moment, right spur of the moment, the person doesn't think twice. Well, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? What's the consequences of what I'm going to do? Right? And so talk was incredibly important, because enough set amount of the soul that orders us to do evil, works and operates on that moment of weakness, that moment of passion, that moment that you're just not thinking twice, right? And if our souls have Taqwa within itself, then in that moment, we're gonna wait, we're gonna think we're gonna think about the consequences. What is this

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gonna do for the rest of my life? What is this gonna do for my athletes? Am I not going to regret having done this for the rest of my life and feel bad about myself? And they're not gonna have to make so much as to fight and worry about the punishment of a lot of soldiers if I did that. And so this is what's incredibly powerful about tequila right makes us think constantly and this is why one of the setup he said, and matcha tea, I said, The Maha Surbiton. LFC. The one who is who has taqwa is the one who is the most intense and taking themselves to account. They're constantly self accounting themselves. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Right? That constant. Taking yourself to

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account is incredibly important. And this taqwa, of course, is the legacy of the prophets, you know, beautifully in sort of the show, which mentions the stories

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So many different prophets, what is mentioned at the beginning of each story of each prophet? Allah Subhana Allah says, If God Allah Houma, whom no one, I let a tough one. Remember when their brother Nora said to them, Do you not have Taqwa? Or shall you not have Taqwa? With quiet quiet at home? At home? Holden, and that's a tough one. The same thing a lot. Same verse Allah mentions except, remember when their brother who was Prophethood sent to his people what Allah tahuna Will you not have Taqwa? It's called an oma whom slightly. a tough one. It's called no my home rule and that's a tough one. If I'm sure I even Allah tough one. All of this in the same surah each prophet is going

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to his people in this surah what's the first thing he's telling them? And that's a tough one Will you not have Taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the support of Allah zildjian incredibly important in the law, magma Tolkien, Allah. Allah says in the Quran that Indeed Allah is with those who have Taqwa and Allah Latina taco alladhina, whom were seen when Allah is with those who have Taqwa and those who are who strive towards excellence and beauty. And so it's incredibly important that we have and develop taqwa within ourselves.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, was that he had entitlements, and purify it, what is its meaning the soul of the neffs. So the neffs needs taqwa. It also needs purification was that until humans aka you were the best of those who purified to skia in the language means a plethora means you know, something to be cleaned and purified, and whatnot. And originally it means,

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like from Zika, it means that which will increase and grow. Right? So, so test here is the increase the grow Zika Why do we give our Zika we give away some of our money, right? But it's called Zika. Why because your money is increased. It's purified, because now you've taken away what would have been had on for you and you've given it away, but it's actually increased, because the law says it'll give you more, they'll give you more betoken the money that you have, he'll give you more money in the future. So we call it a cat because the act of giving actually increases and grows your wealth and increases and grows of course your good deeds, and increases and grows your stature with

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Allah subhana wa Tada. And so teskey is something incredibly important. And we know of course, Allah subhanaw taala items with the chumps he mentions all he takes an oath by so many different things a lot. So then we're Shem syllable how a comedy that's how nadie that Allah will lady they have shot. All of these things that was taken oath spy by the sun and its brightness by the moon, when it follows by the day when it displays itself and then by the night in it conceals by the sky, and the one who constructed it all of these oaths that Allah is taking for what reason for what purpose? You know, someone swears an oath I swear by this, why are you swearing this oath and look at all the

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different things Allah squaring this oath by for What message does Allah azza wa jal want to tell us? How the Hammonds aka the successful one is the one who has purified it purified what the neffs the soul, right? Success is with the one who has purified the soul will call them in the Sangha. And the one who has failed is the one who has corrupted.

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And so this is incredibly empowering, powerful that allows emphasizing all of these oaths, by all of these different things to send us this one message to tell us this thing is really important. This message I'm telling you, is incredibly important, what's that message? But after Hammonds aka, the one who has succeeded is the one who has purified their soul. And since the care

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is about increasing, to skia is increasing in the language, we can understand that part of our purification of our soul is also that our soul,

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you know, grows,

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it grows, it increases, meaning you're good in your capacity for good increases. You can't be the same person, if you're the same person, you are today that you're 10 years ago, then that might be an indication that you haven't purified your soul because there's no growth in the person should be constantly growing. Their knowledge should be growing. Their compassion and empathy should be growing. They're bad, they should be growing. Right that that shows us that we're on the path of of purification of Ischia that we're growing as people, right, our knowledge, our maturity, our ability to restrict our anger, our ability to benefit other people has to be growing. If it's not growing,

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then we've stagnated or we've caused a lot of corruption to our soul. And this is incredibly important for us to think about. But Hammond zeca law says another verse, indeed successful are those who have purified themselves, and what's powerful as well about this, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and to humans, you will are the best of those who have purified it. And in reality, nobody can purify this the soul the knifes other than a lot of soldiers, because a lot as though just says in the Quran, well, I will offer Allah Allah Kumara moto Mazza coming coming ahead. We're not for the mercy of Allah.

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over you and his virtue. Were not for the grace of Allah over you in his mercy Meza kemin coma had not a single person would have purified themselves. Well, I can allow us a kimia shot, but Allah purifies those whom He wills and so

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are pure seeking our purification entails increasing our knowledge, increasing our data, increasing our Doha, but ultimately it's about turning back to Allah subhanaw taala begging Eliza because a lot of xojo is the only one who can purify our souls. And so will you have one Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam concludes this too, by saying you are it's Willie. And you are it's melanin. And inshallah we'll talk about the meaning of these two words. In the second clip by Falco knock on the head, there was even a call Mr. through in order for Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah He also he or Manuela,

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until you have an Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says and concludes this beautiful day by saying, Oh Allah, you are, it's Willie, and you are smaller. You are the Wali of this neffs that I have. And you are it's Mona. What who is the wedding? What is the moment that What does this mean? Allah Subhana Allah calls himself actually in the Quran, in different places. Allah while you were living in Amman, while Allah is the one he the guardian of those who have believed. What does what do you remember that? I mean? It comes from the word

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what he what he or Well, you are the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was speaking to the young boy who was eating it is similar or could be a meaningful coalmine mega leak, he tells the young boy eats from that which is really close to you. You leak and well he come from the same root word, and so widely from its core, is Allah subhanaw. taala is the body of the believers IE he's the one who is close to the believers. And his closeness to you you could be close to somebody but not benefit them. But Allah subhanaw taala is that when he because he's close to you, and therefore he becomes like your guardian, your benefactor, the one who takes care of you. And so tequila that we

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talked about in this is our closeness to Allah subhanaw taala alone man in Allahu Allah Dena, Tekel Allah is with those who have had taqwa test kiya is also closeness to Allah so that you know that Allah so generous with you, you're aware of the closeness of Allah Zoda to you. And then the promise that Islam says you are it's really I we are, our souls are under your guardianship. Meaning that you are close to us as well. So all of this is related to this concept of being close to Allah subhanaw taala. Now think about the idea of, you know, there's a lot of different ways we can talk about this, but

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think of Yusuf Alayhi Salaam Yusuf Ali Salaam, at the very end of his story, he makes use of his rugby team in a limited in we had he fell to the summer where it will enter where leaf dounia will akhira telephony muslimah well happening besides that, he says Oh Allah you have given me kingship and you have taught me the interpretation of events, felt that is similar to without you are the Originator of the heavens and the earth. And totally You are my money for dunya will appear in this world and in the next world, telephony Muslim and allow me to die as a Muslim and resurrect me amongst the righteous. And so think about how Yusuf Ali s&m is saying to Allah, Allah you are my

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Woody. What is it about the story of use, if that would make him really emphasize the fact that Allah is his wedding? Because Allah subhanaw taala Island manage the affairs of use it Sam throughout his life, when he was thrown in abandoned into the well, who took care of him, who sent a caravan to pick him up. Who had him adopted by Al Aziz, who is the one who sent a dream to the king stuck can only be interpreted by use of that he can be taken out of prison. Allah subhanaw taala was managing and arranging his affairs like a guardian would arrange for the affairs of a child in every aspect of his life. And so Yusuf Ali s&m feels this closeness of Allah azza wa jal, this fact that

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Allah is giving him victory, this fact that Allah is responsible, and the Guardian over his affairs. And so he makes this to saying until we leave Indonesia with al Qaeda, you are my Wali, in this world and in the next world, how do we fall under this umbrella of being the leader of Allah being the ones whom Allah has taken us under his guardianship? Allah Subhana Allah says Allah inelia Allah, the whole family and what else

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can we have to horn that those who believe that have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala are the ones

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worthy of Allah who are under the guardianship of allies origin. So our belief in a lot our pursuit of taqwa, our pursuit of purifying ourselves, this is what leads us inshallah to being under the relay of Allah azza wa jal under the guardianship of Allah subhana wa tada where Allah subhanaw taala defends us, protects us arranges our affairs and ensures that we are in the best in the best possible of situations just as he did with his profits, just as he did with profit Yousif just as he did with Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was an immediate k a team and for Allah, did he not find you an orphan and strengthen you? And so we need this guardianship of Allah so gel in our lives, and we

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do this by thinking about our neffs our soul and striving to improve our neffs in every aspect of our lives in the Loma Linda via your median annual salary, you're sitting with Sima, along with Sally was Sally maliseet you know, whenever you know have you been hammered? A moment Sally Allah Mohammed the medical executive abroad, also the Matador I'm a school of Saudi Arabia hiragana salatu salam and he mainly in a Almaden Valley he was obviously been upon hearing wow no matter mean, well, I know that the law has been Aloma letter that on a female I mean, I hadn't been in LA for a while I had Manila for a while adding an elevator while I'm Alicia ATIA while I'm moving today laughter well

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hydrated. How'd you do? Well after I hear like arena one NFL soda Illa potato sabirah Medical camera humming along as I listen I wanna see me and where are they before they collimated Okay, well, Dean,

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Aloma Habib, Elaine and he man was a new vehicle opener. Well Kara in in Aqua, Florida for su colossian generosity in a live video. So anyway, tell the court about why and how they're going to look now look into the code on what's called a commercial or an ami. Is it come with Nicola loriann on with us neurone Abdullah from Santa

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