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AI: Summary © The beginner Institute podcast is being broadcasted and participants are encouraged to join the club or email them. The hosts discuss various topics including shullies in the Koran and the use of shullies as a legacy. They also mention a woman named Moosa who is a messager. The segment covers topics such as Islam, deeds, and the trend of Muslim culture in the western region. The speakers emphasize the importance of establishing deeds and not giving up on promises, and stress the need for acceptance and privacy in the culture.
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A loving mother who

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when I shadow La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika.

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When a shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was solo

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Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah will Huda woodiness

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Hara who Allah de nikoli vocabulary shahida

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Hassan Allahu Allah He was lm as a slim and Catherine kathira from

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the International cul De Sica tabula baja Ilan Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We're in Nashville moving data to her.

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Shahada koombana Dyneema wa sahbihi wa hon one lady ohana like

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um I will say no behavoir Hema musawah Isa an epi Medina tafolla goofy

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La Jolla h Debbie la familia de la Hema unit need

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one monitor for Roku in the major mobile home buying a home while Kelly Mattoon Saba catmull Rebecca de la gente masa mundo de avena home we're in the Latina o de Sala kita BAM embody him Luffy shacman humulene

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Sabri where silly MD, Dr. Tammy lissoni, Coco de la Mata Bittner and the multi Villa ilaha illa Allah, Allah homage and Amina letting me know let me know slowly heard what I was hoping whatever so the sub mineral I mean,

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I'd like to dedicate this hotbar to a reminder based on just two ions of salt assura

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so to Shula is one of the most comprehensive sutras of the entire Koran. And one way of looking at sort of Shura is it's almost a summary of the entire Moroccan Quran. All the subjects that are presented in medical schools all over and my concern is of course, as you know, is over two thirds of the Quran are summarized in one place in suta. Shula and this is really just about two out of two Shula and some of the lessons in those is

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the words begin shout out akumina Dean, he carved a way out for you shout out the word shout it comes from shout out road. But shout out lies implying and of course the famous Islamic term University are referring to the laws of Islam the injunctions of Islam. But shut out literally means to carve a road out. A road that is traded often becomes, you know, especially in old times when there's a lot of grass and other kinds of wildlife. But people tread on a certain path enough they call it a beaten path in English, because it takes a beating by people walking on it so much that it gets carved out. And unless there's a law carved a road out for all of you like home, minute Dean

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from out of the now this minute Dean will become important in a minute. Meaning the way of life that Allah has given us of that way of life. There's one particular road that he's emphasizing in this ayah and he's telling us about this one particular road that this is not a new one just for you. Now what's sino B he knew this particular path is something we had given as a legacy was saw is the emphatic form of OSA OSA means to leave like an inheritance it says old lysing new Halesowen the guidance he was given should have been taken as seriously as you take inheritance very powerfully given you know a will it was left for you in that sense. So what was given to you as a legacy what

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we gave as a legacy to new How did he set up Mount Sinai be he knew him? And you know, those of you who know me know Russell, the one of the five messengers that are considered of incredible determination and resolve. The earliest of them is know how to his salon so he's mentioned first my will say nahi no hon. Then Allah says what Lizzie Oh Hannah ilica and that which we have sent to you, some Allahu Allah He will send them so the first messenger mentioned his new huddle, he said them and immediately after is the final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And interestingly what Allah sent to new hallasan he said now was saying it is the most all those of you

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who are a little bit familiar with Arabic, and those of you who are not, this is meant to make you

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You feel bad so you learn Arabic as much as you can inshallah myosin is a muscle but then there's a lady after that, and under these more specific than Ma, so Allah says in more general terms what we sent a new but in very specific terms what we have revealed to you so the lahardee was on them. Then he goes back to the general and he says, Well my was say NaVi Ebrahim ah well Moosa ye sir. And the same thing that we gave as a legacy to to Ibrahim Ali Salaam to musala salaam and to a Saudi Salaam. Now for a moment if you think about the chronology of the messengers are they the Messiah was saddam, the earliest of these five is Muhammad Hassan. Then Ibrahim then Moosa, then rissalah, he

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Masato salam, and finally the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, but what what Allah does as an honor to our messenger is he mentioned the first and the last first new and then himself, so the loneliness and then he goes back to the original sequence. So how long What are that, and even the way he talked about what was given to the messenger is special, the verb is different whether the O hyena nama was Lena.

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And Allah is used instead of Maya gives him special attention to this messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, interestingly, the ayah began, Shara the comb, Allah, he carved a way out for all of you, for all of their comments, plural, all of you, meaning he's talking to all the Muslims. But halfway through the ayah, he starts talking to the messenger specifically with the ohana alayka. You know how a teacher does that a teacher is talking to a crowd, but then he talks to one student or you know, or the teacher's assistant or something, he points at someone in particular and then comes back to the original class. This is what's happening inside the IRA, this transition is beautiful.

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There are lies making sure that he is addressing His Messenger especially especially and then he comes back to the oma again.

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Now the question that I wanted to raise and I want you to think about inshallah, tada is whatever Allah is going to tell us that he carved out for us, like I said, is not specific to the messenger sallallahu alayhi Salaam it has been given to previous prophets to and he mentioned five of the Luna hasm in the ayah.

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Many of them I talked about, what is this thing that is the same throughout all the religions, and a great number of them have to seal in explaining this ayah they said it's the heat. It's the uniqueness and the oneness of Allah. That's what's been taught to all of the prophets and messengers, and that has been given to you as well. And others said no, actually that may be the case. But the answer to that is what is coming in the rest of the ayah what is the common road that has been carved out is coming in the rest of the ayah. So what is that injunction? Listen to this, Allah azza wa jal says,

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and Athena Medina, wa Taala poofy

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that all of you will establish the dean,

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all of you establish you establish the religion.

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Now, what in the world does that mean? establish the religion. And on top of that, he argues we're not at a four Raku fee. And don't fall into division. Don't be divided among yourselves, don't break up into groups. Because the word for rock from its derivatives includes four equals a group that breaks away from the majority and makes their own thing, don't form groups within, don't break up within, don't fall into division within one, you establish it and don't fall into groups. Now, the Arabic language is full of imagery. The imagery that's embedded inside the word karma is very powerful. It is the imagery of building something from the ground up to establish something is the

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imagery of building something constructing a building, you're putting it together. So the deen is being described as though a building is being described. And then all of us are being told to become the construction workers in this project. And when people are working on the construction of a building, the instructions are follow a chain of command, make sure you're disciplined and united everybody knows their task. Because if you're putting together something like that, and you fall into division, what's never going to get done, the building itself it will be destroyed. And as a as an advice, especially to the young during the football you try to avoid speaking even though I speak

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rhetorically often, right? That you don't you know, the building itself won't get done if we are divided. Then the work Allah has given us of establishing the Dean of making this religion a reality. Something that's just you know, visual, that's never going to happen.

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Now, what is you know, this establishment of Dean, what are its practical implementation, you know, manifestations and what is it that's the same the same Dean was told to new for new had a salon to establish the same theme was told for musante established Ibraheem alehissalaam all of these profits, but then there's some confusion because these profits were given differentiating hours and hours. The Yakuza the salon is not our city is not the same. It has some common elements. There are some commonalities, but overall, it's not the same. We pray in a different direction. We pray a different number of times in a day. We fast on different days in the year, right, our day of our

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special day of work.

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Worship was moved. For them it was Yama sub for us Yama, Yama. They had the entire day where they couldn't do anything we're told between the Adhan of Juma and the end of Sadat. In that time it is how long for us to do any worldly activities we have to be here, we have to be engaged in the remembrance of Allah. So it is different. So then what Alice has established the dean, what is he referring to? He's referring to the core essence of the dean, which is what the majority of mufa zero in said to the basic basic implement the implications of believing in the oneness of Allah, what does that mean? The things that the messengers came with, you establish them, you listen to

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them, all the prophets essentially had the same anthem. And this this unanimous anthem has been talked about many places in the Quran, for Taka, LA, ha, what have your own Fatah wealthy own different prophets, different centuries, different nations, and they're saying exactly the same thing? You wonder why Allah would repeat the same statement from different prophets. Right? But the purpose of that is, so we understand the times were different. The generations were different, the ethnicities were different, but the mission was one and the one mission was you have to become conscious and aware of Allah. And as a result of that, you have to obey me that the prophets

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demanded that they should be obeyed.

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But you know, in English also we say by opposites, things are known. By opposites things are known, you truly appreciate day when you appreciate the darkness of night. You appreciate cleanliness, when you've seen dirt when you've seen filth, right? The same thing is true in Arabic dharmapala grbl, Daddy, how things are known by their opposites. So Allah put the opposite here, so we understand it better. He didn't just say establish the deen he put the opposite of establishing the deen also, which is one factor for poofy don't fall into division within. In other words, if we are a people that have fallen into division, one thing is definitely true. We're not establishing the thing.

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That's definitely true. That's proven by the fact that it's either this or this and that go hand in hand. These two things cannot coexist. The establishment of our Deen and us falling into division cannot coexist. So I want to talk to spend a little bit of time in this Hooda just trying to make us more aware and more conscious of what does it mean to fall into division? Many of us the first thought that crosses our mind is the Muslims how they're broken up into different sects, and different you know, you know, understandings and how they disagree with each other sometimes even very viciously. Sometimes Sometimes people think of differences in right on some people want to pray

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23rd we handle Ramadan and some people want to pray aid. Some people want to have global moon sighting, some people want to have a local moon sighting. And a lot of times people confuse that is saying, Oh, this is the follow up. This is falling into division indien. Actually, this the word for this is st love. The word for this is if the love differences, disagreement, but the follow up is actually a much more powerful word. The farakka farakka means to be separated from each other.

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You can disagree with each other and still not be separated. In my Michelle fairy and Mr. Malik may have different opinions on their, their students may have different opinions, but they're not separated. They're still one on one. But when someone takes the very basic fundamentals of our Deen and walks away from one of them and wants to create their own thing, now this is the problem. This is the you know creating division. This is division. But this division happens in many other ways to

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you know, what happens with people a lot of times is that this Dean from the very beginning of this unless had shadow him, he carved the road out for you. In other words, you don't have to figure that road out for yourself, it's already been paved out for you, you don't have to figure that path out. But a lot of times that road, as is described in many places in the last book is difficult. It's challenging, it requires sacrifice. So what people decide to do is they take a little left or a right turn and Kim come up with their own alternative routes. Right. And what we do is we take some things from the dean that are easy for us. We'll hold on to those. And there are some other things

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in the dean that are not so easy for us. So we'll conveniently either not talk about them, or ignore them all together, or maybe find another way to interpret them so we don't have to follow it. In other words will become selected. In the scene itself. We'll be dividing not just among ourselves, we'll be dividing up the deen like it's we're slicing it up and taking pieces of it and leaving pieces of it. And even if sometimes we don't do it with our tongues, our actions speak much louder. Our actions will speak much louder. So you can have this kind of crazy dichotomy inside the life of a Muslim when they are committed to Salah they're very dedicated about solid, but when it comes to

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questioning whether or not their business is halaal or not, they won't think twice about it.

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If the money the money that's coming into the you know the income involves alcohol and involves everybody there was others

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Clearly hold on things, you know, don't be so harsh, at least I pray five times. You know? So once it's supposed to compensate the other, we decide we're going to come up with a new way to be saved with Allah, in which Yes, I disobey Allah. But since I do these other good things, this bad stuff I do, should we count I should be okay. So we have our own accounting, as opposed to the accounting that Allah has given us so proud on what odd, it's a very serious problem.

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You know, this, this manifests itself a lot of times in people, at least now, you know, nowadays, what we, the kind of confusion we're experiencing in religion, we're not the only ones, Christians, Jews, Hindus, others are experiencing similar things. For a lot of people in the world today. This is not limited to Muslims, but it includes Muslims. Religion is nothing more than a culture. In other words, your religious because your parents were religious, you were given this thing. And the only thing that makes it right or wrong is not that Allah says, So what makes the rights and wrongs of religion dear to us, because your parents taught you this way, that's the only reason we should

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hold on to it. So there are some things you think are bad. And you're not thinking they're bad, because a lot what's taught you this way, or you would be in violation of some principle, and you have to answer a lot for it. But because that's just not how we do things. So if you've got a cultural outlook on something that was revealed by Allah, our motivation is not to please Allah, our motivation is basically we're just doing what we've been doing all along. And so with that, when that and that's a very weak motivation, when when it's the pleasing the people around you are following a tradition or culture is that the only thing driving your obedience to Allah, the moment

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you enter into a society, or a culture where people around you are not obeying the law, what's going to happen to those values, they're going to deteriorate. And you're only going to hold on to very minimal things, very, very minimal things. So you find people and this is a very common occurrence in our country, you have Muslims, that when they came to this country that nobody around them, they don't hear outside the house, like they did when they were in the Muslim country. Right, they don't hear constant reminders or anything like that. Now they're in America, you know, so what happens, they start getting a little bit more lacs about the in many aspects, whether it has to do with

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clothing, or eating or consuming or, you know, whether income or praying whatever it may be, they become more lacks. And then time passes by and their children get older. And when they get older, they start seeing some very serious problem in their next generation of kids.

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behavioral problems, and they say the only thing that can fix this is the religion. So then they come back to the woman said, can you talk to my kid? He's having some problems? Where were you for the last 20 years? What vacation were you taking, the man doesn't have any special pills that he can give your child, you know, in padding, your kid's head is not going to change anything, him talking to you about your child, your child for 20 minutes or 30 minutes will change nothing. You, you, you are the cause you are the responsible party. I was the responsible party, we have to take responsibility. And I'm saying this because you know, a lot of times we talk about how we have to be

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worried about our children and the future generations. But in this ayah before ally even talks about the future generation, which he will before he gets gets stated once you worry about yourself first. What about you you have to stand before me to Shara la comida de Moussa NaVi new hand when did the ohana alayka. My was saying that when mama say no be here by hemo, or musawah, Isa and akima.

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Tata for coffee. Now, when we try to establish a lesbian in every facet of life, and this is a MKI Surah samaki. So so whatever the messenger says the Sahaba are going to do. And when they're going to do that, obviously they're surrounded by a culture that doesn't approve. People around them don't like it. And the more instructions are revealed, the more they have to obey a line is messenger, the more cast out they become the more outcasts the more alienated from their own society. So question arises in some people's minds, if we become so different from the people around us, maybe people aren't going to like us. Maybe they won't listen to our Dharma because part of the job of the Muslim

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is to convey the message of Islam. So if we obey Islam so much, you know what's going to happen, people are going to be turned off from us, we need to be a little easygoing, so people can accept us better. It's part of our strategy. It's a very clever way of saying I don't want to obey a law but my stepmother my motivation is that

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I'm really becoming loose in my obedience to Allah because I want non Muslims to be attracted to the nuts The reason I'm doing it, right. But the real motivation in the in the end is one's own weakness, one's own weakness and commitment. Now a lot told us something just blunt and straightforward. You shouldn't get just get to come to terms with it. He says in the same way as capoeira idol, mushy kena method Romany?

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The for the most for the people who do share what you are calling them to is terribly hard.

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Ronnie, it is incredibly difficult for them. Whether you try to water it down or not, naturally, no the obedience to Allah, the submission to one master, and the unconditional obedience and subservience to one messenger sallallahu sallam, and the instructions Allah has given to him an absolute power of him. That is not something easy for a missionary, no matter how you try to present it.

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So don't think it's gonna be easy for them. Because you you're gonna, you know, sell yourself out a little, it's not gonna work like that. That reality is what you're calling them to the people who have shifts deep inside their heart. It is enormous for them. Why is it so hard? Why is it so hard for what we're calling them to become before a song, a person does what they want, they eat what they want, they sleep with it when they want, they wake up when they want. They do what they want, they look at what they want, they dress how they want. They listen to what they want, they watch what they want, they do anything they want, is not much different than an animal. An animal doesn't

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ask permission before it does something. It just does it. These people were living free lives. And now when you call them to Islam, like the messenger RNA subtle Islam describes, a life of Islam is like a dunia digital min words and metal cafe, right? This world is like the prison of a believer, you're restricted. You can look at some things, you can eat some things, you can dress like certain certain ways you can go to certain places, you can have certain kinds of company, you can earn certain kinds of money, there are restrictions on you.

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So you're asking people to be free from their own knifes, and be slaves to a law. Because there's only in the end, we're going to be slaves, all human beings, either were slaves to a lot and free from our own temptations. Or we're a slave of our temptations and we're free from Allah. That's the only two options.

00:21:56--> 00:22:33

We're asking people what work what Allah is calling us to what the messenger is calling to is for ourselves to be free from our own weak desires, our own weak, you know, temptations and to you know, freeing ourselves from these things and become enslaved to Allah. What an amazing call that is. But it's gonna be huge for people who have said, don't worry about it. That's a fact of life. God Buddha, Allah Medina Matata, romila he, then some person starts thinking, well, if it's this hard, nobody's ever gonna exempt. This is such a hard thing. Nobody's going to come to Islam. Allah has already been the same idea. What does he say? Allahu alayhi mania shall

00:22:34--> 00:22:40

Allah call selects towards him, poles towards him, drafts towards him whoever he wants.

00:22:42--> 00:23:23

You don't make anyone Muslim. Your speech your pamphlets, your you know, your websites, your videos, your Dharma doesn't make anyone will send a lot of calls to Islam. Allah selects whoever he wants. It's not you that's bringing anyone to Islam to begin with. Well, yeah, de la, he may you need, and he guides towards him, whoever turns back, whoever wants in deep in their heart, they want to turn back to a creator, they want to turn back to the one master a level guide those people allows guarantee in this ayah you don't worry about it. You don't worry about impressing anyone. That's not your problem. Allah who used to be the human shadow? Well, yeah, the Lima uni. You know, there are

00:23:23--> 00:23:43

massages in this country. May Allah you know, I've seen a good number of them. So I can speak about this a little freely. Because I've seen these things with my own eyes. And I'm lucky I'm not pointing at any particular machine, especially not this one. But this needs to be said, we need to hear this. There are massages in this country that were built. And clearly they were not built with the right with the right intention.

00:23:45--> 00:24:19

And you know what, what's happened is, there's all over this country right now, there are arguments about not having Imams and machines. We shouldn't have any mama too much, especially if you want to have any mom, make sure he's not a scholar. Just make sure he's someone who can teach the kids to recycle on and leave the mother of Asia and fudger prayers. That's it. If anybody knows a little more than that about what's allowed and what's wrong and what people should do. And what they shouldn't do is gonna create fitna, we don't want to just get somebody to get the kids to recite some Quran in the evenings. And we're good. This is actually a growing trend across suburbia in this

00:24:19--> 00:24:55

country, within, you know, Muslim communities across Muslim communities. And you can clearly see the motivation. The moment by the way, even the a lot of I've met Imams, moms in this country have some of the toughest jobs in the world. If the guy gets up and gives a hoot bah, bah bah, or he gives gets up and gives a small reminder about the harms of alcohol or the Hadith about the one who sells it and purchases and carries it or something like that. The next thing you know, he's having a full review and he's offended some people and etc, etc. I knew anemometer in New York for example, New York is a great place to learn about drama in the Muslim community. So you know, you're really good

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

friend of mine, and you live in New York, very highly qualified scholar, top of his class. He will

00:25:00--> 00:25:31

went to Columbia University got a PhD valedictorian, I mean, highly qualified scholar, and he, you know, they were having a fundraiser for their Masjid. So they're obviously trying to tap into the more wealthy aspects of the Muslim elements of the Muslim community. And some of these people own liquor stores and some of them own, like, you know, seven lemons with gambling and this and that. So the chef said, No, we're not going to take their money. You know, if you're in the like, they put in their fly, he insisted that they put in their fire. If your income involves alcohol, or gambling, and this and this, and this, and this, then please do not donate to the machine. We don't want this

00:25:31--> 00:25:34

money. So you put that in as a condition he got fired the next week.

00:25:35--> 00:25:45

Right? Because people want it you know why people want to give now you wonder, you would the thought would come into my head is that people who own liquor stores, why in the world do they want to give to the machines anyway?

00:25:46--> 00:25:54

What's going on in their head, and then something came to me. You know, when you are disobeying a lust so badly, and you know it to

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

you got to do something to feel good about yourself.

00:25:58--> 00:26:05

You got to be able to tell yourself, at least I'm doing something. At least maybe through this donation, I can pay my way agenda.

00:26:06--> 00:26:10

This is also division in the dean, I don't want to obey, I just want to pay for it.

00:26:11--> 00:26:39

I'll pay in cash. That's good enough for me, but I will keep up what I'm doing. There are people we're lucky, I know them. There are people that own her own businesses. They own impermissible businesses, they're involved in filthy transactions, and they go to Hajj every year. They go to Hajj every year. It's their guilty conscience inside that says, I can't give up the money's good. I can't stop that. But at least I'll make it out. I'll go and cry at the cowbell. You know, what money are you going to hedge with?

00:26:40--> 00:26:48

What money you're going to buy a xebia chicken from the grocery store with your IRA money. You think that's halaal Chicken now?

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You know,

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we think about that. We're playing games with this team. We're making divisions in this team. We take some things we forget about other things, then this doesn't just happen in business, by the way I'm hammering on people in their business practices. But even within families inheritance, you know, we have people with big beards and people that are really under sundown when they're in their clothing and in their you know that we have the Quran recitation and their attendance at the masjid. But when it comes to giving their sister their shared inheritance, something happens then the Sharia is not all of a sudden, you know, elitism busanga. What happened there? When it comes to giving the

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right of the wife when it comes to paying them out on time? How many husbands who haven't paid their marriage yet? These are matters of establishing team, you know, and we go back, you know, and we feel like that's okay. We have to you have to be that religious. You know, I know Pema Deen will not follow houfy and by the way, after that, Allah said Kabuto Akina Matata. romilly is enormous on the machine, what you're calling them to I told you that, but listen, Allah mentioned us establishing the deen first and then calling them wish deikun. To Dean because if we don't establish it ourselves, what are we calling them do?

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You can't call anyone tiny. If you can't call them invite them to this house. If you haven't built the house, you can invite people to something that you haven't built. We have to be living this Dean for it's that what to take place. That's when it happens. And when we establish it, and we invite, then there will be an element that will hate it. I know my time is up, but I want to share it. I said it will be too if this is just one idea. So far, I've only talked to you about what I want to give you just a small bit of the next idea. But I think it's really important for all of us, especially of us living in America. It's so important. What are the consequences of not establishing

00:28:40--> 00:28:57

the deen? What are the consequences of dividing this religion up and playing games with it like we're doing? What are their you know, obviously, we know the consequences in the author. Are there any consequences in dunya? Allah azza wa jal says, Well matter for Roku in the Niger Delta and beta buying a home and I tell you next,

00:28:58--> 00:29:18

he says they did not fall into division until after knowledge came to them. What LS telling us in the first part of the ayah is when people play games with the religion, the knowledgeable among them will be fighting, the scholars will be fighting, the people of knowledge will be falling and causing division and fitna, they will doubt that's gonna happen to them.

00:29:19--> 00:29:33

until after knowledge came to them, even after knowledge came to them, they fell into division. My assumption was if people had knowledge what would happen, they would be united, there would be no more division, education is the solution. Education is the solution for those who don't play games with their Dean.

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

The people who make this division and they play games with a dean and in their heart they don't want to establish the Dean of a law, knowledge does not become become the means to unity. Knowledge is used as a weapon of disunity, and the law tells us the origin the knowledge was not the problem, the Motorola whom have only actually hit in the eye out boldly on buying a home out of a sheer arrogance among themselves. In other words, a breed of generation is born in which they have knowledge

00:30:00--> 00:30:14

But the knowledge is not a means for them to become humble to Allah, that knowledge is a means for them to become more and more and more arrogant. And when you're arrogant, you want to show your arrogance by using your knowledge as a weapon to beat someone else in debate. Boolean but you know,

00:30:15--> 00:30:23

you know, that's what knowledge turns into. It's just used to throw evidences and IR that Hadith against the other and prove them and disprove them. That's all it's used for.

00:30:25--> 00:30:28

But in the end, the deen stays where it is, your practices stay where they are.

00:30:30--> 00:30:35

Whether they're Kalimantan, SOHCAHTOA, rodby, Kayla jelly, musalman, Laconia biohome,

00:30:36--> 00:31:15

had it not been for a word of Allah that had already come, was has had there not been a date that he had already declared the coup de avena home they would have been done with Allah would have destroyed them, their matter would have been judged. In other words, this crime of taking the dean and turning it into a game and turning it into debate for entertainment, and further creating further division. This is such a high crime had it not been that Allah has promised judgment day these people would have been destroyed immediately. The kobina home, but for now there should be some punishment, even for now. What is that punishment? We're in Alina aurifil Kitab. I'm in bury

00:31:15--> 00:31:32

him Luffy shakima humare. No doubt about it in when Allah says invalid. tacchini is an utter shock. When he removes doubt what he's about to say will happen. There's no doubt about it, it will happen. What is it that will happen? Those who were given the book in inheritance after them.

00:31:34--> 00:31:59

The people who went into division among themselves, the people who didn't establish as Dean, those who were given the book in inheritance after them, meaning their children, their next generation, what happens to them, they pay the price Luffy shocky min humulene. The next generation is in doubt, levy shock are truly in doubt. I mean, who in regards to the dean,

00:32:00--> 00:32:04

they're in doubt about the dean. They're not sure if it's true or not. They start questioning their religion.

00:32:06--> 00:32:21

And it's not just out there in the fish shack, the IRA is done the call the statement is done. But a lot as another cipher another adjective, he says the Fisher came in who mareeba they're in doubt about it, that even puts others in doubt. It's a contagious kind of doubt.

00:32:22--> 00:32:59

They're losing their religion and their their, you know, lack of conviction is it's spreading to others and they're becoming less and less convinced, convinced have been, I've seen this with my own eyes. Well, lucky. I've seen it in the wealthiest American Muslim communities, where people are high end professionals, but they did not care for their Deen and their children are losing Islam. They're literally walked for all practical purposes. They've left Islam, some even by their tongues, others mostly by their practice, and the kinds of things they say about to the left. And when you ask yourself, why is this happening? Allah gave us the answer. It's not a surprise. The formula is old.

00:33:00--> 00:33:35

The variables are new, but the formulas the same Allah gave us what's gonna happen if you do this. This is not new. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from becoming these people? May Allah make us those who realize the consequences of our actions. May Allah make us of those who are able to walk down that road that Allah carved out for us and not be of those who make a mockery of the deen when it comes to obeying Him in practical matters. May Allah make us of those who are not only fulfilling the rights to this Deen in terms of the acts of worship, but also in terms of the dealings we have with each other in our business practices in our family dealings in the matters of inheritance in

00:33:35--> 00:33:50

the matters of consumption. May Allah make us true and obedient slaves to him and accept our worship and our acts of obedience with all of their shortcomings May Allah overlook those shortcomings and accept us as we are barakallahu li weather company called Annie Hakeem, when I finally we accompany it with the team

00:33:55--> 00:33:58

hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa salatu wa salam O Allah.

00:33:59--> 00:34:08

Susana vodien Mohammad Nabi Mohammad al amin, le he was aqui yaku de la Sol Karim

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in a la vida de Luna and Abby. Yeah, you handed in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam notice Nima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Ebrahimi Rahim Allah I mean, in naka homido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come about Okta, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Haemophilia I mean, in nakasendo Majeed, La La La La La La La La La La Jolla.

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Juanita is in Cordoba when her Anil Sasha evil mooncup Kumar la

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camisa. In Nepal, Sala Nikita makuta