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Now how to handle a human hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Honda Allah He was a Marine, Salaam Alaikum everyone welcome to amused by the court on a series in which I like talking to you about what I find amazing in the Quran. Today I want to share with you two back to back one after the other that occur in October. The ninth surah is number 120 and 121. They both conclude with something similar or at least in subject matter. They're similar. Allah says you know Illa kuti, Bella Hoon de Ramadan Sala, except that for that person, a good deed has written has been written because of it. So good deed has been written for a person in the record in Allah, Allah will

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do agilon mahcine no doubt Allah does not waste the compensation of those who excel. In the next idea. He says la home illa kuchibhotla home Li Xia Houma, la Santa Monica, Milan, except that whatever's been done has written been written for them, so you can compensate them with the best of what they used to do. The thing that I want to highlight here, both of them both art and with compensation, Allah will give them what was written for them, except one of them. Allah mentioned, what was written for them was a good deed. And the other one he didn't mention deed. So that's the the subtlety here. In one case, a good deed was written which shall be rewarded, and the other, you

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know, it was written for them, it was written for them, not mentioning a good deed was written for them. So now, the second one in which the word deed isn't mentioned, Allah says, Well, are you in few kunafa cotton? So a Latin word that can be rotten? Well, I have no idea in Cotabato. They don't spend a single amount to spend not small, not big, nor do they pass through a single valley that except that it's written for them spending is an act yes or no, it is passing through a value for the sake of Allah and act yes or no, it is. So they are x and a let us not mention that there x because that's obvious. So he doesn't have to, because everybody knows those are x. But look at the

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first is that it can be under home law. You see, boom, Mama, whether or not someone Walla muscle tone fees have been

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so beautiful. He says, That's because there's never a time that thirst strikes them. There's never a time that exhaustion strikes them. There's never a time that extreme hunger strikes them in the path of Allah. So I'm gonna highlight these three for now. thirst, exhaustion, hunger. None of those are x.

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You're sitting there thirsty, it's not an act.

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You're tired. That's not an act.

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You're hungry, you're starving. It's not an act. But when it's for Allah, it's an act.

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He says ilaqua to Allah home be Ahmed Ansari. It's written as a good deed for them. It's harmful.

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you're sitting there thirsty and when you're fasting.

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Every second that you're fasting is considered an act. Even when you're sleeping. It's considered an act. Can you imagine

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you're tired you're you finished working. You were doing for something for the sake of Allah you did it now your entire you're just

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that is an act

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according to a law.

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You lying in bed with your back hurting? I hope all accounts for that one alone is not just counting what you did. He's counting you lying in bed tired? That's being written for you.

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That's the beauty of these words. What you did not expect to be counted as a de Allah counted as a deed.

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Now laws always reward us for everything we do, and everything that he considers we to barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa

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