Nouman Ali Khan – Guidance for Husbands

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan sets numerous pointers and gives practical advice and guidance on how men can aspire to be great husbands.

He begins by saying that instead of telling the wife a thing or two about Islam, the husband to should just aspire to be the best husband one can be and to do that, he should just study what kind of a husband the Prophet ﷺ was.

He shouldn’t worry about what he needs to tell her, instead focus on worrying about being the best possible husband and that is the Sunnah of the Messenger SAW.

Elaborating further, the Messenger ﷺ would buy his wife gifts, would joke with his wife and he would ideally spend time with the Mothers of the Believers. The Messenger ﷺ  would praise and compliment the Mothers of the Believers.