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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan sets numerous pointers and gives practical advice and guidance on how men can aspire to be great husbands.

He begins by saying that instead of telling the wife a thing or two about Islam, the husband to should just aspire to be the best husband one can be and to do that, he should just study what kind of a husband the Prophet ﷺ was.

He shouldn’t worry about what he needs to tell her, instead focus on worrying about being the best possible husband and that is the Sunnah of the Messenger SAW.

Elaborating further, the Messenger ﷺ would buy his wife gifts, would joke with his wife and he would ideally spend time with the Mothers of the Believers. The Messenger ﷺ  would praise and compliment the Mothers of the Believers.

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When hamdulillah Allah Allah Miata, his Walla Walla Kula who shall confer milk while I'm yaku LaValle. Human Oliva Kabir viola, when hamdulillah Allah Zenith moto who want to start you know who when I stopped Pharaoh, when he went to LA when I grew to be human surely and fusina woman sejati Melina when you have the Hello fellow mobila woman you bullied fellow howdy Allah. When a shadow a la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he was solo Allahu la junta Allah Buddha dealhack the youth healer who Allah Deen equally, worker fabula he shahida for Salalah alayhi wa sallam at a sleep and Cassie and Cassie Allah. So bad for him. Cunha De Sica tabula rasa

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howdy How do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shotgun Marie mcdata to her wedding indica la ma de vida. Por que la la la la la la la la la fin up

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yaku subhanho wa Taala Kitab al Karim Baba Nakula wilhemina shaytani r Rajim yo maya to whom Allah who Jamie and for unit B whom Bhima Emmylou I saw her law when I saw well, law cliche in Shahid

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rubbish actually, suddenly were silly Emily was a little rock data melissani you have Coco de la homophobic now and the multi v La ilaha illallah wa la Miranda Mina la Vina mano y mano solly hurt whatever so, Bill Huck, whatever so be sub menial, but I mean

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a large Hotel in Nakuru on on multiple occasions, make ref makes reference to the fact that he teaches us not only that he revealed to us not only that he informs us but specifically that he teaches us what toquilla where you are limo como la, I love la couronne, Milan, multiple times Allah azza wa jal makes reference to the idea that Allah is teaching us. And teaching is different from telling someone something, a teacher spends a lot of time with a student, a teacher cannot say something once and expect that the students completely understands and is now ready to be tested. A teacher has to actually repeat himself often. And the more important lessons, the ones that are

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going to be a bigger part of the test, they're going to be repeated more. And the things that you need to hear one time and the teacher knows if I just say it once you'll get it and you won't forget, he says at once. In other words, that teacher's job is not just the delivery of information, but the instilling of understanding. And that part of that job is to actually emphasize certain things and de emphasize certain things to give the student the right sense of proportion. Some of you in the audience are students, and you know that your teachers sometimes give you main assignments for your semester, you know, a term project. And on the other hand, you sometimes have

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extra credit assignments, some extra credit work, and you as a student understand the difference in priority. What takes precedent over what, as a matter of fact, if there's a limited time to talk to you, then the teacher will emphasize what is most important, like the day before an exam, your teacher is not going to talk to you about the extra credit stuff. That's for easier times, the day before the exam, he's going to go over the main concepts that are going to be tested. Now. Allah azza wa jal gave us this final message, his book that he says he taught us, and many of you are familiar, unlike the non Muslims, we appreciate the repetition in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal

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repeats many things many, many times over again. But actually, each one of them is a teaching opportunity. If it was simply about information, if that's the only thing that is the purpose of this call, and that is to deliver some information, then Judgment Day will be talked about once, not hundreds of times, taqwa will be talked about once, not hundreds of times, if the only time you had to really just hear about the story of a prophet one time, I think he Salaam, whoever he may be, and is done, you can go make reference to that those few iaat. Again, he doesn't do that he repeats himself, because he knows that's what a student needs. I'm in the profession of teaching. And many

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of you in the audience, not only are you students, some of you are teachers. And you understand that in the profession of teaching, repetition is key. review is key. And so a lot as always even says as in the position of him teaching, while the kid in the crowd remind for the reminder, service benefit. So this message is, you know, it's revealed over 23 years, which is actually no time at all. It's no time at all considering that these 23 years are supposed to be guidance for humanity until the day of judgment for all nations and all people across all cultures and all civilizations. There are only these 23 years to communicate what needs to be taught from Allah through the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So time is of the essence, every word counts. every lesson counts. every lesson is essential, because it's supposed to be timeless. Now within the curriculum that Allah has always gave us the educational curriculum that he gave us, the guidance that he gave us is the surah each

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of the Quran is actually a speech a lesson taught by Allah azza wa jal himself. And so what happens oftentimes is that we understand an ayah but we lose sight of the fact that it's part of a lesson it's part of something a lot of toward a larger sutra and that's one canal or booth you know Madonna's everything is connected with everything is part of one speech. And so just like in any other speech, if you hear one part of the speech, and you don't know where this came from, you don't know what was said before it and you don't know what they said after it, you can come to very different conclusions. And so the I want to share with you actually is the sixth idea of pseudo

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machalilla. And in the surah, Allah azza wa jal makes reference yo maya to whom Allah who Jamia for you may not be the Maya Angelou sobre la when a su llamada cliche in Shaheed the day on which he is going to gather them, of course this is or raise them rather, this is of course, a reference to judgment, a judgment a law talks about hundreds and hundreds of times and no Quran. This is just one of many hundreds of times. And he says the day on which Allah will raise them for you not be Mr. Emmylou, then he will inform them thoroughly, exhaustively of the things that they used to do. This is something we all know already. He adds something more though this time, he says I saw hula hoop

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when a zoo.

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I saw hula hoop when a zoo a lot completely recorded everything they did. And they had forgotten about it.

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A lot adds this new dimension to the conversation about judgment a in this ayah saying that on judgment day, a lot will be telling us in great detail the things that you and I used to do. And we will when we hear these things, our reaction is going to be late I did I forgot that I even said that. I forgot that I even did that. That was was that even a big deal. There's going to be so many things. And there are so many things you I you and I do on a daily basis things we say things we do that we don't think are a big deal. And the only day we're gonna find out that it was in fact a big deal is on the day of judgment because you know what? Small things we forget big things we remember.

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You know, when I used to live in New York, a lot of my friends in college where student visa and when they got their jobs after job fairs they applied for h1 visa or whatever. And the date that they get for their appointment at the immigration office they never forget.

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You don't forget the immigration date. You can forget the day you have to turn in a homework assignment that's fine. You go forget you had to you know make a payment to the electricity company. That's fine. You forget those things. But the immigration appointment No way. Wedding Day, no day, no way you forget the day you getting married. You count the minutes down, the count the seconds down. There's a sense people that are going to have to count the days it's important. They don't forget, it doesn't leave their mind. So you know what, what leaves our mind or what is relatively insignificant. on judgment day you and I find out some things were insignificant to us, but not

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insignificant to Allah. There were a big deal to Allah. This is the sixth Ayah he says here Allahu Allah Cooley Shea in Shaheed, which is also really important. Allah is a witness over every single thing, Ally's witnessing everything you and I do. But you know what, unlike all the other places in the Quran, when Allah talks about judgment, a this is actually particularly part of a conversation, and we cannot lose sight of the fact about where the conversation began. So I want to give you some perspective.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam in Medina, is sitting in the cab company of Sahaba. And a woman walks in her name is Hola, ignore I showed him a whole line of whatever he says either hola or Hola. For Hanukkah seem to speak Italian King. So regardless, let's just say her name is hola she walks in, she starts crying. She says she had a fight with her husband. Her husband got upset about something. And he got so mad at her that she said From today on, you are like my mother.

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Now that was a common thing for Arabs to say before Islam. And the point of it was, I'm breaking up with you. And I won't ever think about you again. Because thinking about you is the same as thinking about my own mother. So this was worse than any divorce. This is what they used to do. And this would be like, you know, a new fasten. This is it. I said it. That's it. From today on, you're my mother, I cannot go back on my word. Because for the era of going back on his word is going back against his pride. So now he said it. So he can't even if he feels bad about it later, he's not going to go back because this is now in between the love he has for this wife and his pride and his

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pride will always win for the JD Arab will always win. Some of these practices are still carried on by the Sahaba Well, the Allahu anhu much by name who haven't learned enough Deen yet. So this is actually happening between us a hobby no Sahaba this man is a Muslim. But you know what the practices of generations they don't just disappear. It takes time. It takes time. This is why it was a little last a little longer. I think it was held on when a lead describes how he develops the Sahaba he describes him like a farmer. You know for us Allah who foster love

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Allah Allah soupy the terribile given the expression given the image given in the foot is of slow development people are being developed like crop is being developed a seed does not turn into a full grown you know a crop overnight it takes time. So, hopper still under development, this argument happens and this man says to his believing life, this believers as believing life, you are like my mother, which she knows in their culture means they are no longer together. So she comes to him crying, crying tell us a little loss Allah Allah Salaam, it says he's done this, this practice was called the heart, you know, to be aggressive towards someone to show them your back. Now when he

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said this,

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or she came to him saying, what should I do? Give me some, you know, some some solution. The happiness? Yeah. I don't love anyone more than I love him. I know. He says crazy things sometimes. But I still love him. And he's the father of my children. For inbal monka home illya john, we're in the mom Tommy Lee baru. He says if you leave, if they're separated, then the kids have to go in either the father's custody or the mother's custody. So she says if you put them in my custody, they're gonna starve to death because I don't make any money. But if you put them in his cult custody, they're gonna die. Because he doesn't know how to take care of kids.

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He both of us whose family's broken? Yeah, this little love. What should we do as a loved one is no, no suicide shallum. Given the situation, he doesn't know any more, he just knows that according to that culture, it is considered a divorce. So his first response is hold on to it he you become hold on for him. I cannot tell you more because this is what the culture is at the moment. I don't know anything else. she begs us also salon, give me something else. Give me something else. And he said, my nd lucky Shay. I have nothing for you. I don't have anything for you. And then also someone would refuse to give her an answer. You know why he refused to give her an answer. Understand, for a judge

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to make judgment properly. A judge has to hear both sides. A judge cannot say for until I hear both sides. You cannot go back. How long do you suggest until I hear both sides? You cannot go back and the husband maybe because of his pride or because he feels bad. He's not even gonna come and ask. But until he hears both sides, he cannot say anything. But he's not saying anything. And this woman is holding her little kids and she's getting angry. And she starts raising her voice to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, she starts debating with him. She starts crying. And then she calls out on Allah. I sticky vodka tea. Well, what's the Lola I complained to a law about my bankruptcy. I complained to

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Allah what's what's happening to me. And when she complained to a law IOP came down. But before I recite these ions, I want to share with you that there's another occasion that I want to compare this to in the life of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This little lovely Southern was in his apartment and some Muslims who had just become Muslim, and Arab, semi Himalayan an hour.

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They came these veterans came and they wanted to talk to us hula Solorzano. Now we You and I, when we say his name, we say some old mahalo we don't even say Mohammed, we say Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, but these Bedouins were not cultured yet. They were kind of texting. So they came and they saw they came outside the apartment of the messenger, I suppose them and they said, Yeah, Mohamed or Elena. Mohamad. Come out. We got we got some questions.

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Yo, Mohammed, we got some questions. That's that's all they said. Now, the Quraysh who are too far, they have called him a liar. They have called him insane. They have called him a magician. They've called him all kinds of names. They have cursed his family. They've done much much toodles hula solo la hora de Soto. These men did not curse the messenger. They did not call him names. They called him by his name and his name itself is upraise solo la hora de Sena mohammedanism a fruit from Hamada, which means the one who is highly praised or continually praised. But even then, because they raise their voice. I had come down. And the I'd say whether we'll call it Casa de ba ba, ba ba, ba Ba,

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Maluku. Why

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don't you call him like you call each other? Don't you raise your voice calling him like you talk to each other. Hey, good evening. How's it going? Hey, honey, what's up? No, not like that. Hey, well, how much do you got some questions? No, no, no, no, no. If you do that, all of your deeds will be taken away and

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you won't even realize it. You cannot raise your voice in front of the voice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam focus out in the B

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code. This is what we learned. Now this woman coming back to the story of this woman, what is she doing? She's debating with the messenger and it's up to us and I'm raising her voice crying, screaming, debating, and the word Geodon is used in the Koran when arguments are happening happening between the believers and the Kufa.

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God humility Yes.

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When they engage with you aggressively, engage back with something better. This same word now look at how Allah responds, he says called semi Allah who Colella t tujuh De Luca fees. Oh gee ha watashi Illa Allah. Allah already heard the cry, the word of the woman that is debating with you. He's already heard it cut the Samia cut the MOBA. What does that suggest? It suggests Allah has been hearing her cries when she was in her home. And her husband said that to her, and she started crying. Then Allah heard that too, when she was walking over total, so the loss will allow me some crying along the way. He heard that too. And when she came in, she argued and debated and raised her

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voice because she didn't know what else to do, because she was so emotionally overwhelmed. Allah heard that too. Allah is siding with this woman,

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alive siding with this woman.

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And he says she's complaining to Allah. La Jolla smelter Howard Akuma. And Allah, he's listening to both your conversations. And now the both of your conversations is interesting. There's a banally statement here. What does that mean? It means on the one hand allies listening to the conversation that is happening between the messenger Elise auto Salaam and this woman.

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But Allah is also saying, actually, you know, Nakata, wasafi, manga, Allah is also saying every husband and every wife that are having a conversation unless listening, this is default.

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Allah is listening to every one of your conversations. And when you say something outrageous to your wife, allies, listening, and allies hearing the call the cry of a woman who's being even verbally abused, forget physically abused, that's a later story. Even if she's being verbally abused, Allah is listening. Even if you say something mean to her, like you're so ugly, you're like, my, I don't want to look at you looking at you as like, like looking at my mother. You don't have to repeat those words that the jolly Arabs did, you can come up with your own. You got plenty of your own to say.

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And if you say Allah is listening,

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in the law, Allah says in the law semi, Allah sees everything. Here's everything sees everything. Now, what happens next? And as you know why he wrote, I mean, communism, those of you that have said this outrageous thing to their wives.

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There's one outrageous thing you're like my mother, this was the cultural practice. If you've said this ridiculous thing to your wives, by window Maha tm.

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Those are not their mothers, you can say whatever you want.

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You see, when people get emotional, they say things about cutting relationships. Like sometimes a mother says from today, you're not my son.

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Or the father says from today, you're not my son. Or brother, sister, brother, you're not my brother after this day. Don't ever call me again. I don't want to see your face. Or you're not my wife or you're not my house what Allah says you can say whatever you want, there's still your mother's or your real mother's. in Omaha to whom Allah Allah, Allah home, their mothers are only the ones who gave them birth. Were in the Himalaya, who Luna moon Carmen alcone missoura. And no doubt about it, the people that are speaking there are saying the most unacceptable, alien you know, unusual thing and the most horrible of lies what in Allah Allah our formula for and no doubt Allah is ready to

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forgive, you know, pardon and forgive. Now these people who spoke this are getting in big trouble. I thought that when I read the first I, I thought this woman's gonna get in trouble because she's raising her voice to those who don't listen, the longer you send them, but Allah does not need to hear only one side he hears both sides. So unlike this little loss on the long run, he was someone who only heard one side, Allah knows both sides so he can pass his verdict. And he says the real criminal is the husband who said this ridiculous thing. And he's in big trouble but Allah was ready to forgive him. Now the husband in the beginning of this ayah by the time Allah says you know what

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in the Himalaya una una cara melancholy basura Oh, they are saying some terrible things from their mouth. They are saying moon car and Zoo horrible lies unheard of things evil things from their mouth. Now this was these are Muslim and he's gone out of Quran are coming out of Muslim getting it making a mistake. He gets super scared. And then Allah says no, no but allies forgiving

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when the law soon before but how is the law going to forgive him? How What should he do to earn less forgiveness? He says under the new law he Runa Minnesota him

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those who have taken this kind of the hard from their women, somebody who do not follow then they want to go back Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it. Oh, honey, come on. You know, I get like that sometimes. It's not a big deal. It's just words. Forget about it.

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They want to go back. Here's what you do. Better. Hurry, rock bottom Coubertin, when cuddly Enya. tamasa then you better free a slave before you touch each other before they touch each other.

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Freeing us leave in Islam is cathedra for major sins.

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Freeing a slave is not something small. You do that when you've done a major crime in the mind of the husband. He just ran his mouth no big deal. But in the judgment of a law that is a big problem. You better go free slaves.

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Does it come to Abu Dhabi

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lobi matamanoa hobby that is what you're being given Counsel of. You want forgiveness go for your slave. Now you don't find a slave. I don't know where, where am I gonna previously from? From Allah Majid, whoever couldn't find a slave. I'll see ya Moshe harini Matata behind. And we should fast for two months, consecutively. Two months without taking a break, you take a break, you start over 60 days, Mousavi I mean, tabley, Enya tamasa before they can touch each other.

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Okay, if you can't do that either, for millennia, stop there, if you couldn't do that, for almost Athena, Miss Kenan. So you should feed 60 poor people.

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So either you free a slave, or you fast for 60 consecutive days for running your mouth. Or on top of all of that, if you can't do that you better feed 60 people.

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All of this because of a conversation that happened in the bedroom.

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So public.

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Now Allah knows in his wisdom,

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he knows all things that all people do. And when that woman came total total loss on the law and even sent him crying and screaming. A lot is our gel cooler reveal the answer to her question before she even opened her mouth.

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He could have and there are plenty of stories in the Quran. In this year of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where Allah would know the revelation before the question is even asked before it's even asked.

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But in this case, like for example, give you an example of that when the Qibla was changed. The messenger did not ask he just looked at the sky. But the Nova takadanobaba sama

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tada we saw your face turning to the sky, so we changed the Qibla he didn't even ask the IOP came before asking.

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So there, but Allah azza wa jal planned that this woman should come. He planned that this woman should raise her voice, a lot planned that he should everybody should hear that a woman that is in trouble because of the abuse and the psychological abuse of her husband allies on her side. She may not think the system is on her side, she may think her husband is not on her side. So she is not in a position of power. But she has more backing than anybody else.

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Allies backing her up, and the penalty has to be paid by the husband.

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Before I go on, I know my time is limited. I want to share something about just the wisdom of our Sharia with you.

00:22:27--> 00:22:30

In another place in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal talks about people who make an oath.

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When you make an oath, that you're going to do something and you want to break it. Like you promise Allah Allah, if you get me through this exam, I will pray fudger in the masjid for 20 days. You cannot you couldn't do it.

00:22:45--> 00:23:20

When you can't do it, and you have to make up for it. That's called a cafaro. When you make up for something bad, you said the cathedra is for kuthodaw to who is more I shall ottima second, unless there's a photo for making up for another an oath or a pledge you made to Allah or something. You said that was ridiculous and you want to go back. You have to feed how many 10 people you have to feed 10 people, how many people you have to feed if you talk to your wife like that 60 people. Now think about this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, what do you do if you purposely break the fast?

00:23:21--> 00:23:40

If you're fasting and you purposely broke too fast, maybe a husband and wife are not supposed to be intimate with each other, but during the fasting, they became intimate with each other. What should they do? The answer is not in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, Sunnah. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said 60 days of fasting, or feed 60 people.

00:23:42--> 00:23:52

So when you break the fast, it's also 60. And when you break when you talk to your wife this way, it's also 60. But when you break your word, it's 10.

00:23:53--> 00:24:29

Now the question arises if you break your word, now think about this logically, if you break your word you you made a promise to a line you couldn't keep it. You should pay with 10 and the theist should be that if you break your fast which is like breaking a promise to a love should pay with 10 but also de la Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam said not 10 but 60 why the only the US The only equivalent of that in the Quran? Is this ayah Why Why are these? Why is the ayah about the about fasting or the instruction about fasting? And the penalty for talking like this to your wife? Why are they the same? Because in this case, your wife has halaal for you, and you made her haram for

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yourself. And in the case of the fasting, eating or having intimacy was hard on for you and you made it harder for yourself. So if only Allah gets to make Helen and only Allah gets to me caught on when you take any of that if you take the Haram from Allah and make it halal for yourself, you pay the penalty of 60 when you take the halaal from a lion make it harder for yourself, you pay the penalty of 60

00:24:49--> 00:24:56

This is a matter of Halloran Hara. This is a matter of the food of Allah, which is why the next IR didn't go to the law.

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those are those are the those are the limits.

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boundaries set by Allah. And by the way, when Allah talks about his produce, what does he say in the same ayah? He says what little cafe de nada when Aleem for disbelievers for caffeine, there is painful punishment. Yeah Allah nL kalaam filco far.

00:25:17--> 00:25:33

Where's A Levels not talking to the kuffaar Allah was talking to the Muslims, the Muslim husband and the wife had a problem. But when Allah gives you rules and you don't respect them, then you are no different. You could think of yourself as Muslim all you want in the eyes of Allah.

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You think this is small? You think this has nothing to alarm making joke out of this is equivalent to cover which is why in the next I in the levina you had done Allah Allah subhanahu COVID comma COVID Allah the diamond company him waqqas Angela Tempe not well, cafe de nada Mui the people who oppose a lion, His Messenger, the poet, the people who resist the instructions of a lion is messenger have been humiliated, like the people before them were humiliated. Now you the people who do this are being compared to the nations that were destroyed.

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And they have humiliating punishment, You humiliated your wife. And now unless you have humiliating punishment, if you don't make Toba, you don't make this up. And then the ayah that I started with the day on which Allah will tell you about things and you had forgotten all about them, but Allah remembered them, and allies witness over all things. Why am I saying all of this to you? I'm saying all of this to you. Because in the deen of Allah, the things we say to the people under our motto, when you're a father, when you're a husband, when you're in a position of responsibility, you have a lot of authority. And things in your family stay private. Nobody knows. Your wife is a good person,

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she's not going to go and talk to other people you can have whatever opinion you want of her. They're not going to spill your secrets to other people. They're going to keep it inside the house. And when that happens, you feel like you have complete control. And some brother is going to come up to me after this whole thing. Kadeem, you talked about the brothers What about the sisters

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it's already running in your mind.

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Because you know what? When the ayatollah come when these ions came, do you see the Sahabi coming and running totals I'm saying actually Yeah, like the I like the IOD came but you don't know my side.

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You know, she deserved it. Or she made me really, there's always two sides.

00:27:28--> 00:27:42

But you know what? The Ayat of Allah is not there so you can say but what about the other side? Stop hiding behind Well, what about them? Right now I'm talking about me and I'm talking about you and sisters that are listening don't use this on your husband's

00:27:43--> 00:27:51

This is between a lion then there's between a lion them and one day I'll come back and I'll get on you. You know?

00:27:52--> 00:28:11

But you know what, right now it's just these are not and a lot purposely didn't equate it on the other side. What about the women who do this that no, no, no, no, no. Take responsibility for what you need to do. Stop deflecting. Stop putting it off. Don't Inaki This is an imbalanced picture called pseudo modular and balanced, are you? The surah itself is a lust curriculum. This is our Lord taught us.

00:28:12--> 00:28:24

What I really wanted to emphasize before I leave you, I know I'm five minutes over I'll just take one more minute. Is that it sort of majority about two thirds of the surah is actually not about this issue. These are just the first six is

00:28:25--> 00:28:54

the rest of the surah is about people who conspired against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam upon the munafo and Antara Allah Allah mo math is somewhat one Murphy mitoku Newman najwa Salah setting la hora Bo home what are some setting Ilaha de su home when a dynamic Delica whether Xsara La Hoya home in America No. So Marina be only Miami la Yeoman qiyamah in a la hobbico Alicia in LA.

00:28:55--> 00:29:24

A la talks about people who make secret meetings to conspire against the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some of them conspired to undermine his work. Some of them conspired even to kill him, even to kill him. Now tell me, there are two conversations that are happening in secret. One conversation, people are trying to hurt the cause of Islam to destroy Medina to kill the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And on the other side, there's a secret conversation happening between a husband and a wife.

00:29:25--> 00:29:45

And which of them was a bigger priority to allow which came number one, the conversation between the husband and the wife ask anybody else if you don't study put on? And which one do you think is a bigger problem marital issues are conspiring against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu as you say, conspiring against the messenger of course. Nope, not to Allah is teaching us something.

00:29:46--> 00:30:00

He's teaching us the entire purpose of this Deen is to protect the integrity of the individual, protect the integrity of the family, and if you don't take care of the family, there's no point in protecting a community because all the community is is that is a healthy family is about

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Bunch of healthy families. The entire theme comes back to that the entire story of humanity began with Adam alayhis salam was going to endow us ojochal genda cosatto as a family, that's where it began. This is a priority in our Deen. So that's mentioned first. And in comparison to that even conspiracies against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are secondary. What I'm trying to get at, as I conclude, is that the way we think about what is the biggest problem of the oma, what is the biggest priority of Islam? What should all the Muslims be thinking about right now? How should they be concerned? these priorities, we don't have to come up with our own thoughts.

00:30:38--> 00:30:50

These priorities have already been laid out and well articulated in the book of Allah. We're not just giving, we're not giving the book of a lodge. Hence, people like to quote an ayah from here and from there, and from there, but they've already made up their mind of what is priority.

00:30:51--> 00:31:12

I argue the takuna Kalamata law here earlier, the word of a law should be Supreme. When a law declares supreme should be Supreme. What you think and i think is more important is less important. We have to submit our priorities, our thought processes to the word of Allah. So he says, The Book of Allah, what calamata law he had earlier, the word of Allah is in the highest position.

00:31:14--> 00:31:49

This, this is not just about him, it's about learning. It's about thinking the right way. I pray that Allah makes this oma one that thinks the way that he wants them to think through the book of Allah. Notice in the book of Allah, Allah does not complain, why don't you know why don't you know why don't you know? He says of Allah, alone, when I aku Allah Allah moon, Allah Allah. Allah homeopathy don't allow me a de facto so they can think think think you can have a lot of knowledge but you don't think Allah is teaching you how to think. And so May Allah azza wa jal make us a thinking people and May Allah azza wa jal take make us take our family matters seriously because

00:31:49--> 00:32:23

allies listening to every conversation will Lahu Yes, Maratha hakuba Allah azza wa jal is listening to every single conversation. May Allah make the husbands of this community good husbands and the wives of this community good wives, and May Allah make the husbands and the wives together give them the ability to raise good children that can carry the message of Islam, the way that it's supposed to be carried. May Allah azza wa jal give us a strong sense of responsibility in every task that we carry. And may Allah azza wa jal make all of us successful before him on Judgement Day, and not make us of those who overlooked these things. Because they thought they were small, only to find out on

00:32:23--> 00:32:29

Judgement day that they were big barakallahu li walakum Karani Hakeem when a funny way er can be ir 2013

00:32:35--> 00:33:24

hamdu lillahi Wa Wa salatu wa salam O Allah Abadi Latina Safa, Susana of Bali him Maha tamina been Mohammed Al amin, where he was he in Yakubu la gente de Kitab al Karim akula arrow de wilhemina shaytani r Rajim in De La Hoya mela in Quetta who use a Luna and Debbie. Yeah, you hola Xena. amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Abraham, Abraham I feel I mean, in NACA Jaime de Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim El amin in naka hamidou Majeed about the law rahima como la it de la in the La Jolla moto bill it will shine eater is in Cordoba, Vienna and in fascia he will mooncup

00:33:24--> 00:33:31

well as the crow la Akbar, Wa La Jolla la medicina own Optimus Sala. insalata kanatal Mini Nikita makuta