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This month Alhamdulillah is called Roby lol, which means in Arabic The first spring, and it is the month that our prophets Eliza was born in, and it's a blessed month. For that reason. The prophets Allah Islam was asked in Sahih Muslim about fasting on the day of Monday and he said he wanted to. In other words, I was born in that day. So it's a good day to fast because of the blessing of his birthday. And the one of the traditions of the Muslims was during this month, after about the seventh century, they began to revive the enumeration of his qualities and his blessed personality. Now, I would just like to take this opportunity on this day visiting your community to remind you of

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a few things. One of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a Hadith, that is from Satan alley, or the Allahu anhu, he said, Alamo Allah to come, sir, as a facade, teach your children three qualities.

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Been a beacon of love of your profit, will have the alley he and love of his family will cheat our truck or an thing Hamlet or Quran

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because the teach them love of the Prophet, love of his family, and teach them how to recite the Quran, because those who carry the Quran, whom Adam and Adam and naughty on the piano, they are on these

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terraces of light on the Day of Judgment. So the prophets, Allah Islam told us to teach our children to love the prophets of Allah, he was sent him inculcating love of the Prophet is one of the most important things in Islam.

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But the thing that that the non Arabs responded to, was the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which is why wherever you go in the non Arab world, there is an immense love of the Messenger of Allah, if you go to South Asia, if you go to Pakistan, or India or turkey, or if you go to Indonesia, or if you go to Malaysia, you will see that there is an immense love of the Messenger of Allah, because it was through the Messenger of Allah, his character that those people entered Islam, it was through the help of the Yemeni merchants who went to Indonesia and South India, their high character that they convince people that this was a true religion, they wouldn't cheat in their transactions. They were

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more concerned about a fair price than about making profit. And then if somebody was unable to pay his debts, they will actually forgive them because they want it to be forgiven from Allah. They were the embodiment of the law of the Prophet of Allah. So it will it will serve them now that character of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam if you look today,

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in the Muslim world is absent.

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People have it on their walls wakulla nasya husna. But if you accidentally run somebody off the road, Elia baytech, you know, he's not doing what Gunilla nasya, krisna he's not following instability here accent,

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really, um, this is the reality they have people put them on their walls, they put these wonderful ethical principles on their walls, but they're not in the heart.

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And the reason for that is because they're divorced from the character of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is because inculcating love of the Messenger of Allah is something that has to be done from an early age. It has to be done so that there's love of sacrifice. What animal unethical Rasulullah the early Sahaba, the messenger was walking among them, there were Sahaba that were willing to die for him. They would during the Battle of there were so bad, even a worm was jumping to catch arrows. He had 72 wounds on that day.

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By his own testimony, a man saw him to change his shirt and his body was covered with wounds with scars, scar tissue. And he said, What's that from? He said, it was the day of guarding the Messenger of Allah.

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And that's that those were people that they weren't weren't doing that because they were trained because they were Secret Service because they were being paid. They had,

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you know, insurance policies and that's not why they were doing they were doing it because they love the Messenger of Allah and they loved him more than they love themselves. And the prophets, Allah lighty when it was sent him said that Athan men Cana, men canopy he wasn't alone. Hello with him and there are three things that if they're in a person, they find the hell out of him and the first one is unequal and you can elect who wore a suit who had the La Nina suwama. There are law and Hispanic

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are more beloved to anything other than them say Norma was sitting with the property said well lie in your head Waka acara

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min min galicians one FC allottee Bane agenda I love you better than anything except my own knifes that's between my sides and and the Prophet said will lie you know I had to come across akuna hubbie li min min min min min Malik he was allowed he will he will never see OLED TV any jambay none of you believes until he loves me more than he loves his well, his children, his parents, even his own self, this between your side and and and say that online at that point he said, Well I indicated a ministry and the TV and agenda. He said a anioma now on your minds complete, that was all motivated.

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He loved the profit more than he loved himself

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and love of the Prophet if your children are not given love of the Prophet now. Do you see if you if you look you ask them about who who what this basketball player this football player they know statistics. They know what what what athletes hit 350 last year, they know what shoes

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the basketball players were. They know what who starred in this field they know who played seraphina up in the film, but they don't know who stood up was.

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They'll know the actor that played him in the film, but they don't know him.

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They know all the names of Pokemon but they can't give you the 99 names of God.

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I mean, this is the reality of the age we're living in. You see if you don't inculcate in your children, a love of Allah and His Messenger, then you that you're disobeyed online is messenger, because animal is fairly ama little job you have to teach them inculcate in them a love of Allah and His messenger. Now, the only way you can do that is if you love Allah and His messenger. Because you can't give somebody stuff talking to say

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the Arabs they say somebody who doesn't have something can't give it.

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And then you have to ask yourself where is a law on your list of priorities because God put man first but most men put God last in their lives.

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You have to look where Allah is on your list of priorities. Allah Subhana Allah says look for a woman and as a man a

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woman, a nasty man, your tuxedo and Jasmine dooney died, you should

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amongst humanity are people that love idols

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as they should love Allah

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one Medina ammo a shed to vanilla, but those who believe love God more than other people love their idols and that are replacements is the need is is something that's like something else. It's something that you can exchange one for the other because they're so similar. So the Ally's saying that there are people out there who have replacements for God. They have replacements for God and they love those replacements as they should love Allah subhana wa Tada. But then Allah says, while at the nominal, a Shinto vanilla, those who believe love God more than these people love their replacements to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, if you look at what people out there do for dunya you

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ask yourself, are you doing anywhere near that for your asherah there's people that get up every morning, five o'clock for their junior. Every morning, you'll see them heading to work on the highway at five o'clock. There's people for their body. They'll get up at five o'clock every morning they'll jog for 20 3040 minutes ever build things to put people to sleep.

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Right hotels, huge hotel like this is a big giant to make money.

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Because that's what they that's what they worship. That's what they love. They love money. People love money, money. Where did you put money on your list of priorities? Is money more important to you than your religion? Because if you sacrifice more for money than you just where you put it, you put that over that so if you want to know where you stand with a law you have to look at where our law stands with you eyes yourself what is important to you as a human being?

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What takes precedence over everything else? No matter if I do and young will appeal to young mothers and young one after the automatic Auto lobia

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HSP will say what is God going to do with me today?

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What What is Allah going to do with me today? Because as of Allah subhana wa tada all your plans can fail. Every plan you make every plan that you made, can fail and you can work 20 3040 years to build a business and you can lose it overnight.

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You can rake 3040 years of in

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vestment time energy, love commitment and all those children, anything that you do in this life.

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It's completely in