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The speakers emphasize the need for action to prevent loss and harm from others, and the importance of history and cultural acceptance in addressing problems and building a new society. They also emphasize the need for action to prevent the wrong things from happening and trust in relationships to ensure safety for employees and their families. The pandemic may affect the ability of some people to work for a certain amount of time, but the speakers emphasize the importance of trust in relationships and trust in leaders to build a safe work environment.

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bad, nasty, terrible or fatal had you had you on so long it was a lot more data to have a column.

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For now, we thank Allah subhanaw taala for the opportunity to offer some advice to look at our condition and to try to not make criticisms or condemnation but to make an evaluation and hopefully to plan a step by step methodology that we could turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones that we could turn our challenges and liabilities into assets. So we have to try to understand the condition after understand

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The condition then we can then take the necessary steps to see, what did Allah subhanaw taala give to us, as he gave to people before us to address the condition, then we have to keep in mind that a loss upon what Allah has said to us, he doesn't change the condition of a people, until the people change the condition which is inside their hearts, or the condition that is with themselves, that means the condition of themselves, their mentality, their failure to use the resources, their inability to respond to what they have been given, if we are in denial, that we can't change, if we are blaming others, we can't change. If we are satisfied and content with whatever we have, we won't

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change, change only comes when you see that the change is vital, vital, like you go to a doctor, and the doctor tells you if you don't stop doing this or that, I think you're gonna die. So that's vital that that that might make you stop, although the action that you are doing that you are doing that brought you to that point, you were already told a long time ago not to do that. But now that the doctor said, I think this situation is serious. If you continue, I think maybe three months, six months a year the most, you're gonna die. So let's start right now to arrest the situation and see if we can't prolong your life and see if we can correct this ailment, then probably you and I, any

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one of us, then we're gonna we're gonna take some steps. I say our condition is like that. You may not see it like that. Because, you know, you live in in warm houses, and you're not dodging bullets and bombs, and nobody's getting thrown in prisons just for the sake of their religion. No one is hungry, got plenty of clothing leads to three TVs in every house. Everybody got mobile phones, have you got plenty of shoes. So we sometimes we don't see our situation because we are veiled from reality, the comforts that we have been given veils us, but when those comforts are taken away, then it becomes clear. So tonight, I want to talk a little bit about our condition and what I mean our

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condition. I don't want to talk about a man. But we don't be working on a man all the way to the grave. Sometimes it's hard to gauge a man who has it who doesn't. So we can talk about him. And it is an issue of he man, he man been less dependent on maintaining the contract or the covenant with the loss of pinata. It is about aqeedah Yes, it is that but we're gonna be talking about that and trying to sharpen that and keep that all the way to the grave. I want to talk about something a little bit more tangible, something that you can we can all measure. Now, for the people who migrated to this country, you will understand the meaning of citizenship. If you migrated here, you

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understand how important it is to be a citizen. Because it might take somebody who migrates five years, seven years, 10 years, 11 years just to become a citizen. And when you become a citizen, it's almost like wow, that's almost like a new Shahada. Yeah, the people who become citizens of Canada, United States, that's like a new Shahada. They'd be so happy, they'd be ready to go down to the court and swear allegiance to everything. They'd be they'd be swearing allegiance to things ame asked him to, some people have changed their name and change that birth certificate and change their religion to because it means that much to them, that now I don't have to leave, nobody can force me.

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I am here I got four freedoms, liberty, all everything that anybody else got, I got it. I have what, only one in 30 people in the world have the right to speak, to move, to write, publish, to have any level of education that I want to criticize the government. Nobody will lock me up, nobody gonna come to my door, to sit in the mall, or anywhere and talk about anything we want to talk about to hunt, to buy property, to enter business, to do international trade to come back and forth. Go anywhere in the world you want with this new passport. There are people all over the world who would almost kill just to have that, but we have it and we don't appreciate it. But that's not what

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citizenship means. Most of us once we get that passport, that citizenship, we think that's what it is. But that's not what citizenship is. And those of us who were born here, second, third, fourth generations of Muslims and those that are born here, new Muslims.

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We think that because we were born here, I'm a real American, I'm a real Canadian. But also most of us who are born here, second, third, fourth generation, or even indigenous men that our family has been here, further back than we can remember, that means we've been here all the time, when the first people came here, we can trace ourselves right back to them, even if we were ex slaves. So we say, I'm an American citizen, I'm a Canadian citizen. But what does that mean? What does citizenship mean? Is it a piece of paper? Is it a passport? Is it a special permission? Is it a name? Is it a national title? Is it a privilege? What is it, that's what we want to talk about. And we want to

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talk about citizenship, connected with our responsibility as Muslims, you won't get this kind of a talk from the scholars who come and visit from Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or Syria, or Yemen, or Pakistan, or Somalia or Bangladesh, or turkey or wherever the scholars come from, you won't get this kind of talk, because they are not allowed this kind of talk. And they will not talk like that in public, because they'd be afraid that when they get back home, they won't come out again. So I know this. That's why I think a lot every single day, that I am an American citizen, because I can travel around the world, they don't like what I got to say, they can tell me to go, no problem, I could go

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back to America, ain't nobody gonna lock me up, because I said that george bush is a dog. Now, I didn't say that. I never said that. But if somebody wants to say that, he can say that nobody's gonna lock him up for saying that. But I can say that my president is immoral, that his decisions have brought about corruption and slaughter in the world, that he's gonna pay for that on the Day of Judgment, and that I disagree with his political policies, and I disagree with his cabinet. And I disagree with his vision. And I pray every single day that his presidency comes to an end quicker than he planned. I say that I pray that every day, but nobody's gonna lock me up for that, because I

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have a right to wish that that goes along with the citizenship that I have. But if you were to say that about your President, you couldn't go back to normal. And if you said it while you were there, you wouldn't come out. This is a privilege that Allah gave to us now that we're here, that maybe some of you, you don't understand that. And so you're still living in La La Land, you're calling yourself something you're trying to benefit from here. But reality, you're not earning anything, you're not preserving anything. Therefore, you're not giving nothing back. It's like a loss upon $1 put a fruit tree in your backyard. And when you got there, the tree was already given up fruit. So

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you don't need to water it. You don't need to prune it. You don't need to cultivate it, you don't need do nothing. Matter of fact, you taking the fruit off the tree, when it's cold, you cut the few branches off putting inside the thing to keep warm. So sooner or later, not only do you don't have any fruit, you don't have no tree. This was happening to us. Because unlike other people who are citizens, we're not giving anything back. citizenship is a privilege, but it carries with it a responsibility. And that's what I want to talk about. Now, Allah subhanaw taala characterize the prophets allows them for us, he said.

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I mean, see, here a lot. subhanaw taala is referring to the Prophet falala Sam, his character, his mission, as the Rama a mercy. But the word Rama itself, it comes from a verb in Arabic which is the same as the verb for the womb. The womb, carries life, cultivates that life, and then delivers that life. It carries the human being for that amount of time, cultivate nourishes that human being and then delivers that human being into the life, the profit for them, he cultivated us. His sadhana has given to us nutrition and identity. He has carried us through His legacy and deliver us into the world where we are today and gave us a distinction just because we're Muslims. This is the Rama and

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because the Rama that the Muslims have given to the world that Mohammed sauce them gave to us, then the world is benefiting from this Rama. Even they curse the profits loss and they curse us or whatever. Still they benefiting from the Rama as I point tried to point out the other night in my discussion with non Muslims.

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could point out to them at least 75 things that they use every single day, that without it, their whole society was shut down, that came through the Quran, through Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, through the Rama, the last panel who are to Allah, but because they are unaware of it, they do the same thing we do, they disrespect it. Now brothers and sisters, I want to say to you that I have visited a lot of cities all over the world, I probably in the last 10 years, I've probably been to at least 250 cities, all over the world, more than 30 countries, on all the continents. And in the Western world. Toronto is one of the most privileged cities for Muslims, more privileged than New

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York City. There are more Muslims in New York, but you are more privileged here than the Muslims in New York, what you have accessible to you, by your city government, what you have been able to accomplish because of the laws of this country, you cannot even imagine.

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Because you have it, you're accustomed to it. You don't appreciate it, therefore, you don't take advantage of it. But it may not remain like this. Some of us may cause a change in that. Some of us who like to shoot and kill and break down and Kherson sell drugs and we want to blow somebody up. We want to rob people and we want to curse and we want to tear down and some of those people, if we don't stop them, if we don't contain them, the privileges that you are enjoying today, you may not enjoy them tomorrow. Allah subhanho wa Taala characterized us as this kind of people, he said

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to me,

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is key words here. Hira This means a people of goodness from them comes nothing but goodness, good speech, good character, good products, good institutions.

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Everything from this oma is good. Allah says you are the best of people. That means there's no other people better than this oma and what, not just in your II Bader, not just in reading code, and not just in what you claim to be the external part of the Sunnah. Now, you have the potential of being the best, because you got the core n, because you got the son of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam, you have this legacy in your hands. And through this here, you are able to order what is right. Now, how do we order what's right? If we don't have no power, you can only recommend what's right. If you don't have any power, you can only recommend what's right. If there's some young boys, causing some

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disturbances in the street, or in the schools or whatever. And the parents say, why you don't stop doing that the neighbors say, Oh, look, I just bought the Muslim on Tuesday, shut up. Don't tell me what to do. I can do whatever, I'm a thug. I'm a blah, blah, blah, this that nobody can stop them. Nobody can do nothing. Because they got no power. Young boys, if you don't shut up, I pull up my gun, I shoot somebody. Everybody said to keep quiet. Nobody want to get shot. But when the neighbors called the police, and they come with the dogs, and they come with the real guns, oh, the roaches scatter. See, because they have power. They can not say please don't do that. They can stop it. They

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can say do this, don't do that. This is what I'm gonna do my roof. This is what not Edelman God, this would have means do this. Don't do that. Do this because this will make the society better. Don't do that. Because this will tear the society down. This is what we supposed to have the power to do. Can we do that? No, we cannot. spite of the fact that in many places where the Muslims are clustered in this city, they have the largest number and they can the largest number in this country. means if you got the largest number in this country, even when you wrong, you can do what the people who carry the largest number, even if it's wrong, they say majority wins. I read wrong.

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So here is in many cases, we are the largest number. But we still because we don't have no empowerment. We got no direction. We don't respect our leadership. We don't understand responsibility. We don't understand citizenship. We don't understand responsibility. Because of that. Our numbers mean nothing. Brothers, the prophet was given this

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titled Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Mohammed Salah A lot of you have been placed on a high standard of character, your character is alvim. Tremendous, too high for anybody to touch your reach. So much so that we don't even have to worry about what somebody's got to say about the prophesizing because they don't even know him. They came, they came, it's impossible for them to even say something accurately about him. Because if somebody had complaints against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his life is the most open, documented transparent life in the world history. And if anyone had claims against him if he had committed any kind of crime, they would have published that and would have reached us. But they

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didn't. No claims against his character, no debts against him. He never cursed anyone never harmed anyone never cheated. Anyone never was in just to anyone, no documentation of that. So Allah said, when

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have been sent to perfect good manners, because good manners is what is necessary to become a good citizen. When the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam first went to Medina when he first made the hedgerow. What kind of a neighbor was he? Did he have power at that time? The answer is no. When he made the hedra nobody met him again with the army. Nobody met him with the wealth. Nobody gave him the keys to the city. He didn't just come to Medina and just came down with power like this might tell my people is my crew. I'm just taking over and the taxes and send the soldiers out and establish that that's not the way it happened. No, the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was invited as an arbitrator. The main reason he was invited by the non Muslims was to arbitrate a civil war, a civil war was looming. about to happen and they knew his reputation. So when the Muslims of Medina suggested to them, why we don't bring Mohammed, a lot of them here, fight him under our protection, he will arbitrate for us and for us Muslims, he will be our leader, but he will arbitrate for the rest. They accepted. The Jews, the Christians, the pagans, all of them, they accepted. The prophet SAW Sam's arbitration, they accepted. And his arbitration was so profound, that they accepted him as the leader of the city.

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They accepted to give him a portion of the city where he could settle, where he could gather where he could build his mosque and start building his community. And they accepted from him treaties. He wrote treaties with the Jews and the Christians and the pagans, and the desert Adams and all the people, the Muslims and them to clear agreement, what our rights are, what your rights are, what we will do, how we will cooperate to make this one unified city and they accepted, the accepted. This will come from what does it come from the power of the prophets allows them? Did those people understand the Quran? No, it didn't. It came from his manners and his reputation, his manners, and

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his reputation. Now brothers and sisters, we have a responsibility to uncover the treasure of Islam, the light of the Quran and the Sunnah, and the evidence of the superiority and the comprehensiveness of the deen of Islam. I want to read that again, we have a responsibility as Muslims to uncover the treasure of Islam, bring it out of our houses, take it out of the books, take it out of our hearts out of our minds. It's of no benefit to the non Muslims that you have memorized the Quran, unless you take that treasure out of your mind, out of your heart, out of the masjid out of your homes and share it and bear it open for all people to see. Otherwise, it's no benefit. You will be on the Day

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of Judgment. Allah is going to hold us accountable for hoarding, hoarding, holding something which Allah gave us a treasure to the world. Muslims is holding it in the mosque holds it in their homes, holding it in their minds, holding it in their chest. Good this our religion, not a true religion. I will remind you, it's called Deen Allah, Allah. This is the leading and most powerful continent in the world. We hear about China and we hear about all different kinds of Korea, we Japan this and we hear about Dubai going by this and they got 68 billion they gonna blah, blah, blah. But don't get mistake don't get spaced out. Let me let you know. North America is the most powerful, richest,

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prolific corridor in the world. I'm talking about from

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Nova Scotia, down all the way down to New Mexico. This is the most powerful, most prolific industry and geographical corridor in the world. And it is right now the pivot of civilization. That's where we are. That's what you need to understand. That's where we are. That's where I'll put you. That's Well, I'll put me you up on the top Canada. I'm down a little bit further New York. That's where we are a world of over 143 countries, and where the United Nations has their global offices, as well, we are our challenge to present to the Canadian and the American society, the proposition of telehealth, that's our first challenge, to talk to them about telehealth don't start getting talked

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about our cultural rights and what we need, as you know, Somalis and what we need as African Americans and what we need is Arabs and about Palestine, blah, blah. Now, that's not the first thing. First thing we want to bring to the people is La Ilaha, Illa LA, what do you think about that? I mean, as I said, like you said, Your Jewish people musasa Lai, la la la. Ibrahim said Lai, la Jai de la, all the prophets of God said La Ilaha Illa, what you say, we say, La Ilaha. In the LA, there's none of the worship except Almighty God, let's see if we can come to an agreement, that La la la la is a legitimate claim. Not that you embrace it, that's gonna follow it. But at least you

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understand it's a legitimate claim. Our job is to say that we are the people of the kalama. And more importantly, the first part of the kalama. We can't force people to accept Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because he didn't. First thing for us is deal with this law in the law office. Because that's the promise of CMC when he said more than double to the Yemen. So while you're going to some people who is a Muslims, people in the book, so when you go there, tell them La Ilaha Illa, Allah, if they accept that, and another narration, he said, if they accept that, teach him to pray, purify and pray themselves, he said about Mohammed was to learn that one, one rewire, teach them to

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purify themselves and pray, and after that, don't they have obligations to pay the sick cat but don't take from the best of their properties when you take from desert cat and another rewire he said, Southern Lyla, I love the except that the Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah and and teach them how to purify and pray. So the first thing is, don't be introducing Mohammed Talal Islam right away to the people, because that's not the first thing a lot told Mohammed sauce and to introduce himself, last told him first, who la la de la, give them the proposition of toe hate, live according to that, speak to them about that, see if they can accept that proposition if they do move along

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with them. The next thing illustrate to this society, the superiority of the court and as a legislation, let's talk with them about the legislation here. They got laws, right? They got legislators, they got lawmakers, let's talk about their law. Let's talk about their legislation. Let's talk about their legislation and the court and what Allah said, let us compare. We don't want to argue with them. We don't want to condemn them. And we don't want to turn up and over. We want to say to them that if you would only read the Quran, if you would only look to the Quranic legislation, there is room for you to change our society to be better than what it is. You don't

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have to be Muslims. But I would advise you use the code and some of them will listen to us, they will read because we're their colleagues, with their co workers, with their neighbors. Some of us are graduates, some of us have the ability to articulate this to them. And we're living they can see the fruit of it. So then they will say, Hmm, come to this issue of pedophilia when it comes to this issue of people raping people, when it comes to robberies and you know, people just undermine doing thing. Maybe we need to rethink this thing out this bugs and maybe we rethink how we should deal with people who commit some kind of crimes. Let's look see what the Quran said. Because some

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legislators have said that they said that when we went to Saudi Arabia, and we stayed there for two months, we went to Riyadh. And we saw some of the how they dealt with some of the crimes. When somebody robbed a bank, when somebody raped somebody, when somebody pulled a pistol out on somebody, we don't put them in jail, sentence them for no 1520 years, we chop the heads off in the public, so everybody can see that head room. Everybody see that head that roll down? That's because this is what he did. See, it's all publicized right there. That's what he did. The date, the time the witnesses the crime, everything just for the law said and after the head come boom, the people stand

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up take me a lot like butter. This means not too many people is robbing people in Saudi Arabia, whatever else wrong

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They do there ain't too many people don't know open robberies, robbing banks and raping people. Why? Because they understand that when they get caught, the head is getting chopped straight out. So some legislators in America went there and they said, when they see people get the hand chopped off, Pam wrapped up, just wrapped up in the hand has hung right there all day long. We're about to see it. Little kids this age here. See that hand hanging up there? That's the mother. What's that? Oh, man, what is that? That's a hold on me. Doing that man is walking around in semi after he committed a crime. They wrap that wrap his head to his chest. So everybody know me. The Lord is merciful. If

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he's right handed, they've cut the left hand off and most Muslims right handed so he can still eat and greet and everything like that. So they ain't too many robberies. There's not too many people sticking guns in people's faces. There's not too many rapes taking place there. Why? Because the punishment fits the crime. So some legislators came back here and said, We need to rethink out how we deal with these kind of criminals that they didn't when they didn't convince the people. But this is just an example for you. We need to demonstrate the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as a solution for the fading morals and intellectual confusion of the society. You know, the morals of

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our society is gone. Just about gone. When a man can marry a man, and a woman can marry a woman. And people can have sex with animals. It means the society is gone. It's worse than that in Eastern and Western Europe, and Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, if a brother and a sister have sex, if they if they agree to it, no crime ever father has sex with his daughter, mother with a son. If they agree, no crime, how Allah subhanaw taala turn these people like that. And now these are cities, which is the most advanced, sophisticated, technologically equipped, in the whole of Europe, sweden, sweden, the wealthiest one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. But look how Allah

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subhanaw taala embarrassed him. Look how he shamed him. People have sex with animals, and it's okay. So the morals of the society proves the level of sophistication of the people. Allah blessed us that in spite of the fact that we have been trampled upon and invaded in this and that still, our morals are intact, we consider it to be able, you know, for Muslim, commit fornication, even if we can't punish it, we still consider that to be shameful, stealing, shameful. But now, most of us we don't gamble. Most of us we don't drink. Most of us. We don't commit fornication. Most of us do not take no drugs. Most of us we don't do that. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala gave us kiralama a loss

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upon God to give us dignity, he gave us this honor. And Muslims all over the world. Basically, they have this honor. Still, we eat together with our families. You see, you go to the poorest Muslim country, still, they sit down and they eat that bread and that food together. And the society is now today among the non Muslims. Allah He, they don't even eat together even once a week, Mother, father and children. And even once a week, they don't care, because they have become greedy people, dirty people, a lot support Allah. He just let them be like the animals. Only thing they're not in the zoo. So McDonald's and Burger King and Pizza Hut have taken over the families. Everybody eat his

00:33:37--> 00:34:16

own, like little rats in their own cheese behind the wall. Nobody will eat together, nobody fixed the food together. Nobody looked into children's face. Nobody checked them and see before they go to school when they come back, because they got no time. Mommy doing her thing. She gotta go to the hairdresser. She got him daddy doing his day he got to the club. So by so and so on the kids, latchkey kids growing up on TV and internet. So Allah blessed us, that we have something to offer the society that while that society is coming down in their morals and moving up in their technology, we we move it up in the technology to but our morals, it's coming up along with it. So

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we have something to offer the society. But we have to open the door and expose what we have. We need to build institutions to serve and produce the resources, which are critical and necessary. This building here, brothers and sisters, we have enough money amongst us sitting in this room that we could reproduce this building. Now whether you got the building permits or not. You got the land, if not go across the street and get one of the other buildings over there. You have the resources sitting right here to build any institution that you want. And whatever money you got, this city will match your money, whether it's education, whether it's industry, whatever you want to do, they

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

will match your money.

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Get another building down the street over there, get another building and back, build an extension onto this one go up into the app, you can put another two floors up there, go down inside the basement, see if you can dig under, get another building across over there over there, they will allow you to do that because you are citizens and you have the means you have the conviction, you have the votes. And your political representative of this area, he would be like helping you write to read all that there to do that. Why? Because he wants to make sure that he do that for you, because you will keep him in office. And he will not doing it because he liked you. He liked you

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because you will keep him in office. That's it. We need to inspire and lead our young people in a way that attracts them, harnesses them, empowers them, let them understand their challenges and responsibilities. This place should have everything that a young person needs, they ain't got to go nowhere. They got to go nowhere, not to play basketball, not to watch television, not to go to school, not to buy, even as a one brother said, we need to have a supermarket right next door. Don't call it Walmart call it Walmart. Yeah, call it app, do wallet mod. And everything we need is so right there, for us. And for anyone else that live in this area, they will come because we will have

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things that at Walmart don't have, we can do that. But we have to have division, we need to build a national infrastructure we need to you and I need to point out all the leaders of all organizations, every single one in Toronto, and Quebec, and Montreal all across Canada, whoever says they're a leader, okay, put their name down. Then after that, we need to invite all those leaders pay for their plane tickets, pay for the train tickets, let them be somewhere three days together, we pay for it, send them a ticket, send them an invitation to our leaders summit conference, leadership summit conference, supported by the followers, what we want, we want all of you leaders to meet for

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three days, we pay for everything, we pick you up at the airport and limousines we drop you off we serve you You ain't gotta leave nothing for three days, we want you to come out of the after three days with a representative, a national representative. That's number one, that national representative he gonna be the national rep for two years. I don't mean he the Khalifa of Canada, let's not we mean, he just a national representative of the leadership summit conference. That's one second thing, we want you to come up with five priorities, dealing with our problems, our challenges. So focus on visa visa, the Canadian government, because we're gonna be looking towards

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this leadership, boom, from now on. And that leadership representative is going to be the spokesman of that group. They cannot say no, they might say no, this year, but they can't say no next year and the next year, because then it'd be clear to you, they're not qualified to be a leader, because they're not acting in your interest. Is that right or wrong? We have the power to do that. That's how things work in citizenship. But in culture, it doesn't work that way. See, and culture, somebody is chosen as a leader, or appointed as a leader, or appoint himself as a leader. He'd be like that from now on, he got nothing. He would be the mom, the president the rise, he'd be whatever for now

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on ain't doing nothing. He's just getting money. You don't even see him at Pfizer isn't nothing. He's still he's still there was they were the President, I don't even know he didn't move somewhere else. He's still president. That's culture. We need to enjoy what is right and prevent the wrong that is in the neighborhoods where we are. We need to say what needs to be done. And we the people that's willing to do it. Because we pay the taxes. We're citizens. We can't just let things go by. No, we initiate as much as we can. Then we tell the city government and the state government that we need your help to do this, because we have the manpower. You don't have the manpower, but we can do

00:38:57--> 00:39:36

this inside of our schools. We need to have parents to give to the principal of our schools, give him 20 parents, each of those parents is gonna give him two hours a week. So that means he's got 40 hours a week right? from Muslim parents who don't have to pay for them. And you know that Muslim parents is motivated because their children go to the school. We do this because we want to see some things taking place in the school that the principal is gonna say, I don't have the manpower I would like to do that. But I don't have the manpower. Second thing I'd like to do that but I don't have the budget we say Okay, no problem. We get you the manpower. Thirdly, don't worry about it. Each one

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

of us that's gonna give you this time here. We also putting up $50 each. So we can do this simple things that we can do to enjoin the right, forbid the wrong in our neighborhoods, where we live at a supposed to be no young boys or young girls on young nobody selling no drugs around us. Now. We don't need no security. We don't need them. We don't need to hire no security.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

We're security, we're not gonna allow no young thugs or young bugs, to be selling no drugs in our neighborhood. Because if we can stop them, we can't stop them, then what we're gonna do is we're gonna build a relationship with the police. See, we don't need no canines, and all that, but we're gonna build a relationship as a community patrol, and then we will be the eyes and ears of the police. So we will tell them, we don't want to give you over to the police. But if you don't stop, then you got to be put in a cage just like animals, because we got to stop you from harming the community. Because we're all on a boat together. The prophet SAW Sam said, We're a group of people

00:40:40--> 00:41:24

in a boat together, some people on the bottom of the boat want to drill a hole for what they want to do. If we don't stop them, we're gonna all drown. So those drug dealers, I don't care who Sunday are, they need to have their heads cracked open, they need to have their backs broken, they need to be put in a cage, they need to be put in jail in the dark to take about this year, give them some time, or break their backs or break their legs, yours or mine, if they don't listen, but if they listen, we don't want to send a call to police. Those are children. It's our family. We're gonna join the right and forbid wrong, we can stop this, when those young Muslims understand that, then

00:41:24--> 00:42:03

they're young, non Muslim friends will also understand it, and they'll back up. And then the city will say, wow, look how those Muslims dealt with that problem. We could never deal with that problem in 20 years, look how they dealt with it, then they would want to ask us, what do you need? Can you come over and advise us in this other area. But it just so happens that in this city, some of the worst thugs and drug dealers happened to be Muslims, and we can do nothing about it. We need to develop a human and material resource in order. We didn't have a resource committee that is a group of brothers and sisters who themselves, they got money. They got knowledge, they got skills, they

00:42:03--> 00:42:46

have knowledge, money, skills, they own some business or some industry, they got connections, and they meet together. And all they do is talk about what they can do, what they can build, what kind of relationships what we need to do for the community. No need for those that don't have money, education, skills, we don't need to meet, let the people who have it, let them meet, they come up with things that's going to serve us. But where's our resource committee? We need to establish brotherhood and unity as we talked about it the other night, brotherhood and unity means bringing all the cultures all the issues, the me ism that he isn't the Shiism? All the different isms, all

00:42:46--> 00:43:24

the culturalism and family back tribalism, bring all that together and put it under the Quran and under the Sunnah, and bring about brotherhood. So that means this is not a Masjid for the Somalis. It's all right. If the majority of the people here is from Somalia, that's okay. It's all right. Most of the people from another place from Bosnia that's okay. But it must be understood that this Masjid is not a Somali Masjid. And the people who's probably administration don't necessarily got to be from Somalia. That's not the way people things judge. Because if that's what it is, why should I want to be here? If I already know that I can't go but so far in the hierarchy, because up at the

00:43:24--> 00:44:05

top is all sealed off, Somali, Somali, sealed down, and that's the way it is and every place, they don't say that. But in every Masjid in this city, at the top, where the board of governors are the board of directors, they got a cultural thing hooked up to make sure nobody can't get in there, who's not from them. If it's not about where they come from. It's about a group equality. Jamaat e Islami tabletki Sufi, you know, everybody got these little different little, whatever it is, don't let nobody in here. If they don't have nobody in here, this is against this lamb. No, the best people should be there. And they're going to be there. But they should be there by by their actions

00:44:05--> 00:44:48

and by their taqwa and by their performance, not from where they come from, and not from what they say they are, if we can resolve that don't look for nothing real to come about, it ain't gonna happen. Finally, we have the responsibility to understand the history of this country. Brothers and sisters, take the time to understand the history of this country. The people that you talk to who are Canadians, when you talk to them about the history of this country, they will see that you are interested, they'll see that you are sincere, because the average immigrant that comes to this country, he only or she only wants to get citizenship for the benefit of themselves. They don't want

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

to give nothing back. They never took the time to learn the language. They never took the time to learn the culture, the history of the people, so you can talk with them. You can deal with

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

them, you can tell them the benefits, you can give them your opinion. And they know that if you are a citizen, you share with them some of the values of their history and their culture and their language. You can be here as no isolationists, we Muslim from whatever we live in over here in a corner somewhere speaking our own tribal language, speaking Arabic language, you know, we don't our children go to school, they don't really want to study English. You know, all of our children, they can't graduate because they can't read English, they can't do mathematics. And so what is going on with us, everybody else is moving. When the Chinese come here, that children learn the language,

00:45:40--> 00:46:24

they learn the culture, they learned everything before you know it, they in a position, we still in the same neighborhoods, because we don't want to integrate the profit or loss and taught us to integrate, integrate doesn't mean lose your values, that means accept other people into you, and you go into other people, so you can take a position with them. And they understand that they can live with you. Do you know brothers and sisters that really, Muslims should have the kind of neighborhoods that are drug free, alcohol free, crime free, high quality of life, that other people would want to live there, because Also, our properties is also increasing in value. But what is the

00:46:24--> 00:47:09

real case that everywhere Muslim move to the property loses value? Something is wrong. This is a part of citizenship. You can invite somebody to your religion, and wherever your people go, the property values go down, you can invite somebody to your religion, and your people don't even speak English. You can invite somebody to religion, and then the highest amount of crime is in the areas of the people with that religion. It's not the religion, it's us. For me, brothers and sisters, I think this is a critical issue. And that's why I'm talking so passionately about it. Because you can bring the scholars in here from all over to talk about Syria and tafsir and phip in all the

00:47:09--> 00:47:56

beautiful aqeedah and Bulaga and mostella hat and taqwa and Ramadan. And all this is what we need. But that's not the whole implementation of the deen. That is the theory. That's the ideology. But the implementation is when the hammer and the nails go into wood, you ain't gonna build no house with a theory, no bill, no house with no ideas, you're gonna build a house because you got the money, you go buy the lumber and the bricks and the nails. And you get the people together, you buy that land, and you get out there and you hammer and you build something, that's when the rubber hits the road. And I say, unfortunately, either we don't ask for it. Or the people that come talk to us,

00:47:56--> 00:48:42

they don't talk about this. But for me, I'm saying that in the few years that I got to live, especially in the place where I was born in North America, that's what I got to talk about, I want to build something. I want to put the rubber to the road. I want to move from theory to practice implementation. That's what I want to do. And I don't want to do it in isolation. I want to help I want to help revive this society, I want to remake America. I want a new society where Muslims are active and present. Muslims are doing well. And people respect us and come to us. And we are interacting with the people. So we can say this is our country. And we don't have to be always like,

00:48:42--> 00:49:20

oh, man, I'm just a Catholic country. I want to go where else you going? That's what I want to know about always talking about as a Catholic country, we can't raise our kids here. We need to go back where that is. Tell me where Tell me what country in the world is given more human rights, human rights than these two countries that we live in right here, America and Canada? Well, I'll tell you, brother, something. They give better animal rights in these countries than some of the Muslims is receiving in their own country. Animal rights. So where are you going? you talking about? Oh, you're going somewhere where you can hear the bond called five times a day. Oh, that's beautiful. So you go

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

to the masjid and pray in five minutes 715 to get out. Nobody tells you to get out here. So I'm saying you better think before you jump out of the frying pan into the fire, like the Muslims that call themselves making Hendra from America going to Yemen and got there and got locked up. All of them all 84 of them locked up in the airport. They didn't even get to where they was going. They asked them where are you coming from? come from? Where are you going? We're going to see how to share your shape. Oh, I should say, give me permission to come here. I'll check. invite us. Yeah, buddy. You ain't got no visas. How long is going to be here? Y'all got all your bags packed up. We

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

got your kids with you.

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

Doing No, no, no. They locked them up, put them in compounds, kept them there for three months. And then after that, put them on another plane. Yemen airlines, ship them right back Muslim country. Why? Because they didn't do the homework. They didn't understand. They was listening to somebody giving them some lecture about this Catholic country filthy people, blah, blah, blah, we need to go back in our own Valley. And you know, when we got the right aqidah, we decided that our shake, he said, we all wear white robes and turbans, and inshallah we have own Masjid own land and blah, blah. Yeah, brothers and sisters, you better wake up and smell the coffee and you better weigh things out?

00:50:41--> 00:51:18

Well, I say that we should be in a position to take something back to our countries, when five children want to go back to our countries, send them back educated, we don't go back to our countries go back with cash money, because that's what they need back there. They need some Canadian dollars and some American dollar, they need some investments. They need some engineers, they need some doctors, they need some architects. That's the list of teachers. That's what they need. If you want to go back, let's go back out every three of our children, educate one of them, get my master's degree, get my certificate, make them a dentist, you know, make some money that didn't send them

00:51:18--> 00:52:01

back to the country. Yeah, like that. But Shame on you to be right here. And just turn around and go back home with nothing. No, Allah sent you here for a reason. You better ask yourself, what do you think that reason is? Now no, everybody didn't come here for Dawa. Don't tell no lies, mostly came for dalla not Dawa. But it's no harm if a person came here, out of oppression, for an opportunity, nothing wrong with that. The earth is wide open a law said. So if you live a place of oppression, where you found an opportunity, nothing wrong with that, but what you do when you get there. So I say brothers and sisters, we need to learn the history of this country. We need to understand the

00:52:01--> 00:52:45

Constitution of this country. We need to understand the culture of this country. We need to understand the leadership who is politically in charge that we need to interact with. What about the institutions of this country in this city? Most of us we don't even know what institutions are here. What about the problems of this country that some of us can solve? What about the resources that this country has, that we don't even know about? These resources will help us to execute and demonstrate the solutions. We need to illustrate the dynamism and the enthusiasm that will inspire the Canadians and the Americans and provide them with a motivation to become Muslim, or at least to

00:52:45--> 00:53:37

investigate Islam, or maybe to embrace Islam. They don't have to accept Islam, just a respected, we need to light the candle of dour in this dark, immorally dark continent, in order to illuminate the dark recesses of this society and the confusion that people have about the purpose of life. People don't even know what is the purpose of life. And we got it, we need to establish this Deen and the Islamic ruling system, in our houses, in our organizations in our communities established the Islamic ruling system, it's called imata. It's called jamaah. Establish the Gema when they see that we have an organized community, when they see that we have a leader when they see that they're going

00:53:37--> 00:54:22

to respect it, we have a great hope for the Canadian and the American people. Our hope is for the welfare and the safety of this country. I'm sure that all of us sitting here, I'm not waving no flag, waving no Saudi flag, and waving no Canadian flag. I'm not waving a flag here. I'm just talking about that we live here. And we're citizens. Our hope is for the welfare and the safety of this country. Our hope is for the progress and prosperity of this country. Our hope is that the spirit and the roots of God consciousness, which are mentioned in their constitution, that it is brought forward by us. We want all these things for Canadians, for Canada and for America. We want

00:54:22--> 00:55:00

all of this, we want it more than they want it because we are Canadian and American citizens, and all of the hopes. And all of these aspirations are consistent with Islam and our religion, because hoping for the good of our society, for the progress and the prosperity of this society is consistent with Islam. And we're supposed to do that. we supposed to do everything to help this country as long as it's consistent with Islam. When it's inconsistent with Islam. We're supposed to warn them. We're supposed to resist them. We're supposed to say to them, this is not good. And because we're citizens, we got a right to say this is

00:55:00--> 00:55:47

Not good. But if it is good, we're supposed to help as Muslim Canadians and Muslim Americans, we believe that the future of this continent is dependent upon restoring dignity, and bringing honor back to the reputation of this country, and repenting for the corruption and the morality that they have done all over the world. Our advice should be that the leaders of Canada and America should make restitution, and reparation for the pain and the suffering of slavery and oppression and all the wrongs they have done to other people. And we say this, because we are citizens. Our hope is that the American people, and the Canadian people will want for the rest of humanity, what they want

00:55:47--> 00:56:36

for themselves, that is peace, prosperity, safety, freedom, and liberty. Our hope should be that we as Canadians and Americans, in every walk of life and class will search their conscious and return to morality and decency, I say that we are here in this continent, and we can be part of the change or part of the tragedy, Allah Almighty, will ask us what we did, on the day of judgment of laws gonna ask us what we did. Here, brothers and sisters, I have put forward to you what I consider to be a critique or a premise or a perspective, of citizenship and responsibility. I've taken it outside of the realms of our responsibility to Allah to pray, and to fast and to be good Muslims

00:56:36--> 00:57:21

come to the masjid, to maintain our ritual parts of our religion, I'm taking it to another level, that is that part of our duty is to interact, to become dynamic, and to become involved. Because we have a chance, you may not realize it, but I do, we have a chance that a part of this society can come into our hands, we have the premises for that to happen. You need to look around yourself and think deeply about this issue, because maybe this opportunity will go away, it'll pass. And you will think one day this opportunity was in our hands, but we didn't act. As it stands for right now. The legislation, the Constitution, the atmosphere of this country, allows us to do many things. The

00:57:21--> 00:58:10

issue is who is ready to work, who is ready to rise above their culture, who is ready to rise above rituals, who is ready to rise above that and become involved, who's prepared to do something other than blame, blame, criticize, condemn, call names, who's ready to do something, who's ready to hold our leaders responsible? Before we start talking about the leaders of the unbelievers, who's ready, who's ready to put our young people in check ready, who's ready to go to our schools, and make sure those are safe environments, who's ready, who's ready to give up five or 10% of their income, because they are Muslims, because they are citizens, because the law has blessed you and giving you

00:58:10--> 00:58:52

safety and prosperity, who's willing to get 5% or 10%, to the mosque, you must trust the mosque. If you don't trust the people in the masjid, you can't trust nobody. So everybody here should be willing to give a what they call that direct debit, you ain't got a brand, that it comes directly out of your account directly. Just like you got other things that come directly out of your account, because this will help us to become spent and this will give us a voice allow us to move, give us representation, then people are gonna say Muslims are involved. Muslims participate. Muslims want something for someone other than themselves. They're not just taking people people to keep taking

00:58:52--> 00:59:36

and taking No, there are people that give and take, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cause us to be mindful of this. And if no one agrees for me, I will carry the message where I can go, this is my country, Canada, as much of my country as Mark is it's all North America, not that much different. Just one border. That's it. So my advice is to us because I remember this country, I remember this continent, back in 1968. And there wasn't maybe in the whole continent and maybe 75,000 Muslims in the whole continent. Now, there are over 8 million Muslims here. If we can't do something, to establish ourselves and our deed with some dignity and honor with 8 million people. When will we be

00:59:36--> 01:00:00

able to do so? So I say these words for my own benefit. I say these words that possibly maybe it would benefit you. I say these words, not from philosophy. I don't say these words from theory. I say these words, that from seeing and witnessing to people in Toronto, you have a profound opportunity, one that I would venture to say there may be one or two or three cities in this whole continent.

01:00:00--> 01:00:39

I have the opportunity that you have, you can either believe me because I have been around, or you can say that he's just talking. It's up to you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us what we need clarity about our situation we ask Allah Subhana Allah, that He gives us some distinction among the people who are here, we are so lost upon Allah that we become responsible citizens, and not just people who are living here, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that we become faithful concerned Muslims, that we are His slaves, and that being his slaves, people can see the resource that we represent. Baku, Colorado stuff lalibela come from all over the peninsula.

01:00:41--> 01:00:42

And one of

01:00:45--> 01:01:27

the first question is, in talking about citizenship and responsibility and taken advantage of this privilege, some or I should say, the majority of Muslims in this part of the world, although they live here many decades, they still argue between them whether they should have dealings with the leadership of their given country they live in or participate in deal in daily life in the society. What's your advice to them, to these kind of Muslims? This kind of Muslims need to go back to the Sierra for this answer. There were people who were with the Prophet, some of them in Mecca during the days of the punishment and the oppression. And some of them wanted to fight. Some of them wanted

01:01:27--> 01:02:03

to release the Prophet Rossum himself, he had no permission from Allah subhanaw taala to move or to do any action, but he got permission from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that those people who were able, and they want to relieve themselves of the situation he recommended to them, there is a king who is known to be just inhabit God go there. Let him know that I sent you there. He's known to be just go there. They did. The first hedra was to have the head of those people there was doubtful, the son of IE,

01:02:05--> 01:02:54

the brother of God, the son of a bee pollen, cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they went there. And they remain there as what migrants seeking asylum. Under the auspices, under the protection of that just King, who the prophet SAW Sam told him to go to. He was just he proved to be just as the process and said, gave them the asylum. They stayed there until the second Hitler was ordered. Then they left and we know even under him, when the Kurdish came to get them he did not allow them. So what did they do? Did they live there in isolation? No, they live there respecting. They live there obey, they live there interacting. They live there with transparency, not committing

01:02:54--> 01:03:35

crimes or aggravations because they were representatives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And because of that, they were dealt with with honor and dignity. And that King became a Muslim, so that when he died, and the prophet SAW Sam heard about it, he stood up, and he ordered that our prayer of janazah be held for him there, meaning that he had to be a Muslim because he would not have had janaza prayer for non Muslim. This is how I answer that question. We should not live as no isolationists. Should we respect the non Muslim dead ones? who met you at the immigration? Was it a Muslim that said to you

01:03:36--> 01:04:16

to live about a cat to abdulah Welcome to Canada. Was he the one that interviewed you? Is this been the person dealing with your case and your family when you went to the court the swear your allegiance and get your citizenship was the judge of Muslim? Then all of a sudden, after you get your safety and your passport, all that you don't know whether you should deal with these Kaffirs? No brothers, no. We have to deal with them with justice and honor and honesty and dignity and transparency. And they have to know us to be people that are productive people, then they're going to respect us, then we have a chance to affect their thinking and what we have a chance to take our

01:04:16--> 01:04:23

place in the society and allowing them to panic a lot more behind the corner shadow in La La Land want to stop Fukunaga, Lake

01:04:25--> 01:04:30

wa salam O Allah mousseline hamdu lillahi, Rabbil alameen, wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh