Suleiman Hani – Quranic Connection #23 – A Powerful Shield Against Magic, Evil & Envy

Suleiman Hani
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If you knew there were enemies all around you and outside of your home who could attack you or ambush you and you had the option to walk out with a very powerful shield of sufficient one. Would you take the shield or would you abandon it? When you recite sword and buckler the Prophet sallallahu sallam said turning to it is a blessing. abandoning it is a cause of loss and the magician's cannot confront it. So it's a protection, as we'll call See, as well. 255 Of a Baccarat is a protection day and night and after the five prayers and a cure the last two verses of an Bacara as well a protection for you all night and for every three days your house is protected, and the

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last three chapters of the Quran a protection internally and externally. So you can imagine the one who keeps forgetting their shield is more at risk of being harmed. And the one who takes the Quran as a shield reciting it everyday is more protected and has a fortress all around them and internally as well. May Allah protect us through the Quran and through thicket. Hola, Mami.

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