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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the complex and profound lessons of Islam, including the use of "will" and "willful" to describe actions and emotions, the importance of respecting actions and emotions, and the surah and oath. They also touch on the importance of honoring Islam, respecting its creation, and balancing light and darkness. The speaker emphasizes the need for responsibility and control in avoiding chaos and regret, and the importance of acknowledging one's actions and not criticizing others.
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Alhamdulillah Allah Vina who want to stay you know who want to start Pharaoh when he went to LA. When we let him in surely and fusina woman citm Alina, when you have the hula hula mobile Holla Holla Holla Holla

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Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Shetty Kala. When a shadow Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu taala Buddha would even Huck new Hara who Allah de Vaca fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira on kathira. I'm about to stop and Heidi Chiquita Willa, while he had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the Chevelle ohmori mcdata to her in Aquila modesetting VEDA wakulla died in Walla Walla Walla Zinfandel. Allah azza wa jal kitabi Karim and akula Allah He ministry Tonto rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim was shamcey Mobile ha ha well comedy that Allaha when heard either gela her when lately they are show her was summer you are by by now

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when we were married to her when FCM was over her for Alabama half would you raha taqwa called the F la Hammond zakka ha ha ha ha. From sorry, we're silly Emily Lulu Dr. melissani of brocoli Allahumma COVID-19 del monte de la ilaha illallah wa la la mina levena Amina Mohammed Ali heart whatever so be happy whatever sub sub Amira but I mean, today's goodbye is dedicated to some reflections and a reminder for myself and the cello Tada, all of you from sort of chumps, which is one of the last solos in the you know, towards the end of the most half in a lot of times. These are the shorter solos that we have our kids memorize. And the thing to note about the small sutras is sometimes the

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most complex and profound lessons of the Quran are encapsulated in the least words. So you would think that the, and in many ways, the longer solos have easier lessons, and the shorter solos have much more deep and profound lessons, which is why if you study classical stuff, I see a lot more time and energy. And really, pages of paper are dedicated to the study of shorter solos than they are by comparison to some of the longer sutras. And this is actually one of the most fascinating photos of the Quran, on the subject of ourselves. There are places in the Quran where Allah wants us to understand ourselves, or the way in which He created us because we are like he says, Nevada in

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Santa Fe, Santa cream, we create the human being no doubt in the most upright and the most beautiful, upright form. So we are the marvel of Allah's creation. And he is proud of this creation to the point where he created the heavens and the earth, and the angels were not commanded to do such that so the magnificent universe that allows origin created did not call for the angels to fall into such that in awe of what Allah has created, and yet the human being was, so this is, we're not a typical creation of Allah. And Allah wants us to, he wants to remind us of that, because a lot of times in this life because we deal with each other and one can make a you know, you can make someone

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feel worthless or make someone feel inadequate or not enough. And we forget that Allah honored us above and beyond even the angels, each one of us not just other money, ceramics, humanity that was honored in that way. So we forget that. And of course, the one that wants us to forget that more than anyone else is at least he wants us to be humiliated. And the best way to humiliate us is to have us have a low opinion of ourselves. So if you think lowly of yourself, and you think that you are worthless Are you that then the actions and the thoughts that follow from that are going to be a chain of negativity, that will mimic the emotions and the sentiments of the devil himself. Right. So

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the first point that I wanted to highlight for myself and all of you is that Allah is highlighting what a marvelous creation You and I are. That is not to say that we're supposed to be arrogant, but we're supposed to honor what Allah created, we have to respect what Allah created, and that actually includes self respect. Now, in the surah, Allah has taken quite a few oaths. And though I have talked, those of you that listen to me on a regular basis, have heard me talk about a lot taking oaths in the Quran, and how he swears by different things and what the purpose of that is. But just as a quick reminder, often oaths are taken by Allah. Because a way that the ancient Arabs used to

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talk is when they took oath, it's like everybody around would drop everything they're doing and just listen to this. Right, and the oaths were a way of depending on what the oath was taken by, we're a way of garnering more and more attention. In a sense, they were also given kind of a hint as to what's about to be said. So if some ancient Arab before Islam came to the Arabs and got up on the mountain and said, I swear by tomorrow

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Morning, then everybody knew that he's got some very important news. It's an emergency, we better drop everything. And I bet the news has to do with what's happening tomorrow morning. Right? So he hasn't told you anything yet. He just said, I swear by tomorrow morning. But he that tomorrow morning is an indication, a hint at what's coming. Right. So the the, they say what you swear by the looks and V, and what you're talking what you're going to talk about afterwards, the maximum LA. So in English, it's simple. It's not that simple. But a way to think about that is the object of the oath and the subject of the oath are connected to each other. Right. And so a lot took a number of

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oaths in this surah and then connected them to two realities. So there's quite a it's it's quite a bit to think and talk about. And I know it's a lot to pack inside of a single hood, but, but I'm going to try to at least present a glimpse of what's being talked about here. Many years ago, I did a deeper study of this. So Ron, I'd like to invite you to listen to some of those lectures and do your own reading on this sutra also, but for now, at least, I wanted to highlight some of some of the very profound lessons that come at least some drops from that ocean that come to mind that I think you and I can benefit from in the short time. Allah says what Shamsi what, whoa, ha ha, I

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swear by the sun. And it's the glory with which the brilliance with which it lights up the morning. So it's morning brilliance. So the sun and its soothing morning brilliance and baja is is important because the sun at a certain time, and we know this really well out in Texas, and the ancient Arabs knew this way better than we did. The sun after a certain time is scorching, and it's not soothing, and it's not soft light, it's hard light, it makes you want to, you know, squint your eyes, it'll give you headaches and things like that it's torture us almost. But there's a time of the morning, where the light of the sun is actually pretty soothing. And it's, it's, it has a calming effect on

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your surroundings, those of you that you know, wake up early, and then you go outside in that morning, the sky is not never as soothing, and as calming. And the environment isn't as you know, serene, as it is at that time. And unless as I swear by the sun, meaning the brilliant source of light, and a soothing environment that creates that soothing, soft light that it creates in the morning, well, comedy that Allaha and I swear by the moon, as it follows it when it follows the sun. So he swears by the sun. And then he swears by the moon. And he described two different things when he said about the sun, that it's soothing. And it's got this beautiful light, and it's a source of

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calm. And he talks about the moon. And he says, Well, what I want you to think about when it comes to the moon is that the moon follows the sun. And obviously it does so at nighttime, right? So we see we see, the celestial bodies are doing their work, whether we can see them or not. But for the human eye, you can see that it's it follows meaning the evening follows the day. But now we even know from you know, from an astronomical point of view, the font The moon is literally an object that's following, the larger solar system is you know, rotating around the Earth and the earth around the sun. So there's this following that's taking place when somebody that Allaha it's also

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following it in a sense that the moon doesn't have its own light, the only the only way we can see the moon is that the sun shines on it. And that's why it's illuminated. So it's not a source of light by itself. It's reflecting its light right and that's going to be important as we read on when the hottie is Allah and I swear by the day, as it brings out the sun's brilliance. Meaning the sun itself is brilliant, but we wouldn't appreciate the the magnificent power of the sun. If we didn't see things look glorified look illuminated because of the light of the sun. Right so just like the sun is illuminating the world, the illuminated world is also a kind of a complement to the sun.

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Right so because the same place can look a completely different world. Without the light of the sun a place could be incredibly beautiful. And recently I you know, my family and I took a trip to Colorado, just a road trip. And in the daytime the valleys and the trees and the mountains are so beautiful. And as motive starts coming in the same place becomes terrifying. The same roads that were breathtaking view the beauty of them is gone. The you know the soothing, you just want to stop and look now you're scared to stop same place. And if you were going by the same exact place during the daytime, you'd say hey Kim, can we stop here and take this view in for a moment right? But at

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nighttime Can we just keep driving? Can we just keep moving because it's terrifying. And the only difference is the That place is beautified by the sun and that makes you appreciate the sun even more. When the howdy vajilla when lately they have shine I swear by the night as it covers it up meaning it covers up the glory of the sun. So now we've got four ions about the sun and the moon and the day and the night and now he's he says was summer you will not burn

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How will you Amata Ha. And I swear by the sky and what an incredible creation he made.

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And how beautiful how remarkably it was made, and the earth and how remarkably, it was laid out? Well, we'll do Amata Ha, ha. So so far, we're not talking about ourselves. I started this book by saying, we're going to learn something about ourselves. And this is a sutra which talks about deep within ourselves. And so far, we're learning about the sun, and the moon, and the night and the day, and the sky and the earth. And in the middle of taking all of these oaths that draw our attention. The next set of oats is one knifes you one Massawa. And I swear by the inner self, the person, the inside person that each one of us has. And I swear by how remarkably, it was made balanced. And

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remarkably how he balanced it out. Balanced means there are opposing weights or opposing forces that need to get balanced. Now, if you take a step back, the the sun and the moon create a kind of balance in the sky. The day and night are a kind of balance in the sky and the earth, function in balance, and they work with each other without the sky, the earth couldn't exist. Right? So they're dependent, they're interdependent, our, especially the earth, dependent on the sky. So after describing all of that, look at this balanced universe around you, and he says, and by the way, there's a universe inside you that's also balanced. There's this world that created outside that's

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balanced. And there's a world inside that's balanced. And there are other parallels also. Because we are going from celestial bodies, and an observation about the outside world in the sky, and the horizon and the earth. And all of a sudden, we're talking about something really deep inside ourselves. It's as if Allah is describing that there is a world inside of us. And it's it function, some of its mechanics, some of its, you know, mechanisms are a lot like what you see outside in what Allah made. So there is a brilliant light inside ourselves to

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and that light can give us soothing, calm, like the morning does. And there is there are times when we find ourselves not in soothing times we find ourselves in darkness. But even when we do, that light, which isn't soothing anymore, can still shine on the moon, meaning some remnant of the light is still there, no matter how dark or a situation you find yourselves in. You're never without light. Even if it's like thin as a hair, like the moon, Qatar or the color or Julio Kadeem. There's still light and that light, the source of that light is still the sun. Right? So Allah azza wa jal put inside the human being all right. And it's it's that it's a source of light and guidance for the

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human being, whether they're Muslim or not, actually, it's something that he put inside the human being, so they can seek truth. And when he gave us that light inside of ourselves, when you nurture that light, it creates a soothing environment inside you, and around you. But even if there's everything's okay, inside, things can get pretty messed up on the outside. But even if they do, even if it's like a dark night, you know, often people compare, this is a very dark time in my life, or I'm surrounded by a lot of darkness, right in darkness is associated with imagery of hopelessness, or feeling lost or feeling scared and things like that. And in all of those scenarios, a lot still

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says, well, the moon is still following. The southern following is an interesting word. Because when someone's in the dark, they don't know which way to go.

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Right? But follow the light, like the moon is the moon is following the light of the sun, it's still following. So follow the right path, even if you're surrounded in darkness is kind of a subtle suggestion there. And then the idea that this light inside us, makes everything around us beautiful. Following the laws guidance, following a less light actually makes, gives dudleya gives glory give me it makes beautiful the life in this world. But then there are times there are elements of the night that can make you you know, because the cloud the the moon can be hidden by clouds, right? It can be hidden by Claus and the night can cover, you know, cover up the sun and you might not feel

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like there's any light even though it's there, even though that it exists. So human beings are struggling between light and darkness. And that struggle we're reminded of that because Allah created the night and day constantly struggling and it's as if Allah is constantly reminding us of the war happening inside ourselves between light and darkness. And then he says that this knifes that he made with these, you know, he he put inside us a desire, a love to do the right thing to do good. We want to be good. We want to do good. We want to help someone else. We want to make someone feel happy. We want to do the right thing. We want to be fair, all of those good drives are inside

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of us.

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We want if we feel sorry for someone who's hurting, we want to be able to help their situation. These are all things that a lot put inside us. You didn't have to be taught those things. They will. It's like the light of the sun. It's already there. It's already shining inside. But then there's this other selfish side. And there's this side that has very intense negative feelings. It has things like anger and sadness and jealousy. It has things like regret and hopelessness. There's all kinds of negative feelings, and they're the opposite of light. And these two things alone did not create us that we can get rid of one or the other. Like, why can't we always have light? Why can't

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we always just, you know, you know, be in a good place. You can't because Allah didn't create just day he created day and he created night. So he says, For Allah Maha one of suwama. So it's incredibly balanced. Then he says for ohama how fujikura ha, what taqwa and before telling us what this oath is about. He says, And speaking of this, this, this knifes, this inside self, that you and I were given this person inside that actually only you know, and ally knows, nobody else knows that person. Truly. That's the conversations you and I have with ourselves, are only known to ourselves, the thoughts that we entertain, in our mind, truly, our only and only ours. And it's actually so

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guarded sometimes, that we were terrified that somebody might know what we really think we're really thinking, what's going on in our head. It's a very private, secure place inside deep inside of ourselves. What does he say about that place? He says for Alabama, half would you allow a taco Haha, so he inspired it, meaning this deep knifes inside, he inspired it with its ability to explode with food your water co has an ability and desire to protect itself and to be safeguarded. So and by the way, explosion is the opposite of being safe. Those are two opposing forces. And what is food you mean? Food actually is you don't have to know a lot of Arabic to know that. But even if you know

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anything about the prayers, the morning prayers called what it's called fudger. from food Sure. Why because the light explodes out of the sky It tears through. So you know, in, in a jar or in a jar is used, you know, is somehow in front of it. When the sky is gonna explode open judgement of 5g, they commonly translate 5g as a center, but 5g, it actually means someone who's impulsive, whose feelings make them explode into action, whose feelings make them explode and say whatever words came in their mouth, they have no reservations, they don't hold back. Like you see an open empty highway. And you've got a car that can go fast. And your foot just kind of floors it on the accelerator. But

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then, long, long in the distance, you see red and blue lights flashing, right? And you're like, Hey, you haven't. And all of a sudden taqwa kicks in for Allah Maha fujimura Ha, ha ha. He inspired the human being, to want to be rebellious, to want to do crazy things, to have all kinds of impulses, but also inspired the human being with the ability to control themselves. And this is actually what separates us from animals, isn't it? Because an animal can see a prey and if it's hungry, that's it. It's attacking, it's going to rip through that prey. But a human being can desire something and then put other brakes in place a disbeliever can put put brakes on like, Oh, well, is that against the

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law? Is anybody watching Is there a security camera and they'll they'll want to do it, but they won't. But for a Muslim even if there's no security cameras, they're still security cameras, right? There's still angels recording, give them and cutting and they're still alive watching. And that puts us to a stop. But that's still taqwa and the end of the day. There's a spiritual taqwa. But there's also other kinds of taqwa that other human beings exhibit. There's not taqwa of Allah. But it could be taqwa of the law, or tecovas, security camera or taqwa of other social or emotional consequences. So that's why I have that kind, right? But that's what Allah put inside of us. Now. So

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at the end of all of that, it's like the climax of all the amazing things that created the sky, the earth, the night, the day, the sky, you know, the the sun, the moon, all of that is the climax of it all, is the ultimate example of balance the human being when and I don't want you to think about the philosophical entity human being, I want you to think about yourself and I think about myself, Ally's claiming that you and I were created with an incredible ability to be balanced. He's made that claim. And he's compared our capacity to be balanced with the balance that he created the sky and the earth with their balances with which the harmony with which you created the sun in the moon.

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He gave us a light inside us that can be so soothing and calm. Like was Shamsi. You know what Shamsi wobble haha

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He put that inside of us we have an ability to be at peace inside ourselves. Now when you hear that you're like, but I'm not at peace.

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I'm pretty angry. I'm pretty upset. I'm pretty, you know, and I have I have so many and those emotions are all real. Those are darknesses that exist, but at the same time, a lot balance that within ability to find calm, and to find yourself and to find your true neffs that is balanced. My late teacher, one of my late teachers, Dr. Sarah, mahalo. He used to say, when he talked about the knifes in his study of Quran when he was wanting to help people and his students understand what knifes means. This inner self used to say, think of it as you are inside of you. There is a wild horse with no mane, no reins, no nothing. You're riding this wild wild, grabbing it by the by its

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hair, and you're trying to control it. Even if you let go over a little bit, it's gonna run wild, it's going to trample over things, it's going to jump into a canyon. It's it's a very powerful horse that's inside. And that's actually kind of what enough says its food and just wants to do whatever it wants to do. It has impulses. And we have to keep it restrained by our taqwa.

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And if we don't, if we don't, then who's running the show, if you don't hold this horse back, if you don't hold it back, then it runs wherever it wants to, and you follow. So you're no longer in charge. In a crazy way, your enough's is in charge. Your enough says take a part of your nerves, the nerves that the amount of tune, we sue the one that keeps commanding you to do terrible things, or say terrible things. It's in charge now and you surrender yourself to it. And that's a scary place to be because a lot is described as Amanita Allahu Hawa. Have you seen someone who takes their own inner feelings what they desire, and turns them into their God? That doesn't mean that they worship

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I've talked about that to you guys before. That doesn't mean they worship their desires. That means they surrender to them. They whatever their feelings tell them to do they do. If their feelings tell them to say horrible things, they say horrible things. And even after they say horrible things, okay for Georgia, but then there's takahara. Okay, I just said something horrible. I take that back, or I'm so sorry. I said that or I shouldn't have said that. Regret or remorse or let's take it back. No, this horse is running Wilder and Wilder. So even after you say something crazy, instead of taking it back? Yeah, I said it. Well, I get to say that because I felt that way. And my feelings

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are real, and my feelings justified. Hold on a second. No, not you Not, not anyone else. Not anyone else will be able to stand in front of Allah and say, I said this horrible thing. Or I did these terrible things, because I felt like it because my feelings told me to. Obviously every sin happens because of feelings. Obviously, and this is not for you to go criticize someone else or you to correct someone else. This is a reminder to me for myself and to you for yourself. What is it that Allah azza wa jal is going to ask us about? In the summer our masala will fou Arda kulula cannon homeschool, the hearing the seeing and the heart that loses control. The inflamed heart they will

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all be questioned. Yes, you'll have overwhelming emotions. But were you able to have duck water? Did you let them explode? Did you allow food? Or did you have Taqwa because I gave you the power to have both for Allah Maha for Judah taqwa. And now I come to the conclusion of these statements. What allows me just says, in the ninth and the 10th I have the Sora but afla Hartman's aka wakad haba Mandisa, and that's going to be the end of what I share with you guys, the the person who was able to cleanse themselves, clean themselves, what does that mean? That this knifes, every time it heads towards something bad, it gets dirty, every time time it explodes with it with impulse, it gets

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dirty. Every time it follows its feelings, it gets dirty, and you have to clean it up and clean it up and clean it up. You know, it's in nature a lot as I just did not create anything that stays clean on its own. You leave your car outside, it's gonna get covered in dirt, even though you cleaned it. You allow me observations for us in nature for us to learn from them. You cannot keep a place clean unless you go back and clean it again and clean it again and clean because you have to dust it again. You know, you have to you know, organize it again etc. Right? So, and if you leave if you leave food there, and so the food is clean and it's fresh or whatever, if you leave it there,

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it's gonna get rotten that bugs are gonna come, it's gonna get dirty, right? You're gonna have to go through the process of cleaning. Allah says just like that. There's no such thing Alhamdulillah I accepted Islam and I made tobuy in 1983 and now I've been cleaned because I got cleansed up and you know, don't work like that. You and I have to

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Basically acknowledge that dirt keeps falling on our hearts. That enough's keeps wanting to do bad. And sometimes it does better than I don't even realize that it's done bad. And so looking at my own self, like nobody, I don't wait for somebody else to criticize you and me. Don't wait for somebody else to point out what we're doing wrong. How about I look at myself deeply and become my own greatest critic. You know, we we're in a culture now, where we are constantly trained to defend yourself, to justify yourself, to stand by what you feel, and not ever think of yourself as having done anything wrong. And we've created two extremes. Either I've done nothing wrong. The problem is

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with everyone else, or everything is wrong about me. I'm just a loser. I'm just going to hell anyway. Or I'm just a terrible person. I can't do anything right. What fujimura Hahaha, man, or woman.

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There's, I've Yes, you do good things. But that doesn't make you an angel. Yes, you do bad things. But that doesn't make you a devil. When you do good things, ask a lot of accept them and stay on a good track. But that doesn't mean you're immune from doing bad things. And when you do messed up things, that doesn't mean you became the devil. Stop beating yourself up. And that's also a kind of cop out because then a person says, Well, I'm messed up anyway. So what does it matter? Right, that's that Chapin's line of thinking No, Allah doesn't give us that. He says the person who's able to recognize one piece of dirt and clean it. And let me give you the analogy here. Now, if if

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somebody pointed out that there's a blemish, or you notice in the mirror, that there's a there's a stain on your shirt. What are you going to do? Ah, forget it these clothes, and you set them on fire? No, you wash you wash. You notice a different steam somewhere else next week. You know, if you if you're a clumsy eater like me every time I eat my clothes, eat with me. Right? So I have, you know, stains in interesting places. I wonder where they came from. But you know what it was it was a stain over here one week. It was a stain over here one week and sustained over here one week. And eventually I said you know what the stain but there's so many stains. I'm so tired of cleaning up.

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You know what, I'm just gonna burn all my clothes because I don't want to deal with this anymore. I still just dirty What can I do? I can't No, they get dirty, you clean again. They get dirty and clean again. And it's the same thing on the inside. It's the same exact thing on the inside. You don't give up on yourself. And you don't act like nothing's wrong. No, no, what's wrong? Just know, that's just that's the new fashion. A little bit of oil.

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You're delusional, you know. So either one is unhealthy. So he says the one who's able to cleanse it and continue on cleansing it little by little, then that person has truly attained success. These are successful people, meaning successful people are not people that are clean, but they keep on cleaning, which means successful people also get dirt on them. If they didn't get dirt on them, there was no point of cleansing workers haba manda Saha and the person who allows it to stay in the dirt has completely lost. They have they have met with disappointment. Allah after all of these oaths, the point of all of them, the point of mentioning the sun in the moon, the point of

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mentioning the night and the day in the night, the point of mentioning the sky and the earth the night and the day. Then the point of mentioning the Nef, Senate's internal struggles. The point of all of that I shared all of this with you, Allah tells us for one reason, because you need to know that there will be dark times, there will be times where you're covered in darkness, and you'll have to cleanse that darkness off the next day begins. And then darkness will come back, and you'll have to cleanse it off, and the next day begins. And this is a process you must engage in and every time you forget this hotbar this sermon from Allah Himself. This sort of jumps in in case you forget,

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just look out your window. The sun should remind you, the night should remind you that every after every night, there's morning, the morning is cleansing the darkness of the sun, I need to cleanse myself. Isn't it incredible? That we recite the word of Allah more loudly, every time it's dark outside? The vocal prayer, the answer prayer or silent marieb fudger Aisha, these are all when the when there's more darkness, we're more in need of light and the Sunnah of the Prophet, listen to recite those. So you know those prayers loudly. Obviously, the congregational Juma is exception because it's a congregation. It's loud. But, you know, it's a reminder the whole purpose of it is a

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larger gathering reminder. But it's all these teachings in our religion are there to protect our inner self, to recognize what's going on inside of ourselves. And I pray we don't become like the kind of people who are

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run by our who we don't control our feelings, our feelings control us. You know, I pray that we don't become like those people because those people truly have failed Eliza which will make us strong and give us give us self control and restraint and real balance inside of our lives and help us carry good lives as believers and forgive our shortcomings. botica law you Welcome to Quranic Hakeem, when a family with

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abadi livina stauffacher Susana Ali Mohammad Nabi Muhammad, I mean, one of the early he was a huge marine. Kala has always had to pick it up in Canada and rubella ministry regime in Oklahoma eketahuna soluna Allenby yeah evalina Avenue Salalah he was illegal to steamer Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Academy de Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al amin in Dhaka homina Majeed about the La la de la Ilaha mobile ad you will have shown what your day they'll put about wearing a shirt you will encounter whether they call a lawyer Hello moto stone, Optimus

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Allah insalata kanatal Mini Nikita mahkota