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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned a man you'll deal with suffer even traveling for a one time. Asha

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dusty and disheveled Yama, dia de la sama raising his hands towards the sky. Yara booya rob the His clothes were hot.

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And his drink was haram. And his nourishments was held off for a nice the Jabra. And how can that be accepted. So this image of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is portrayed as a commentary to his statement about eating that which is pure and consuming that which is pure. He gives this example of a man who normally his art would be fast tracked. He's a traveler and the draw of travelers except it. He is ash, about when a person is dusty and disheveled.

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What are they more likely to be? Are they more likely to be like arrogant, are they more likely to be broken and humbled? Right? So he's broken and humbled in that moment, Ash has ever been raising his hands towards the sky. We already talked about the raising of the hands as an advocate of Dryden that Allah does not allow for those hands to come back down empty. He's calling out to Allah by His names and attributes, you're up, you're up and the rub is the one who looks after you and provides for you and and takes care of you and protects you. And so all of these things are checked. And yet, there's an impediment. What's the impediment? Number one is food is haram. Is drink is haram is

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nourishment is haram. So how can that be accepted? The Promise of Allah is Allah is distancing the notion that a dua like that could be accepted. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says in the Hadith, oberhalb, ala in Allah Allah for you, Boone, Leia Caballo Illa, for Yeva. Verily, Allah is Thebe, pure, good.

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He only accepts that which is pure. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, he says, in the same Hadith, he says, and Allah has commanded the believers with the same thing that He has commanded the prophets.

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Both of them be to eat from that which is on the earth, that is halal and for you. And so what a fruit of this name is very, very clear. And that is to make sure that your income is pure,

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to make sure that your sustenance is pure.

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Why, because that is how that is all that alive steps. Our worship has to be pure. Why? Because Allah only accepts that which is done sincerely for him. Allah does not accept 99% to heat and 1% Schick. It's got to be 100% on diluted, unadulterated,

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dough heat.

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What we do, has to be purified for Allah to accept. Now, when it comes to income, a lot of people think just from the aspect of is my job title. Hello, is my job description. Hello. And so people ask questions about working at a restaurant that serves alcohol, or people ask questions about working for a bank, or these types of questions are very, very common.

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But those aren't the only questions that we should be asking ourselves, could a person work for an Islamic school? And their and their income still not be? How

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could that be? Yes? How so?

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If they are not fulfilling their responsibilities with the income, not always.

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You don't just have to worry about your your description may helot. But am I earning my income what I'm taking home?

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If my job description, what I've agreed upon, and what I was hired on, is that I work 40 hours in this capacity doing this and I spent half of it watching videos on YouTube. And scrolling through Instagram, is that income that I'm taking home is that Khaled

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right? So that's that's a very important aspect to pay attention to when it comes to income. And number two, which is what's even more clear to be understood from his Hadith is the food that you consume, that you make sure that it is pure, it is purely sourced. That is Hala Sadiq, nebula. Cassie asked Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah sent it to me. He said, O Messenger of Allah. I want to be Mr. Jabba, do I want my dog to always be manifested?

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And the private satellite I sent him he said, I'll play Muhammad. He said, make sure that the food that you eat is Hala, you will be Mr. Jabba your diet will always be manifested. And so a person

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Being concerned that they're not put anything into their mouth. That is not coming from a pure and halal source. This is the name of Allah athlete. I have a question. Yes. What about character? If let's say you consider yourself to be not 100% Pure, you have some sins in there and you're worried that you're not at the level of purity that you would ideally want to be. Or you should you feel guilty about making dua or still make it considering with the hope that it will be accepted. There's never a circumstance

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where a person should feel guilty to not make dua that is a trick of shaytaan. Write that down, underline it.

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Trick O'Shea lOn.

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A person should never feel

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that their corruption should stop them from doing an act of worship.

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I feel horrible about myself. I'm not going to pray. I feel horrible about myself. I'm not going to give zakat I feel horrible about myself. I'm not going to teach a seminar, I'm not going to teach a class who of us is sinless, because when che Athan is able to stop you from doing a good deed, he will always try to do that. And when you give up doing a good deed because of fear of your own impurity, and all of that, then guess what shaytaan is one. And if you stop whatever it is that you're doing, have good of drought of worship of benefiting other people, anytime that she was able to make you just kind of stay at home and soak and then he's been able to that's one less soldier

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that he has to worry about on the battlefield, right. And so, even when it comes to something as corruptive as React, React, which is

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showing off or technically it is to do something that is pleasing to Allah with the intention of pleasing other than Allah. Right. And that's something that everybody struggles with any person with any ounce of sincerity, will struggle with React.

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Even then,

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the scholars they say when a person fears that they should never let the fear of React, stop them from doing good deeds. struggle with it. Ask Allah for loss, work on it, all of that type of stuff. And don't stop doing what you're doing.

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Feel bad, feel horrible, all of that, but continue to struggle, struggling as part of the process.

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It is deskera to nefs Allah says Canavalia Hammonds, a cow Cobham in the Sangha, those who purify their souls will be successful and those who don't do so they're the ones who are going to lose, but purification of the soul is a long and arduous journey. It is a lifetime battle. If a person sees themselves as having a pure character, then they're delusional.

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There's never a point in your life where you're gonna say, Okay, I'm the man. They've been to me he said one of the Autobot ans No, and also who is slamming he said for 40 years I've been fixing my slab while Mr. Vaughn and to me Aslam to Islam and G than Elon, and I do not see that I've, like submitted properly until today.