Building Strong Muslim Communities – Surah Al-Mumtahanah

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If you're building their empires, they're not building yours. And in fact what even with one of yours is coming up, you want to compete with them and tear them down.

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And what we know now we're not back to home odia oh, by the way, believing men and women are protectors and allies and carers of each other and saviors of each other. Men have to save women women have to save men. Men have to protect women women have to protect men. Quran says

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because they're bound to whom I will Yahoo. Bob, which means a woman is a man's when he to and a man is a woman's were the two they're looking out for men men are looking out for them. There's a risk reciprocity. When the dinner comfortable Bagua Malia Obama disbelievers are willing to each other. The enemies of Allah will lead to each other.

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What does this mean? I Bina Hamada one Nosara young solo bargain Baba, the that means they have a love between them, they have a care between them, they have aid and assistance between them and they aid one another. They help one another. Let me give you a simple example of this in our times.

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I met I'll give you a practical example. I know it's time

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okay, we're okay. A child.

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So we move Muslims move all over the world, right Muslims is found everywhere. I mean, I jokingly say Pakistanis are found wherever mosquitoes are found. So

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but you know, when when Muslims move from different countries, what's their priority get financially stable. You know, if you have kids, make sure you can provide a good education for them. Of course, a big priority is buying a home. Right? That's let's get home. And if so, somebody's in a business, let's get the business settled and established and all this kind of stuff. Like kind of me and my family, me and my family, me and my family, right? And then because it's me and my family and I don't want my kids doing drugs and alcohol and this and that I need to find a masjid

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is that is let's be real. You want to find a mustard not because you're concerned for the OMA, you're just you don't want your kids going bad. So you just you know. So we're kind of, we're focused on ourselves and ourselves and ourselves kind of that's the mentality right? And even though we bake our communities and massage and then centers and things, and mashallah that's there is still at the end of the day, very hyper individualistic.

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It's not really caring for one another in this certain kind of way.

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I go to other communities, non Muslim communities, non Muslim minority communities, I noticed something. They make sure to do business with each other.

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They make sure to sponsor young men's education's.

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They make sure to get the spot a young, like, they'll have like a business dinner or whatever. Some of the big business people in their community. They'll have a dinner or GOP dollar gala and some 17 year olds sitting there and the billionaire will sit on the same table as the 17 year old and say, what do you do young man? Oh, I like photography. Show me some of your photographs. Okay, come to my office tomorrow, I have some work for you.

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They'll just, they'll give opportunity to each other to build these close ties and to elevate their youth, right to elevate the next generation. And they will buy they'll buy up real estate and then develop that real estate and enhance it. And what are Muslims do?

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Or Muslims do is they go buy a halal chicken place and they want to start their Halal chicken restaurant. And then the guy next door says that's a good business. I'm gonna open one across the street. If that's Habib's chicken, this is Habib's chicken

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and then So, alright, fine. You got eight grocery stores, restaurants and they're all lined up. Now. They're lined up on the same street. This happens in Chicago. This happens in London, this happens in Australia and rabbits everywhere. Right? We do this and we did this 3540 years ago.

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And you come to those neighborhoods 3540 years later, how do they look better or worse?

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They look worse they look they look like they're that you walked into a time machine. This place didn't change at home. It's exactly the same and you go to other minority communities that started businesses and there is the area's become some of the prime real estate in the entire city sought after by even international businesses and all of it why because they have this concept whether the NACA follow verbal home, audio or

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audio Oba. Allah says indentify luta coinfected on Filardi. If you don't become each other's Olia, they're good. There's going to be fitna in the world.

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You will remain weak you will only sell

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grocery store your you should have a bigger store than all the buy now, the Muslims you understand, but are our neighborhoods dilapidated? Because we're still hyper individualistic. We don't think in terms of what they think in terms of rely on. They think in terms of compound investments, they think in terms of long term goals, development goals. And then when they get big enough, then they get they don't call the governor, the governor calls them.

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That's what they do. Because they have a say,

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there are very few Muslim communities that I've seen that understand the concept of ALA to EPA, social economic level, like the Somali community in Minnesota, they understand it, there shouldn't be it. Somebody should do a PhD on that community.

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Because they understood something, they go in, they go their work as a block their work as a blog, and they understood the concept of it.

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But the rest of us will, we're gonna we're gonna get like, what's our great accomplishment? We're gonna build a giant machine.

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Okay, now, now that we built a giant machine, now we're gonna have a giant or fundraiser

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to keep the machine going. Because the other machine need, we needed the machine now the machine needs us.

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Right? Well, nobody's thinking we need to build businesses, schools, we need to build gyms, we need to build high end hotels, residences, you know, workspaces, etc, etc, etc, etc. And they're so high level that even non Muslims want to do business with us. Because right now we make them money. We make everybody else money.

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But they don't make us money. Nobody comes to your Hello grocery store.

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But you go to the restaurants and you go to their grocery stores, you're building their empires. They're not building yours. And in fact, what even if one of yours is coming up, you want to compete with them and tear them down? That's what you do. But we read these ayat like yes, believers are only to each other power we all here. Let's make a dial on Facebook.

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This is this is our concept of Wilaya put a put a crying emoji next to somebody this is a it's so artificial. You understand? So practically speaking, when Allah says we are only out to each other, we need to think deeply about what this means. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna

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